Brilliant Poppy Tattoos On The Sleeve And Shoulder

  1. The half sleeve here is adorned with a cute poppy, its bud is pale inside and the edges of petals are red, small blue flowers contrast perfectly with the poppy. This dope ink expresses optimism, so the owner of the tattoo is never depressed or sad, the glass for him is half full rather than half empty.Red Poppy With Blue Flowers
  2. The half sleeve is embellished with a stunning bouquet of flowers, among them a California wild rose, a California poppy, lupine, and other flowers may be distinguished. In nature, the California poppy blooms for a long time, since on places of wilted flowers grow new florets, and wild roses have similar properties. So, the denotation of this ink is prosperity and longevity of the owner.Poppy Flower On Shoulder
  3. Two gorgeous red poppies of diverse sizes are on the lower half sleeve, the picture itself is very vivid. In many cultures, poppy signify eternal loyalty of two lovers and their everlasting love, so this tattoo may be a symbol of strong affection and attachment.Red Poppy Flowers
  4. This traditional tattoo on the lower half sleeves displays two red poppies and a bumblebee is sitting on a closed bud. Some people assume that the image of a poppy emphasizes the determination of a person and a bumblebee is the sign of confidence in the victory, as the bumblebee always acts decisively and relentlessly. So, this tight ink is about an unyielding human, who goes to his goal and nothing can knock him off from his course of life.Red Poppy Flowers On Sleve
  5. These awesome poppies cover the shoulder and the part of the tattoo is visible on the sleeve and on the back. In Middle Ages, the image of a poppy was a declaration of love, lovers often wore these tattoos as oaths of their eternal love, so this design can illustrate the mentioned idea.Red Poppy Detalised Flwoers On Shoulder
  6. This tribal poppy tattoo is observed on the half sleeve, it looks very elegant and emphasizes the femininity of the owner. For many nations, the poppy has been associated with a lethargic sleep, since the seeds of this flower in excess can lead to death. So, this picture speaks about the end of a certain life stage and the beginning of a new one.Poppy Flowers
  7. The lower half sleeve here is decorated with a vibrant image of red poppies. Nowadays, poppies are an official emblem of the Day of Remembrance for of all, who died in World Wars, so this image carries a signification of sorrow and grief. This ink reveals the above-named idea.Six Red Poppy Flowers on The Hand
  8. The pattern of yellow poppies is on the lower half sleeve, the tattoo itself is eye-catching. Those people who follow, Feng Shui are aware that a useful feature of the poppy is a beneficial effect on the amorous sphere of life: this figure attracts love and at the same time helps to see a soul mate in a truthful light. Thus, this tattoo can be a kind of a love talisman.Orange Poppy Flower With Piece Symbol
  9. Several red poppies with green lives embellish the half sleeve and look absolutely fantastic. In ancient times, many temples have been adorned with poppies, it was believed that they protected buildings. So, here the poppy image can be a lucky mascot for a person.Big Red Poppy Flower
  10. A monochrome poppy on the half sleeve is simple but very stylish. There is an opinion that the poppy image says about the rich inner world despite the outer plainness. In this case, there are no colorful details, the picture is very laconic and it indicates that the person does not give attention to the external tinsel and she is spiritually developed.Black Lined Poppy Flower
  11. A chain of poppies is wrapped around the half sleeve, the pattern looks magnificent. Some people believe that the poppy helps to reveal a sexual energy and magnetism, people, who seek their second halves, wear this design. So, this idea is traced in this dope tattoo.Red Poppy butons
  12. This tight poppy tattoo extends from the breast to the sleeve and it covers the whole shoulder. These delicate flowers here only emphasize the fragility of the woman, perhaps, this ink spells out the idea of femininity and beauty of the owner.Red Poppy Flowers
  13. This wonderful colorful figure on the half sleeve represents a poppy and a peony, both flowers are performed in the same color spectrum, on the peony a blue butterfly is sitting. In China, the peony is a national emblem, it indicates wealth and prosperity, so the denotation is focused on material things, whereas a poppy in Slavic culture signifies love and beauty, this denotation resonates with the meaning of the butterfly tattoo – inner and outer attractiveness.Red Poppy Flwoers With Blue Butterfly
  14. This red and black ink on the half sleeve demonstrates a red poppy at the top and the monochrome image of soldiers is at the bottom. The denotation here is quite clear as it supports the British point of view about the poppy as the sign of all victims of the First and Second World Wars.Red Poppy With War Scene
  15. This delicate ornament on the half sleeve depicts a fully opened red poppy on a thin stem and another flower bent downwards. In many ancient cultures, a poppy is associated with the sleep and oblivion and it marks the end of one stage and the beginning of a new path, so here a bent flower marks the end and a fully blooming plant indicates a fresh start.Two Poppy Flower
  16. An extremely vivid poppy pattern covers the half sleeve , flowers here are of red and black colors. In ancient Egypt, the attitude towards poppies was special, since this flower symbolized a certain apathy and the denial of the existence of problems in life, so this tattoo can disclose Egyptian traditions and it speaks about a wishful thinking.Poppy Flowers
  17. This awesome tat on the half sleeve displays red poppies in a combination with a smoky skull, the picture looks ominous. Ancient Celts reckoned that the skull was the sign of death and the embodiment of human souls, and poppies for many nations are associated with mourning. Hence, the denotation of this ink is sad and it may be about tragic events in the life of the owner.Poppy Flowers With Skull
  18. These red and orange poppies on the blue background look nice on the half sleeve, this pattern is quite bright. Since olden times, a poppy image was a magical sign, it was believed that it helped people to acquire new skills and it brought good luck. Perhaps, a person with this tattoo hopes that the poppy tac will help her to stand out.Big Poppy Flowers On The Shoulder
  19. This floral half sleeve looks magnificent, the core of the figure make up poppies and other colorful flowers complement the whole picture. Generally, floral tattoos speak about love for life and cheerfulness, in this case, poppies with other flowers indicate a person, who is happy in a personal life.Big Poppy Flower Tattoo On Hand
  20. This black and white poppy on the shoulder looks a little bit ascetic, but it creates a good contrast with a place skin. In ancient Greece, this flower was admired by young girls and they believed that it could help to find their second half, so, probably, a woman with this tattoo wants to meet her Mr. Right.Lined Poppy On Shoulder
  21. This absolutely gorgeous piece of a watercolor poppy tattoo is on the half sleeve. Poppies are very vivid and additional details are monochrome butterflies. In Germany, butterflies imply the emergence of a new life and poppies signify a new spiritual path, so this tac says about a turning point in a human life, which has caused favorable changes.Big Poppy Inked Flower
  22. The wreath of red poppies is observed on the shoulder and the tattoo looks very feminine. In French culture, poppies were mandatory attributes of angels, so people, who wear this design, show that their soul and thoughts are pure. This tattoo illustrates the French idea.Poppy Flowers On Shoulder
  23. This appealing tat on the half sleeve displays red poppies together with colorful wildflowers, the picture is holistic. Wildflowers mean enjoyment of life and positive and poppies indicate a some kind of the detachment from the society, thus, a source of happiness for the person is the whole world, and the joy for him is not specific things and people.Big Poppy Flowers With Colored Background
  24. In the whole world, poppies are connected with sadness and mourning as they have become a famous emblem of a remembrance of war heroes. Here small red poppies surround the ribbon with an inscription about the necessity to remember and the idea of this ink is that the memory of deceased people always lives in hearts of the living.Poppy Flowers With Named Strips
  25. The half sleeve is decorated with an exceptional combination of a red poppy, a yellow lily, and a hummingbird, all three elements of the tac are depicted on the black background. Ancient Maya endowed them with the same meaning – love, so this complex pattern is about a strong love.Poppy Flower With Birds
  26. The lower half sleeve here is adorned with a wonderful tattoo, which is done in a new school style, it demonstrates a tearful eye and an orange and red poppy, the pattern is unusual but very beautiful. Poppy tattoos carry the signification of tragic events and even death, in this case, in conjunction with the eye, this tattoo can be made to express a longing for a loved one.Poppy Flower With Eye
  27. This alluring poppy vine descends from the shoulder to the half sleeve and definitely this tattoo is feminine. This ink emits positive energy and probably it can be about a mutual love, which connects the owner with her second half.Poppy Flower With Branch
  28. This vibrant figure extends from the chest to the half sleeve, these red poppies are definitely eye-catching. In ancient times, poppies had an exceptionally positive value, they denoted happiness and fertility and embodied life as an eternal holiday. So, this tight ink has a favorable denotation.Lot Of Red Poppy Flowers
  29. These two red poppies are depicted in a colorful blue and black background tones and adorn the lower half sleeve. In Chinese culture, poppies are connected with the romantic relationship and they can spell out the idea either of a total harmony or an indolence. This dope tattoo may illustrate one of the mentioned ideas.Red Poppy Flower With Violet Center And Background
  30. This single poppy on the shoulder looks beautiful, colors interact perfectly with each other. A major denotation of a poppy tattoo is solitude but in its good sense as it implies and a person feels comfortable without any company. Thus, this denotation is revealed in this tac.Big Poppy Flower With Violet Flower
  31. This watercolor ink on the half sleeve looks unbelievable, the major pattern of poppies is black and blurred accents of purple, crimson, blue, yellow and green colors add lightness to the tattoo. Perhaps, this ink indicates an isolation from the outside world and the flippant attitude to the problems.Poppy And Flowers On Shoulder
  32. These crimson poppies, done in a watercolor style, look awesome on the half sleeve. Ancient Egyptians have used poppies during burial ceremonies and that is why the denotation of a poppy tattoo correlates with demise due to the vivid red or crimson colors, which remind of the blood. So, this tattoo may carry an unfavorable signification.Poppy Flower With Blue toned Background
  33. This dope tattoo on the half sleeve represents red poppies with a blue butterfly, and a green and blue hummingbird, which is flying over flowers. In Central America, the hummingbird embodied souls of lovers, and poppies were a symbol of harmony, as for a butterfly, it meant love for life. Thus, this tattoo says about the absolute happiness of the owner and a complete satisfaction with life.Bird And Butterfly With Poppy Flower
  34. This poppy on a lower half sleeve looks a little bit gloomy, however, it has been performed professionally. In many cultures, a poppy is a remembrance of dead people, so this tac may be done as a tribute to a deceased relative or a close friend.Poppy Flower On The Dark Background
  35. This gorgeous red poppy on the shoulder, surrounded by little flowers, is awe-inspiring. Since olden times, the poppy was a female symbol, it brought good luck to the woman, who wore this design. In this case, this ink is a talisman, which attracts love and protects the owner from the disappointment in a relationship.Poppy And Yellow Flowers On Shoulder
  36. This black and red tattoo on the lower half sleeve depicts two poppies, a clock and a chain with a cross and the army badges. The poppy image has a patriotic tone, as it was the personification of brave soldiers, who have been killed on the battlefield. This ink illustrates this idea, moreover, the clock here may indicate the time of death of a person, to whom this tattoo is dedicated.Poppy Flower With Clock
  37. This burgundy poppies are visible on the shoulder and on the part of the chest. This vibrant tat discloses Roman traditions, in which the poppy was considered as a sign of relief from emotional and physical pain, so this tattoo helps a person to forget about unpleasant moments.Two Poppy Flowers
  38. This dope ink on the half sleeve shows a gray clock, which is surrounded by red poppies, this combination is quite sought-after. The tattoo of a clock indicates perpetual motion of life and poppies here denote one of the periods in life – death. This tattoo expresses a philosophical attitude towards life of this person.Poppy Flowers With Clock
  39. This bodacious ink is on the shoulder, it represents a bouquet of diverse flowers, in the center of which there is a red poppy and other florets of purple, yellow and white colors complement the overall picture. Here the poppy emphasizes the femininity, tenderness and sensuality of the owner and shows her adventurous nature.Poppy and Violet With Orange Flower
  40. A fully opened yellow poppy with a green vine is wrapped around the shoulder. In Greek myths, the poppy was the sign of Morpheus, who has lived in his own world of dreams and fantasies. Thus, this tattoo may indicate a person, who lives in a world of illusions, perhaps she is too dreamy and romantic.Orange Poppy Flower On Shoulder
  41. These pale red poppies are on the shoulder, a hand is holding their stems, which are on the half sleeve. Poppies, for many nations, denote fate and tragic changes in life, so, this ink supports this idea and the hand means that each person builds his own life with his hands.Poppy Flowers In Hand
  42. Many superstitious people associate a crow with a bad omen, so it is a fugitive, so that the image of a raven became a symbol of human rogue, and poppies have always meant the detachment and loneliness. Thus, this tattoo on the half sleeve represents a raven, which is surrounded by red poppies, and the design suggests that perhaps the person with this tattoo was ostracized.A lot Of Poppy Flowers With Crown
  43. This brilliant tattoo covers the part of the back, the shoulder and the half sleeve and it depicts a bright poppy on the shoulder and coneflowers. In Hinduism, the poppy is associated with the Muladhara, it is the primary chakra of a red color, which is responsible for safety and health. In this case, a poppy image may indicate that the person complies with the balance between all spheres of life, she has a mental harmony.Poppy Flowers With Violet Flower
  44. This complex pattern, which incorporates images of red poppies, huge bumblebees and little purple flowers, is visible on the half sleeve. In some Roman tales, a poppy is a sign of the victory over fears and the bumblebee indicates self-confidence and honesty, so despite the outer loveliness, this tattoo spells out the idea of a potent personality.Poppy Flower With Leave and Violet Flower
  45. This masterpiece on the half sleeve is breathtaking, it shows trees, depicted in golden, black and red tones, it looks as if an artist has depicted the autumn and red poppies are also visible. Perhaps, this tattoo says about the end of life or the completion of an important stage for a human with this tattoo.Poppy Flower On Tree And Sky Background
  46. The shoulder here is embellished with red poppies, on the edge of the tattoo there is a daisy and a little blue flower. In Slavic culture, buds of this flower has been connected with church domes and people said that these a person’s head was as light as the domes. So, this ink says about an intelligent person.Poppy Flower With Blue And White Flowers
  47. A tattoo of poppies in a combination with a raven was one of the tribal tattoos in ancient times, warriors wore this design when the tribal shaman died, so it was a symbol of sorrow. Here, a tattoo of two red poppies with a black raven with open wings can indicate a person, who suffered the pain of loss.Crown And Poppy Flower
  48. More and more people use the traditional pattern in creative interpretations, and as the result, the tattoo in a new school style always draws attention. Here, an amazing tattoo on the half sleeve represents a woman, done in black and white colors with poppies instead of her eyes. Definitely, this dope ink says about an extraordinary personality, who has a peculiar worldview.The Girl With Poppy Eyes
  49. This vivid poppy on the shoulder together with an inscription: “Shake me down” on the chest looks nice. In many cultures, a poppy indicates a turning point in a human life, perhaps, a tragic event that made him rethink values. This idea is traced in this wonderful tattoo.Poppy Flowers With Text
  50. This tight neo-traditional tattoo is observed on the half sleeve, such unusual elements as a bee with a red skull instead of the face and honeycombs looks organic with the major image. In many cultures, a bee is connected with motherhood, but here a red skull is on it, so the bee may be a sign of unsuccessful family life and poppies here are the symbol of sadness.Poppy Flower And Bee
  51. Here is a dope tattoo of two red poppies, one of them is on the shoulder and a smaller flower is on the chest. They look alluring and they are depicted on diverse parts of the body, but they are connected by a green stem, so this picture may be about two lovers, who are united by invisible ties.Two Poppy Flower
  52. This tribal poppy on the shoulder is very stylish and a black color always looks advantageous on a pale skin. A poppy has always been a symbol of a person, who has never been oppressed by loneliness, on the contrary, he reluctantly agrees with new people and prefers the company of himself or only close relatives.Poppy Flower On Shoulder
  53. This vibrant crimson poppy on the shoulder looks awesome. Despite many unfavorable denotations, a poppy is often regarded as a lucky charm from a series of misfortunes and for females, it signifies the protection of woman’s happiness. So, this tac is a talisman for the owner.Poppy Flower

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