Tulip Tattoo Design Ideas

Tulip tattoos are admired by many people, no one can resist the unique images of tulips, which colors glow with gentle or bright hues. This tattoo has become extremely sought-after among women due to because of its beauty and grace, but men also give due to these tattoos and wear them with delight.

The history of this design in very versatile and it dates back to the Knights Templar, for whom the tulip was a special symbol, a sign of triumph and joy. Later, the tulip ink has obtained a new connotation in the European civilization and became an emblem of glory. For ancient tribes, people with tulip tattoos expressed the full enjoyment of life, the aspiration to live each day vividly and profitably. Celts associated tulip patterns with beauty and tenderness.
Nowadays, the tattoo industry has all sorts of variations of tulip tattoos with a wide range of colors, the denotation, respectively, depends on the flower coloring.

So, this ink encompasses the following connotations:

  •  A red tulip is the embodiment of an ideal lover, who is able to give much love and passion.
  •  A white flower is about the purity of love and intentions. In Middle Ages, monks, who have dedicated their lives to God, wore a white tulip as a symbol of the purity of the soul.
  •  A yellow tulip carries a sad signification as it indicates a man, who is separated from his loved one or is hopelessly in love.
  •  Purple flowers have two contradictory denotations: on the one hand, they signify hope for the best, on the other hand, they speak about apathy.

These stunning images are worn on half sleeves, legs, the back and the tummy, some women prefer tramp stamp tattoos, performed in diverse styles.
Thus, this vibrant tattoo definitely will look eye-catching on any area of the body and it will be perfect for people with creative potential and an easy-going character.

Elegant and Expressive Half Sleeve Tulip Tattoos

Flower tattoos became more and more admired and the best example of these tattoos is a tulip ink. The best tattooing area for this design is the half sleeve, as it can be shown to anybody or hidden from prying eyes providing it is necessary.

  1. A vivid pink tulip with orange accents and the green stem is performed in a watercolor style and looks truly amazing. In ancient Persia, it was the heraldic sign – the symbol of royalty and love, in the modern world, it signifies love and compassion. This idea is revealed in this tattoo.tulip tattoo on hand
  2. This beautiful flower on the lower half sleeve has a complicated color spectrum as it encompasses purple, burgundy, white and lavender tones, together they look very harmonious. In ancient Asia, which covered a territory of modern Kazakhstan and Iran, the tulip was a sign of paradise and the brightest manifestations of good feelings of the person. This ink speaks about a man, who has the best human qualities.tulip tattoo with slim cleave
  3. The half sleeve is embellished with a stunning watercolor tattoo, which displays a bouquet of red tulips on the blurred blue background. Red tulips indicate a sensual person with a strong sexual energy, who is very attractive to the opposite sex. This tat may be the emblem of the self-confident woman, who shows her sexuality.tulip tattoo on shoulder
  4. These three purple tulips are located on the lower arm and despite the simplicity of the pattern, they look very stylish. Purple tulips have contradictory denotations, so the idea, which is revealed in this tight ink, is despair, but not overwhelming, yet with a glimmer of hope for the best.violet tulip tattoo
  5. Three vibrant tulips adorn the lower arm, they look so real that it seems that it is possible to feel their fragrance. Tulips are zodiac flowers, they are lucky talismans for Aries and Taurus, so, probably, this tulip tattoo may be can be an amulet, which brings good luck.red tulip tattoo
  6. The half sleeve is embellished with a traditional tulip tattoo. It looks very graceful and definitely emphasizes the beauty of the owner. This tight ink discloses the common signification of this design – beauty and enjoyment of life.small tulip tattoo
  7. A tribal tulip tattoo is put on the lower arm and it looks awesome. It is known that in the language of flowers, the tulip is a declaration of love and eternal devotion to the beloved. Perhaps, this ink was made to express love and devotion for the soul mate.slim tulip tattoo on hand
  8. This amazing tattoo is not only a decoration of the half sleeve but also a picture with a profound meaning. The tulip is depicted in a pot, additional elements are circles, made by a dotted line, the part, where the flower is enclosed in a circle, is colorful – it is either red or green, parts, which are outside the circle, are colorless. The circle is about infinity, the cycle life and the balance of all life events, the tulip in conjunction with a circle represents the person’s belief in the immortality of life beyond the earthly world.tulip tattoo with circles
  9. A set of glorious, bright red tulips is visible on the lower arm and it is unattainable to remain indifferent looking at this tattoo. In the 16th century, tulips were growing only in gardens of the ruling dynasties of Austria, France, and Germany, so they were associated with the power and richness. This ink may be the indicator of a successful and potent personality.lot of tulip tattoo
  10. This tribal ink on the lower half sleeve represents a bouquet of diverse flowers: tulips, a poppy, and lilies. The overall denotation of the tac depends on the separate meaning of its constituents, thus, tulips signify a full and joyful life, the poppy is the most ancient symbol of humanity, it is inextricably linked with demise, the lily is the sign of peace, purity and innocence.lined tulip tattoo flowers
  11. Tulips of red, yellow and purple colors are observed on the half sleeve. Here, each flower has its own denotation: a red tulip expresses love and passion, a yellow one carries the meaning of a hopeless love and the purple tulip indicates apathy. Perhaps, a person is going through hard times due to the loss of love or the separation from a loved one.rainbowed tulip tattoo flowers
  12. The usual red tulip with a green stem does not need additional details, as by itself it looks great. In China, a red tulip is associated with a sincere person, for ancient Polynesians, this flower was the embodiment of the beloved. This pretty ink on the lower arm stands for the idea of pure and infinite love.tulip tattoo on hand
  13. These classic tulips with rose pale buds is a stunning decoration of the lower arm. In Florence, tulips were so popular, that a flower could be exchanged for a few thousand florins, it was believed that it brought prosperity and good fortune to the family. Probably, this great ink discloses Italian traditions.tulip tattoo in lined style
  14. The watercolor tulip is visible on the lower half sleeve. The tulip itself is gray with a pink color in the bud and the green accents are near its leaves. Such an unusual color scheme can talk about understanding the world as a series of successes and misfortunes.watercolor tulip tattoo
  15. A vivid blue tulip with an orange crescent on top decorates the lower arm and draws attention. In the poetry of the 16th century, the chanting of tulips, in particular, blue flowers, has been found, the flower was a symbol of beautiful and faithful women. So this tulip can be regarded as a sign of eternal devotion.blue tulip tattoo
  16. Two monochrome tulips on the half sleeve look very stylish. The tulip was the emblem of the Ottoman Empire, it personified the greatness and authority. A man, who wears this design, wants to stand out and to show his superiority over other people.uncolored tulip tattoo
  17. The lower half sleeve is embellished with the image of colorful tulips, their buds are performed in blue, purple, gray and orange tones. In the 17th century in Europe, an unprecedented event has happened – three tulip bulbs were exchanged for a house, in that time, not everyone could afford buying tulips, so it became a symbol of prosperity. This ink may indicate a human, whose life is flourishing in all areas.rainbow tulip tattoo flowers
  18. Wonderful red tulips emphasize the elegance of the half sleeve. For warriors in America, a red tulip was the sign of the triumph of the struggle and revolution. Thus, this image may denote that this person has won the day.red tulip tattoo
  19. Each year a tulip festival is held in Turkey, Turks pay tribute to the beauty of this flower. This blue tulip with three buds is on the lower half sleeve, it may be either a decorative element or a sign of a man, who enjoys the beauty.blue tulip tattoo on hand
  20. Three black tulips on the half sleeve are very simple, but at the same time, they look fascinating. In many cultures, a black tulip is the sign of grief and mourning, so this ink may signify the internal state of a man, his pain, and sorrow.lined tulip tattoo flower
  21. These tribal tulips on the half sleeve not only adorns a woman but also has a certain denotation. A black color is chosen by conservative people, who are loyal to certain traditions. Thus, a person with this tattoo is conservative, he is often engaged in self-analysis, it is a pleasure for him to explore the world.lined tulip tattoo flower
  22. In the Byzantine culture, a red tulip meant superiority and strong political influence, so, for instance, only the emperor and the empress could wear certain items of clothing in red color. Now the value has transformed and this red tulip with black boundaries on the lower arm indicates a person with ambitious goals.tulip colored tattoo
  23. This is a wonderful example of the watercolor tulip tattoo – major flowers are done in a crimson color, the background is diluted with raspberry and lavender accents, as well as with subtle sinuous lines. In the modern world of tattoo, tulip inks wear those, who want to express their inner qualities. Thus, this tattoo is a choice of a bright, bold and creative personality.watercolored tulip tattoo flowers
  24. This smoky ink is a masterpiece, as it represents a windmill with tulips. In ancient times, this figure conveyed that a person expects a worthy reward for the hard work and that efforts are not in vain. The significance of this tattoo may be an aspiration to cultivate the best qualities of a character.mill with tulip tattoo
  25. The lower half sleeve is adorned with black tulips so that the picture does not look too gloomy, red accents are added. In European civilization, the tulip was the sign of a perfect reputation and these traditions may be revealed in this tight tattoo.watercolored tulip tattoo on hand
  26. This vivid ink on the half sleeve depicts a colorful butterfly, which is located above the skull and red tulips at the bottom. In German culture, a butterfly conveys the beginning of a new life, the skull is a symbol of immortality, and tulips denote that the person is aware of the value of life and knows how to manage it. This gorgeous tac illustrates German traditions.rainbowed tulip with skull tattoo
  27. For ancient Slavs, a windmill carried the symbolism of the wind and air, it signified fertility and tulips denoted prosperity. Here a half sleeve is decorated with a black windmill and in the foreground, the field of tulips is visible. The tattoo can speak about the spiritual and material prosperity of the owner.mill and field of tulip tattoo
  28. This tribal ink on the half sleeve depicts a tulip, which has lost one petal, the inscription “Life isn’t a tiptoe through tulips” complements the overall picture. The connotation is that life is impossible without sacrifice, and it is unfeasible to live without making mistakes, so a person, who wears this tattoo, accepts herself as she is.words with tulip tattoo
  29. This half sleeve tulip tattoo is performed in a dot work style and looks absolutely gorgeous. The tulip stem is made in green and yellow shades, buds’ colors are purple and red. This ink indicates a romantic nature of a person, who always seeks adventure.colored tulip on hand tattoo
  30. The tulip pattern adorns the lower half sleeve and displays white tulips with green leaves. In Middle Ages, a white tulip was the sign of a person, who had a pure soul and was a deep believer. This great ink is worn by a human with pure intentions and a kind heart.tulip with only colored leaves tattoo
  31. This marvelous totally black tulip tac on the lower arm looks fantastic. In Western culture, a black color connotes the end and a new beginning, so this ink for the certain person is the mark of the end of a miserable period and a new, happy path in life.black colored tulip tattoo
  32. Ancient Indians have associated a waxwing and tulips with wealth, for them, they were favorable signs. A half sleeve is adorned with a red bird, which is flying against the backdrop of the orange sun and two big purple tulips make the picture holistic. The connotation is quite clear – the design says about the spiritual wealth and the inner harmony.bird with tulip tattoo
  33. In many cultures, a tulip is the symbol of the emergence of a new life, as it blooms in spring – the period of renewal. This stunning pattern on the half sleeve shows a colorful tulip with partially-open petals and the name: “Aera”, this ink might be made as a sign of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.words with colored tulip tattoo
  34. This flower tattoo on the half sleeve represents three diverse flowers, which look very organic together. In Chinese culture, a sunflower is a flower, which indicates a long and happy life, a dahlia in the language of flowers indicates refinement and self-sufficiency, a tulip connotes everlasting love. Thus, the overall connotation of this ink is positive.tulip and flowers tattoo
  35. The bunch of red tulips is the adornment of the half sleeve. Red tulips convey love and passion, they are always associated with an amorous side of the human nature. This ink shows that the owner is a hopeless romantic.red colored tulip tattoo
  36. In ancient Italia, tulips were not only luxurious flowers, they also carried the denotation of grief, some people wore tulip patterns as the reminder of a deceased close relative. Two beautiful blue tulips on the lower half sleeve are combined with the inscription about the duty to the mother and serves as the sign of love for a deceased family member, probably, a mother.words with blue tulip tattoo
  37. Three huge tulips look amazing on the lower arm and each flower is depicted in its color: orange and red, purple and yellow. Warm tones indicate a cheerful personality, a real optimist, a purple and a yellow tulip complement each other and together they signify a human, who despite life obstacles, always hopes for the best.colored tulip flowers tattoo
  38. The following tulips on the half sleeve are done in old school traditions, there are no colorful details, which distract from the major image. The tattoo itself and its style speak about a conservative person, who has an old-fashioned outlook and isn’t a fan of fundamental changes.uncolored tulip tattoo on hand
  39. This tender tac on the half sleeve demonstrates a big blooming red tulip with two little tulips on the same stem. The tattoo looks very elegant and nice, it may emphasize the softness of the character of the owner and her naivety and innocence.tulip tattoo on sleeve
  40. A bouquet, which consists of three tulips of pink, red and purple colors, is the perfect decoration of the half sleeve. Perhaps, this tattoo has been done in order to express the individuality and realize the creative potential of the person.tulip tattoo in violet and red colors

Awe-Inspiring Tulip Tattoos on the Leg and on the Hip Plus Intriguing Descriptions

A tulip pattern is an ideal image for open-minded and creative people, for real aesthetes, who enjoy the beauty and know how to create it. A tulip tattoo will emphasize the originality of a character as well as the roundness of the girlish hip and will look absolutely amazing on the leg.

  1. This watercolor orange tulip is located on the leg and looks absolutely gorgeous. The bud looks like spurts of flame and the stem of the flower is represented by a word “Love”. In all cultures, a yellow tulip is the sign of a separation from a beloved one and grief, which fills the heart of the owner, so this idea can be traced in this tattoo.orange tulip flower tattoo on leg
  2. An elegant vibrant tulip ink is put on the lower leg and it looks nice. Despite the bright color of the flower, this tac carries an unfavorable denotation as it indicates a woman, whose feelings have been betrayed and deceived.tulip flower tattoo in delicate
  3. A watercolor style is one of the most sought-after styles for depicting flowers and tulips, in particular, it creates a romantic atmosphere and makes the owner of the tattoo even more charming. This tight ink on the lower leg represents a tulip, which bud is done in pink and purple colors and the signification of the pattern is a bright and expressive personality.lined tulip flower tattoo on leg
  4. Three orange and red tulips look like real on the lower leg, they embody spring, when nature wakes up. In Persia, tulips were national emblems and they were highly revered, so the person, who wears this tattoo, wants to emphasize his social status as he is proud of his success.orange three tulip flower tattoo on leg
  5. Gorgeous purple tulips in a watercolor style decorate the lower leg. Blurred lines create the effect of the negligent performance of the tattoo. In this case, purple flowers can carry one of two meanings: the first one is about a misery and distress in life and another one is about an optimistic beginning.violet tulip flower tattoo on leg
  6. These tribal tulips are observed on the thigh. Some of the flowers are still closed and some are fully opened. In ancient times, a tulip was the sign of the innocent beauty and a pure soul, maybe this person wants to show that despite life’s difficulties, which only harden the character, the person managed to preserve the innocent soul.lined tulip flower tattoo on leg
  7. For ancient Romans, the tulip was a sacred flower, which symbolized definite periods in a human life. This design on a lower leg represents three tulips of red, purple and blue colors. A red tulip indicates a happy stage in love, connected with love and joy, the purple tulip is the period of despair and the blue flower indicates hope for the better future.tri-colored tulip flower tattoo on leg
  8. This gothic tulip on the lower leg looks a little bit gloomy, but it has its own charm. A black color is the refusal of all other colors and the person, who chooses the black color, wants to make an accent not on the color spectrum, but on the signification, which the ink has. In this case, the connotation of the design is the awareness of his mission in the world.black tulip flower tattoo on leg
  9. This extremely vibrant tulip is visible on the foot, the fusion of colors is very attractive as the purple color of the flower resonates with the yellow background of the tattoo. For ancient Africans, this flower was the sign of a victory, so, perhaps, the owner of this ink aspires to express his success.violed with yellow notes tulip flower tattoo on leg
  10. This monochrome ink on the ankle looks appealing and two elements of this pattern create a holistic picture, which has a symbolic meaning. The lonely tulip is the core of this design and birds are flying away from the flower. For ancient Christians, a tulip was the sign of a family, and birds signified freedom, so this tattoo may be about adult children, who leave their native home.birds with tulip flower tattoo on leg
  11. A wonderful merging of yellow and red colors is reflected in this tulip tattoo. These flowers represent two diametrically opposed concepts – a yellow tulip says about a separation, and the blue one is associated with new, favorable changes in life.blue and yellow tulip flower tattoo on leg
  12. This black and white tulip on the ankle looks fascinating despite the absence of bright accents. It is fully opened, which indicates that the owner is completely satisfied with what he has and he enjoys every second of his life.lined tulip flower tattoo on leg
  13. A stunning bouquet of colorful tulips adorns the lower leg and looks absolutely amazing. Such a broad palette of colors of this tattoo says that a person has experienced many diverse emotions in life – starting from melancholy and ending with boundless joy.violet and blue tulip flower tattoo on leg
  14. This attractive hip is embellished with a tiny purple tulip, which emphasizes the roundness of the thigh. The connotation is quite obvious here – the person doesn’t lose hope and always stays on the wave of positive.small tulip flower tattoo on leg
  15. For ancient nations, a green color possessed mystical abilities as it consisted of two tones – a blue and yellow color, which embodied the heaven and the earth, people reckoned that things of this shade could return people from the dead. These tribal tulips on the lower leg are depicted together with green accents and they denote a human belief in the bright future.lined tulip flower tattoo on leg
  16. The wonderful wine-colored tulip is the decoration of the foot, thanks to the green background the pattern looks realistic. A tulip is the emblem of modern Turkey, it is the sign of glory and power, so maybe this ink is a personification of superiority for a human.red with green spirit tulip flower tattoo on leg
  17. This small tight ink on the lower leg is awe-inspiring. For many nations, tulips serve as symbols of April, this month indicates awakening. Perhaps, this tiny bouquet is a sign of a moral birth of a new person with a new value orientation.small tulip flower tattoo on leg
  18. This tribal vibrant tulip on the lower leg is a great accessory that complements the overall image. For Egyptians, a black color was the color of joy as they associated it with the revival: both moral and physical. This ink may disclose Egyptian traditions.black tulip flower tattoo on leg
  19. In Greek philosophy, the dog denoted a vigilant and conservative person, whereas tulips conveyed the brightest period of a human life – a youth. This watercolor tattoo on the lower leg demonstrates a monochrome dog, surrounded by smoky tulips, on top of the colors smears of red and crimson paint are present. The connotation of this design is a careful person, who watches for feasible difficulties.animal in frame from tulip flower tattoo on leg
  20. This magnificent tattoo on the thigh looks as if it has always been an integral part of the woman. The riot of green, crimson and purple colors creates an aesthetic picture, which has a certain semantic load. This colorful tulip signifies that in a woman’s soul there is eternal youth and joy.watercolor tulip flower tattoo on leg
  21. For Buddhists, the skull has become a symbol, which reminded of the sacredness of life and the tulip was the sign of the fragility of life and its transience. The lower leg here is adorned with a bunch of orange tulips, which are connected by a purple bow with a small smoky skull. The connotation is that a human knows how to enjoy every moment of life.orange tulip flower tattoo on leg
  22. A vase with golden edges and a blue pattern with a bouquet of colored tulips is the embellishment of the lower leg. These rainbow tulips embody the life and the vase implies that each person holds his future in his hands and he creates his own destiny.multicolored tulip flower tattoo on leg
  23. The ink on the hip depicts a very unusual combination: two cats, one of them has a purple-black coloring, and the second cat is gray-brown, at the edge of the ink purple tulips with a red trim are visible. This tight tac reveals Egyptian traditions, in which tulips and cats were the symbols of femininity and fertility.cats tulip flower tattoo on leg
  24. The denotation of the tulip tattoo depends on the flower coloring, a separate flower has its own signification. Here three colorful tulips look charming on the lower leg, a blue tulip discloses Greek traditions, in which it was the attribute of God Poseidon, an orange flower is associated with the Egyptian god of the sun and a purple flower represents hope.neon styled tulip flower tattoo on leg
  25. The lower leg is decorated with two gray tulips, which are enclosed in a rhombus. In Slavic culture, the rhombus was a symbol of fertility, women applied this geometric shape on the body as a magical sign, which attracted luck. These tulips together with the rhombus may be a lucky mascot for the owner.ruby with tulip flower tattoo on leg
  26. The lower leg is embellished with a tiny beautiful purple tulip with an inscription. In Eastern culture, a tulip denoted affliction, it was a symbol of the loss of the innocent soul. Thus, this ink perpetuated the memory of the departed close person.violet tulip flower tattoo on leg with words
  27. This marvelous watercolor tulip on the lower leg looks very stylish, in the tattoo industry, this style is one of the most sought – after. The original connotation of the tulip design is traced in this tattoo – the signification is the tenderness and beauty of both the body and the soul.blue tulip flower tattoo on leg
  28. Ancient Slavs – pagans assumed that tulips helped in dark speeches for love, and chamomile helped people to develop the gift of foresight. This vibrant bunch of flowers on the hip demonstrates three blooming tulips and three daisies, additional details are other flowers of green, blue and orange colors. This appealing tac is about a discerning man with a strong love for the whole world in his heart.different flowers and tulip flower tattoo on leg
  29. This vibrant multicolored tattoo is made in the watercolor style and it encompasses the following constituents: a pink tulip, a yellow lotus, and a black anchor. This gorgeous tattoo carries a deep philosophical signification as these flowers in a combination with the anchor denote the fusion of male and female beginnings, which together create life.watercolor tulip flower tattoo on leg
  30. In many tales, tulips were gorgeous flowers, as their beautiful appearance and fragrance have inspired poets to write new masterpieces. A fantastic tulip with a pale pink and red bud on a stem with green and blue leaves is located on the lower leg and it may be an accessory, which simply brings aesthetic pleasure to the owner.slim tulip flower tattoo on leg
  31. These three red tulips with dark bases of buds look amazing on the lower leg. In many cultures, a red tulip is the sign of passion and this passion not necessarily should be in a romantic relationship, it can be a passion in the professional sphere, the commitment to a particular type of activity. The idea of a passionate creative personality is disclosed in this great tac.red tulip flower tattoo on leg
  32. This stunning ink on the hip is the example of new school traditions, the skull is perfectly merged with five colorful tulips. In Mexico, the day of the dead is celebrated annually and people, who wear tattoos of tulips with the skull believe that death is inevitable, it can find everyone at any time and therefore, people have to enjoy life. This tight ink illustrates mentioned Mexican traditions.skull and tulip flower tattoo on leg
  33. The hip is adorned with a massive realistic red tulip, which looks very impressive. In its expressionism the painting can be compared to the masterpieces of Van Gogh and Monet, the tattoo looks charmingly. This tac is worn by a man of genius, who does not hide his creativity.tulip flower tattoo on leg
  34. Tulips stand out among other flowers, they easy attract attention, and in many cultures the symbolism of the tulip is identified with the value of roses, these flowers express love. The lower leg here is decorated with a watercolor red tulip and the inscription: “Love”, the connotation is obvious – the human has a romantic nature and believes in eternal love.love and tulip flower tattoo on leg
  35. The vibrant tattoo on the lower leg represents several constituents: a windmill, which is the symbol of a hard-working person, purple tulips, and yellow clogs. For Christians, purple tulips conveyed repentance, spiritual restraint, and remorse. Thus, this ink spells out the idea of a spiritual man, who is on the right spiritual path.mill and tulip flower tattoo on leg
  36. A wonderful half-open crimson tulip bud looks sumptuous on the leg. A crimson color is the shade of the royal soaking, in England, a military uniform was crimson, this tone has been associated with heroism. The denotation of the tattoo is a calm and sensible person, who is not devoid of an aesthetic taste.red tulip flower tattoo on leg
  37. In the East, a red color indicates heat, flame, which covers people and sometimes burns everything in its path. A red tulip is the sign of an extraordinary personality, who seeks to express and show himself. These two red tulips on the thigh signify a passionate and energetic woman with aggressive sexuality.red tulip flower tattoo on leg with blue background
  38. This watercolor tac on the foot represents a red tulip with a bright butterfly, which is sitting on its green stem. In China, tulips of all colors and butterflies are symbols of family harmony and prosperity. Perhaps, this tight ink illustrates Chinese traditions.butterfly and tulip flower tattoo on leg
  39. Black and red tulips here complement the elegance of the female thigh. Aztecs reckoned that tulips grow on battlefields, they symbolized the blood of the fallen mighty men of valor. This tac carries a tragic signification, it may be a sign of mourning.smokestyle tulip flower tattoo on leg
  40. In many cultures, a lock has a special denotation, since it was used in rituals and meant the beginning and the end of a magical ritual. In China, bright blooming tulips conveyed a long life, and the lock was an emblem of good health. Gorgeous colorful tulips with a lock in the form of the heart on the hip here disclose the mentioned idea.colored amazing tulip flower tattoo on leg

Superior Colorful Tulip Tattoos Plus Tribal Images and Their Denotations

A tulip is an outstanding flower that is known for its beauty, a tulip design is a perfect tattoo for both men and women. Tulip patterns are performed in bright and monochrome colors and tattooing areas are backs, legs, and half sleeves.

  1. For ancient tribes, a black tulip was worn only by shamans, who were able to establish communication with the spirit world, so they expressed their superiority and unique abilities with the help of this pattern. This vivid black tulip on the back says that the person has remarkable talent and inner strength, which is given not to everyone.lined colorful tulip tattoo
  2. This tattoo on the side of the body is done in a tribal style, a wide range of colors is absent here and there are no unnecessary details. The tulip looks very stylish, the picture consists of soft lines that intersect. This flower may be the sign of a fragile but at the same time beautiful woman.slim tulip tattoo
  3. The watercolor colorful tulip is the decoration of the back, a flower bud is done in red, pink and orange tones, the main part of the image is black, it is supplemented by vague lines of green, yellow and blue colors. In ancient Rome, tulips were symbols of wealth and abundance, sometimes, these flowers were valued more than gold. This ink discloses Roman traditions.colorful tulip tattoo
  4. In many ancient legends, the ankle was a fragile part of the body, which makes a human very vulnerable, so oftentimes the design of tulips is applied as a sign of the inner strength of the human despite the physical fragility. Thus, these three monochrome tulips on the ankle may serve as a lucky mascot.three lined colorful tulip tattoo
  5. In Greece, Demeter was the goddess of fertility, in the spring, she covered the land with the veil of tulips that symbolized her favorable attitude towards people. This tiny black tulip on the collarbone can be a sign of fertility for a woman, perhaps she wants to become a mother and this ink is the personification of her dreams.small colorful tulip tattoo
  6. The girlish back is adorned with a tribal ink, which represents two flowers: a tulip and a lily, this combination carries a very deep denotation. In ancient Rome, the tulip was of particular importance, since it was associated with the period of happiness and favorable changes in life and the image of lily was minted on coins as a symbol of hope. Thus, this tac says about unchanging faith in a better.lined colorful tulip tattoo on back
  7. This vibrant blue tulip looks amazing on the elegant back. Since there is a number of conflicting opinions about the tattoo of a blue tulip, for each person it will have its importance, as in ancient Egypt, it was a sign of mourning, but in England it was an honor to wear the image of the blue tulip because it was a sign of the Protestant. In this case, this gorgeous flower can indicate a chaste and pure soul.blue colorful tulip tattoo
  8. In ancient times, the clergy wore an image of a violet tulip as a symbol of celibacy. A purple color is unique since it consists of two contrasting colors – blue and red. These two purple tulips denote willpower, a restraint of passion.violet colorful tulip tattoo on body
  9. Three smoky tulips are visible on the ribs, they look appealing. This tattoo does not contain bright colors, so the purpose of the pattern is not to attract attention, most likely that this tac is a reminder of a certain life period.unclolored colorful tulip tattoo
  10. In many African countries, the tulip was a sign of mourning and grief, people brought these flowers to the funeral to pay tribute to the deceased. This bright watercolor tattoo is located on the side of the body, two black inscriptions are disposed along the stem, the one says: “Loving father” and another lettering represents dates of the birth and death. The connotation of this design is longing for the beloved father.watercolor colorful tulip tattoo
  11. This tramp stamp colorful tattoo looks just amazing as diverse elements create a holistic picture with a deep meaning: thus, a colorful hummingbird is flying over red tulips, for the ancient Maya, the combination of these two images signified love for life, liberty, and boundless optimism. A beautiful butterfly here reveals Japanese traditions, in which it is the sign of ease in decision-making.kiwi, butterfly and colorful tulip tattoo
  12. For tribes of South America, the black tulip had a negative connotation, as it embodied children, who died at a young age, tribes believed that pure souls of children embodied in these beautiful flowers. This black tulip on the back can speak about the tragic event, which has happened in the owner’s life.uncolored colorful tulip tattoo
  13. The tulip on the lower arm looks like an exquisite lace, this tattoo is done in a professional manner. In Europe, the tulip was a sign of nobility, those people, who were loyal to the crown and had a spotless reputation, wore this ink. Thus, this tight pattern may disclose European traditions.lined colorful tulip tattoo
  14. A space tattoo itself has two denotations: the first one is associated with the romantic personalities, who are attracted to space with its mystery, another value is connected with a rational thinking, the world order, and higher intelligence. Here on the side of the body, two beautiful tulips of yellow and red colors are depicted in the background of the cosmos, so this tattoo indicates a person with an open mind and a loving heart.amazing colorful tulip tattoo
  15. A well-known signification of the tulip design is an all-consuming love, it can be a romantic love, maternal love, or brotherly love. There are two smoky tulips, they are crossing and they embody two lovers and their mutual love.simple colorful tulip tattoo
  16. The chest is embellished with a stunning tulip, its bud is white, a stem and leaves are performed in a green color. A white color is a light color, which represents all the finest in life. So, for example, in the Middle Ages, the monks wore the image of a white tulip as a symbol of their service to God, perhaps, this tattoo carries a religious connotation.lonely tulip tattoo
  17. The simple tribal image on the ribs looks nice, the image has only black contours and filling is missing in this tattoo. Despite the simplicity, the connotation of the ink is that a human’s mind itself an empty canvas and his actions, thoughts and beliefs paint it with bright colors.lined colorful tulip tattoo on body
  18. In this dazzling colorful tulip tattoo, prevalent colors are red and black, it is an organic fusion. In China, the person with the pattern of red tulips is called a sincere heart, if tulips are black, then they indicate a treacherous man. Thus, these red tulips with black accents in the background denote a person with his strengths and frailties.redcolored colorful tulip tattoo
  19. A bright red tulip covers the wrist, this tattoo is unusual and looks fascinating. A red tulip is the symbol of love, life, happiness, the fact that the tac wraps the wrist, says that a person believes in the cyclical nature of life and love.colorful tulip tattoo
  20. Two tribal tulips adorn lower legs, they look very realistic. In ancient times, a black tulip has been an emblem of satanic sects, who practiced sacrifice, so the signification of the image of the black tulip has an unfavorable connotation. In this case, this design denotes that a human possesses mystical powers.blackcolored colorful tulip tattoo
  21. A bunch of red tulips with white splashes is the adornment of the lower arm. In ancient times, most of the flowers signified love and devotion, tulips, depending on the coloring, conveyed diverse stages of a romantic relationship – love as the peak of the development of feelings, or parting and separation. In this case, red tulips symbolize love and romance.simply graphic but colorful tulip tattoo
  22. This tribal image on the lower arm depicts a tulip, in which instead of the root a heart is seen, two flowers on the chain are coming down from the main flower. The image is very aesthetically pleasing, and despite the monochrome implementation, it looks very nice. This tac is worn by a creative personality with a perfect artistic taste.lined colorful tulip tattoo
  23. The lower arm is embellished with a yellow and brown tulip, the style of the ink is old school. In ancient Rome, a tulip image, done in warm tones, symbolized a strong marriage and a large family, so this design may illustrate this point of view.orange buton and colorful tulip tattoo
  24. Black and white tulips and the rose emphasize the elegance and beauty of the half sleeve. Sometimes roses and tulips denote not only love and dedication, they are can be signs of the loss of a beloved person. Probably, this tribal tight ink may serve as the mark of a tragic love story.lined and detalised colorful tulip tattoo
  25. More recently, floral tattoos, particularly tulip inks, were associated with traditions, adopted in the criminal world or among the soldiers, but now this design can be an accessory, which adds an attractiveness to the woman. These red tulips on the tummy signify femininity and sexuality.red flowers and blue note colorful tulip tattoo
  26. Two graceful monochrome tulips extend over the elegant back and they are definitely eye-catching. In ancient times, priestesses wore the tattoo of tulips as a sign of their abilities, for them, a tulip was a mystical flower, which could be a guide the world of spirits. This pattern can be a magical talisman for a woman.uncolored colorful tulip tattoo
  27. There is a legend that the young man, who had learned of the death of his beloved, committed suicide since he was unable to bear the grief, later tulips have grown on the place of his death, so they have become a symbol of the tragic and passionate love. Two tattoos on wrists represent black hearts, where the one part is replaced by a small tulip and these patterns signify a strong and mutual love.hearts colorful tulip tattoo
  28. Vibrant big flowers on the shoulder look marvelous, a purple tulip immediately attracts attention and yellow and red tulips look great with a purple flower. The tulip in the center is vividly expressed, it talks about the sadness in the owner’s soul, which is caused by a separation from a loved one, this idea is also illustrated by tulips on sides.violet flower colorful tulip tattoo
  29. A gray wreath of tulips covers the whole shoulder, it looks very unusual and appealing at the same time. This ink carries the idea of life, which is made up of sad moments and joyful events that create the necessary harmony.detalised colorful tulip tattoo on shoulder
  30. One tale states that a yellow tulip opened thanks to the unselfish laugh of a baby, so in many countries yellow tulips are presented as a wish of happiness. A dark yellow tulip on the side of the body may be the indicator of a completely happy personality.orange colorful tulip tattoo
  31. The tattoo on the lower arm looks like a painting, which is done skillfully with the help of rectangular clear color lines, these lines create a solid image of three tulips: two are turquoise and another tulip is purple. This extraordinary tattoo says about a person, who is an artist at heart and by vocation.squared colorful tulip tattoo
  32. The shoulder here is embellished with a blue tulip with accents of a white color. In ancient times, healers have used the image of a blue tulip as their emblem since the flower denoted spirituality, healing, and regeneration. Perhaps, this tight tattoo can express the moral rebirth of an individual.blue colorful tulip tattoo flower
  33. In many ancient countries, cats were revered as gods: Buddhists believed that the cat guarded Buddha, in Egypt, many gods have been portrayed with a cat’s head. Here, the hip is adorned with a charming black cat, which is holding red, yellow and purple flowers. The idea of the ink is grace, femininity, and independence of the owner.cat and colorful tulip tattoo
  34. This traditional colorful tulip tattoo covers the shoulder and the part of the half sleeve, the bud itself is located closer to the chest. The color of the tulip is very interesting, for men, in some cases, the tulip has a negative signification, as it can indicate a criminal past of the man, who wears the tulip image. Possibly, this point of view is disclosed in this tattoo.colorful tulip tattoo on shoulder
  35. In the 16th century in Turkey, the tulip was a symbol of the most beautiful girls, who have lived in the harem of the Sultan. This tribal ink on the side of the body displays two tulips and they indicate the attractiveness of the woman.blackcolored colorful tulip tattoo
  36. The pattern on the back depicts a tulip, performed in dark tones, the bud of the flower is done in green, purple, and yellow shades, at the bottom the bulb of a tulip is displayed. If the bulb is damaged, then the tulip dries, the symbolism of this tattoo is that a person has a strong spiritual bond with his relatives and he does not feel an integrated personality without a family.amazing detalised colorful tulip tattoo flower
  37. The design of a red tulip on the back in complemented by the inscription about the importance of the family. In some cultures, the tulip embodies the union of family members and their strong link. In this case, the person wants to show that for him the family is the only place in the world, where he is always loved.red colorful tulip tattoo with words
  38. The lower arm is embellished with a vibrant bouquet of tulips, the picture looks magnificent. For men, this pattern has a special denotation, as the ink expresses an energetic and expressive personality. So, perhaps, the owner wants to flaunt his bright personality.colorful tulip tattoo
  39. Wonderful purple tulips look glorious on the man’s chest. A purple color is a very complex shade, since it can have a negative impact on the human psyche. Purple tulips can connote disappointment in love and betrayal, this idea can be traced in this tight tattoo.violet colorful tulip tattoo
  40. This dope tattoo is the decoration of the lower arm, it is done in a watercolor technique. The color spectrum encompasses black, violet and crimson tones, they look really stunning. The idea of a multifaceted personality is disclosed in this ink.violet with pink watercolored colorful tulip tattoo