The Most Vivid Black And White Poppy Tattoos

  1. This great tattoo on the half sleeve represents two poppies with leaves: one floret has fully opened and another poppy is still closed, the whole picture is monochrome. Perhaps, this tattoo carries an unfavorable denotation as the generally accepted denotation of a poppy is death and sorrow.Black And White Poppy Tattoo On Hand
  2. Two black and white poppies are visible on the half sleeve, the picture itself is simple, but alluring. Many nations reckon that the poppy image indicates a deep sleep without dreams, which means an apathetic attitude towards life and the lack of interest in communicating with other people. So, a person, who wears this tattoo, may be an introvert.Two Black Poppy Flower
  3. Here poppies with small wildflowers are the decoration of a lower half sleeve. In nature, some poppies live for a long time as some flowers die and other poppies appear in places of their predecessors, so often the poppy design says about a cyclical nature of life. This idea is traced in this dope tattoo.Black Lined Poppy Flower
  4. Very elegant black poppies look fascinating on the half sleeve, they add femininity to the owner. For many people, a poppy regardless of its color, indicates mutual love, a faithful friendship, and motherhood, so this tattoo denotes that the person enjoys all colors of life.Poppy Flowers On Shoulder
  5. This delicate filigree poppy tattoo is on the side of the female body. One of the negative denotations of the poppy tattoo is loneliness, avoidant, and some detachment from the outer world as the result of the loss of love. Thus, this ink may indicate female bitterness and sadness, perhaps, the misfortune in her personal life.Poppy Flower On Body
  6. In ancient times, a poppy was exclusively a male symbol, people reckoned that it helped to increase male energy. This chain of black and white poppies is on the lower leg, the tattoo is done professionally and it can be just a male symbol for the owner.Black Poppy Flowers On Leg
  7. The hip here is adorned with a monochrome poppy image in mandala style. Complex mandala patterns always have a deep philosophical signification as since ancient times they denoted a structure of the universe, and the transience of life and poppies tattoos denoted life as one unchanging cycle. So, in this case, two figures complement each other and a value of the tattoo is that the person understands the futility of trying to change the course of human events, she is calm and believes that everything happens just when it should happen.Poppy Flower In Ruby
  8. All over the world, a poppy is the emblem of the international remembrance day, and a poppy image is a tribute to all those close people, who have died and it not necessarily a violent death. Here a small poppy with an inscription: “Lest we forget” on the wrist indicates that this person will never forget the deceased relative and memories, which are connected with him.Little Poppy Flower On Hand
  9. A common denotation of a poppy is not only death, sorrow, and tragedy, often the poppy image implies strong family ties. This amazing black and white tac displays three poppies and the circle with figures, which remind of flower petals. Perhaps, each flower epitomizes close people and a strong spiritual connection between them.Poppy Flower
  10. This floral bouquet on the lower half sleeve demonstrates one of the best combinations: a poppy and a rose, both of them are black and white. Probably, the person with this tac wants to draw attention to the inner world and to show that sometimes attractiveness can be deceiving.Poppy Flowers On Hand
  11. This elegant black poppy on a lower leg is great, its thin stem extends along the leg and visually makes it longer. Many people argue that a poppy with a long and thin stem indicates that a person feels absolutely comfortable in solitude and does not like noisy companies. This very idea is illustrated in this dope ink.Slim Pippo Flower
  12. This delicate poppy is enclosed in geometric figures, the pattern is simple and complicated at the same time, the picture leaves an ambiguous impression. In Slavic culture, a poppy is associated with high intelligence and self-development, so this tattoo may be worn by a person with a rational thinking.Poppy Flower With Chains
  13. This gorgeous figure of poppies with leaves extends over the lower half sleeve and looks magnificent. In Greek mythology, Demetra took poppy seeds in order to fall asleep and not to think of her daughter Persephone, whom she had seen only once a year, so poppies helped her to muffle her pain. Thus, this tattoo can be a symbol of oblivion.Poppy Flower With Branch And Leave
  14. The concept of colors was developed by Goethe, he claimed that a black color could appease the person and soothing properties of the poppy are also widely known. Here black watercolor poppies with birds are on the lower half sleeve, they speak about a pacified and balanced person with inner freedom.Black Poppy Flower With Birds
  15. Two black and white poppies here embellish the lower half sleeve, the picture is eye-pleasing. In Roman myths, the poppy had magical powers, it could protect against the misfortune and bring good luck. So, in this case, these poppies can serve as a lucky talisman for the owner.Poppy Flower On Hand
  16. This unusual pattern on the shoulder represents a monochrome poppy in a geometric heart. In China, a poppy embodied loyalty and faithfulness between two people and their everlasting love, this heart here can symbolize love and a poppy is about devotion, which is inseparable from love.Poppy Flower In Ruby Heart
  17. A bouquet of poppies looks fantastic on the lower half sleeve, they look like real flowers. In ancient times, a lot of people have been tagged with poppy tattoos as rebels, so later this tattoo has an unfavorable denotation. Hence, this tattoo indicates a person with progressive ideas and a rebellious spirit.Black Poppy Flowers
  18. This wonderful new school tattoo on the female hip depicts a young woman, who is looking in the mirror and the reflection in the mirror is the skeleton, at the bottom of the picture there are poppies. In many cultures, a poppy as perceived as a sign of the outer beauty and a vile soul, in this case, this woman with the mirror and the poppies are a warning that the appearance may just be a beautiful shell for an evil heart.Girl With Skulled Mirror In Poppy Flowers
  19. This black and white tac on the wrist emphasizes the fragility and femininity of the owner. Many nations consider a poppy as a sign of female wisdom, affection and submission, so this idea may be traced in this tight tattoo.Opened Poppy Flower
  20. The lower arm is decorated with a stunning ink, which displays a clock, a poppy, and a name. Ancient Aztecs assumed that poppies were a mandatory attribute of the god of death, that is why they indicated demise. Here the clock indicates the transience of life, a poppy signifies death and this tac has been made in honor of perpetuating the memory of the dead loved one.Black Poppy Flower With Clock
  21. A monochrome tattoo on the hand shows a poppy and the name of this flower above. For many nations, a poppy represented death as a restful sleep, which lasts for a certain amount of time, and after waking, a person is born again and starts a new life. Thus, this person with a dope tac believes in a rebirth of a soul.Poppy Flower With Word
  22. This awesome black and white ink on the side of the female body displays a pretty poppy in a combination with a crow. In Celtic culture, there is a tale, which states that a crow can live a hundred years, feeding on carrion, but such longevity has its price – eternal loneliness. So, this ink is worn by a lonely and unhappy person.Poppy Flower With Colored Bird
  23. The hip here is embellished with the image of poppies and arrows, it looks sumptuous. Since olden times, an arrow was a male symbol and it was associated with composure and determination, but on a female side is acquired the denotation of love and prosperity, as for the poppy, it was a sign of a harmonious relationship. So, this ink expresses a desire of a woman to love and to be loved.Poppy Flowers And Arrow
  24. This tramp stamp amazing tattoo displays poppies, which emphasize the elegance of the body. In France, a poppy was a special floret as it was associated with angels and God’s grace. Hence, this tattoo says about a kind-hearted person, perhaps, she is a strong believer.Black Poppy Flower
  25. This abstract black and white poppy is on the back, definitely, this tac carries a romantic denotation. In ancient Greece, young girls used poppies in their divinations, they believed that the poppy could predict the future husband. In this case, this tat may be a lucky mascot for a human.Poppy Flower With Arrow
  26. This black and white poppy decorates the girlish back and it emphasizes the femininity and beauty of the owner. This lone flower indicates that a person often withdraws into herself and she has problems in communicating with other people.Slim Poppy Flower On Back
  27. The hip is adorned with a poppy tattoo, which is done in mandala style, the tattoo itself looks gorgeous and carries a deep meaning. Tibetan practice has proved that a mandala pattern affects the emotional and biological human’s field, it brings harmony and order to a person’s life and a poppy is about a balance in a human life. So, this ink illustrates the mentioned idea.Romby Poppy Flower
  28. Two intersecting poppies, made in dark shades, are the adornment of the half sleeve. In many cultures, a poppy indicated both a tragic end of a certain life stage and a new optimistic beginning. The above-named idea is revealed in this tight tac.Black Poppy Flower
  29. The female back is adorned with an exquisite design of poppies, definitely, this pattern is a great accessory for the woman. Ancient Greeks have associated poppies with the god of dreams, who has created his own imaginary world. Hence, this ink indicates a person, who lives in a world of dreams and refuses to accept reality as it is.Lined Poppy Flower
  30. This stunning figure of poppies extends from the shoulder to the chest and looks appealing. For Slavs-pagans, a poppy pattern carried a favorable denotation as it indicated the beauty and the bloom of youth, so this ink may be an ode to love, youth, lightness, and frivolity.Poppy Flower WIth Leaves
  31. This opium poppy tattoo on the half sleeve depicts a poppy with wildflowers and the date with Roman numerals. In ancient times, the poppy was a sign of sorrow and oblivion, often it was used during the burial ceremony. Here this flower may be the sign of a deceased person, who was very precious for the owner.Big Poppy Flower
  32. This single poppy without the stem looks fantastic on the thigh. Often the poppy tattoo carried controversial significations: on the one hand, it was about woman’s happiness and mutual affection, on the other hand, it indicated oppressive loneliness due to the lack of love in life. This dope ink may carry one of the above-named denotations.Poppy Flower On Leg
  33. This vibrant black and white ink on extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade, it looks very feminine. These poppies in blossom show that the nature of the person is both strong and fragile, under certain circumstances a person can demonstrate either the strength of a character or softness.Poppy Flower With Bubble
  34. This half sleeve is embellished with a monochrome ink, which displays a heart, from which grow poppies. During the Second World War, the picture of the heart was very symbolic for the soldiers since it symbolized life, the family and the idea for which they fought, and the poppies became the embodiment of all the people, who have died during the war. Thus, this tragic idea is disclosed in this tattoo.Poppy Flower With Heart
  35. The lower half sleeve is decorated with an extraordinary pattern, which shows a thorax and poppies, the whole drawing is black and white. In Eastern culture, poppies indicate mourning and deep emotional pain, in this case, in a combination with this part of a skeleton, poppies say about sadness and sorrow.Poppy Flower With Bones
  36. An awesome figure of a poppy is on the chest, it is very feminine and definitely intriguing. In Slavic culture, a poppy symbolized the beauty and the youth, which was associated with a wonderful dream, which lasts for a short time, but it is great. So this ink says about the human, who enjoys every moment of life.Poppy Flower On Body
  37. These black and white poppies extend from the neck to the jaw, left to flowers a woman’s face can be seen, this tattoo is done in a neo-traditional style. This ink definitely says about an extravagant person with a unique vision of the world.Girl Head With Poppy Flower
  38. In some cultures, a bone is a sign of the time, which kills and destroys all living and poppies mean the end of life and acceptance of death. The combination of the bone and poppies on the hip may indicate apathy, and a spiritual degradation of the person, who wears this tac.Poppy Flower
  39. The half sleeve here is decorated with a monochrome tac, which displays a musical instrument – a drum, surrounded by black and white poppies. The drum is an ancient symbol, it was a sign of strong force: both creative and destructive and poppies signified the sacrifice. Hence, a person with this ink sacrificed much in order to achieve his goals.Poppy Flowers With Drums
  40. This single black poppy is a stylish adornment of the ankle. Many people reckon that a lone poppy symbolizes love and faithfulness, so this ink may be a sign of an everlasting love.Poppy Flower On Foot
  41. This tribal tattoo on the lower half sleeve shows a human, who bowed before a gun, on which there is a military helmet, next to this figure poppies are shown. In the world, poppies are a symbol of the souls of all the soldiers, who valiantly died during the war, so this tattoo was done as a tribute to all those, who defended their homeland and died in the name of the bright future of the descendants.Poppy Flower And War Scene
  42. This black and white tattoo displays poppies, one of them is fully opened and another three flowers are closed. This tac may be about the selection of a life path, the open poppy may indicate that a person has chosen his purpose in life, and these small closed buds speak of hidden human desires, which in the future he seeks to implement.Poppy Flower With Straigh Branch
  43. This filigree tattoo on the female side shows a tender hand, presumably it is a woman’s hand, which is holding a poppy. For many people, a poppy is the embodiment of life, which can turn into either a beautiful dream or a nightmare, so this tat is full of symbolism, it says that a human’s life is only in his hands.Hand With Poppy Flower
  44. The hip here is embellished with an attractive tac, which displays two poppies with daisies, at the top of the figure there is a clock and these elements are united by a rope. Some people reckon that a poppy and a daisy in a Slavic culture indicate a family and the peace and tranquility, which prevail in the family and the clock is the reminder of the transience of life and the need to appreciate every moment.Poppy Flower With Watch

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