Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius tattoo is popular not only among the people who were born under this sign. Centaur is also a mythical half-human, who symbolizes spiritual strength, determination, and desire for freedom. That’s why a lot of people wear Sagittarius tattoos as their talismans and kind of reminder about their inner power.

Sagittarius is the fire sign, commonly associated with courage, self-confidence, wisdom, strong character, and endless energy. Therefore, the centaur or constellation tattoos help those who wear them to remain strong and fearless, ready to struggle with any circumstances. Such tats are very popular among philosophers, thinkers, artistic people, activists, and mentors. For other people, Sagittarius ink is a kind of sign, showing that they are dealing with the powerful but wise leaders. Centaur is always ready for the fight but never gets in without a serious reason.

However, Sagittarius tattoos can have some other meanings. Sometimes such inks represent the strength of centaur, his inner fire and the struggle between good and evil. Furthermore, the tat can also symbolize never-ending passion.

3d Sagittarius Tattoo

This breathtaking realistic tat will definitely blow you away. Gentle colors, beautiful shapes, and Greek design make this tat a real masterpiece of tattoo art.

3d Sagittarius tattoo

Best Feminine Sagittarius Tattoos

If you think that all zodiac tats are the same, this beautiful tat will show that you are wrong. The idea is more than interesting, the execution is better than perfect – this beautiful Sagittarius is the great decoration for a woman body.

Best feminine Sagittarius tattoos

Celtic Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

The original Celtic design makes this Sagittarius ink look even more sophisticated! It symbolizes the inner strength and courage, being a reflection of a person who wears it.

Celtic Sagittarius tattoo designs

Cool Centaur Tattoo Behind Ear

Who said that small tattoos are boring? This tiny but highly stylish ink will be a part of your unique style.

Cool centaur tattoo behind ear

Sagittarius Archer Tattoo Designs

This masculine realistic tat performed in black and grey looks really great on a man’s body. The very posture of Sagittarius symbolizes strength, power, and willingness to act.

Sagittarius archer tattoo designs

Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo Design

If you want to wear Sagittarius tat but are not fond of centaurs themselves, this ink is especially for you. Sophisticated arrow, thin and accurate lines make this design perfect as for men, as for women.

Sagittarius arrow tattoo design

Sagittarius Chest Tattoos

This original tat on the chest looks really interesting. A bow and arrow, along with the inspiring phrase make this ink not only creative but also meaningful for one who wears it.

Sagittarius chest tattoos

Sagittarius Constellation Tattoo on Back

Looking for a perfect Sagittarius tat design? Just take a glance at this one! The gentle, sophisticated, and original tattoo is the remarkable masterpiece, which perfectly fits women.

Sagittarius constellation tattoo on back

Sagittarius Fire Sign Tattoos

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are the children of the fire element. Red color presented on this tattoo shows this connection, making this design unique, symbolic and meaningful.

Sagittarius fire sign tattoos

Sagittarius Half Sleeve Tattoo

This ink is the perfect example of how two different styles can be combined to create something really remarkable. Centaur contrasted with awesome geometric design looks really impressive and original.

Sagittarius half sleeve tattoo

Sagittarius Heart Tattoo

If you want a really cute tat, you should look at this one! Even though the design is quite simple, it looks sweet and interesting, being a cool combination of Sagittarius and heart symbols.

Sagittarius heart tattoo

Sagittarius Horoscope Tattoos on Neck

Want your tattoo to look highly stylish but not too massive? Check this small but awesome ink you can easily show or hide, depending on your mood.

Sagittarius horoscope tattoos on neck

Sagittarius Star Constellation Tattoo

Fond of minimalism? Enjoy the simplicity of this awesome tattoo. No extra details or unnecessary elements – just your constellation!

Sagittarius star constellation tattoo

Sagittarius Tattoo Lettering

Just look how impressive this tattoo is! Perfectly executed lettering always looks great on girls’ legs and this ink definitely proves it!

Sagittarius tattoo lettering

Sagittarius Tattoos for Females

If you do not want your tat to look brutal, take a glance at this beautiful design. The awesome watercolor work is perfect for females – it will look great as with jeans, as with evening dress.

Sagittarius tattoos for females

Sagittarius Tattoos for Guys

This awesome design is created especially for the brave men! Just take a look at this centaur – he represents strength, courage, force, and self-determination.

Sagittarius tattoos for guys

Sagittarius Tattoos in Chinese

This design can be virtually divided into two main elements: the horoscope wheel and the Chinese name. They are perfectly combined into the single composition, which looks really impressive on a man’s back.

Sagittarius tattoos in Chinese

Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos for Men

What can be more masculine than tribal tats? This Sagittarius ink looks really great one the shoulder. Be sure it will catch anyone’s attention!

Sagittarius tribal tattoos for men

Sagittarius Word Tattoo on Wrist

This constellation looks quite simple but stylish. The simplicity is the spice of this design –the small points representing the stars and the word ‘Sagittarius’ create a perfect minimalistic ensemble.

Sagittarius word tattoo on wrist

Sexy Sagittarius Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Want to wear really interesting and even sexy tattoo? Look at this creative black work design. Woman centaur symbolizes as strength, as feminine sexuality.

Sexy Sagittarius symbol tattoo ideas

Small Sagittarius Tattoos for Girls

This feminine watercolor tat is perfect for girls! Bright colors, cute stars, and little hearts – all these elements make it bright and pretty.

Small Sagittarius tattoos for girls

Simple Sagittarius Foot Tattoos

This mini tattoo is rather for its owner than for the people around. Even though they’ll hardly notice it, this symbol will always remind you who you are.

Simple Sagittarius foot tattoos

Tattoos of Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

This tattoo is for dreamers! Though the sign of Sagittarius looks like the night sky – what can be better? Though the whole design is quite simple, the tat is rather creative, original, and impressive.

Tattoos of Sagittarius zodiac signs