Tribal Flower Tattoos

Tribal – are ornaments in the form of pointed black patterns, some of the most primal; they are often referred to as the Celtic style. The main thing that distinguishes tribal from many other designs – is its symbolism. The determined sense, which tribal pattern expresses, depends on the main image. Presently, the florets become widespread attribute in tattoo art.

The History of Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos take their historical beginning in the patterns of the tribes of Oceania, Africa and the Mayan civilization. This design was first presented in Europe by sailors who brought it from the islands of Polynesia. The tribal tattoo was very quickly spread throughout the European and Asian space, surpassing even the native, traditional European tattoos.

The Meaning of Tribal Flower Tattoo

The tribal technique enables to look at a flower differently and to represent it in an unusual but very fascinating style. Most often, the patterns are executed in black and white, but occasionally the variegated variations can be found. Each blossom possesses its own meaning and the choice of the floret affects on the definition of the ornament. The tribal tattoos embrace varied florets, including:

  • rose is a queen of blossoms; it specifies love and beauty. Depending on its location on the body the rose may specify prosperity and pleasure associated with hardship, power, tenderness and pride.
  • lotus is spirit and matter. This tattoo characterizes philosophical outlook on life, it can denote a creative force and the immortality of the mind;
  • hibiscus indicates refined, sophisticated beauty, loyalty and devoted love that person is ready to carry through time. In addition, hibiscus can mean striving for a bright, beautiful life, full of extraordinary and finesse;
  • lily is the most common ancient symbol of purity, peace, glory, nobility, majesty, pride serenity, and innocence. Lily is often considered a symbol of the female, so it can signify a youth, revival and, in rare cases, early death;
  • orchid is considered a talisman from apathy and powerlessness, a symbol of birth. Its buds are associated with glamor, luxury.

The Places of Tribal Flowers Tattooing

The original location of the tribal pattern on the skin had hierarchical, sacred and identification valuation. But today, the choice of location is not limited by anything except the holder’s desires.
The tribal flower tattoos can be applied in almost any part of the body:

  •  back;
  •  shoulder;
  •  arm;
  •  leg;
  •  abdomen;
  •  neck;
  •  foot;
  •  rib cage.

The particular popularity tribal flower tattoos have gained among women who are not willing to concede to men. They may ink spiral patterns, which are interwoven around the legs and arms, and flow to back, neck or abdomen. Such tattoos look fabulous and juicy around the hips or at the lower back. The blossoms can be performed on the shoulders, particularly if the owner prefers wearing open clothes.

The Delightful Sexy Tribal Flower Tattoos for Women

The thin dark lines of tribal design that are twisted in the intricate weaving help to create fairly simple and attractive images of fascinating florets. These floral patterns are aesthetically appealing; they can hide imperfections or on the contrary, emphasize the dignity of the figure. The tribal flower often looks seductive, feminine and sexy on women’s body.

  1. A skillful tribal ornament of floral pattern is performed on the skin. This amazing tattoo starts on the chest and follows to the rib cage that possesses a piquant view. The picture is complemented by gorgeous florets: the biggest one is located on the abdomen, other blossoms –between the breasts and rib cage.tribal flower tattoo on body
  2. This tattoo represents a fabulous hibiscus tattoo on the shoulder. The pink bud and green leaves are decorated with thin black tribal patterns that bring subtlety and finesse to the image and the blossom indicates politeness and gentleness.Violert tribal tattoo on shoulder
  3. The touching tribal floret, which is placed on the rib cage, has opposed colorings: the bright orange petals, small green leaves on the background of black patterns. This ornament is not big but it expresses sensuality and sexual attractiveness.tribal tattoo in edge lines
  4. This bodacious tribal ornament includes three lovely identical blossoms. The tattoo stretches from the women’s rib cage to the back that produces the intriguing effect. The patterns are done in traditional black coloring while the florets have less bright colored tribal flower tattoo
  5. Here is a black and white ornament of tribal lotus with numerous patterns. This admirable tattoo is applied on the lower back in the form of a wave. Such astounding tattoo decorates the body and emphasizes the enticing figure of the girl.tribal asscrown tattoo
  6. The tattoo on the rib cage illustrates a fascinating ornament of the tribal flower. It embraces single bud and plenty of wonderful patterns that originate from the blossom, which has many whorls. This picture will look tempting on the sports body and its owner will be a real star in a swimsuit on the beach.lined tribal flower tattoo
  7. The incredible chain of three tiny tribal florets is inked in rather an intimate place – behind the ear. This floral combination of blue buds and green leaves looks delicate and refined and the pattern brings mystery and sensuality to its colored tribal flower tattoo on ear
  8. The rose is the beloved floret for many women, not without a reason, it is believed to be a queen among other blossoms. The tattoo with this flower always causes admiration, and the performance of it in tribal style seems very hot. These four glorious roses that are intertwined with black patterns on the rib cage have a cool view.tribal flwoer strips on body
  9. This tribal tattoo with a small flower bud in the middle is located on the lower back. The picture is symmetric and its black pattern reminds the bird’s wings. This fantastic work is suitable for active, self-confident and selective people with good imagination.tribal flower with traingle from stripes
  10. The beautiful variety of huge lotus buds is done on the rib cage in the form of a tribal ornament. The flowers are performed in pale blue hue and the patterns – in the traditional black color spectrum. The location and the way of fulfillment of this tattoo induce positive and delightful impression. green colored tribal flower
  11. This tattoo introduces a feminine image that consists of a bonny blossom at the base of a wide tribal pattern. The attractive ornament covers the shoulder and ends above the breast, which looks exquisite and dainty.amazing tribal flower tattoo on shoulder
  12. The lotus is considered to be a far-famed symbol of Eastern culture and there is a great number of tattoo lovers, who certainly apply this image on the skin. In combination with tribal design, the flower obtains another view: cocky and assertive. This ornament is done on the lower back that will not be disregarded by the attention of people with stripes on the back
  13. These large tribal patterns together with three lotus florets form a splendid picture on the woman’s rib cage. The black thin contour of lines makes the tattoo distinctive and impressive. The courageous and dashing people should definitely choose this floral from stripes on the body
  14. The properly selected drawing is able to bring daintiness and elegance to the body, especially if it concerns the female figure. Thus, this magnificent tattoo that includes a small purple blossom on the background of black tribal patterns denotes the boldness and even perkiness of its owner.violet flowers with cleave on the foot
  15. The properly selected drawing is able to bring daintiness and elegance to the body, especially if it concerns the female figure. Thus, this magnificent tattoo that includes a small purple blossom on the background of black tribal patterns denotes the boldness and even perkiness of its owner.uncolored tribal tattoo flower
  16. The symbol of passion, reverence and chastity are depicted on the shin by the way of rose. This excellent floret is complemented by patterns in tribal design, which form unique interweaving on the leg. Such inimitable tattoo fits self-assured, fearless person, who is accustomed to achieving goals.violet flower tattoo on the leg
  17. This large tattoo represents a beauteous tribal ornament that comprises four pink blossoms. The florets have almost identical size and bright coloration on the black patterns that serve as a stem for them. This contrast of vivid and dark dyes looks striking and unforgettable on the girl’s rib colored tribal flowers
  18. The breathtaking tribal tattoo is placed on the shoulder. It introduces a complicated composition of amazing pink flowers on the black pattern that resembles elephant outline with trunk and two tusks on the blade. This creature is associated with dignity, peacefulness and intelligence, so this picture will be a good variant for trustworthy, friendly and vivacious women.tribal flower tattoo on the shoulder
  19. Two red flowers produce a marvelous impression on the rib cage. These bright blossoms are combined with black leaves on the tribal patterns. This game of colorings, on the one hand, captures the attention and on the other hand, makes the tattoo glamorous and attractive.tribal flowers tattoo on the body
  20. The fantastic tribal patterns with varied flowers cover the whole leg. This long floral ornament is done in traditional dark tint and consists of two parts that are broken on the thigh.  This extraordinary tattoo looks enchanting and sumptuous on the body.lined tribal flowers tattoo
  21. There are so many fans of tribal tattoo among women, especially if the main element of them is a flower. This tattoo on the rib cage shows how harmoniously can look stunner blossoms on the engaging young body. The black patterns occupy a big space on the skin spreading even on the abdomen in the form of pretty floret.detalised lined tattoo on the body
  22. This is a nice image of a tribal flower, which is inked on the lower abdomen. The small ornament portrays a lovable bud that is surrounded with many patterns. The tattoo seems rather simple and not splashy, however exactly the location of the blossom and its simplicity captivates and fascinate.lined simple tribal flower tattoo
  23. The union of superb floret with the tribal pattern is introduced on the upper sleeve. The diverse black thick lines and a blue bud with pink shades form pleasant ornament.  This restrained coloring of the tattoo symbolizes the calm and receptive character of the owner.violet and blue colored tribal flower on shoulder
  24. The beauty of women’s body always inspired the artists but in the hands of skilled tattoo master, it can surprise with new colors and shapes. In this case, the captivating floral composition, which is performed in tribal style, stretches along the back. Such an enormous tattoo looks very impressive and tempting.tribal lined tattoo on the body
  25. Some spectacular small buds create a chain of remarkable florets on the leg, forming an impressive tribal ornament. Despite the fact that the blossoms are executed in black tint that is unnatural for flowers, the tattoo looks voluptuous and sensuous.lined tribal flower tattoo on all the leg
  26. This astonishing ornament is inked in black coloring in accordance with tribal design on the shoulder blade. A small wondrous blossom complements the image and makes it less strict or rigid. This super ornament confirms that the tribal tattoo can look elegant and very appealing, particularly with the flower addition.tribal flower in tentacle
  27. There is a gorgeous tribal tattoo on the foot. It is performed in two colors: the wee floret possesses red tint while the major pattern has intricate black interlacing of traceries. Moreover, a tiny cross can be seen on this tattoo, which signifies honor force and characterizes the holder as an assertive, strong-willed and brave person.tribal red flower with uncolored cleave and chrest
  28. The enchanting loveliness and uniqueness of roses do not cease to haunt the minds of the people. Thus, this composition of stunning florets has an incredible and desirable look on the woman’s figure: it starts on the shoulder blade and follows along the rib cage. It has a plenty of lovely patterns that are executed in tribal style. detalised tribal roses on the back

The Most Exciting Tribal Lotus Tattoos

Lotus is an incredibly beautiful blossom that fascinates women around the world and it is not surprisingly that tattoo with a lotus is especially popular.  The structure of this floret embodies the interrelation between male and female. Its image may express chastity, purity, fertility, peace and tranquility, spiritual growth, a compound of the moon and sun, happiness and harmony. In addition, the tribal design adds exoticism and extravagance.

  1. This tattoo represents an admirable lotus floret that is performed in tribal style on the shoulder blade. The ornament includes a wonderful black bud with many interesting patterns instead of stem and leaves. Moreover, two hieroglyphs can be seen on the tattoo, which specifies additional meaning that is known only to the owner.lined tribal lotus tattoo
  2. The incredible image of the tribal lotus is located on the girl’s back. The center of this blossom is held through the spine, thus, the lotus possesses the symmetric shape that looks entrancing. This Eastern floret indicates glory and tranquility along with stubbornness.detalised tribal lotus tattoo
  3. A single floret of the lotus is depicted on the upper arm. The lovely bud and stem of the blossom are in inked in traditional black coloring that is used for tribal design. This simple performance of lotus says about patience, endurance and self-control, which are the integral parts of the owner’s character.tribal lotus tattoo slim lines
  4. This enormous bright flower covers the thigh; the blue color of lines are not typical for the tribal style, however, according to the Western cultures, the lotus with blue petals indicates human’s desire to find serenity and wisdom. This colored composition will be a good addition to energetic, young tribal lotus tattoo
  5. This ornament shows a cute tribal lotus blossom on the chest. The charming tattoo is done in red tint with an accent on the bud: the outlines of the flower have more distinct and saturated lines than the patterns. Such fascinating picture suits romantic and exalted lined tribal lotus tattoo
  6. One of the main functions of the flower tattoos is to emphasize the beauty of the women’s body that is fully illustrated on this tribal ornament. The chain of the delectable patterns is complemented by a fantastic red lotus. This amazing image starts on the rib cage and introduces a nice interweaving up to the abdomen.dots and lines tribal lotus tattoo
  7. The back is the great place for a huge, complicated tattoo, thereby, this floral ornament both fascinates with its versatility and decorates the body. It consists of two purple lotus flowers, which are placed on the spine and a big variety of black tribal patterns that unite them. The first bud is closed and its petals are falling while the second one is open, which together may signify the sadness about youth that rapidly goes away.detalised violet tribal lotus tattoo
  8. The marvelous ornament with a central figure in the form of the lotus is presented on the back. The open bud of this sacred blossom is executed on the background of prodigious tribal patterns. The tattoo with red lotus is often chosen by lovers, who want to express their feelings in quite an unusual way.very detalised tribal lotus tattoo
  9. This is a perfect example of the tribal tattoo on the foot. The enchanting image of lotus floret can be viewed through the black ornament. The captivating interweaving of different patterns makes the image intriguing and colored tribal lotus tattoo
  10. This floral ornament on the chest represents a traditional fulfillment of lotus by means of tribal design. The whole flower is done in a black hue with numerous and diverse patterns. This tattoo is a good alternative for purposeful, hard-working and independent people with steady motivation.tribal lotus tattoo
  11. The lovable lotus flower tattoo takes its place on the rib cage. The tribal style brings the bud uniqueness and charm. This cute, small floret denotes the cycle of life and death and the desire of its owner to achieve the perfection in any sphere of life; the lotus means that the difficulties and problems are not the obstacles for a person. tribal lotus tattoo on body
  12. Both carp and lotus are far-famed Asian symbols and their presentation in a tribal design as a single entity, form a strong image. The tattooist uses the vivid colors in the work: the pink flower is inked near the black fish, which is portrayed in blue waves. This ornament on the shoulder blade specifies only positive meaning: inspiration, prosperity and also serves as a talisman.detalised colored tribal lotus tattoo
  13. Two magnificent lotus blossoms are combined in one floral tattoo by means of black patterns. This tribal ornament also comprises some teeny figures that resemble the stars, which adds the element of fabulousness and magic to the image. The tattoo on the rib cage looks rather exquisite and seductive.slimlined tribal lotus tattoo
  14. The real piece of tattoo art is observed on the back. This fabulous ornament embraces a gorgeous lotus with purple and pink petals and three variegated butterflies: green, blue and pink that symbolize the immortality of the human soul. Everything is performed in a tribal design and is surrounded by ravishing black patterns.butterflies and tribal lotus tattoo
  15. This tattoo illustrates very extraordinary location of a lotus flower. It is divided into two equal parts: the first half is inked on the left sole while the second one – on the right sole. This tribal ornament will not be public knowledge if the person does not want to show it.tribal lotus tattoo
  16. This sweet image of lotus produces very appealing and sophisticated impression on the woman’s wrist. The bud and stem are done in black coloring according to tribal style. On the one hand, this pattern looks simple but on the other hand, it denotes determination, calmness and intelligence.slim tribal lotus tattoo
  17. The lotus is considered to be an ancient sign and its meaning can depend on the color that is chosen for it applying, in this case, pink petals of the blossom indicates a person’s commitment to Buddhist values. The flower is executed in tribal style on the background of enthralling black patterns on the rib cage. big tribal lotus tattoo flower
  18. The compelling ornament of lotus blossom looks alluring and sensitive on the body. The large bud of the floret takes its beginning on the rib cage and follows to the lower abdomen in the form of long stem and leaves that are performed in tribal traditions. The nice small stars complement the image and bring enchantment.stars and tribal lotus tattoo
  19. The impressive image of tribal lotus blossom can be distinguished on the back. The meaning of immortality, perfection and fertility are included in this incredible flower. It is executed with purple petal on the human’s spine and is decorated with a multiplicity of black patterns that looks bright and cool on the skin.violet tribal lotus tattoo flower and lines
  20. This is a pretty flower image that is inked in a tribal manner. The central figure of the tattoo is a big pink lotus, which is supplemented by long tribal patterns. This ornament covers only right shoulder blade, dividing the back along the spine.detalised tribal lotus tattoo
  21. This tattoo comprises two tribal lotus buds, one is bigger and open and another is closed. This floral combination may personify mother and her kids, which emphasizes how important the family ties are for the person. The image is done  on the shoulder blade in red coloring, that symbolizes love and flowers of tribal lotus on back
  22. The black ornament illustrates a composite interlacement of patterns, among which an eye-catching image of the lotus is seen. This huge tattoo is applied on the right part of the back and characterizes its holder as an out-going, progressive and successful person.tribal lotus tattoo on back
  23. Very sweet flower, which is executed in tribal design, takes its place on the neck. The quite petite size of this tattoo makes it possible to hide it under hair or surprise and fascinate other people if it is needed. This black, nice ornament fits energetic and young girls.lined tribal lotus tattoo
  24. The beauteous tribal lotus ornament is done on this tattoo. The flower with many breathtaking patterns and tiny stars starts on the rib cage and are falling to the abdomen. The whole image has very calm, tender tint that looks moderate but chic and extravagant.tribal lotus tattoo with stars
  25. This floral ornament represents a lovely lotus together with delightful patterns that are painted on both sides of the bud. The black tattoo of tribal style serves not only as a wonderful decoration on the leg, but also attracts happiness, as this blossom is regarded to be a famous talisman.lined tribal lotus tattoo
  26. Here is the picturesque image of the delicate pink lotus on the huge black tribal ornament. There is a blue background around the open bud that resembles water, in fact the place of its habitat in the nature. This vivid, interesting tattoo will choose creative, cheerful and broad-minded people.colored tribal lotus tattoo with dots and details
  27. The big fulfillment of Eastern flower is inked on the lower back. The lotus is described in tribal traditions with lots of petals of blue colorings and black shades. The saturated hue of its shapes immediately appeals people’s attention and emphasizes the charm of its tribal lotus tattoo
  28. This is a fantastic tribal lotus tattoo that is located on the inner arm. This flower symbolizes health and immortality, purity of soul. Thus, the person who decides to choose this floret attracts only positive things in his/her life, such as success and longevity.detalised tribal lotus tattoo
  29. The attractive image of the lotus is portrayed along the spine on the back. The red dye is chosen for bud and black tint – for its tribal patterns. This contrast advantageously looks on the pale skin and expresses the femininity, elegance and fineness of the young body.small tribal lotus tattoo

The Lovely Tattoos with Small Tribal Flowers

The tattoos with small flowers express grace, courage and look outstanding, and the tribal design adds a touch of mystery and drama to it. The lines are usually black while the floret can be any color. Also, a miniature tattoo may serve as a talisman that protects its owner from the evil eye, misfortune and other troubles.

  1. This is a nice tattoo on the wrist shows a tiny tribal flower, which is performed in black tint. The open bud and a short stem look so cute on the skin.small tribal flower tattoo
  2. Here is the wee wonderful blossom on the foot, namely, under the little finger. The size of this tattoo is so small that it can be easily hidden under the shoes.very small tribal lovely flower tattoo
  3. This pretty pattern illustrates a petite floret that is done in tribal style. The black flower has a cute look on the girl’s neck. It brings enchantment and suits romantic and tender people.small tribal flower tattoo
  4. The adorable tribal ornament is located on the ankle. This flower consists of bud, stem with some involute pattern on it and one leave. The picture is inked in a traditional black hue that looks restrained elegant.lined small tribal flower tattoo
  5. The tattoo can be executed on the most unpredictable parts of human body, which fully illustrates the following tattoo: the middle finger is chosen for this tribal image. The flower bud has very creative view and harmoniously combines with huge sumptuous rigs.small tribal flower tattoo on finger
  6. Very extravagant image of puny floret can be observed on the leg. This tattoo combines the intricate interweaving of black patterns, which can be viewed for a long time. Such ornament will intrigue people around and adds mystery to its owner.slimlined small tribal flower tattoo
  7. Here is the weeny blossom, which is performed in accordance with a tribal style. The petals with black lines seem very bold on the heel. This fine tattoo is suitable for energetic, easy-going people.lined small tribal flower tattoo
  8. The nice blossom is located in very quaint place, namely behind the ear. The bud of the tribal flower contains a lot of petals that resemble the crown and along the stem some black dots are observed. The small size of the picture will not look splashy but its location adds piquancy.small tribal flower tattoo with violet dots
  9. How cute and smart looks the following tribal flower on the right part of the wrist. The tiny open bud is an ideal variant for sociable, adventurous and practical people.beautyfull small tribal flower tattoo
  10. It is believed that the red color of tattoos embodies blood, fire, power and the greatness. Therefore, the amazing floret that is performed in this tint characterizes the person as dominant, self-centered and impetuous. The ornament is placed in the center of the small tribal flower tattoo
  11. This is an outstanding tattoo of tribal floret on the shoulder blade. It consists of magnificent crimson bud and many interesting black patterns around it. The ornament has a small size but its simplicity adds charm to the image.lines and red leaves small tribal flower tattoo
  12. The teeny pattern of the blossom is introduced on the heel. This superb vinous tattoo is executed in tribal design and presents a bud with a stem, which is twisted in the form of small tribal flower tattoo
  13. This incredible tattoo illustrates the image of tiny blossoms with some patterns behind the ear. Despite the fact that the pictures in tribal style are usually inked in black hue, this one comprises two red buds that look rather vivid and memorable. It denotes impetuosity and creativity. colored small tribal flower tattoo
  14. The fascinating tattoo that looks like a hieroglyph can be seen on the neck. The distinctive feature of this tribal pattern is the performance of two enchanting florets. They decorate the ornament and make it more gentle and refined.detalised two small tribal flower tattoo
  15. The universal tattoo of infinity symbol is appropriate both for men and women, but the image of a beauteous blossom will definitely add femininity and refinement. This nice combination is done in tribal design on the inner arm. It signifies steady growth, moving forward and self-improvement.lined small tribal flower tattoo on hand
  16. The tattoo can serve as a wonderful jeweler ornament on any parts of the skin that is fully illustrated in this photo. The bracelet comprises admirable tribal patterns with two pink flower buds. This image is suitable for a determined and impressionable person.   pink small tribal flower tattoo on hand
  17. This is an excellent presentation of the flower tattoo on the wrist. The purple floret looks very bright and unforgettable on the background of black patterns. Everyone will be captivated by its beauty, splendor and brilliance.violet and pink small tribal flower tattoo
  18. Here is a classy tattoo that includes two petite flower buds together with a tribal interweaving of patterns. The ornament is depicted on the foot that brings grace and delicacy to its owner.uncolored small tribal flower tattoo
  19. The heart is regarded to be a symbol of romance, love and human life force, that is why this is one of the famous images of tattoo lovers. In this case, the tribal heart is combined with purple and turquoise flowers that denote person’s sincere feelings, loyalty and devotion.heart with two flowers
  20. The bright interweaving of tribal patterns is complemented by two glamorous florets of blue and red colors. This ornament takes place on the foot and looks like a real decoration that especially should choose young and red flower with slim leaves
  21. This is the awesome image of the flower, which is inked on the shoulder blade. The petals of the floret are painted in tribal style with the mulberry patterns. The owner of such enthralling tattoo will be in the limelight.flower with details on the back
  22. The beautiful flower tattoo is able to adorn anybody and this one confirms the point. This petite blossom is portrayed in pink dye with some tribal black patterns on the foot. It has very modest and spiritual tribal flower on the foot
  23. The combination of three teeny blue flowers is depicted on the rib cage. They are united by means of black tribal patterns that are fascinatingly weaving on the women’s skin. This tattoo will be perfect on the holder of a sports figure.small blue flowers on leaves
  24. The elegant floral ornament that starts on the ankle and flows to the foot is done very refined. This picture is performed in a tribal design and consists of only one tiny pink floret, which is combined with various black patterns.flower on the foot
  25. The symbol of the turtle is far-famed in Eastern countries; it may have different variations and the ways of performance. This tattoo presents the creature that is inked in tribal traditions with a red floret instead of shell. It is located on the leg and personifies endurance, strength and immortality.big red flower in turtle view
  26. This picturesque flower bud is executed on the inner arm. The small hibiscus in the center of a wide tribal pattern, which has acuminate parts at the edges, looks reserved and practical. This tattoo indicates confidence, power and ambitiousness.cleave with flower on the hand
  27. There is a lovely tattoo of a wondrous floret on the shoulder blade. The petals of this bud are painted in pink tint with some white splashes and yellow center. The whole picture is complemented with two black patterns that are done in a tribal flower with yellow centre
  28. The tribal style always adds unusualness to an ordinary image. Thereby, this nice flower in the combination with the tribal patterns looks interesting and attractive. This type of tattoo fits impressionable and well-balanced people.lined tribal flower
  29. Here is the cute tattoo that includes some tribal patterns of different sizes and shapes and a weeny flower bud in the center. The ornament covers the rib cage that brings prettiness, cockiness to the image of its owner.tribal flower on the back with tentacle
  30. This is a sumptuous presentation of the tribal tattoo on the foot. The tiny floret is surrounded by a long pattern. This ornament looks very harmonious on the skin and characterizes the owner as an active, impulsive and independent person.flower on the foot

The Сaptivating Tribal Flower Tattoos Performed on the Back

The person’s back is a very favorable place for enormous, impressive tattoos, especially in the case of florets. The skillful tattoo master can perform a floral piece of art, which not only surprise all people around but also emphasizes the dignity of the figure. The femininity, colorfulness, inimitable images and playfulness can be expected from tribal flower ornaments.

  1. The incredible red flowers cover the whole back. These florets present a complicated composition, where a big variety of black and green patterns are depicted. This huge colorful tattoo looks emphatic and captivating tribal flower tattoos
  2. There is a marvelous ornament of some lovely blossoms that express refinement and womanhood. The work is done in such way, that the florets seem very pale on the background of black patterns that are inked in a tribal design. These patterns are located along the woman’s back, focusing on the upper part of it.lined captivating tribal flower tattoos
  3. The wonderful floral tattoo is located on the back. It comprises a wide range of different blossoms that are united in one exciting picture with a help of various tribal patterns. This tattoo is inked along the spine, which shows the link between the human and nature.lines and dots captivating tribal flower tattoos
  4. The enormous flower buds are illustrated on the photo. Three pink florets together with amazing tribal patterns are depicted on the right part of the back. The people, who are determined and self-confident, should pay special attention to this work.detalised violet captivating tribal flower tattoos
  5. Here is a tribal tattoo, which comprises fascinating florets that differ in size but identical in coloring. The purple hue looks very stylish and posh on the skin; the ornament is performed in the form of floral weaving along the diagonal of the back.detalised captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  6. The star is a symbol of the sky, a prosperity and good luck. So, this astonishing tattoo with many tiny flowers and a big star in the center may bring happiness and give a person inspiration. The black tribal patterns on the lower back form a pretty union with red blossoms, creating a bright and captivating tribal flower tattoos
  7. This tattoo represents a quite simple but interesting ornament on the back. The black patterns and a weeny bud with a butterfly are executed in the accordance with the traditions of the tribal style. The tattoo emphasizes such traits like strength, courage and bravery.lined captivating tribal flower tattoos on back
  8. The combination of red and black always look vivacious and marvelous and the use of these tints in the tattoo is not an exception. The great variety of teeny red florets on the black tribal patterns, which are portrayed on the right part of the back, has a fantastic flowers and lines on the back
  9. The nice pink flower in the middle of the black patterns is inked on the lower back. The picture is supplemented with some black dots that look like seeds and are depicted along the spine. This tattoo is a good choice for romantic and sensitive people.leaves and lines captivating tribal flower tattoos
  10. There is an excellent tattoo, which is presented in tribal traditions: black line, tricky patterns and glorious flowers create a pleasant picture on the upper back. This tattoo characterizes its owner as calm, dedicated and easy-going.uncolored captivating tribal flower tattoos
  11. This floral ornament is applied along the spine on the back. It introduces a chain of attractive blossoms that are united together by dint of some tribal patterns. The black and white tattoo looks elegant and subtle on the woman’s colored captivating tribal flower tattoos
  12. The lotus is most often defined as a symbol of femininity or fertility, therefore, the tattoos with this image are very beloved among girls. In this case, the flower is performed in a tribal manner on the upper back. The image of this sacred flower signifies divinity, eternity and happiness.captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  13. Here is a bright ornament of an admirable pink floret and green leaves. This floral picture is combined with tribal black patterns on the lower back. Such vivid tattoo is usually chosen by energetic, ambitious and broad-minded people.detalised violet captivating tribal flower tattoos
  14. The rose embodies love both spiritual and romantic and is considered to be the most popular image for floral tattoos. This work presents a spectacular rose chain that is done in a tribal manner on the back. This tattoo may denote the deep and sincere feelings in relation to another person.detalised red flowers on the back
  15. The astonishing tribal ornament can be distinguished on the upper back. The famous Eastern floret hibiscus is depicted within a black pattern. This pretty tattoo is suitable for a courageous, ambitious and adventurous person.single uncolored flower with word
  16. This is an amazing presentation of several remarkable blossoms, which are placed on the big tribal patterns, on the back. There are some small images near the ornament, which may specify significant Eastern symbols and signs.zodiac symbols and flowers on the back
  17. The image of an incredible flower is illustrated on the back. This enormous floret is surrounded by black tribal patterns that serve as a framework for this picture. The tattoo looks very alluring and seductive on the young girls.detalised amazing tattoo on the back
  18. So beautiful bouquet of red blossoms covers the upper back. The combination of varied black patterns is observed instead of familiar stems with leaves. This tribal tattoo adds lightness and the person with it will definitely attract people’s attention.big red detalised flower tattoo
  19. A real piece of nature can be observed on the lower back. Red and blue florets are united and form two wreaths with tribal patterns. The blue butterflies add legerity and dreaminess to the image.aptivating tribal flower tattoos with butterfly
  20. The black and white tattoo allows concentrating on the content and not on the bright form. Thereby, this tribal tattoo, which represents a group of goodly florets on the black patterns suits for serious and restrained people, who do not prefer being in the spotlight or express their feelings on the public.lined flowers tattoo on the back
  21. Here is a nice ornament that is performed according to traditions of tribal tattoos. The stunner bold patterns and some flower buds make a lovely composition on the back. This image looks engrossing and styled tattoo on the back
  22. Two wondrous flowers are placed on the back. This black and white tattoo includes tribal patterns that take their beginning from the buds and in such way act as stems for blossoms and astounding embellishment on the human and lined
  23. There is a stylish tattoo of flowers on the back. The wide diversity of tribal patterns and images can impress everyone. This is unforgettable work that brings daintiness and emphasizes the uniqueness of woman’s beauty. captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  24. This tribal tattoo consists of two staggering flower buds and enthralling patterns. The tiny butterfly decorates this image on the back. Despite the fact, that the ornament is inked in black and white coloring, it produces engrossing impression and looks quite lively and interesting.captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back with butterflyes
  25. The composition of three magnificent blossoms is portrayed on the back. The color of the flowers is very unusual: orange and yellow leaves with a gray center. The florets are combined in one chain by a black stem, which is executed in a tribal manner.rainbowed captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  26. This is a Polynesian tribal tattoo on the back. This ornament has tapered shape, a bunch of patterns, among which the nice flower buds can be seen. This tattoo is suitable for men and women, as it identifies courage, strong character and leadership qualities.long captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  27. Here is a breath-taking rose, which is inked in tribal design on the back. The bright red tint of the bud is perfectly combined with black patterns. There is a blue splash on the flower that immediately adds mystery and attraction to and blue colored captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  28. The traditional tribal ornament, which includes a plenty of tiny patterns, pictures, is performed on the back. It possesses a very cunning form that repeats the structure of the body and divides the back into two parts along the spine. The lovely hibiscus flower is observed in the center of this ornament, which is in great request in Hawaii.big detalised captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back
  29. One more combination of florets in a tribal manner is noticed on the back. It embraces three yellow blossoms that in the form of a chain decorate the girl’s body. The tribal patterns make the image more saturated and complicated.detalised orange captivating tribal flower tattoos on the back

The Most Wondrous Tribal Tattoos of Flowers on the Sleeve and Shoulder

The tattoos with tribal florets are very far-famed not only among women, the men also choose the floral images in different ornaments. The patterns that can be performed on the shoulder or sleeve are numerous because they help to identify their personality, convey life position or describe the features of the character.

  1. There is a presentation of the tribal tattoo on the half sleeve. The enthralling black patterns together with flower buds look entrancing. This delightful ornament is suitable for determined and courageous people.  wondrous tribal tattoos on shoulder
  2. This is an amazing ornament that includes some splendid flowers, among which the huge rose is distinguished. The tattoo covers the half sleeve and introduces the quite dark performance of blossoms in tribal style. The tattoo signifies majesty and independence.beautyfull wondrous tribal tattoos on shoulder
  3. Here is the interweaving of tribal stripes on the sleeve, which is complemented by three tiny florets. This floral ornament adds boldness and confidence to its owner. It is believed that such tribal tattoo can protect the person against diseases.very intresting tribla tattoo of flower
  4. The wide range of weeny blossoms is depicted on the half sleeve. They are executed within tribal patterns that resemble vortex or whirlpool. This exciting image will be a good variant for temperamental and strong-willed men. colored wondrous tribal tattoos
  5. There is a wonderful tribal tattoo of pretty small flowers that are surrounded by many stars on the upper sleeve. Usually, either strong, willed, successful men or mysterious, graceful girls choose the ornament that contains stars, because this universal symbol bodes good luck and prosperity for everyone.stars and lines wondrous tribal tattoos
  6.  This tattoo illustrates an incredible image of florets on the upper sleeve. The florets are united in one alluring ornament, which is done in a tribal manner. This marvelous tattoo looks very delicate and sophisticated on the girl’s body. slim and elegance wondrous tribal tattoos
  7. The adorable tribal tattoo covers the sleeve. The red hibiscus flower nicely joins these black and white patterns, bringing more bright colors to it. Thus, this tattoo decorates the arm and symbolizes success, pride and power.wondrous tribal tattoos with red flower in centre
  8. The red rose as a beloved flower among many people acts as the main figure on this tribal tattoo. It is located in the center of wide black patterns on the shoulder. This lovely ornament specifies imperiousness and ambitiousness. wondrous tribal tattoos with lines
  9. There is a fantastic floral tattoo on the sleeve. The astonishing yellow buds and stems look contrastingly on the black background. This is an ideal tattoo for rebellious, stubborn and impulsive people. detalised flower tattoo on shoulder
  10. Here is a tattoo of tribal traditions, with a big blossom that can be observed on it. The ornament is performed on the upper sleeve in the form that resembles the question mark with a lot of patterns, which paint it.   cool tattoo with tribal flowers
  11. Traditionally the tribal tattoos are applied in black coloring, however, this one has a large color spectrum: tiny orange and blue butterflies, pink floret in the center with green leaves. All these elements create a cheerful and bright impression and indicate the easy-going and hilarious person.multicolored tattoo on shoulder
  12. There is a rather complicated tribal ornament, which is done on the upper sleeve. It presents several flower buds together with interwoven patterns that form infinity sign, which denotes a commitment to continuous movement, growth, limitless self-improvement.elegance tattoo on shoulder
  13. This chain of pretty florets is applied on the shoulder in the form of flower wreath. The pink small blossoms are united with the help of black tribal patterns. This lovely tattoo reminds of warmth and sunny summer days. pink colored slim tattoo on shoulder
  14. Here is a combination of tribal pattern with an astounding floret on the upper sleeve. Despite the fact that a flower is regarded to be a woman’s symbol, this painting will look unforgettable on the man’s body. The black tribal patterns emphasize the figure and have a manly view.lined tattoo on shoulder
  15. The incredible performance of tribal traditions is depicted in this photo. The great variety of patterns and some florets are placed on the sleeve. The tattoo is executed in black and white coloring, which produces calm, reserved impression and fits shy and sensitive people. big tribal flower tattoo on shoulder
  16. This enormous tattoo illustrates a typical example of a tribal design that is inked on the half sleeve. The wonderful red hibiscus florets look vivid and impressive on these dark patterns and this image appropriate for men.    detalised red colored flower tattoo
  17. There is a nice tattoo of huge florets, which is located on the half sleeve. The floral image is done in accordance with the tribal traditions that bring determination and assertiveness to its owner. The flowers are painted in dark shades that look very unusual for them.detalised uncolored flower tattoo
  18. In many cultures, the turtle is considered to be a symbol of female sexuality and matron. Thus, this image in the union with fascinating tiny flowers suit women, who treasure family values. This colorful tattoo is performed in tribal design on the sleeve.tutrle from flowers on sleeve
  19. Two red hibiscus florets find their place on the half sleeve in the form of tribal too. The shining color of blossoms and leaves are executed in a contrast on the black tribal ornament. The whole picture signifies youth, activity and enthusiasm. big detalised tribal flower tattoo
  20. Here is an intriguing tribal ornament on the body. It presents black thin patterns that cover the sleeve with a large flower bud. This tattoo can be chosen by level-headed, tolerant, frank person.slim lined tribal flower tattoo
  21. This is a glamorous representation of tribal blossoms on the half sleeve. The colorful florets and black patterns look spectacular and effective on the pale skin. The tattoo symbolizes the adaptability to external changes and colored detalised tribal flower tattoo
  22. The terrific tattoo that includes uncommon red and black florets, stars and plenty of tribal patterns is placed on the sleeve. This drawing suits people with good imagination, who love experiments and are ready for everything new. big tattoo with small details
  23. There is a black and white tattoo, which embraces an attractive flower that is inked on the dark background. The picture contains many small signs and elements that are used in tribal style. The picture is portrayed on the half sleeve that looks expressive.intresting tattoo on all the shoulder
  24. This is a superb tribal tattoo with many tiny red blossoms. It seems like these florets heap the back patterns that produce the susceptible effect. This tribal ornament is good for strong, brave men, who do not timid in the face of difficulties.dark tattoo on the shoulder
  25. Here is a small tattoo of two pink blossoms on the shoulder. These florets are supplemented with tribal ornaments that are executed in black tint. This tender painting expresses refinement and daintiness.small and slim tattoo on the shoulder
  26. There is an ornament of a single rose, which is inked in a tribal manner on the upper sleeve. The black and white tattoo looks quite simple at first sight, but the attractiveness of patterns and the image of rose as a queen of florets bring  fascination and charm.lined tribal rose
  27. This is a hibiscus tattoo, which is illustrated on the half sleeve. The coloring of the flower is not monochromatic: the petals are inked in different shades of purple and it creates the impression that this is a real plant with some tribal patterns and green leaves.  violet tribal flower
  28. The floral combination of one huge blossom and two small ones is observed on this tattoo. This bewitching ornament of tribal design is located on the upper sleeve. The people, who not just prefer tattoos with flowers but want to have something more sophisticated, should pay attention to this tribal flower
  29. This is an exquisite hibiscus floret on the shoulder. The blossom and patterns are painted in a bright purple hue that looks very colored and will not remain unnoticed. This tattoo characterizes its owner as a hilarious, impulsive and frank with violet notes tribal flower
  30. Here is a breath-taking presentation of the tribal tattoo with some flowers. The ornament is done in dark colors with a number of interesting patterns while the blossoms are portrayed in the mulberry dye. This tattoo covers the half sleeve and emphasizes the volitional qualities of the person.big detalised tribal flower tattoo

The Elegant Tribal Tattoos of Hibiscus

Feminine beauty is the first thing that comes to mind at the sight of hibiscus. The tattoo with this exotic floret is a great way for women and men to express their personality and highlight the beauty. It symbolizes uniqueness, style, elegance, brightness and can be depicted in varied colorings and sizes.

  1. The lovely presentation of hibiscus flower is shown on the thigh. The floret is placed on the tribal pattern, which resembles the big dagger. This serious image is usually chosen by men because it signifies determination, power, freedom, revenge and agility.edge looked triba flower on hand
  2. This is an incredible pink hibiscus that is portrayed on the shoulder blade. The flower is inked on black and pink tribal patterns, which make amazing contrast on the body. This huge bright blossom identifies virginity, gentleness and and elegant hibiscus tattoo
  3. This combination of some blue hibiscus florets is placed on the foot. The ornament is decorated with black patterns that are performed in a tribal The whole picture looks very shining and memorable.small blue hibiscus
  4. Here is a nice tribal image that consists of two hibiscus florets and a small bird. The tattoo is done in colored tints and presents a floral ornament on the leg. This wonderful union embodies trepidation, female beauty and tenderness.elegant big tattoo on the leg
  5. There is a gorgeous chain of hibiscus buds that covers the thigh. The black and white tattoo includes some shades of purple on the petals and black tribal patterns, which unite the florets in one wonderful ornament.lined with violet flower
  6. This tattoo represents a fascinating image of hibiscus with a tribal pattern. The contrast between the vivid orange blossom and black tribal element looks harmonious and very attractive on the orange flower on the shoulder
  7. The magnificent illustration of tribal flower tattoo can be observed on the thigh. The pink and purple hibiscus flowers create a great ensemble with black tribal patterns. This interesting ornament suits active, imaginative, young people.lined leaves with small flower
  8. Here is an astounding tribal tattoo that stretches from the knee to the foot. Two hibiscus blossoms serve as a pretty adornment for this black ornament. They denote gentleness, hospitality, charm and glory.lined and detalised flower
  9. There is a startling performance of hibiscus tattoo on the hip. The large tribal pattern and a small floret produce an unforgettable impression, however, the location of this tattoo is rather intimate, therefore, it can easily be hidden under the clothes.lined big flower on the hip
  10. The unusual hibiscus tattoo is illustrated in this photo. Two flowers with orange petals are intertwined with a tribal ornament on the rib cage. This picture will be a good choice for courageous, cheerful and ambitious people.detalised multicolored hibiscus
  11. The tribal pattern with a splendid hibiscus is observed on the ankle. This tiny pink blossom is a far-famed plant among Hawaiians, which symbolizes rare beauty and emphasizes woman’s finesse and flower with cool background
  12. This colored tattoo presents the admirable composition of hibiscus blossoms on the leg. It is considered that purple hibiscus signifies wealth. Thus, this exciting picture in tribal style will bring riches and fortune.violet big flower on the leg
  13. The picturesque image of hibiscus on the tribal patterns looks quite impressive and enthralling on the shoulder blade. At the first glance, it seems that the dark ornament envelops the huge red flower bud that is very surprisingly.big red flower on the shoulder
  14. This unbelievable tribal ornament covers the leg. There are three hibiscus florets on the thigh, which serve as bright insertion on the black background. Such tattoo fits brave, unpredictable and determined.big detalised tattoo on all the leg
  15. The men also like flower tattoos, especially in combination with striking tribal patterns. Thereby, this fantastic ornament comprises two red hibiscus florets, which perfectly complement the image.big hibiscus flower on the shoulder
  16. Here is a cute, pretty hibiscus on the girl’s neck. The black flower is inked in a tribal manner and this simplicity expresses gracefulness and daintiness. The person with such lovable tattoo will always impress the others.small and elegance flower behind the ear
  17. The variation of this tribal ornament is really spectacular: it is located on the leg in the form of a black pattern with three red hibiscus blossoms. There is an opinion, that red hibiscus specifies love, desire and hibiscus flower
  18. This fabulous combination includes three tremendous orange blossoms with many green leaves on the shoulder blade. This chain of enormous hibiscus florets is performed in accordance with tribal traditions that is ideal for energetic, carefree flowers on the shoulder
  19. There is a famous hibiscus floret, which takes its beginning on the ankle and flows to foot. The blossom almost merges in dark one color that is typical for a tribal tattoo. This tribal pattern adds gravity and restraint to the picture.uncolored detalised flower on the leg
  20. The tattoo on the rib cage is usually notable for its boldness, brightness and unpredictability. The red hibiscus bud together with two green leaves looks incredible on the black tribal ornaments. This colorful tattoo denotes loyalty and devoted flower with green leaf
  21. The beautiful image of hibiscus bud is illustrated on the foot. The vivid flower is combined with a terrific tribal element, which covers the ankle and the front part of the foot. This tattoo brings confidence and assertiveness to its ownerbig pink flower on the foot
  22. Here is a magnificent presentation of hibiscus, which is depicted in crimson hue on the foot. This nice blossom is surrounded with black patterns of tribal design that look engrossing and captivating on the woman’s bodyviolet elegance flower on the body
  23. The amazing floret will be a nice addition to any tattoos, especially if it is executed in tribal style on the shoulder. The combination of red hibiscus on the black lines of tribal patterns characterizes the owner as impulsive, hilarious and resolute person.elegance tattoo on the shoulder
  24. This tattoo introduces a fantastic example of flower chain that consists of three hibiscus buds: red, orange and pink. The are connected with the help of black tribal patterns on the half leg. The inscriptions “Love, Dream, Hope, Live” say about the romantic owner of the tattoo.elegance tattoo on the hip
  25. The gorgeous union of colorful hibiscus florets and two dragonflies are distinguished within the tribal pattern on the body. The size of the floral ornament is rather small but the symbols that are used are significant. Thus, the dragonfly is the personification of the fragility, fickleness and weakness, which may point the inconstancy of the person.multicolored and contrasted tattoo
  26. There is an attractive tribal tattoo on the abdomen. This is a black and white ornament with a small hibiscus in the center of it. The stunner picture looks seductive and enticing on the sports figure.uncolored flower tattoo on the body
  27. The best way for tattoo lovers to embellish their body is to apply such a wonderful tribal pattern with an image of hibiscus. This ornament of pink floret with black interweaving is inked on the ankle in very exquisite flower on the foot
  28. Blue, purple and crimson hibiscus buds are depicted in one chain on the rib cage. They decorated with tribal patterns and yellow splashes that resemble the sun. So lovely tattoo fits temperamental and sensitive people.multicolored flower on the body
  29. Here is the charming performance of tribal hibiscus on the body. Each of the petals has its own unique patterns and painting that brings creativity and soleness to the image. In this design, the floret acquires new perception and meanings that the lovers of tattoos will appreciate.lined hibiscus tatto4o
  30. The beauteous floral ornament is presented on the foot. This tribal tattoo comprises two black hibiscus buds with a tiny butterfly, which indicates freedom, geniality and unpretentiousness.slim and elegance tattoo