Turtle Tattoos

Turtle is considered as the symbol of calm,patience, wisdom, and firmness. However, at the same time, turtles can easily avoid any dangers, hiding in its hard shell. Of course, most people prefer to focus only on the above-mentioned positive meanings.

Throughout the history, humanity used to associate turtle with completely different things. Thus, for instance, in Africa it was closely related to feminine, symbolizing cunning, stolidity, caution, and capacity to defend.  In Japan turtle was the symbol of longevity, help, and luck. In China, in turn, it was perceived as the symbol of the cosmic world order, the balance between Yin and Yang. In ancient Greece and Rome, a turtle was associated with harvest and fruitfulness, while in Hinduism it was the embodiment of spiritual strength and concentration.  

Speaking of our times, turtle symbolizes resilience, level-headedness, patience, fidelity, stability, and wisdom. Turtle tattoo is the sign of longevity or even immortality, therefore, it also means health. These reptiles are also associated with progress and perseverance in rising to every challenge. Furthermore, they can also be the symbols of pure, high-minded, and neverending love.

3d Turtle Tattoo

Not fond of minimalist, symbolic tats? Just take a look at this masterpiece of realistic art! The perfect execution allows creating an impression that this beautiful turtle is really on one’s chest.

3d turtle tattoo

Baby Turtle Tattoo

Though the baby turtle tat is supposed to be super-sweet, this beautiful design shows that it can look really impressive if executed in a traditional sketch style. The straight lines, black inks, and stippling make this tattoo look highly creative.

Baby turtle tattoo

Cartoon Turtle Tattoos

Can you imagine something this cute? The funny, sweet and colorful turtle looks really great on a girl’s shoulder!

Cartoon turtle tattoos

Celtic Turtle Tattoo

Celtic tats always look impressive and sophisticated, and this one is not an exception. Green, red and blue colors are perfectly combined in this great design, which will blow anyone away!

Celtic turtle tattoo

Hawaiian Sea Turtle Tattoo

What can be more harmonious than a Hawaiian turtle executed in a traditional Hawaiian style? The perfect combination of colors, elements, and patterns makes this tat ideal for dreamers and creative individuals.

Hawaiian sea turtle tattoo

Honu Tattoo

The Hawaiian green sea turtle is commonly considered as the symbol of wisdom and good luck. This ink is a perfect example of how a great tattoo artist makes this symbol look really awesome.

Honu tattoo

Japanese Turtle Tattoo

Waves, flowers, and turtle are the main elements of this design. Think it’s a cute feminine tattoo? Wrong! This Japanese turtle looks great on a man’s chest being a symbol of courage and wisdom.

Japanese turtle tattoo

Polynesian Turtle Tattoo

Just take a look at this classic Polynesian tat, it’s really awesome. Though the turtle itself is not very big, it is the central element of the sleeve, looking great against the beautiful traditional Polynesian patterns.

Polynesian turtle tattoo

Sea Turtle Tattoos

This small watercolor tat will catch an eye of anyone in one sight only! Due to the bright color palette, this design is perfect for women.

Sea turtle tattoos

Simple Turtle Tattoo

If you want your ink to look simple but stylish, take a glance at this cute design. Though it doesn’t contain a lot of complicated and sophisticated elements, it’s still perfect for woman’s body.

Simple turtle tattoo

Small Turtle Tattoo

This design shows that tat doesn’t have to be huge to be awesome. It’s a great example of geometric turtle ink with strict lines and shapes, which is more than creative!

Small turtle tattoo

Snapping Turtle Tattoos

Undoubtedly, the snapping turtle is different from other members of the species. It bites, it’s rather massive, it’s hardly cute, but on this tattoo it’s awesome! Just take a look at its shell, isn’t it a perfect and creative idea?

Snapping turtle tattoos

Traditional Turtle Tattoo

Looking for something classic? Then this tattoo is especially for you. The traditional black and grey ink is perfect as for men, as for women.

Traditional turtle tattoo

Tribal Sea Turtle Tattoos

This big and impressive tat occupies the shoulder, part of back and arm. It’s purely masculine and symbolizes the bravery and wisdom of the person who wears it.

Tribal sea turtle tattoos

Tribal Turtle Tattoo

This tribal ink perfectly fits as women, as men. Moreover, having a universal shape, it can become a decoration for any body part.

Tribal turtle tattoo

Turtle Foot Tattoos

This fun little turtle can cheer you up every single day! Bright colors, great shape– if you want a tiny foot tat this one is for you!

Turtle foot tattoos

Turtle Henna Tattoo

Just take a look at this henna ink! If you want a turtle tat, it is a great way for you to check if you really need it. Moreover, no matter what is your future decision, this henna design will be a perfect, though even temporal decoration for your body!

Turtle henna tattoo

Turtle Shell Tattoo

Cannot imagine the shell tattoo without the turtle itself? Take a glance at this one! Its beautiful shape and great ornament make it the masterpiece of tattoo art.

Turtle shell tattoo

Unique Turtle Tattoos

If you want to have an original turtle tat, you should definitely turn your attention to this creative design. Though the turtle itself is realistic, the unique watercolor elements create an impression that it soluble in one’s skin.

Unique turtle tattoos