The Most Breathtaking Tribal Daisy Tattoos

Many of the girls decorate their body with a variety of flowers, as they express loveliness, femininity and tenderness, all the qualities that are inherent to women. The daisy tattoo looks spectacularly but if there is a desire to add an element of mystery and drama in this tattoo, it is definitely necessary to choose a tribal design, which is usually performed in black.

  1. This cute daisy tattoo on the foot has the impressive black contour of the flower with blue intercalation which makes the whole composition more lovely and gripping. The tattoo is suitable for young, spirited people, who have a good imagination.Daisy Flower WIth Blue Color
  2. This is so small and cute tattoo of a daisy on the wrist amazes with its simplicity and charm. The romantic girls will definitely choose such beauty that can emphasize thoughts elevation of its owner.Little Daisy Flower
  3. This amazing tattoo of daisy blossoms is placed on the upper sleeve. The bouquet is complemented by the image of the sun, which signifies vitality, leadership, dignity and deep knowledge.Daisy Flowers On Shoulder
  4. The glorious composition of daisy florets is located on the outer thigh. The exact number of flowers is impossible to count since the tattoo includes the different size and quantity of them. The bouquet is tied with ribbons at the bottom that make the picture finished.Daisy Flowers On Hip
  5. These two daisy florets so chicly intertwined on the foot. Such pattern embellishes any legs and accentuates the image of the sensual nature. Two Daisy Flowers On Foot
  6. The combination of three big daisy blossoms is inked on the shoulder. The tattoo is done in black color but with different shades and tints, thus, the picture looks vivid and very emphatic.Daisy Flowers On Shoulder
  7. This tattoo covers the outer arm and represents a nice bouquet of daisy florets. Instead of the traditional ribbons that usually bind the flowers together, two crossed arrows can be seen. Such union on the girl’s skin may be associated with Cupid’s arrow and denote her desire to love.Daisy Flower With Arrows
  8. It is a renowned fact that bees love some sorts of flowers but to see them near the daisies is not a frequent phenomenon in nature. This wonderful composition is executed on the leg and may symbolize inspiration, shyness and sense of measure.Daisy Flowers And Bee
  9. These gentle daisy flowers find their place on the upper back, they precisely repeat the spine structure. It seems that they are swaying in the wind that brings the picture airiness and lightness.Daisy Flower
  10. The tattoo master creates genuine daisy blossoms on the shoulder blade. He uses color tints of white and orange, thus, these flowers look like real. They are performed in the background of exquisite patterns that contribute the playfulness in the picture.Colored Center Daisy Flower
  11. This remarkable daisy bouquet, which consists of large florets, covers the rib cage. They present a single plant, with one stem but three branches, where daisy blossoms are depicted. This favorable placement of tattoo not only decorates the body but also profitable emphasizes the figure. Daisy Flowers On Body
  12. Such unique chain of daisy florets will be a lovely ornament on any back. This composition is geometrically located along the spine that looks sophisticated and immediately attracts attention.Daisy Flowers On Back
  13. The creativity and brilliance of this daisy tattoo on the inner forearm surprises.  The traditional black color is used but the tattoo master so finely performs color shades, lines, patterns that it produces a real masterpiece of art on the body.Daisy Flowers Tattoo
  14. The inner arm is a superb location for these pretty daisy florets. They have an impressive size and clear lines that exactly depict each flower curve as in life. The daisies are arranged in a chaotic manner which adds the picture simplicity and naturalness.Lot Of Daisy Non-colored Flowers
  15. The unusual tattoo of five daisy florets placed inside the rhombus is inked on the inner arm.  Such geometric figure is regarded to be a symbol of fertility, however, in this case, it may also point on the sensitivity and emotionality of its owner. Daisy Rombus
  16. This pattern of three enormous daisy flowers covers the thigh. They are located so close to each other that creates an impression of one very big blossom.Daisy Flowers On Leg
  17. The daisy floret enchantingly on the woman’s shoulder, it expresses feminine charm and pulchritude. Each petal of daisy artfully inked that this tattoo possesses a sophisticated and refined image.Daisy Flower On Shoulder
  18. The whole composition of varied daisy blossoms is performed on this tattoo, which is done on the half sleeve. Not only the buds but also leaves and the stem of the flower can be observed. The tattoo comprises a complicated interweaving of all elements which brings it liveliness.Daisy Flowers
  19. This extensive daisy bud so is very stunningly noticed on the foot. The pattern is black but some components of it excel, as they have more rich shades. This tattoo symbolizes the spiritual tranquility and female energy.One Daisy Flower On Foot
  20. The daisy is a very sweet floret, which is a perfect choice for young and active girls. Thus, this tattoo on the ankle that depicts an attractive flower will signify youth and simplicity of a person.Slim Daisy Flower On Foot
  21. This tattoo on the thigh presents three pleasant daisy blossoms, each of them is unique and are not similar to the previous one. Moreover, they are arranged by size, starting from the largest flower ending with the smallest one; that is unequivocally meaningful and full of suggestion.Daisy Flowers On Hip
  22. This pattern of extraordinary daisy floret with interesting ornaments is inked on the foot. There is a small heart in the center of the bud, which denotes the owner of the tattoo as a romantic nature, for whom love is very significant and essential in life.Daisy Flower With Lines
  23. The central component of this enthralling tattoo is daisy bud. The pattern embraces offbeat figure ornamented with beads and tiny cross, which indicates affinity to God and spiritual development.Daisy Flower With Decoration
  24. This exclusive colorful tattoo is rich in various images that create a complete picture. It is performed on the rib cage and includes a blue daisy floret, human footprints that mean reinterpretation of the life and actions, and tribal ornament with a cute pink heart.Colored Daisy Flower
  25. This lovable ornament of daisy blossom is done on the shoulder blade. The patterns are a continuation of the flower that visually enlarge the image and makes it mysterious and delicate.Daisy Flower With Slim Lines
  26. The floret symbolizes a connection with nature but a bonny flower of a daisy on the rib cage can also accent a beauty of the body. This tattoo in executed in black color and looks fascinatingly on the pale type of skin.Daisy Flower
  27. These two captivating daisy florets have quite large dimensions and are implied on the upper arm. The tattoo master performs them in one color but separating each petal and, thus, creates a real peace of nature on the skin.Daisy Flower On Shoulder
  28. It is thought that tattoos can say a lot about their owner, so this cute daisy floret with an  inscription “Girl Almighty” may imply that the person is very confident and without any complexes. It is placed on the inner arm and looks stylish and cool!Daisy Flower With Words
  29. The flower is a universal pattern which suits everybody, thus, this nice daisy floret can choose any resolute girl. This tattoo is located on the arm with the addition of two patterns, which are twisted in a sign of infinity.Daisy Flower
  30. The parts of the skin that can be undergone tattooing are numerous but the creativity of this daisy image impresses with its uniqueness. It is done on the elbow in such way that the center of floret and elbow match each other and the picture does not leave anyone indifferent.Detalised Daisy Flower

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