Tree Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Tree Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism

Different tattoos have different meanings. You don’t just get a tattoo because you have seem someone else with it or you think that it will look well on your skin. One of the most symbolic type of tattoo that many people prefer to use is a trees. Trees are used to convey different meanings among different groups of people. These messages can be passed to people in form of tattoos and that is why many people won’t shy away from putting tree tattoos in the most visible parts of the body. In this article, you are going to find out about the meaning and symbolism of different tree tattoos.

  • Symbol of life

A large percentage of tree tattoos symbolize life, strength and eternity. This can be referenced back to many years ago among different cultures and religions where viewed trees as source of life, immortality, knowledge, wisdom and eternity. The symbolism of life is directly traced on the life cycle of a typical tree during the different seasons of the year. This starts right when the tree is growing during spring, grows leaves, flowers then dies during winter.

A tree tattoo to symbolize life consists of a tree whose roots, leaves and branches are engulfed in a circle.

  • Symbol of beauty

We all agree that trees are beauty and the improve the aesthetic value of the environment. The same effect can be transformed through a tattoo. In most of the cultures especially in Asia, tattoos of some trees such as Cherry blossoms are used to represent beauty in women.

  • Class and social status

Some tree tattoos especially during the ancient times were used to represent class and social status. This is because some trees seem to dominate others or were more respected than others. Members in the society used these tattoos to show off their social ranks and status in the society.

Different parts of a tree can be used to convey different messages when used as tattoos. You can get a tattoo that has been designed to have a full tree or you can get one that only has some parts and lacks others. Here is a summary of what different parts could mean in a tattoo.

  •  Leaves: Fresh leaves represent rebirth,growth and maturity. Brown or decaying leaves represent death of something.
  •  Roots: They are used to show that the person has a deeper connection with something or someone.
  •  Flowers: Mostly used by women to represent beauty and transitioning from a girl into womanhood.
  •  Branches : Branches on tree tattoos are used to show connection with other people.

Tree Tattoo Ideas

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