The Splendid Variants of Tiny Lotus Tattoo

Do you like genteel and exquisite closing style and sophisticated manners and in the same time you want to have meaningful body-tattoo? This awesome variant is for you!

Small Finger Lotus Tattoo

Is the nice and delicate example of creative and not turgid taste. It is quite visible and unshowy at the same time. Varying the size and the finger place you can pick it out or on the contrary, hide.Small finger lotus tattoo

Girlish Lotus-arrow Finger Tattoo

Why girlish? The overwhelming majority of such tats are women. They are tiny and nice pictures on the woman’s little fingers. This combination unites two different meanings: straightforwardness in life and the conception of peaceful meditation.Girlish lotus-arrow finger tattoo

Fingernail Half-lotus

This idea is quite unique. The top of the finger is the origin and root of the flower. The whole result is a smooth union of the shape of the image and the nail outline.Fingernail half-lotus

Wrist Colored Lotus Tattoo

The last 5 years wrist tits are at the height of theirs fame. Petite and neatly flower decorate nice hands and give the haver feeling of mysteriousness.Wrist colored lotus tattoo

Foot Double Twins Monochrome Variant of Lotus Tattoo

Rare and out-of-the-way example of flower tattoos. And in point of fact, it has profound significance: our feet lead you to the new the life and while the lotus is the birth or a rebirth. For another thing, it is just nice and interesting to look.Double twins monochrome lotus tattoo on foot

Simple Neck Variant of Lotus Tattoo

Do you often peer at someone’s neck? Most men will nod assent. The little tattoo on the attractive girl’s body remains indifferent both men and women.Simple lotus tattoo on neck

“Takes Two to Tango”

It is not a trend or something primitive. When you are in love and you want to be closely connected with your beloved all these joining things are of the prime importance. The identical lotus tattoos are very appropriate variant!Two lotus tattoo on female and male hand

Ribs Black and White Attractive One

From the first sight, it is obviously notably that this example is for seductive but at the same time disguised girls who show their body to provoke interests. This “amaranth” on slender ribs is swelling!Simple lotus tattoo on female side

Pretty Variegated Tat on the Shin Bone.

Mainly, small tattoos are of the black color but if the tattooer is a professional in this question you can choose other color variants and even do it varicolored. The red lotus on the thin leg is very easy-on-the-eye.Pretty variegated tat on the shin bone

Behind-ear Color Tattoo

This nice picture is specially made in obscured colors and the tiny flower looks fairly. It is rather not questionable that guys would choose such tits wherethrough they are too girlish and sweet.Small lotus color tattoo behind ear

Variant on the Crease of the Elbow

It is not as small as previous ones but it has the sense of the art oomph. The small chiseled chain from the petal to petal transshapes the whole lotus image, making it more effective and piquant for the “viewers”.lotus tattoo with an Indian pattern on the hand

The BREAST Tattoo.

The freestanding place in the body-decoration is for the breast tattoos. They are adventuresome and tempting but the main feature of this variant is a certain placement: the heart chakra. The extra comments are needless here…attractive lotus bottom of the breast

Your Figgery-four!

The arm is a convenient place for tattoo and widely used among all “tattoo-wears”. Hand, shoulder, wrist; the external and inside parts: are the working faces. Sometimes people choose even two hands at the same time.a gradient lotus on biceps

Another Hand?

The small showy picture with the meaningful inscription is the suitable variant for male and female. And the deep-blue lotus is quite conceptual.a small blue lotus flower with Arabic text

Lotus is Between the Shoulder-blades

The real hallmark of this example is its reality! The shades of the petal are made with excellent accurateness. And the monochrome variant lays extra emphasis on the whole image.Lotus is between the shoulder-blades

Collarbones are in Use!

Among all others, parts of the body the collarbones are also common. This place has its special value. This tit is the bright example of it. Lotus and symbolic is fetching the whole image up.stylish lotus tattoo on her collarbone

The Blue Lotus Eye

This is very impressive tat! Just look at it for a minute and then it is intricately to revert the eyes from this man-made eye. The colors combination accents the incomprehensible eye in the center of lavender lotus

Hands are Talking

This ornamental ligature script and a fine representation of the blooming lotus is widely used combination thus one can express at the very least two meaning, which is hidden under the images.contrasting black lotus flower on the wrist

Wrist and Finger Tattoo is a Sophisticated Variant

These small and subdued in color lotus tiny flowers are very beautiful! It might not bring us home to the deep sense but it makes us feel the sense of tenderness.Four differnt colored lotuses on wrist and finger

Tat Bunch of Flowers

The presence of other sorts of flowers supplements this composition with sense. Life was different and now it has the meaning of lotus… By the way, this tat was made in honor of the wedding anniversary.excellent soft pink lotus tattoo on the wrist

The Color Example of Foot Blooming Lotus

This bright picture of lotus flowers combined with fluttering lilac butterfly is visually pleasing! Four little and one big blooming flower (Doesn’t it seems to you that it is the Sun in it?) attracts the insect and our gazes.sprig with purple lotus on female foot

The Intriguing Breast Tattoo

The designing in and of itself part of the women’s body is adorned with this beautiful and meaningful lotus flower with the elements of lettering! The child will imbibe with the mother’s milk the sense that is behind the image of the flower.intriguing red lotus tattoo on breast

What Makes Us Whole?

Are you all-in-one? Sometimes, it is quite difficult to be united inside yourself. Your soul has two sides. One of them is bright and colored but the other one…black and red silhouette of lotus on hands

Eternity is on the Hand

The inconceivable combination of the sign of the infinity and the symbol of the rebirth! This great and brilliant idea is gathered in small tit.infinity symbol with lotus flowers on the wrist

As Small as the Tiny Woman’s Rib

The conceptual monochrome lotus is on the tempting ribs.tiny lotus under female breast

The Rising Flower on the Inner Ankle Bone

Lotus rises from the silt and mud. It is some kind of the description of the life of the flower but on the foot of the human.rising lotus flower on the inner ankle bone

Is It the Moon?

The yellow moon in the lap of the renewal red flower and embosomed by the bines from both sides. Nobody will guess that under this picture scars are secreted.yellow moon in the lap of red lotus

 The Thigh or Belly Lotus Tit

The stalk begins upon that parts of the body that are covered to us but we surely understand the springheads of it, while namely the lotus symbolizes them. Thus, we have the origin of the life from the origin of the layout lotus on the belly girls

The Big Blue Whale and the Flower

The out-of-the-way combination is presented on this picture. Whales are supposed to swim but here it is like flying. There is no escaping the impression that this whale is the whole universe and the peachy color lotus is a small mystery.big blue whale and the flower on side

The Presence of the Cosmic Cat

Blue cat is supposedly made from the superlunary material and the light-blue small lotus flowers are super sensual combined together.cosmic cat tattoo with sky blue lotus

White Tattoo

This very rare and unique example of body-image is made with the help of white ink.white contour of a lotus tattoo on heel


Animals are the part of our life. Sometimes we become attached to them harder than necessary. This tat is made in honor of the cat and is it seen from the picture: pussy is catching the falling petals of the birth cat and red lotus tattoo on hand

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