70 Scottish Thistle Tattoo Designs

Thistle Tattoo Meaning

Thistle is an eye-pleasing plant with the purple blooms and the thorny foliage which is reckoned to be the Scottish national emblem. Thistle tattoo is a popular tattoo design, especially, among the Scotsmen, as a means to express their patriotic spirit. However, this tough-natured flower has a myriad of interpretations and meanings associated with it, and this article will help you to explore the most significant ones.

Symbolical Meanings of Thistle Tattoo

  • Symbol of self-sacrifice and aid. In tattoo world, it’s believed that the thistle tattoo is applied by the helpful, self-sacrificing people with the fragile soul.
  • Symbol of nobility and royalty. These meanings are attached to the thistle because of its purple coloration, while in the ancient Europe, this hue was a hallmark of status, privilege and noble birth. What’s more, some institutions and associations in Scotland used the thistle as their emblem.
  • Symbol of protection. It’s believed that the thistle repels the evil spirits, and used as an amulet warding off the evil eye and negative influence.
  • Symbol of struggle. The thistle grows in the infertile areas, where the others plants can’t vegetate. Due to this feature, the thistle stands for struggle, overcoming difficulties and chosen by the bold, forceful individuals with the fighting spirit.
  • Symbol of depravity and sin. In Christian tradition, this flower conveys malice, sin and its thorns are symbolic of the tortures of Jesus Christ.

Placement ideas:

  • Half sleeve
  • Forearm
  • Along the spine
  • On the Ribs
  • Calf
  • Thigh
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Along the Leg
  • Upper Back
  • Foot
  • Chest

Thistle Tattoo Design ideas

The thistle depicted in its natural coloration with the purple blossom and the greenish spikes is the most popular tattoo idea. The preferable styles are blackwork, dotwork, watercolor, tribal, linework, abstract and realistic one.

Traditionally, the thistle is combined with the Celtic knot, cross, Scottish flag, bumblebee, the others flowers such as the shamrock, clover, rose and poppy. The inscription carved next to the thistle adds a personal touch to the motif.

40 Amazing Black and White Thistle Tattoos

Thistle tattoo is a popular floral trend among tattoo-fans because of its alluring appearance and a wide range of symbolical interpretations. A hot preference in the tattoo world is the monochrome thistle tat made in blackwork or in black and gray style. If you’ve decided on getting inked thistle tac, then this article will help you to choose the design that suits your personality.

    1. The cool linework thistle tattoo made in black ink on the arm highlights the tough nature of the owner.
      Cool Thistle Tattoo Black on the Arm