Alluring Poppy Tattoos on the Leg and the Hip

  1. These vibrant red poppies are visible on legs, the placement is very unusual, but the pattern emphasizes the elegance of woman’s legs. Many people reckon that poppies are only female symbols, they indicate woman’s fertility and tenderness, so this idea can be revealed in this dope tattoo.bright red poppies on 2 legs
  2. A magnificent tattoo on the leg displays blue poppies with red little flowers, this coloring is uncommon for poppies, but the picture looks appealing. A blue color has a favorable effect on people, it denotes spiritual balance and harmony, moreover, in Christianity, the blue color is the color of purity and innocence and poppies for Christians signify the sacrifice of Christ. Thus, this ink might have a religious meaning.a large branch with blue poppies on the leg below the knee
  3. This magnificent design extends over the female hip and it represents a black raven and red poppies, they look organic together. For ancient Greeks, this bird indicated prosperity and longevity and poppies also were indicators of a long life since in nature they can bloom for a long period of time. Hence, Greek traditions may be traced in this tight raven and red poppies over female hip
  4. These pale pink poppies extend along legs and look very sexy. Many nations associated poppies with strong female energy and attractiveness, a poppy image was a lucky mascot, which helped a woman to find her Mr. Right. Hence, this ink may serve as a lucky charm for the owner, who seeks love.pale pink poppies extend along legs
  5. This stunning watercolor ink incorporates several elements: two red poppies together with an inscription in the German language, which states that memories are immortal, blurred black accents add inscrutability to the tattoo. Nowadays, a poppy image is a customary sign of mourning in honor of all those, who died during World Wars, and an inscription with the flowers suggests that a person remembers the feat of the soldiers and the victory over fascism.two red poppies together with an inscription in the German language
  6. A woman’s hip here is adorned with a gorgeous combination of a red and orange poppy and a delicate butterfly, which is sitting on the floret. In Japan, the butterfly and a poppy signify feminine grace, ease, openness, and romanticism, so, obviously, this dope ink discloses Japanese traditions and it is worn by a sensitive womanred and orange poppy and butterfly tattoo on leg
  7. This watercolor tac on a beautiful hip displays a poppy, done in pink and orange colors and blurred blue and pink accents are near the bud. In Greece, a flower helped young girls to measure the strength of the love of her lover and his loyalty, so this tattoo can be a kind of a reminder of strong affection of a woman’s belovedpink and orange poppy with blurred blue and pink accents on a beautiful hip
  8. Vivid red poppies on the lower leg with the ribbon, on which an inscription: “Forever gone, never forgotten” are visible, they look fantastic. In this case, the signification of this dope ink is clear – it is about a person, who honors and remembers the feat of the people who defended their homeland and died in the red poppies and ribbon with inscription on the lower leg
  9. In Africa, elephants are revered animals since they indicate power, loyalty, wisdom, longevity and poppies signify immortality. In this case, the gray elephant and red poppies on the woman’s hip look just amazing and they speak about a willed person, who is dedicated to her high ideals.9 amazing gray elephant and red poppies on the woman hip
  10. In Great Britain, poppy images are worn by all people on the Remembrance Day for all those, who died during the Second World War and a poppy is a symbol of an unbroken connection with the previous generation. Here a tattoo on the leg shows a shadow of a person and planes in the sky, at the bottom there are red poppies and this tac illustrates the above-named idea.shadow of a person and planes in the sky with red poppies tattoo on the leg
  11. Wonderful orange poppies adorn the lower leg and the pattern here looks very feminine. In French culture, poppies were mandatory attributes of angels, so these flowers have only a positive meaning – they denote love, happiness, joy and spiritual harmony. Thus, French traditions are revealed in this ink.11 picturesque orange poppies on girl leg
  12. This little watercolor poppy is observed on the lower leg, the bud of the flower is red and orange. Since olden times, a poppy was associated with the eternal sleep since poppy seeds in large quantities can lead to death. Hence, this great tattoo may be a sign of human’s love and attachment to the person, who is no longer alive.little cartoon red orange poppy on lower leg
  13. The hip here is embellished with an absolutely gorgeous poppy tattoo, performed in a watercolor style. In ancient Greece, poppies were associated with the god of dreams, who sends a sleep on the ground every night. Thus, this ink may be an emblem of a dreamy person, who is often abstracted from problems.realistic dramatic red and black poppies on hip
  14. This awe-inspiring ink is wrapped around the lower leg and it represents red poppies and other elements of the tat are monochrome: the skull, roses and graves with crosses. The denotation of this tac is quite clear – the skull, graves, and gray roses indicate death and poppies signify the memory of deceased loved a skull on the ground surrounded by red poppies
  15. The elegant hip is adorned here with a stunning picture: red poppies on a black background, a green hummingbird and a butterfly, all these details create a holistic picture. Ancient Maya reckoned that souls of fallen soldiers turned into butterflies and they were flying over the battlefield, whereas a hummingbirds signified life for them and poppies were symbols of rebirth. So, the idea of the cyclicality of life is traced poppies and yellow butterfly on a black background on leg
  16. The lower leg here is embellished with a sad picture: a black soldier, who is standing near the grave and two red poppies are in the foreground and small flowers are in the background. Definitely, this tattoo shows owner’s respect and the memory of those, who have been killed in the world wars.shadow soldier at the grave and 2 red poppy
  17. This neo-traditional tattoo on the lower leg depicts a cat’s face with different eyes: one is blue and another is green, the cat is surrounded by red poppies. In Norway, the goddess Freya – a patron of lovers, was depicted on a chariot, which was drawn by cats, so cats are symbols of a happy marriage, love and family happiness, red poppies also mean love and loyalty. Thus, this tattoo says about a human, who has found his soul mate.face of cats with one eye is blue and another is green and is surrounded by red poppies
  18. The ankle here is decorated with a wonderful poppy image and a little swallow is observed above the flower. In ancient times, poppies signified love and romance and swallows were the symbols of warmth and homeliness. Thus, this tattoo illustrates the above-named idea and may be worn by a woman, who is the guardian of the family hearth. little red poppy with a swallow over him on ankle
  19. This lone poppy without a stem with a white and red flower bud is observed on the lower leg. Some people reckon that a poppy without the stem is a symbol of solitude of a human as a lifestyle, so a person feels completely comfortable alone. This idea is revealed in this great tattoo.half colored poppy flower on calf
  20. This tribal ink on the lower leg depicts poppies with long roots, some flowers are open and others are closed. In ancient times, a poppy image was associated with a strong bond between a person and his family on the one hand, and on the other hand, this pattern implied the death of the whole family. This ink may disclose one of the mentioned ideas. tattoo in the form of a herbarium poppy on calf
  21. The female hip here is adorned with a wonderful combination of red poppies and a blue bird, the tattoo is magnificent. Many people reckon that a bird is a sign of inner freedom and a self – expression and poppies signify creativity. Thus, this tattoo is worn by an extraordinary poppies with blue bird on them
  22. This memorial tattoo on the lower leg represents a monochrome image of a soldier and red poppies are at his feet. This tac looks impressive and obviously, this ink says about a person, who pays tribute to those, who died in the war.monochrome tattoo with soldier and red poppies on the lower leg
  23. This black and white poppy on a background, which looks like a lace, decorates the feminine hip. Perhaps, this ink doesn’t have a certain semantic loading, it just performs an aesthetic function and serves as the decoration of the feminine poppy on a beautiful ornament on female hip
  24. This old school tac on the lower leg shows a red poppy with a thick green stem, this pattern looks alluring. Since olden times, a poppy has become a symbol of death and infinite oblivion and this idea is traced in this tattoo.branch poppy with buds and open flowers
  25. Black and white poppies contrast great with the pale skin, this ink is placed on the lower leg and it looks appealing. The attraction of success in a career – is a distinctive property of the poppy according to Feng Shui, so it is believed that the poppy is capable of being a mascot and it can create a favorable atmosphere for the person for self-realization. Hence, this ink is a lucky talisman for the owner.minimalist silhouette black poppy on ankle
  26. This wonderful bouquet displays crimson poppies and the tattoo is visible on the delicate hip. In Greek mythology, poppies were favorite flowers of Hera – a wife of Zeus and a goddess of fertility, this goddess was highly revered by women, who wanted to become a mother. Hence, this tat is a lucky charm for the owner.many red poppies on green branches on hip
  27. In many cultures, a dog was the guardian at the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead, a black dog was the harbinger of death and poppies signified demise as an eternal sleep. In this case, the hip is embellished with the ink of a monochrome dog, surrounded by red poppies, this ink is done as a tribute to the deceased dog surrounded by red poppies on hip girl
  28. This feminine tattoo on the hip demonstrates a smoky snake with red poppies on a blurred orange background, this figure is definitely eye-catching. In ancient Greece, poppies in a combination with snakes indicated a female beginning and the mystery of a feminine nature. Hence, this ink discloses Greek traditions.winding snake around the poppy flower on hip
  29. This figure on the lower leg depicts a poppy with a red bud and a black cross is in the background, definitely, this ink carries a religious signification. For Christians, a poppy and a cross mean Christ’s sacrifice for the salvation of the mankind and this idea is illustrated in this tattoo.color tattoo with poppy and the Christian cross
  30. This great ink on the hip is done in a new school style, it shows a pretty girl, wearing a blue dress with a rainbow in a background and red poppies create a crescent. Despite the generally accepted unfavorable denotation of poppies, in this case, this ink says about a cheerful and optimistic personality.beautiful girl surrounded by poppies on a rainbow background on hip
  31. The lower leg here is embellished with a wonderful bouquet of red poppies together with a bee and an inscription: “Now they sleep”. In ancient times, poppies signified the end of life as eternal sleep and the inscription here may be a euphemism to the phrase:” They have died”, so this ink is about a tragic event in life.bunch of blue flowers and red poppies with a bee
  32. In Norway, the eagle symbolizes wisdom and in Slavic culture, poppies denote a highly intelligent person. Here a tat on the lower leg displays a smoky eagle, which is holding poppies in its clutches and in the background there are also red poppies. Thus, this ink is worn by an intelligent and developed person.gray eagle in the poppies
  33. This tattoo is done in a dot work style, the flower’s stem is black and the bud of the flower is red. Many people believe that the poppy image helps a person to gain confidence and become more purposeful and successful, so this tattoo can be a talisman for the owner.realistically painted red poppy tattoo
  34. The hip here is adorned with a gorgeous tattoo in neo-traditional style and represents two faces and a big crimson flower is between them. For many nations, poppies are the symbols of the short-term happiness, so this tattoo may be a sign of a bright and happy period in a human life, which, however, did not last long. two faces and a big crimson flower is between them on leg
  35. A dope ink of poppies of purple, crimson and orange colors is the adornment of the female hip. In ancient Greece, boys and girls used the poppy as a symbol of their love and in poppy fields they recited the oaths of fidelity. Thus, this tattoo may be the sign of a devoted and dedicated personality.a series of red, purple and magenta poppies on a leg
  36. This image of a red poppy is the embellishment of the lower leg, this ink looks very elegant. Perhaps, this ink doesn’t have a philosophical denotation and it just emphasizes the sexuality and the beauty of the owner.elegant red poppy flower on ankle
  37. These three gorgeous poppies adorn the female hip and initials are also visible here. Despite the apparent simplicity, this tattoo has a very deep signification, as poppy seeds can symbolize the human thoughts, which get into fertile ground and then they turn into great ideas and deeds. the person initials surrounded by poppies on a knee
  38. This vibrant ink on the graceful hip represents poppies with little pink flowers, two clocks of blue and purple colors and two butterflies, moreover, in a small font there are the name and the date, presumably, it is the date of death. The overall signification of the tattoo is made up of the denotation of several constituents: thus, clocks here imply the transience of a human life, butterflies and poppies embody the soul of a deceased person.composition of poppy flowers, branches, butterflies and chronometers on hip
  39. A stylish red poppy with an elegant green stem is the decoration of the ankle, this ink looks amazing. In this case, this flower indicates a vulnerable and fragile person outside, but with an iron rod inside.stylish red poppy with an elegant green stem on ankle
  40. This watercolor poppy tac on the lower leg is done in burgundy, pale pink, black and blue tones, this figure is eye-catching. For the Romans, poppies signified material wealth and spiritual harmony and this ink discloses Roman traditions.abstract illustration of chaotic lines and red poppy on calf
  41. This black and white ink on the hip demonstrates poppies, enclosed in a beautiful frame, the figure itself is marvelous. This tac says about a sensitive personality, who always wears her heart on the sleeve, that is why she can be very easily and white poppies in frame on leg
  42. This gorgeous pattern on the hip depicts a golden lion with a chain of red poppies and two white feathers on its head, this tattoo is extremely appealing. In Asia, people always wear the lion image in memory of the deceased relatives, and the generally accepted meaning of poppies is death and sadness, so this tattoo can be done in memory of a departed close person.detailed head of lion in profile with feathers at the bottom and poppies
  43. This little red poppy on the ankle looks very cute. Probably, this dope ink emphasizes a woman’s beauty and it can be a lucky charm, which attracts love and happiness into a person’s life.small symmetrical poppy on ankle
  44. A wonderful monochrome ink, which displays a mythical animal a unicorn with beautiful poppies at the bottom, covers the whole hip. In ancient times, the unicorn embodied the purity, innocence and chastity and poppies were about a sensitive and a magnanimous personality. So, this tattoo discloses the mentioned ideas.wonderful monochrome unicorn over poppies on hip
  45. This elegant red poppy decorates the girlish hip and the pattern itself is stunning. The poppy is an attribute of Juno, who was a goddess of fertility and matrimony, so this tight tattoo for a person is a lucky talisman, which attracts luck.elegant red poppy turns into a legend on girlish hip
  46. This elegant poppy tattoo on the lower leg is monochrome and around the buds there are red blurred accents, this ink looks very stylish. These flowers are fully opened and they indicate a desire of a person to stand out and to express her energy and might.monochrome poppies on a red background vague
  47. This gorgeous tac on the thigh looks like a baroque style, here these ornate lines look pretentiously, but at the same time, the poppy looks gorgeous on the background of this black pattern. Perhaps, this tac indicates a person with an aesthetic and white leaves and red poppy in the center on leg
  48. An attractive watercolor ink on the lower leg displays two colorful poppies, definitely, this tac is eye-catching. Some people believe that passive people with a low self-esteem wear poppy tattoos since they assume that this tattoo gives positive energy and helps a person to become more sociable and energetic. Hence, this tat illustrates the above-named idea.stylish watercolor two poppy on a girls shin
  49. The hip here is decorated with a dope ink, which shows bright red poppies in a brown vase, this pattern is lovely and emphasizes the elegance of the hip. Many nations compare the youth with a sweet dream, which is both beautiful and fleeting, so this tac reveals the mentioned idea.bouquet of poppies in a vase on leg
  50. This black and white tat is observed on the lower leg, poppies are performed very realistically and look truly amazing. A poppy is a mysterious flower, which is full of mysteries that cannot be unraveled, so this tattoo says about the person, for whom the self-improvement and self-development in life are paramount.realistically black and white poppies tattoo on the lower leg