Mysterious Tribal Orchid Tattoos

The tribal style of the tattoo is the oldest one, but nevertheless, it remains one of the most admired styles today. A monochrome composition will look attractive on any part of the body, in addition, it is always feasible to add the necessary details to the tribal orchid tattoo.

  1. A whirlpool of smoky orchids comes down the side of a woman’s body. An orchid is remarkable not only for its beauty but also for its symbolism – long since it has represented a female beauty and sexuality. Perhaps, this tattoo is a way of a self-expression for the owner.smoky orchids tattoo on the side of a woman body
  2. A gorgeous path of orchids is visible on the back and this ink only complements the beauty and elegance of the female body. People assume that orchid tattoos carry a mighty energy of the East, they make a female sensual and extremely attractive. Perhaps, this idea is traced in this dope ink.gorgeous orchids tattoo on the back
  3. This tribal flower tattoo looks fantastic, the pattern extends from the shoulder blade to the neck. At the bottom of the tattoo a completely black orchid is shown, in Feng Shui, the black orchid symbolizes fertility; closer to the neck flowers are gray, so they can indicate wealth.fantastic tribal orchids tattoo on back
  4. In many cultures, the refinement of a flower is associated with the pursuit of perfection, since the orchid is a flower, which has a perfect beauty. This tattoo on the foot can speak about a striving to improve not only physical but also spiritual side of a personality. Lovely tribal orchids tattoo on legs
  5. The half sleeve is adorned with the image of vivid black orchids, the ink looks fascinating. In some cultures, a denotation of a dark orchid is love for bright and passionate life, which is sometimes connected with the risk and adrenaline. This tac indicates a human, who likes to take risks, loves adventure and his life is full of many hobbies.half sleeve vivid black orchids tattoo
  6. These two sprigs of flowering orchids and their closed buds are on the shoulder, the execution style of the tattoo is tribal, as there color palette of dark colors is involved here. In Vietnam, an orchid is a flower, which is the female mascot, it protects the possessor from a series of misfortunes, including an unhappy love affair. So, this ink may be a talisman for the owner. two sprigs of flowering orchids with buds tattoo on the shoulder
  7. This monochrome design on the lower leg is performed professionally, the orchid looks very realistic. In China, this flower signifies infinite love, harmony and beauty, the person, who has found his own right spiritual path, can wear this pattern. Mentioned Chinese traditions are revealed in this tight ink.realistic monochrome orchid tattoo on the lower leg
  8. The inhabitants of South America, have the tale, in which the orchid was the most beautiful goddess of the universe, she fell in love with a mortal man, and in order to be with him, she came to the mortal world and has become a charming flower. Thus, this tattoo signifies loyalty and devotion in love, and this tribal orchid tattoo on the thigh can illustrate this idea.Ravishing black orchids tattoo

  9. In India, the girls wear the image of an orchid on the eve of the wedding, it was considered a blessing for a happy and long marriage. The half sleeve here is embellished with smoky orchids and the inscription that people always have to rely on each other, makes the picture holistic. Perhaps, this tattoo was done as the sign of a harmonious and strong relationship.Charming black orchids tattoo
  10. In Eastern culture, an orchid is the mark of eternal love, perfect feelings between two people and a flitting hummingbird for the tribes in Central America represented the soul of a beloved person. So the value of this tattoo of the half sleeve is obvious – it speaks about a boundless devotion to a loved one.Heavenly tribal orchids tattoo
  11. In ancient Greece, the clock was not only the attribute of allegorical figures, but also a symbol of the inevitability of the onset of a new phase in life – either joyful or a sad one, and the orchid has been the sign of the beauty of life and its prosperity. This tattoo on the half sleeve displays a clock, which is surrounded by orchids, the whole picture is monochrome, and it reveals Greek traditions.Exquisite tribal orchids tattoo
  12. In Japanese culture, the image of a geisha is covered with mystery, as at one time there was even a ban on the use of geisha pictures. The word “geisha” means a representative of the art, i.e. a creative and highly intelligent person. In Japan, an orchid was the emblem of artists, who are not devoid of artistic taste, so this tribal ink, which depicts the geisha with orchids and butterflies, may indicate an extraordinary personality with a vulnerable soul. Japanese geisha with tribal orchids tattoo
  13. The hip here is decorated with a black and white orchid design with the lettering – a turning to God and a request to get the strength to accept what a person cannot change. In the Middle Ages, the orchid symbolized the purity of the soul and noble deeds, so this tattoo can carry a religious and white orchid design with the lettering
  14. For many people, a skull is the mark of a fearless nature, with the help of this tattoo, a person wants to express that he is not afraid of changes and difficulties of life. The orchid for many nations is the mark of a new beginning, it discloses the idea that after every storm comes the sun. Here a fusion of the skull and the orchid talks about life as a series of misfortunes and successes.skull with orchids tattoo
  15. This dope tattoo is the adornment of the elegant shoulder. It is believed that the orchid design helps the woman to understand her hidden desires and feelings, if a woman is in love, then this image will protect the relationship of lovers. This smoky ink may be a lucky charm for a woman.Glorious tribal orchids tattoo

  16. The pattern on the lower arm demonstrates black orchids, which are combined with Celtic ornaments; the whole picture looks very stylish. In the East, the orchid is a symbol of wealth and good fortune, for Celts, the orchid in conjunction with traditional motives, personified hope, therefore, these diverse traditions are harmoniously intertwined and disclosed in this stunning orchids with Celtic ornaments tattoo
  17. This tribal ink on the half sleeve incorporates seemingly incongruous elements: an orange skull inside the black lantern, this figure is surrounded by a wreath of orchids. The combination of the skull and the lantern denotes the end of suffering and a new beginning, and orchids, in this case, signify a bright futureorange skull inside the black lantern and surrounded by a wreath of orchids
  18. This sleeve orchid tattoo looks magnificent and encompasses several constituents: an inscription with dates of birth and death, a rider on a motorcycle, and orchids. This tac carries an unfavorable meaning, it was made in memory of the tragically deceased loved one.orchids with dates of birth and death and a rider on a motorcycle tattoo
  19. Some nations consider an orchid in the key of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, so orchids of diverse colors symbolize physical and spiritual intimacy between partners. Thus, the idea of harmony is revealed in this tight tattoo.Captivating tribal orchids tattoo
  20. The lower arm here is embellished with two vibrant orchids and a flying hummingbird. For ancient Maya, a delicate orchid and the smallest bird in the world signified a laid-back attitude towards life, optimism, and love for life. Definitely, this amazing figure discloses above-named traditions.two vibrant orchids and a flying hummingbird
  21. The symbolism of rose and orchid tattoos is polysemantic, but basically, they have a favorable value. The image below depicts an orchid and a rose, this ink extends from the shoulder to the chest and looks extremely appealing. The connotation is love, beauty, youth, and purity – all the best that can be in life.rose and orchid tattoos
  22. Tribal orchids here add attractiveness to the woman. For Europeans, an orchid became the symbol of peace, the cessation of all conflicts, so the tattoo may carry the signification of a personality, who is in harmony with himself. This European point of view is disclosed in this ink.Adorable tribal orchids tattoo
  23. The figure of black and white orchids covers the whole shoulder and the tattoo looks very feminine. It is known that when the bud is fully open, it shows all its beauty, here open buds and still closed are visible, this fact conveys that the owner is aware of her beauty and sex appeal, but it has not yet been fully and white orchids covers the whole shoulder
  24. Ancient Greeks reckoned that orchids embody inner strength, which helped people to overcome obstacles. These two tribal orchids with the inscription “Believe” and the butterfly on the lower arm connote that a person is self-confident, he believes in himself and easily makes important decisions.two tribal orchids with the inscription Believe and the butterfly
  25. The half sleeve is embellished with a vibrant tribal tattoo, these orchids look like real. In the teachings of Confucius, the orchid image was a symbol of wealth of the soul and kindness, which the person shares with other people. Thus, this design may be worn by a magnanimous human.Admirable tribal orchids tattoo
  26. A lovely orchid branch is located on the back, the picture looks just amazing on a pale skin. During Queen Victoria’s reign in England, men presented orchids to beautiful women as a sign of admiration for their beauty, and later women wore orchid images as a mark of their femininity and sexuality. This ink shows a fragile and charming woman.tiny orchid branch tattoo
  27. A gorgeous tattoo is observed on the side of the female body, it demonstrates a skull with an orchid and small flowers, on the top of it there is a butterfly. In many cultures, the combination of mentioned elements indicates rebirth, a return to basics and immortality of the soul. This value can be seen in this gorgeous tattoo.skull with an orchid and small flowers and butterfly
  28. This vibrant tattoo looks amazing on the half sleeve! One part of a tattoo is a crescent moon, made of orchids while the other part has an inscription about love. In this case, the ink spells out the idea of pure and mutual love.orchids with inscription about love tattoo
  29. The elegant shoulder is decorated with a marvelous picture of orchids. In ancient Rome, orchids symbolized youth – it is a time when a girl becomes a woman, and only discovers her sensitive side. Here only a few flowers are blooming and other orchids are only going to blossom, which says that a girl enters into the adolescence time.elegant shoulder orchids tattoo
  30. The half sleeve is embellished with a dazzling tac, which represents orchids and some words about love. In some countries, the orchid design indicates the creative potential of a personality. Perhaps, an artist can wear this tattoo as the source of her inspiration.orchids tattoo and some words about love
  31. A fusion of a Celtic pattern and orchids is observed on the lower half sleeve. Initially, druids wore Celtic tattoos as talismans, later appeared variations with flowers, they became amulets against evil for warriors. This tattoo can be a kind of a mascot for the owner.Celtic pattern and orchids tattoo on the lower half sleeve
  32. In ancient times, orchids were planted on the graves of the dead young girls, they symbolized the purity of their souls and bodies. Here beautiful orchids descend along the side to the lower abdomen, they may be made in honor of a close relative, who passed away.Attractive tribal orchids tattoo
  33. On the leg, there is a very bright tattoo, which is filled with a deep connotation, since it shows an hourglass, orchids, and calla lilies. Each element of the tattoo contributes its part in the total value: the hourglass reminds of the fact that time is fleeting and life shouldn’t be wasted, calla lilies and orchids symbolize a good-natured and generous owner.hourglass, orchids, and calla lilies tattoo
  34. Black and gray orchids cover the shoulder, they look mysterious and definitely they draw attention. In today’s world, orchid tattoos are often associated with feminism. Thus, a woman with this design seeks to eliminate discrimination between men and women and stands for the empowerment of women.Black and gray mysterious orchids tattoo on the shoulder
  35. A gorgeous example of a stunning ink is visible on the lower leg, the orchid doesn’t need additional details to look marvelous. Ancient Greeks reckoned that orchids could charge people with spiritual strength and positive energy. Thus, this tac is a reminder that people shouldn’t give up no matter what.Fine tribal orchids tattoo
  36. An awesome bouquet of flowers adorns the thigh and emphasizes the necessary roundness. In ancient Egypt, a lily was the sign of fertility, in Slavic culture, a daisy represents spontaneity, simplicity and ease of a character, a generally accepted denotation of an orchid is beauty and attractiveness. So, the overall signification of this ink is favorable.awesome bouquet of flowers tattoo
  37. In Africa and Egypt, a rose was a unique floret, since it was a part of love potion and an orchid has been an aphrodisiac, that is why the house of newlyweds was decorated with these flowers. Here an orchid and a rose are depicted, which can indicate that a human is full of unspent love energy. Fantastic tribal orchids tattoo
  38. For some tribes, flowers signify eternal love and a strong spiritual connection. Here orchids and a rose with other flowers are observed on the shoulder, as well as tablets with inscriptions of important dates in a person’s life. So, the owner wants to keep the memory of the thrilling moments that took place in his life.orchids and a rose with other flowers tattoo
  39. The half sleeve here is embellished with tribal orchids, the pattern looks a little bit gloomy. In spite of the darkness, in many cultures, a black orchid is the emblem of families, as it has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the family. Perhaps, this ink may serve as a talisman of the fortress of the family hearth.Cute tribal orchids tattoo
  40. The tattoo of an anchor, which is surrounded by orchid, is a wonderful decoration of a lower arm. The anchor refers to the marine theme, it is about a risky trip, but in conjunction with orchids, it connotes the home – a place where people always eager to go back, so this image is relevant not only for sailors. This tattoo can wear a person, who is far away from home. tattoo of an anchor, which is surrounded by orchid

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