90+ Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Dogwood Tree Tattoo Meanings

Tree tattoos take a vital part among other tattoo designs. Dogwood or dog-tree is an unbelievably beautiful tree with tender four-petal flowers and dark red berries which are also called dogberries or hound-berries. The dogwood is encircled by many mysterious legends which can explain and unfold the symbolism of this tree.

  1. The dogwood in the Christian culture

There’s an old existing tale which says that the Saint Cross was made from dogwood because back then this tree was as might and huge as an oak. But after the crucifying Jesus Christ resized this plant to its current size: it has become smaller with weaker branches so thin that no one could be crucified on them again. The flower was also remade into four-petal to serve as a reminder of the sacrifice and as the epitome of the four-beam cross.

Another tale narrates that the Devil couldn’t penetrate into the Eden due to the dogwood florets which were cross-shaped with two short and two long petals and served as the reveal from the bad things.

  1. The dogwood in Native American’s culture

This tree was godlike and sacred for Cherokee people. They were sure that some small divine creatures could live in thin branches of the dogwood tree and that somebody dispatched them to the Earth and order to protect all the innocents from the harm. Also, they were supposed to teach people how to live in a harmony with nature.

The dogwood tattoo meanings for you

The dissimilarity in determining of dogwood tattoo meanings can be explained by a big number of legends which dogwood plant is surrounded with. We gathered some of the most widespread significances of dogwood inks:

  • indifference and apathy
  • spring and hope, because of the earliest blossoming of dogwood among other trees
  • loyalty, love, and survival
  • pity and empathy

There are many complementing elements which can be added to the dogwood tattoo such as bees, birds, different flowers, quotes etc. In the case of inking something additional to the dogwood tattoo, you should be aware of what every single element means because it can vary from culture to culture.

Where to ink the tat

The choice of the part of the body for a tattoo with dogwood image depends on the size and your own preference. Use our tips on where you may put your dogwood tattoo. Large tattoos of long branches with flowers will better look:

  • on your back
  • on the thigh
  • on the sleeve or the half-sleeve
  • on the side

Smaller inks of dogwood florets can be depicted:

  • on the wrist
  • on the neck
  • on your foot or around the leg

Women are getting inked with dogwood tattoos more often than men. Flowers of this tree look tender and elegant and females choose them for a tattoo to express femininity and sexuality. Nevertheless, men can also decorate their bodies with a nice dogwood tattoo, especially in black color or as an element of a sleeve.

As it was said before, the meanings of the dogwood tattoos are varied and you have to be attentive while choosing the best for you. If you are dogwood mad and you would like to get inked with it, pay attention to some dogwood tattoo ideas that we have prepared for you.

30 Awesome Dogwood Flower Tattoo Sleeves Ideas

If you appreciate big-sized tattoos which can imitate the clothes partly or fully, here are some really cool ideas of dogwood tattoo sleeves either in color or in black dye. Tattoo sleeves are the great option for many reasons such as wide variety of designs and different complementing elements which can decorate the main image.

  1. Here’s a colorful sleeve with the image of dogwood florets and berries, orchids and a blue bird. The colors are extremely bright and the contours are thin but well-seen. The background is performed in blue color with smooth gradation. All
    Interesting dogwood tattoo sleeve in Japanese style
  2. Here are beautiful and tender dogwood four-petal florets depicted in black and white. There are no clear thick contours and that’s what makes the image look more softly and smoothly. The shadows create the visibility of volume of florets and
    Elegant black and white dogwood tattoo sleeve with notes
  3. Beautiful blossomed and unblown florets of dog tree are depicted on the leg and create a wonderful composition with a tender butterfly on the top. The cool and pale colors of this ink with thin outlines are inked exclusively and masterly.
    Tender dogwood sleeve on the leg
  4. The refinement of lines, the color saturation, and the contour sharpness are the main features of this incomparably beautiful dogwood tattoo sleeve. There are only four colors: tender pink of florets, deep green of leaves, grey of a
    Charming dog tree flowers tattoo sleeve on the arm
  5. Men choose not so artsy ornaments for their tattoos. Here are just black contours of dogwood flowers which encircle the arm and create a wonderful half-sleeve. Probably, this design is just the first stage of tattooing but it looks fine
    Interesting dogwood sleeve made of contours
  6. Here’s a real masterpiece depicted on the full sleeve and consisted of many decorations and elements. The colors mostly pale with only some contours well-seen. The tat comprises thick twisted dog tree branches strewn with tender pink
    Wonderful dog tree with a raven and the cage tattoo sleeve
  7. If you are searching for some highly detailed and meaningful tattoo design, this one will suit your interests. The half-sleeve consists of bright red poppy flowers which can mean honesty, beauty, and oblivion; the image of deer which
    Marvelous combination of dog tree, deer, poppy flowers and acorns in one half-sleeve
  8. Unbelievable combination of white dogwood florets with a small nice picture of tomtit bird on the top is depicted on the lower half-sleeve. The colors are pale and contours are not seen at all. Soft gradation of one color creates a tender
    Charming and tender dogwood and tomtit half-sleeve
  9. The neo-traditional style is known for its color moderation and thick black outlines which encircle the images. Here are a beautiful cardinal bird sitting on the thin branches of dog tree and some tender florets of dog tree. This charming
    Fascinating black and white dogwood and cardinal bird half-sleeve
  10. This sleeve is depicted on the arm and shows the wide variety of different elements each has its own beauty and meaning. Deep red roses are the symbols of love, beauty, and youth. Tender pink dogwood florets represent love, devotion, and
    magnificent dogwood and bats sleeve
  11. Some mistakes of your youth can be fixed with different tattoo designs. This cover-up shows marvelous purple dogwood flowers with some bare branches. The martlet bird is flying above the flowers and represents freedom, youth and devotion to
    Nice dog tree half-sleeve
  12. Thin branches of dogwood are interviewing with tender white flowers. The entire image is performed in sepia colors with some black dye on the leaves and thin contours. The background of the half-sleeve is done in brown sepia paint with
    Beautiful sepia colored dogwood half-sleeve
  13. Contours are interesting for their aesthetical beauty even without any shadows or coloring. You can leave only contours of the tat and it still looks nicely and beautifully. The tat presents small tender dogwood florets which are spread all
    Awesome dogwood sleeve made of contours
  14. Big-sized pink and white dogwood florets are placed all over the sleeve. The lines of every flower are carefully traced with calm shading and soft gradation of the color. This mighty tree with such tender flowers represents devotion, hope,
    Marvelous pink and white dogwood flowers tattoo sleeve
  15. Here’s an interesting combination of white dogwood florets, dogberries, and bright red cardinal bird. The white color of flowers symbolizes hope and devotion, the red color of berries means sacrifice. There is also the lettering “infinity”
    breathtaking dogwood and cardinal bird tattoo sleeve
  16. This wonderful combination of tender dogwood flowers and banjo is depicted on the lower half-sleeve. He pastel tones prevail among other and the outlines are barely visible. All the lines are well-traced and masterly drawn. The banjo refers
    Unbelievably beautiful blue dogwood with banjo tattoo sleeve
  17. Japanese tattoo style has presented a wide variety of unusual and interesting tattoo ideas. The image of a carp in combination with floral elements is one of the most popular among different tattoo masters. The carp or the koi fish is the
    Interesting dogwood and carp half-sleeve
  18. This half-sleeve shows some separate flowers of the dog tree. The whole tat is performed in watercolor technique and it is really expressive and emotional. The tat creates a feeling that the tattoo master took the brush instead of the tattoo
    Expressive dogwood half-sleeve
  19. Unbelievably bright and colorful tattoo sleeve consists of the big tree image with falling leaves and pink dogwood florets. The background is performed in blue dye and imitates the sky. Tree roots are the signs of the connection to the
    Bright and colorful dogwood half-sleeve
  20. The charming beauty of this tattoo sleeve can be explained by the tender colors of different flowers and the image of sweet little bee which is flying among flowers. We can see two beautiful big purple chamomiles and pale pink dogwood
    Pretty flower bouquet tattoo sleeve
  21. This tattoo sleeve consists of one branch of dog tree that is strewn with small four-petal pink flowers. The color palette is simple but delicate and light. The contours are thin and black. Such elegant and aesthetic tattoo sleeve will look
    Refine dogwood tattoo sleeve
  22. Black and white tattoos didn’t lose their priority among other tattoo styles. The beauty if such tattoos are hidden in their simplicity. Here’s a great example of charming black and white tattoo sleeve that illustrates big-sized dogwood
    Elegant black and white dogwood tattoo sleeve
  23. There’s a combination of dogwood flowers and dog-roses. Pastel tones and cool colors create an amazing ink on the upper half-sleeve. This flower miracle will suit a girl or a woman and will express femininity and sexuality.
    Wonderful flower bouquet tattoo sleeve
  24. Here’s a nice ink of dogwood, peonies, a butterfly and a hummingbird performed in Graphic style. The main features of this style are thin black lines and dashes which create the full image. If you get closer and pay more attention, you will
    Unrepeatable and gorgeous black dogwood tattoo sleeve
  25. Girls might be interested in this wonderful tattoo design because of its tenderness and beauty. Pale colors with thin barely seen contours create a nice picture of white dogwood flowers which mean purity and hope. The butterfly that is
    Impressive dogwood tattoo sleeve
  26. Bright pink dogwood flowers are complemented with small purple violets and big deep red roses. This wonderful floral combination creates a nice girlish half-sleeve. All the flowers are encircled with thick black contours and the colors are
    Charming flowers half-sleeve in bright colors
  27. The ink is performed in black dye only and reminds stencil art. It seems that tattoo master took the stencil, put it on the skin and sprayed the paint over the stencil then added some ink drops to make it look more rebellious.
    Lovely dogwood tattoo sleeve
  28. Here’s a wonderful combination of mountains in front of a sunset, curved pine-tree, and the river. All this beauty is encircled with tender pink dogwood flowers. This tat is performed in Japanese style with pale color palette and soft
    Charming Japanese landscape tattoo sleeve
  29. There are small dogwood flowers in combination with open wing soaring in the sky and the lettering in Italian “la vita e bella” which can be translated as “Life is beautiful”. All these elements are inked on the grey background which
    Beautiful man’s dogwood half-sleeve
  30. Here’s a colorful ink of pink dogwood flowers and beautiful blue koi fish depicted on the lower part of the leg. Black curved lines on the background imitate sea waves. It’s an incredible option for men to get inked with.
    interesting dogwood and fish half-sleeve on the leg

30 The Most Amazing Black Tattoo Designs Of Dogwood Flowers

There some pros and cons about choosing whether old fashioned black and white inks or colorful tattoos of this charming flower. Colorful inks look more bright and deep but black and white ones are easier to take care of and refresh them after a while. Plus black and white tattoos look extremely beautiful on both men and women. So, if you are steady in your decision about inking black and white dogwood tattoo, here are some of the most incredible designs.

  1. This charming dogwood tattoo design is located on the upper forearm. At first glance, it seems like an unfinished tattoo, but there’s actually the whole point of it. The tattoo master decided to draw dogwood florets slightly sloppy, using some separate lines which chaotically encircle every petal and this technique reminds of sketch style.
    Nice sketch-like black tattoo of dogwood florets on the arm
  2. Charming cross-shaped dogwood blossoms are placed on the inner arm. The saturated black dye of the tat makes these flowers look unbelievably beautiful. Every petal and leaf are drawn masterly and carefully using only thick black dashes which create the whole image. The Graphic tattoo style is quite everything that is needed for this dogwood ink.
    Wonderful black and white dogwood tattoo on the arm
  3. The nice combination of small dogwood florets and big roses is performed on the upper half-sleeve. The tat is interesting due to the design in a first place. The whole image is done with the help of thick black contours only without any shading and lightning. There are three big florets which are framed with triangles that strike the eye. Even though the tat is inked on the girl, this dogwood tat will fit men as well.
    Interesting planimetric dogwood and rose tattoo on the upper half-sleeve
  4. This enchanting combination of delicate dogwood florets and a bird is executed on the hip. The lines are clear, the shading is soft and light and the contours are thick and well-seen. The Graphic style made the image look more delicate.
    Delicate dogwood and a bird tattoo on the hip
  5. The tattoo of the half-sleeve shows beautiful dogwood branch with flowers. The image comprises small dots of black dye which allows creating checkered light and shade. The contours which encircle every detail of this ink are thin and barely seen. This dogwood tattoo design will suit men as well as women.
    Marvelous black dotwork tattoo of dogwood flowers
  6. This charming bouquet of tender dogwood blossoms is seen on the back. There are no thick outlines which could encircle the image, but the feature is in its shading which is soft with an easy gradation of the black color. Some complementing curled lines serve as a nice decoration and make the ink look more girlish.
    Lovely black and grey dog-tree flowers tattoo on the back
  7. Sweet little bird sitting on the dogwood is engraved on the men’s chest. The ink looks dark at first, but it is masterly drawn using only black paint. The color is saturated and contrasting and the contours are well-seen and thick. Usually inking the bird on the tree branch means the desire for freedom and love.
    Incredible black dogwood ink on the chest
  8. Here’s an interesting black dogwood ink on the arm. The petals consist of thick black lines which imitate the streaks. The contrasting shadings form the volume of the image. The center of every flower is highlighted with white dye. There’s a bee sitting on one leaf and can be the symbol for outgoing and positive person. Even though the symbolism, the bee with a flower always look nicely.
    Beauteous dogwood blossoms tattoo on the upper half-sleeve
  9. This lovely tattoo of dogwood blossoms is located on the arm. The image is quite minimalistic with thick black contours which form the flowers. Girls will be more interested in this tattoo design due to its simplicity and elegance.
    Nice small black dogwood ink on the arm
  10. Two almost similar flowers are inked on the arm in black and white. Dogwood flowers have got four petals and remind the cross by its shape and the dog-rose consists of five petals and sharper leaves. The tattoo is performed in Graphic style and the tattoo master used only black ink in it. The petals are lighter with a softer gradation of color. The ink is quite girlish and elegant.
    Charming black dogwood and dog-rose ink on the lower half-sleeve
  11. These lovely dog-tree florets are depicted on the arm. The image is rather engraving-like and seems to be taken out of the book. The black color of ink is calm and cool; the outlines are thick and clear. The tat of dogwood could carry a lot of meaning both positive and negative, but remember that the tattoo means whatever you want it to mean, in a first place.
    Gorgeous black colored dogwood ink on the arm
  12. Four dog-tree flowers are depicted on the foot. The colors of the tat are black and grey with some elements drawn white. Smooth color gradation creates a wonderful image of flowers. The lettering which says: “Love ya” emphasizes the symbolism of dogwood which is undefeated love and loyalty.
    Interesting black and grey dogwood tattoo on the foot
  13. This glamorous dogwood ink is represented on the inner upper half-sleeve. Tender white florets are seen on the dark black background which is why the image looks more highlighted and clear. Pastel tones of black color create an unbelievably beautiful tattoo of dogwood. Such tattoo might be chosen by girls mostly due to its refinement and delicacy.
    Elegant black and white dogwood tattoo on the inner forearm
  14. This explosion of floral beauty that is placed on the upper half-sleeve consists of peony, dogwood florets, and chamomile. The whole ink is performed in black and sepia dye which creates a nice vintage look. The contrast, deep shading, and light combine with clear outlines that encircle the tattoo images. The symbolism of every illustrated flower is different: peony means
    Fabulous floral bouquet in black and white on the upper half-sleeve
  15. There are three nice dogwood florets that are presented on the inner arm in American Traditional. The absence of bright colors makes this image more interesting. The simplicity of the tat goes into hiding in thick black contours and soft black shading. Love, devotion, and hope are the main significances of this kind of dogwood tattoo.
    Cute black and white dogwood ink on the arm
  16. This wonderful dogwood blossomed branch is presented on the inner part of the upper half-sleeve. These dark bare branches with some flowers are drawn in pastel tones of black and sepia colors. The edges of the image are shaded and that’s what adds a mystery look to the ink. The dogwood tat looks cute!
    Mysterious black and white dogwood ink on the upper half-sleeve
  17. A beautiful owl sitting on the dogwood tree is represented on the half-sleeve. This mysterious and mighty bird is surrounded by lots of myths and symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, loneliness and the night. The tat is monochromic black and that adds sinister aspect and darkness to the image. People who prefer staying awake at night often get inked with owl tattoo.
    Charming dogwood flowers and the owl on the upper half-sleeve
  18. Long bare branches of dog-tree studded with charming dogwood flowers are shown on the back and shoulder. The image is contrasting with clear shading and thick black outlines. This kind of dogwood tattoo signifies the beginning of the new season of life, the spring and of course new hope.
    Fine black and white dog-tree tattoo on the back and shoulder
  19. This enchanting combination of blossoming and unblown dog-tree flowers is located on the hip. This part of the body allows the tattoo master to make the tattoo big with lots of small details. Small thin flowers stems are seen on every petal, the shading is soft and smooth which makes the tat looks more elegant and delicate.
    Elegant big size tattoo of dogwood flowers on the hip
  20. Two cute small owls sitting on the dog-tree are depicted on the hip. The ink is drawn in contours only and it looks stylish and elegant. The dogwood flowers contain thin black outlines and some details such as owls’ eyes are highlighted with thick black contours. The tat is symbolic and signifies intelligence, love, and curiosity.
    Cute owls and dog-tree tattoo on the hip
  21. A real tattoo masterpiece is presented in the whole sleeve. Dog-tree flowers cover the arm decorating it and making it look beautifully. The tattoo master managed to convey all the beauty of this charming flower in this tattoo. She created the image using soft shading and clear black outlines. The sleeve can be inked by both men and women.
    Exclusively beautiful dogwood tattoo sleeve
  22. This huge tattoo design contains dogwood flowers, lilies, orchids and bellflower. This floral beauty is depicted on the back in black and white. Dogwood means undefeated love and hope, orchids represent strength and refinement, lilies embody prosperity and purity and the bellflower is the symbol for endless love and permanency. No matter what meaning is more important in the expressing of your personality, this floral tattoo design will look extremely charming anyways.
    exquisite realistic dogwood tattoo on the back
  23. Here’s a wonderful piece that is containing dogwood flowers and bees and is placed on the shoulder. The flowers themselves are drawn in pale grey but the contours which encircle them are thick and clear. The images of bees point out on the outgoing and friendly personality of the owner and dogwood flowers are the symbols of love, faith, and hope.
    Nice dogwood and bees tattoo on the shoulder
  24. This tender dogwood flower is depicted on the rib cage. The image seems too contrasting because of the deep black color of the leaves and white color of flowers. This tattoo feature makes the image look elegant and delicate. This presented dogwood tattoo design will suit a nice and sophisticated girl.
    pretty black dogwood tattoo on the ribs
  25. The touching beauty of the dog-tree flowers is executed on the rib cage. The flowers are drawn in a specific way so they look like an engraving from the old book. The absence of shading and saturated black color of thick contours creates an unbelievably charming ink which can be chosen by women and men as well.
    Interesting black dogwood tattoo on the rib cage
  26. You might find a lot of dogwood tattoo designs in red, pink, blue colors but originally this flower is presented in white. This one is depicted on the arm in white and black. Saturated black color fills the leaves of this plant and petals of the flower are white with some thin black flowers stems. The ink looks nicely and delicately.
    Nice piece of dogwood flower on the upper half-sleeve
  27. The wonderful composition of small dogwood flowers and big rose is presented on the upper half-sleeve. The background is shaded in grey and highlights the images of flowers which are completely white. Thin black contours allow you to see the forms and the image itself. The originality of the ink looks nicely and refined.
    Beautiful dogwood and roses tattoo sleeve
  28. The black and white flowers decorate the upper half-sleeve. The style of the ink is unusual and remarkable: peonies and dogwood flowers are drawn without any stems which create the illusion of randomness. Some leaves and berries decorate the image and add an aesthetical look to it. The union of these flowers appears to be elegant and refined.
    Charming girlish tattoo sleeve
  29. This wonderful tattoo piece is inked on the chest. The skull is one of the images which cause some mixed feelings towards it. In combination with dogwood flowers, the skull can signify the forgiveness and the victimhood. Black and white dye of the tat make it look extremely beautiful and slightly frighteningly.
    Incomparable dogwood and the skull tattoo on the chest
  30. This bundle of cute dogwood and some peonies is placed on the outer thigh. The ink is performed in black dye only without any shading. Thick black contours which encircle the flowers create a wonderful image on the girl’s leg. The tat symbolizes purity and love.
    delicate flower bouquet tattoo on the thigh

30 The Most Incredible Dogwood Shoulder Tattoos

Dogwood flowers are not just beautiful and tender but hide different meanings and symbolism as well. Putting a dogwood tat on your shoulder opens a great variety of tattoo designs and ideas which can be implemented in different tattoo styles. So, if you are obsessed with the idea of being inked with this charming flower, take a look at some tats of dogwood that we found for you.

  1. This good-looking ink of a dogwood and a flying bird is depicted on the upper shoulder and performed in the Neo-Traditional style. The whole ink is represented in the calm color palette with soft shading and clear black thick outlines. The tat will fit girls more because of its elegance and refined beauty.
    Nice big dogwood flowers tattoo on the shoulder
  2. The charming beauty of these small tree flowers can inspire anyone to choose this flower image for a tattoo. These delicate thin petals give ease to the whole ink and make it look more elegant and girlish. Softly contoured lines complement the image and make it more prominent.
    Adorable pink dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  3. At first glance, this tattoo of dogwood flowers looks slightly rough because of its thick black outlines which encircle every petal of the flowers. But when you look closely you see how beautiful the image is with all of this bright coloring and thick contours. Old School tattoo style makes it look clearly and more visible.
    Fantastical pink dogwood flowers shoulder tattoo
  4. Here’s a realistic ink of pink dogwood flowers which are depicted on the shoulder. There are no well-seen outlines; the whole picture is performed in pastel color palette with soft shading and calm gradation of the colors. The ink covers the upper shoulder and will be the perfect option for those who are searching for a big sized tattoo idea.
    Enchanting big sized dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  5. One big white dogwood flower with some green leaves is inked on the shoulder. Tattoo master added shades to create volume and encircled the whole image with thick black contours which refer to Old school tattoo style. According to the Christian legend, this flower is the representation of the cross and the embodiment of the sacrifice.
    Wonderful big sized dogwood flower tattoo on the shoulder
  6. This charming dogwood branch tattoo covers the girl’s shoulder. Soft flowers are put on the might branch of this tree and represent hope and strength. This kind of tattoo will be the perfect decoration or the complementation to some other tattoo.
    Nice dogwood branch tat on the shoulder
  7. Guess that this one is dedicated to a particular person because of the name above the image. Small pink dogwood flowers decorate the guitar which is placed in the middle of the tat. This dogwood tattoo design will fit the person who is passionate about the music.
    Mesmerizing dogwood flowers and the guitar tattoo on the shoulder
  8. Charming dog tree flowers create the real ornamental miracle on the shoulder. The splash of pink color highlights the beauty of these flowers. The center of every floret is painted in golden which make the ink more interesting and beautiful. Such tender and delicate ink will fit girls and women most.
    Fascinating pink dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  9. Here are three big white dogwood florets that are depicted on the blue background. Every petal and leaf of this beautiful plant are drawn so perfectly that they seem like real. The touching charm of these delicate flowers fascinates and inspires.
    Delicate white dogwood flowers tattoo on the shoulder
  10. The tat consists of three big pink colored dogwood flowers without any leaves. The ink looks quite girlish because of the design and the color. Every petal of these flowers is drawn masterly with a smooth gradation of pink dye. The blue color of the background imitates the color of the sky. The tat is simple and elegant and it will suit a real lady.
    Marvelous pink dogwood flowers tattoo on the shoulder
  11. The exciting dogwood flowers union is shown on the shoulder. The tat creates an image of blossoming right in front of your eyes. The edges of the flowers are drawn in darker pink color to create volume and contours. Thin branches of dog tree are stretching all over the ink and serve as a great decoration.
    beautiful dogwood branches shoulder ink
  12. The ink of the knife which is piercing the heart symbolizes betrayal and revenge. The name on the heart probably is the name of the person who was dear but betrayed the tattoo owner’s feelings. We can see white dogwood flowers which decorate the tat and symbolize disinterest and apathy.
    Interesting tat of the dogwood, the knife and the heart on the shoulder
  13. The circle of marvelous pink dogwood blossoms is placed on the upper shoulder. We can see thick black outlines which contoured the flowers. The pink dye comes out of the edges and creates slightly sloppy and careless image. This is exactly where the main feature of the tat is. The finishing touch of this ink hides in black drops of paint which are carelessly put all over the ink.
    delicate dog tree florets tattoo on the shoulder
  14. Floral tattoos often include some decoration elements such as birds, insects etc. This wonderful ink of white dogwood blossoms with the bright red cardinal bird is presented on the shoulder. This tat differs by its simplicity of lines, colors, and shapes. All the images are contoured with thick black outlines. The shading is contrasting and the colors are deep and bright. Both the cardinal bird and dogwood flowers mean love and hope.
    Colorful dogwood and cardinal bird shoulder tattoo
  15. These achromatic tender dogwood blossoms are placed on the upper and back shoulder and look just marvelous. There is no well-seen outlines or contrast which could make the ink more highlighted. The image is almost transparent which makes it even more delicate.
    Beautiful achromatic dogwood flowers ink on the shoulder
  16. This beautiful branch of dog tree with flowers is depicted on the upper shoulder only in black and white. The tenderness and elegance of this dogwood tattoo design are hidden in thin smooth lines which encircle every petal and soft light shading which creates the volume.
    Charming black and white dogwood shoulder tattoo
  17. Several impeccably beautiful flowers are randomly placed on the golden curved lines which imitate stems and leaves. The dogwood florets are contoured by thick black outlines which highlight them from the rest of the image. The red color of flowers points out on the romantic nature of the tattoo owner and symbolizes love and hope. The tat looks quite delicate and refine and will fit a girl or a woman.
    Fabulous pink dogwood flowers ink on the shoulder
  18. There’s a leafless branch with some tender four-petal florets of dogwood is depicted on the shoulder blade. The lack of color makes this image even more attractive and interesting. The symbolism can easily be found inasmuch as the bare branches remind the eerie beauty of winter and the perishability of the life and the flowers point out of the new hope and new life.
    Nice dog tree branch tattoo on the back of the shoulder
  19. The combination of this mighty and beautiful hawk with such tender pink dogwood flowers is depicted on the upper shoulder. The colors are soft and pale and the outlines are thin and clear. The falcon tat can mean spiritual and physical force, dogwood tattoo means devotion and hope.
    Terrific dogwood and falcon tattoo on the shoulder
  20. The ink of dog tree flowers is placed on the shoulder and stretches to the chest. This dogwood tattoo idea is quite girlish and delicate. The pink color of the flowers adds the tenderness to the image and make the tat look more refine. Thin black curved lines remind tendrils and look nicely on this girl’s shoulder.
    Elegant dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  21. The dogwood tattoo is done in natural size and placed on the girl’s shoulder. The flowers are achromatic with some barely visible streaks on the every petal. The black color of the leaves highlights and contours the flowers which look like crosses. The ink looks really gently.
    Elegant black and white dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  22. The tat is performed in pale colors palette using clear contouring and soft shading. The pink color of the flowers is perfectly combined with the grey color of bare dog tree branches. The image of the dogwood flowers is interesting and extraordinary.
    Marvelous pink dogwood flowers tattoo on the shoulder blade.
  23. These charming dogwood flowers are engraved on the upper shoulder. The tattoo master tried to make the accent on the size and image, not on the coloring. The colors are pale and the shadings are soft with barely visible gradation. The background of the tat includes some freely drawn lines which are blurred.
    Fantastic big size dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  24. The charming union of pink dogwood flowers and purple morning glory flowers is seen on the shoulder. The morning glory flower is one of the few flowers which curl while they are growing that’s why this flower can make a great adding to the floral tattoo designs. The morning glory means creativity and the beginning of human’s path.
    Beautiful dogwood and morning-glory tattoo on the shoulder
  25. The combination of flowers and birds isn’t new and always looks finely especially as a tat on your shoulder. We can see black silhouettes of the birds flying above pink dog tree flowers. The shading is done so masterly and creates a real depth of the flowers. Flying birds symbolize freedom and flowers mean love and hope.
    Awesome dogwood flowers and flying birds tattoo on the shoulder
  26. This interesting combination of dogwood branch and sparrow in the crown is depicted on the shoulder. The colorfulness of this tattoo pattern is just unbelievable: the colors are saturated and deep and the outlines contour every small detail of the ink. Men can choose this idea for the tattoo as well as women.
    Incredible dogwood and sparrow in crown tattoo on the shoulder
  27. The dogwood flowers are performed in pale colors with only some bright parts. The flowers are big and put randomly all over the shoulder and back. All the details of the tat are encircled by thin black contours. The bird which is sitting on the dogwood branch is the symbol of freedom and lightness.
    Wonderful big size dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  28. This big size ink illustrates a rose, a hummingbird and dogwood flowers. The darkness of the ink makes it look more marked with a strong depth of color. The rose points out on the romantic nature of the personality. The hummingbird is a symbol for positive attitude and outgoing personality of tattoo owner. Finally, dogwood flowers mean hope, love, and devotion.
    Enchanting rose and dogwood tattoo on the shoulder
  29. This tattoo idea, which includes the cut dog tree and the single blossoming flower on the side, is quite interesting and philosophical. The cut of the tree shows all the life circles and means the limb of life. But we can also see a beautiful pink flower which grows from the dead tree and means that there are a hope and new life.
    Interesting cut dog tree tattoo on the shoulder
  30. The inconceivable combination of dogwood flowers with two adorable birds hiding in them is depicted on the shoulder. The jay is drawn is bright blue colors and the hangbird is performed in traditional black and yellow coloring of the feathers. Dog tree flowers are drawn in purple with some thin black outlines which encircle every petal. The ink looks charming and interesting.
    Cute purple dogwood flowers, the jay, and the hangbird ink on the shoulder

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