Rose Thigh Tattoos for Women

Female tattoos on thighs are very diverse and refined. A favorite pattern for a tattoo on the thigh for women is a rose in its different variations.

Besides the fact that the rose is a female symbol, the rose tattoo on hips perfectly emphasizes the necessary roundness.

  1. Great pale pink roses adorn the hip, they express passion and, probably, a woman with this tattoo got used to men’s attention and she is serious about finding her soul mate.great pale pink roses tattoo on the hip
  2. Here is an awesome volumetric rose on the hip, this black rose expresses hope for love and the struggle for love. Sometimes love doesn’t live to expectations, and the struggle for it lasts for years, so the color of the rose is dark.awesome volumetric rose on the hip
  3. A remarkable rose with leaves and spikes emphasizes the roundness of the hip. The meaning of this tattoo is clear – a woman is waiting for the man of her life even despite the fact that love once caused her suffering, as evidenced by the spikes.outstanding smoky rose covers the whole hip
  4. An outstanding smoky rose covers the whole hip. The tattoo is large and many its places are darkened, which can display tough periods in life and in love, the whole picture is a reminder of a sad love.remarkable rose with leaves and spikes
  5. A startling gothic rose, combined with the gun, embellishes the hip. Colors alternate from gray tones to red. Probably, this pattern is the symbol of a dangerous and tragic love story.startling gothic rose with the gun on the hip
  6. A gray rose tattoo on the thigh is something unbelievable! The palette of colors is quite dark, and, as it is known, in a modern world dark roses mean the loss of love, but flowers are open, which shows that the person hopes for the best.unbelievable gray rose tattoo on the thigh
  7. A huge black and gray tattoo on the thigh catches the eye. As it is accepted in many nations, blooming roses on the hip express love and beauty; rose thigh tattoos highlight all curves of the body just like in the tattoo below.delightful huge black and gray tattoo on the thigh
  8. Two black and white roses on the hip look very stylish. They mean that the soul of this person was not hurt by love and that she is waiting for a life partner. Optionally, this tattoo can be hidden under clothing from prying eyes.two black and white stylish roses on the hip
  9. Two red and one gray rose combine well with each other, the overall picture, located on the hip, is captivating. These flowers signify the eternal problem of love – real love is impossible without suffering.two red and one gray rose tattoo on hip and ribs
  10. Two entwined roses in Greek culture have been a symbol of love and sincerity of a female nature, moreover, they have been associated with goddesses. A dope rose tattoo below looks stunning on the hip and helps to reveal facets of a character.two entwined black roses on hip
  11. A smoky rose on the hip resonates with the rose on the knee. Two flowers are visually separated by the inscription, which represents that sometimes words in love are unnecessary. The tattoo itself is gorgeous!smoky rose on the hip with inscription
  12. An absolutely stunning rose tattoo is on a woman’s thigh. Three roses speak about different love stories, which are connected by a tragic thread. However, this tattoo does not mean apathy, on the contrary, a desire to become happy is revealed here.elegant rose tattoo on a woman thigh
  13. A very unusual purple rose in a gray vase with insertions of yellow and green colors on the hip is astonishing. This rose blooms, which means good luck in love, and the vase expresses the desire of a woman to protect her family by all means.unusual purple rose in a gray vase with insertions of yellow and green colors on the hip
  14. A rose thigh tattoo below looks gorgeous. Roses denote naughtiness and sexuality of a woman, but they are connected, which suggests that a woman is constant in love and will open only to a beloved man.gorgeous rose thigh tattoo
  15. Classical gray roses on the hip are voguish. Flowers mean prosperity and two roses of diverse sizes embody a man and a woman and their mutual strong love.classical gray roses on the hip
  16. The rose tattoo adorns the inside part of the thigh. The rose is not completely painted with ink, which means that the life and the atmosphere in life create people, who are around.rose tattoo in lines style adorns the inside part of the thigh
  17. A rosebud on the hip with Roman numerals looks very organic. The Romans believed that a rose can mean either the beginning or the end of life. This bud and figures denote a special life period.rosebud on the hip with roman numerals
  18. Colorful roses and butterflies on the hip in one color spectrum make up a perfect combination. They indicate the first stage of love – a romantic period, associated with daring and amorous actions and happy expectations for the future.colorful glamorous roses and butterflies on the hip
  19. Two smoky roses together with a clock on the thigh are very symbolic. In all cultures watches meant life or its specified period. This tattoo reminds of the transience of time and the long-term love.two smoky roses together with a clock on the thigh

  20. A textured tattoo on the thigh with roses of different colors is just amazing! These fully opened roses express enthusiasm and reverence in love. An unusual design complements the whole picture.fantastic 3d tattoo on the thigh with roses
  21. A magnificent rose tattoo on the hip is definitely breathtaking! This bright purple color of roses represents the willingness to experiments and the person will never succumb to difficulties.magnificent rose tattoo on the hip
  22. In all times a rosebud without spikes meant innocence. This black rose without thorns and leaves on the hip shows the open nature and indicates love and rose without thorns and leaves on the hip
  23. A very vivid rose tattoo spans the thigh, blooming roses express the constancy of love and undisclosed buds indicate hidden facets of a romantic relationshipvery vivid rose tattoo on the thigh
  24. Here are roses, entwined with beads, on the hip. This interweaving indicates the connection of male and female elements in a relationship and shows the impossibility of the existence of one part without smooth rose on the hip
  25. A voguish rose embraces the hip, it creates a nice contrast to the tanned skin. The flower has just begun to open, which indicates the rapid development of love relations.perfect rose on the hip

  26. Roses with a compass are on the thigh, they are made in dark colors and look volumetric. The meaning is very deep – even the compass won’t show the road to real love, the only heart can be the guide.roses with a compass are on the thigh

  27. It is up to each person to ascertain with which design the rose should be combined, in this case, a key is a popular option. Here is a lovely rose with the key on a chain, placed on the hip, it clearly has a deep meaning – if a man finds the key to the heart, then the woman will entrust her life in his hands.lovely rose with the key on the hip
  28. A gorgeous gray rose with slight red accents on the thigh attracts the eye. These accents signify stormy outbursts of passion in a relationship, which will be only beneficial for partners and won’t destroy the connection.gorgeous gray rose with slight red accents on the thigh

  29. Gray roses with a red ruby are located on the thigh. This pattern is relevant for sensual people, for whom being in love is vital. Roses connote that love makes the human heart beat..gray roses with a red ruby on the thigh
  30. Roses of saturated colors look gorgeous on the hip, so it is impossible to tear off a sight. Such bright colors symbolize glaring, a full of happy moments life and strong feelings, which are timeless.saturated watercolor roses on the hip
  31. There is a fascinating rose tattoo on the hip, it is similar to the Chinese symbol of yin yang, which symbolizes the union and the struggle between two opposite types of energy. This pattern denotes the combination of male and female elements in love.fascinating rose tattoo on the hip in form of yin yang
  32. Red roses, which grow from the chest, resonate with butterflies. The tattoo is placed on the thigh and it has a very symbolic significance – love can grow even on the ruins of the roses tattoo with chest and butterflies
  33. A hypnotizing rose tattoo on the thigh is very vivid and volumetric! In all cultures, red roses always have been associated with love. In this case, bright red roses denote a true love, strong passion, and the inner harmony.hypnotizing rose tattoo on the thigh
  34. The pattern of black and white roses has a very rich history, it was applied in the times of the Roman Empire. This rose tattoo on the thigh expresses the purity of love and and romance rose tattoo on the thigh
  35. If you want to be in the center of attention and nobody will stay indifferent, then this variant of an absolutely stunning rose thigh tattoo is for you! This design has been made professionally and all curves are combined with each other, as for roses, they signify blooming mutual love.beautiful blooming roses tattoo on hip
  36. There is an elegant rose tattoo on the hip. In ancient Greece roses have been portrayed with chains, which were a symbol of the inviolability of family ties and the spiritual bond of lovers. This tattoo displays thin chains on the rose, which represent strong bonds of the marriage.elegant rose with thick chains on the hip
  37. A red rose creates the 3D effect, it looks like a real rose is on the thigh. The meaning of this tattoo is that love is like a flower – it blooms from attention and care as well as the flower blooms from the sun and water.3d contrast red rose on hip
  38. In various cultures, a rose has been depicted with divergent weapons, but the most popular weapon was the edged weapon. You may notice that the knife pierces the gothic rose, it symbolizes the disappointment in love and danger and severity of the previous relationship. The tattoo on the thigh looks marvelous.knife pierces the gothic rose tattoo

  39. Here is a traditional connotation of the rose tattoo. A red rose with a heart and the inscription “Find the key to your heart” on the hip is definitely the symbol of love. Each opens his heart only to those, who truly loves.rose with a heart and the inscription find the key to your heart on the hip
  40. Look at this charming rose tattoo! Blue roses with green leaves embellish the thigh, they indicate purity and roses with green leaves tattoo

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