Beautiful Cherry Blossom on The Half Sleeve and Shoulder

  1. The beautiful cherry blossom tattoo highlights the beauty of the woman’s shoulder. The tender reddish flowers on the snaking brown-colored twig represent female’s sexuality, freedom and self-sufficiency.Pink Stick With Flower's on Shoulder
  2. The amazing cherry blossom tattoo extends over the male’s half sleeve. The solid Sakura branch with the claret flowers shows the strength and the spunk of the owner. Cherry Blossom Stick on Shoulder
  3. This awe-inspiring cherry blossom tattoo winds along the half sleeve. The dainty pink flowers stand out against the navy background and point out on the fierce feminist nature of the bearer.Amazing Pink Flowers on Shoulder
  4. This tremendous cherry blossom tattoo performed in the black and gray technique with the infusion of a few pink-faded petals adorns the girl’s shoulder. This tac illustrates the dualistic nature of the wearer: fragility and innocence, on the one hand, boldness and determination, on the other hand.Flowers in Dark Tone on Shoulder
  5. The glorious cherry blossom tattoo with the tiny pinkish flowers wriggles along the half sleeve. The realistically-done piece symbolizes the beginning of new life. The blue shading in the background adds some color to the tat and accentuates the tree.Cool Colorfull Cherry Blossom Stick
  6. The scarlet cherry blossom flowers decorate the girl’s shoulder. In Chinese culture, this tree signifies female’s dominance and power.Cherry Blossom Stick Red Tone

  7. This aesthetically beautiful cherry blossom tattoo inked on the shoulder fetches you lots of compliments. This lovely piece is done in the watercolor style which makes the cameo-pink flowers more colorful and attractive.Cherry Blossom Stick with Paint effect
  8. This awesome cherry blossom tattoo with the shedding flowers and the hieroglyphs looks very impressive on the half sleeve and emphasizes the fragility of our life.Cherry Blossom with Hieroglyph
  9. This pretty cherry blossom tattoo with the hummingbird has a delicate appearance on the girl’s half sleeve. The tac is performed in the subdued colors and harmoniously combines with the skin. This piece stands for fondness, energy and ability to overcome hardship.Cherry Blossom Stick With A Bird
  10. This colorful cherry blossom tattoo combined with the purple-orange peony flower graces the female’s shoulder. This tandem is a harbinger of good luck and a symbol of prosperity and wealth.Cherry Blossom Clorofull Flower
  11. This exquisite cherry blossom tattoo carved on the half sleeve looks very spiffy and feminine. The tat is made in the linework style and denotes love, beauty and tenderness.cherry blossom flower in black and white
  12. The beautiful black and gray cherry blossom tattoo covers up the male’s half sleeve. The highly-detailed Sakura twig in a full blossom is regarded to be a Samurai’s symbol in Japan and signifies nobility, brave and valor.cherry blossom flower in black and white
  13. The stunning cherry blossom tattoo extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade. This traditionally- colored Sakura fascinates with its glory and widely admired by women for its deep philosophical meaning. In Buddhism, this tree is associated with cyclical nature of our life and reminds us that we exist for a short period time like cherry blossom flowers.cherry blossom flower stick
  14. Two colorful birds sitting on the vibrant cherry blossom gracefully decorate the half sleeve and the shoulder blade. This design has a picturesque overlook and embodies happiness, abundance and love.Cool Colorfull bird with Cherry Blossom Stick
  15. The flourishing red-toned cherry blossom tattoo inked on the woman’s half sleeve reveals the independence, boldness and feminine power of the owner.Red-tone Cherry Blossom Stick
  16. The fuchsia-colored cherry blossom tattoo covering the shoulder amazes with its elegance and aestheticism. Such piece takes popularity with the girls who have an aspiration to immortalize the reminiscences of the best period of their life- the youth.Cherry Blossom violett flower
  17. The cherry blossom tree tattoo portrayed in tandem with the birds is a hot favorite  among the fairer sex because it looks feminine and glorious. The tat is performed in the muted colors and symbolizes harmony, peace and tranquility.birds with cherry blossom flower
  18. The fascinating cherry blossom flowers embellishing the dreamcatcher make up creative and trendy tattoo design. This adorable tat inked on the female’s shoulder will serve you as your personal mascot against the evil spirits, mishaps and bad affection.Cherry Blossom keeper of the dreams
  19. The delicate cherry blossom tree twig with the pastel-colored flowers inscribed on the male’s half sleeve. The stronger sex gets inked such piece as a symbol of nobility, while in ancient times, in Japan, only the nobles had the opportunity to contemplate the blossoming of the cherry blossom tree.cherry blossom flower in blue tone
  20. The dainty cherry blossoms with the graceful curved tendrils make up a wonderful tattoo piece and looks totally incredible on the half sleeve.cherry blossom flower with whorl
  21. The highly-detailed branchy cherry blossom tree tattoo designed with the help of the black outline and the pink strokes. This half sleeve piece accentuates masculinity, strength and might of the wearer.Cherry Blossom Branch Black Outline
  22. The charming cherry blossom twig is perfectly blended with the fabulous purple orchid. This amazing design carved on the shoulder stands for innocence, love and wealth.charming cherry blossom twig
  23. The main accent in this beautiful inked on the shoulder cherry blossom tattoo is made on the color contrast: the miniature scarlet cherry blossoms go well with the gray-colored flowers. The gentle vines add gracefulness to the motif.miniature scarlet cherry blossoms
  24. The sweet cherry blossoms and the purplish lotus complement the portrait of the noble lion. This tattoo design inscribed on the shoulder has an impressive appeal and conveys authority, dominance and wisdom.Lion Head cherry blossom
  25. The splendid combination of the Buddha image with the cherry blossoms is depicted in this beautiful cherry blossom tattoo which extends over the half sleeve. What strikes most in this piece is the color contrast: the fuchsia-colored flowers stand out against the gray-shaded Buddha. The tat signifies purity of the mind and body, serenity and well-being.Lotus Head Cherry blossom
  26. The graceful cherry blossom tree tattoo accompanied with the cute doves looks enticing on the female’s shoulder. This tac is a representation of the owner’s soul: the wearer feels happy, peaceful and contented.Cherry Blossom branch with birds
  27. The fragile cherry blossom branch portrayed with the brightly-colored butterflies engraved on the shoulder. Such combination is a top preference among the girls because it looks fashionable and appealing. The tat stands for femininity, liberty and metamorphosis.Cherry Blossom flower with Butterfly
  28. The lifelike cherry blossom twig with the full-bloomed flower and the half-opened buds points out that the bearer begins a new life and is going to change his habits cardinally.Cherry Blossom Flower with Butons
  29. The sleek cherry blossom tattoo covers the girl’s shoulder and the shoulder blade. The astonishing flowers are designed here in the bold black color, and the gray shading highlights the beauty of these blossoms. This delicate twig is a symbol of the disobedience, freedom and self-sufficiency.Cherry Blossom Flower on Shoulder with outline
  30. You can keep the memories of the died person not only in your heart and mind, but also on your skin, and this brilliant tattoo serves as a confirmation. The portrait of the gone person combines well with the cherry blossom tree looks unique. The Japanese people accept the cherry blossom tree as a memorial one and as a symbol of the samurais’ death.Cherry Blossom Branch with Face
  31. This alluring half sleeve cherry blossom tattoo fascinates with its lacelike tracery. The fuchsia Sakura flowers blend with the intricately-patterned Mandala flowers and signify peace, harmony and the purity of the thoughts.Cherry Blossom flower zentangle
  32. The blush-colored cherry blossom tattoo inked on the shoulder displays the feminine essence of the owner, and the red hieroglyphs add creativity to the design.Cherry Blossom in red with Hieroglifs
  33. The exquisite cherry blossom tattoo done in the traditional coloring graces the woman’s half sleeve. The touching inscription carved next to the tree is a cool way to express your love to your sweetheart.Cherry Blossom with a Words
  34. The eye-catching cherry blossom tattoo starts from the chest and stretches to the half sleeve. This black and gray piece with some shading work fits for self-confident, determined and audacious girls.Dark Cherry Blossom Flowers
  35. This splashy cherry blossom tattoo looks delicate on the masculous male’s half sleeve. The soft pinkish flowers greatly combine with the charming butterflies. Such design is admired by romantic natures.Cherry Blossom Flowers With Butterfly
  36. The blue-colored cherry blossom tree tattoo accompanied by the pile of the books and the cute owls accentuates the wisdom and intelligence of the owner.Blue Cherry Blossom With Owl and Books
  37. The adorable cameo pink cherry blossoms with the hot pink centers adorn the female’s shoulder. The sparkling hearts and stars contemplate the composition and make the piece look more girlish and snazzier.White Flower With Shine
  38. The breathtaking cherry blossom tattoo fits in greatly on the woman’s shoulder. The fusion of the contrasting coal-black and nude inks makes the spreading twig elegant and sophisticated. The superb shading work adds a realistic feel to the overall look.Big Cherry Blossom Flower
  39. A geisha portrayed in tandem with the lovely cherry blossoms it’s a stunning and popular tattoo idea. This fabulous black and gray tat inked on the shoulder. The awesome detailing accurately conveys the geisha’s image and makes the cherry blossoms look lifelike. This tattoo is the epitome of the beauty, sexuality and femininity.Japan Girl with Cherry Blossom Flower
  40. The spellbinding half sleeve cherry blossom tattoo inked in the blue-pink color scheme has an exquisite appeal. The gorgeous lotus makes the motif more feminine and denotes revival, inner peace, purity and fecundity, and the patterned curves colored in black add an elegant touch.Colorfull and Contrast Cherry Blossom Tattooe
  41. The realistically-depicted cherry blossom tree tattoo with the bright- pink flowers spreads its twigs along the males’ half sleeve and accentuates masculinity and bravery of the owner. The intense blue curves in the background make the tac more picturesque and appealing.Cherry Blossom Colorfull Branch

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