Awe-Inspiring Poppy Tattoos On The Back And The Side

  1. The side of the female body here is embellished with a stunning bouquet, which consists of red poppies and wildflowers. This pattern is very feminine, bright colors of the figure contrast with the pale skin. So, this ink speaks about the fragility and femininity of the owner.Orange Poppy Tattooo On Back
  2. This gorgeous tattoo, which depicts a red poppy with the image of an elderly man in a military uniform, who plays the trumpet, is on the side. In a contemporary world, the poppy tattoo is worn in honor of all heroes, who have died in both world wars, so definitely, this pattern is a memorial tattoo.Poppy Flower With Photographier
  3. These stunning poppies with elegant thin black stems are on the back. In England, poppies were called a blind blow and a weak head, since the bright color of these flowers can dazzle, and a concentrated smell of flowers can cause headaches, so this pattern may indicate that an appearance is deceiving and that sometimes a pretty appearance does not guarantee a good and kind nature.Three Orange Poppy Flowers
  4. The back here is embellished with a gorgeous figure of red poppies, green leaves of flowers perfectly interact with the buds. In many cultures, a blossoming poppy is a sign of the unfading youth and a feminine charm, so this ink is worn by a tender lady, who wants to emphasize her beauty and sexuality.Poppy Flowers With Stem
  5. Poppies on the elegant back here are combined with little blue flowers, which extend from the back to the side, the whole pattern is alluring. The ancient Romans sacrificed poppy flowers to a ghostly creature, which protected children from accidents and disease, so later the poppy was associated with a protective amulet. In this case, this tac may serve as a lucky charm, which is designed to bring good luck to the owner.Poppy Flowers With Blue Flower On Back
  6. These elegant red poppies with a beetle on the leaves adorn the female back and looks fantastic. This tattoo carries a sacral denotation as in ancient Egypt, poppies in a combination with insects signified immortality, rebirth, and a new life. Hence, this dope tattoo discloses Egyptian traditions and indicates a woman, who looks forward to the implementation of far-reaching plans.Two Poppy Buttons On The Back
  7. This absolutely gorgeous piece of a floral tattoo is performed in a neo-traditional style and represents a monochrome camera on the lower back, from which grows a black and white vine together with burgundy poppies and little black butterflies complement the overall picture. In many cultures, poppies have been associated with the execution of desires and the achievement of objectives, so this tat says that the dream of a person is somehow connected with a photo and it came true.Poppy Flower From Camera Objective
  8. This absolutely dazzling watercolor tattoo covers the whole back, various bright colors attract the eye, this tattoo depicts orange-red poppies and a dragonfly, fuzzy accents of blue, purple and green colors make the picture holistic. In Scandinavian mythology, the dragonfly was a mediator between the world of the dead and living people and poppies were a symbol of death, so in spite of the colorfulness of the pattern, the denotation of this tat is unfavorable.Poppy Flower In Different Colors And With Animals
  9. This awe-inspiring figure of red poppies on a blurred turquoise background is observed on the back. In Christianity, poppies symbolize the suffering of Christ and self-sacrifice, so this tattoo says about a selfless person, who always helps others.Poppy Flower With Green Background
  10. The back here is embellished with a vibrant tac, which displays red poppies and pale pink peonies. Poppies are the symbol of a selfless heroism that demonstrated courageous soldiers during the world wars and a peony in Japan serve as symbols of courage, risk and the lack of fear of death. Thus, this picture is an emblem of a fearless human, who often runs the risk and wins.Poppy And Another Flowers In Color
  11. This absolutely stunning ink on the back shows red poppies at the top of the tattoo and a yellow rose in the center of the pattern. For many nations, a yellow rose is a sign of a separation and poppies can be a sign of the loss. So, perhaps, a person with this ink has experienced pain and separation from a loved one.Poppy Flower With Yellow Flower
  12. This watercolor tramp stamp tattoo looks amazing, poppies are done in pink, black and orange tones. In Buddhist legends, a poppy grew up on the spot, which touched Buddha’s lashes, so the poppy is associated with peace and harmony. Hence, this ink is worn by a person, who has found inner harmony and balance.Poppy Flowers With Inks On Back
  13. These delicate red poppies on the side of the body look fantastic. In Greek mythology, Persephone was depicted together with poppies and they symbolized fertility. Thus, this dope ink is worn by a person, who has a prosperous life.Poppy Flower On The Bottom
  14. This tribal poppy with a word “Delicate” embellishes a girlish back and looks very stylish. This tac says about a vulnerable person, who wears a heart on the sleeve, but it doesn’t mean that this person is a loser, she just has a sweet disposition.Poppy Flower In Black Color With Words On The Back
  15. This gorgeous watercolor tac covers the whole back and displays a bird with spread wings, the coloring of the bird is done in pink, purple, orange and blue colors and the poppy is performed in black, orange, purple and pink tones. This ornament says about the freedom of the person, who wears this tattoo in love, in career, and in a self-expression.Poppy Flower With Bird
  16. This zero cool tattoo on the back consists of diverse constituents: the sun, done in black and red colors, are at the top of the ink, a red heart with a keyhole and red poppies make the picture holistic. The sun in many world cultures is the sign of light, which signifies the emergence of a new life, the heart here is an indicator of life force and here denote the end of a life cycle.Poppy Flower With Heart And Sun
  17. Many nations reckon that a poppy was the sign of a strong feminine energy and it helped women to attract men and since olden times, a lavender has long been a powerful aphrodisiac. Hence, this tac may be a lucky mascot for a person, who seeks personal happiness.Poppy Flower With Violet Flower Stem
  18. This watercolor tac on the back depicts five poppies: three of them are red, and other two are black, moreover, two names are visible next to flowers. Ancient nations portrayed the god of the underworld with a cloak of poppies, so later these flowers became a symbol of oblivion. Therefore, this tattoo can be designed to alleviate the emotional pain of losing loved ones, maybe their names are written on the back.Big Poppy Flower With Black Flower On the Back
  19. This extremely vibrant tac on the back displays two beautiful owls with orange poppies on a green background. Definitely, this ink reveals Slavic traditions, in which owls were the embodiment of highly intelligent people and the poppy for Slavs has been associated with a wise person. Obviously, this ink is worn by an intelligent, and spiritually developed human.Hot Orange Poppy Flower With Owl
  20. This tramp stamp dope tattoo on a female body looks magnificent, it depicts a poppy, which is enclosed in a triangle, the part of the flower inside the geometric figure is red and outside the triangle flower petals have black borders. For women the triangle means life, which consists of three stages: girlhood, motherhood and an old age, the same denotation has the poppy image. Thus, this tac is about the cyclical nature of life.Poppy Flower In Triangle
  21. This absolutely gorgeous ink covers the whole back, on the right at the top there is a red poppy and on the left on the lower back another poppy is visible, these flowers are connected by a black beautiful figure. Definitely, this ink expresses woman’s energy and emphasizes her attractiveness.Popppy Flower With Black Strips
  22. The side of a female body is embellished with a dope tattoo, which represents a coyote skull, surrounded by California poppies and the fern. The skull here denotes death and the signification of the fern and the poppy tattoo coincide, they both indicate loneliness, detachment, and sadness, so the overall signification of this ink is unfavorable.Poppy Flower With Animal Skull
  23. This tribal tight ink on the back displays a couple, perhaps, they are in love since they are kissing and above them there are poppies. Many people assume that the poppy tattoo has mighty romantic energy and it denotes love and loyalty. Probably, this tattoo says that a person has a harmonious relationship.Scene With Poppy Flowers On The Back
  24. This awesome ink in a watercolor style on the feminine side displays red poppies with the text on a black background. The quote says about the person’s necessity to follow only his intuition and to go only his own way and the poppy says about the human commitment.Words With Poppy Flowers
  25. This absolutely gorgeous watercolor poppy tattoo covers the whole back, the flower’s bud is done in red, orange and burgundy colors. This ink is very feminine and this floret here may symbolize love and loyalty of the owner to her second half.Big Poppy Flower In Multicolor Style
  26. This vibrant tac on the back is awe-inspiring, it depicts two smoky dogs with a red poppy between them on the background of a poppy field, on the right there is a gray moon and the sky behind dogs is done in orange and purple tones. Dogs indicate boundless loyalty and devotion, poppies are the symbol of sorrow and mourning, so this ink may denote eternal devotion and memory of the person, who is no longer alive.Two Dogs On The Poppy Flower Field
  27. This awesome watercolor poppy decorates the back and looks fantastic. In many cultures, the poppy is a talisman against the evil eye and it protected from the misfortune. So, this tac may be a lucky mascot for the owner of the tattoo.Poppy Flower On The Back
  28. This tight ink extends over the girlish back from the left shoulder to the neck, the pattern is performed in black and red colors, this classic combination looks awesome. For early Christians, a poppy was a sign of indifference to everything, so this tattoo can signify an apathetic person – a melancholic.A Lot Of Poppy Flowers On The Back
  29. The side is adorned with a dope tat, which is done in a realistic style, it demonstrates a smoky cat with green eyes and a red poppy is under the cat. The value of the cat tac is many-sided, but mainly the cat figure says about  independence and freedom, poppies also speak about loneliness, but for a human this loneliness is not oppressive.Cat Face With Green Eyes And Poppy Flower
  30. In Hindu mythology, a serpent was regarded as the ancestor of all living, it meant a rebirth since it has an ability to dump the skin and to get a new one. Thus, this black and white tattoo shows a snake with a poppy, and this pattern is the symbol of a moral regeneration.Snake On The Poppy Flower
  31. This awesome tattoo on the side of the body displays red poppies, which are in great contrast with the green leaves and the overall picture is attractive. In Provence, poppies are signs of the angels, in ancient times, during the celebrations poppies were thrown under the feet of the priests. Thus, this ink is a sign of a soft-hearted personality.Poppy Flower On The Back With Green stem And Leaves
  32. This dope tac on the side depicts two red poppies, a shell, and two spikes, the picture is gorgeous. In many cultures, the shell was a talisman, since it protected the owner and poppies were lucky charms. So, the value of this ink is clear – this pattern protects the owner from the misfortune.Poppy Flower With Wheat And Shell
  33. The female side is embellished with a tac, done in a neo-traditional style. The figure here depicts a monochrome hand, which is holding a lone poppy. The pattern here implies that a person is a loner in his life and believes only in himself.The Hand With Poppy Flower
  34. In Rome, poppy flowers decorated temples and it was a talisman of shrines, cat pictures also adorned the temples and they expressed peace and tranquility. Here a vibrant tattoo, which demonstrates two smoky cats, surrounded by red poppies, decorates the side and this great ink is about the inner balance of a person.Two Cats In The Poppy Flowers
  35. This extravagant ink on the side demonstrates four flowers: two smoky roses and one red poppy are in the center and a monochrome poppy is at the bottom, a ribbon is an additional element of the tattoo. For many nations, a poppy is a sign of love and roses indicate that love is impossible without sacrifice. Hence, this ink spells out the idea of a tragic love.One Colored Poppy Flower In Lot Of Black Flowers
  36. This great tattoo on the side demonstrates a gorgeous fusion of crimson poppies and a gray anchor. The overall signification of this ink is favorable as it serves as a symbol of duality and harmony between a man and a woman.Poppy Flowers With A Bird
  37. Ancient Greeks have associated poppies with Morpheus – the god of dreams, who lived apart from the other gods. Thus, this tramp stamp ink, which shows red poppies, says about the aspiration of a person to escape from the problems and reduce the emotional anxiety.Three Poppy Flower On The Back
  38. A generally accepted denotation of poppies is the remembrance of all those people, who have been killed in both World Wars. The side here is adorned with a poppy image and inscription: “Always Poppy” and the date, perhaps, this tat was made in honor of a deceased relative.Poppy Flower With Words on The Back
  39. This awesome ink on the side depicts two vivid red poppies in a combination with gray daffodils. In Greek mythology, a daffodil except vanity denoted death, since this plant withers quite suddenly, as for the poppy, it was a symbol of demise and mourning. Hence, this tattoo may be a tribute to a deceased person.Poppy Flower With Uncolored Poppy Flower
  40. This stunning ink extend along the spine and it is eye-catching, since it depicts a vine of crimson poppies together with smoky swallows and little butterflies. This ink carries a very symbolic meaning as in Christianity, swallows were the symbols of resurrection and a new start and poppies signified death. Therefore, this tattoo indicates a philosophical attitude towards life and the belief that after every end comes a new beginning.Poppy Flowers With Hyeroglyphs And Birds On The Back
  41. These orange poppies look unbelievable on the elegant side. The poppy tattoo is peculiar and each individual invests in the poppy design his own sense, so this ink, perhaps, speaks about charm, warmth and femininity of the owner.Poppy Flowers On The Bottom
  42. The side is decorated with a stunning ink, which represents a bright red poppy and a bird with spread wings is displayed above the flower. Some tales state that when a person dies, the bird accompanies the soul of the deceased into the world of the dead and poppies embodied demise as eternal sleep. Hence, this dope ink denotes that the owner of the tattoo has lost a very close person.Red Bird With Big Poppy Flower
  43. This tac on the back is a masterpiece, it depicts the Virgin Mary with a white cross on a blue background and she stands in front of the monument, which is a tube, on which there is a hat and boots stand, below the monument bright red poppies are located. Since olden times, people believed that poppies grew on the place of the bloodshed and they prayed for souls of dead warriors, so this ink may be a tribute to all those, who have died during the war.Poppy Flower With The Saint On The Background
  44. Crimson poppies together with a black cross on a chain adorn the side and definitely, this tac carries a religious denotation. In Christianity, poppies symbolized a dream in which plunged the Saviour before the resurrection, a cross means rebirth through suffering and death, so this tattoo illustrates above-named ideas.Poppy Flowers With Butterfly On The Bottom
  45. This cool tattoo on the side displays a gray star, surrounded by the figure of poppies, done in a watercolor style. In ancient times, the image of a star wore only shamans and priests, because it was thought that the star gave supernatural powers, and poppies also were considered magical flowers, which helped a person to visit the world of spirits. Perhaps, this tattoo is a symbol of a person with the gift of foresight.Poppy Flowers In Watercolor Style And With Mark
  46. This vivid tattoo on the back demonstrates soldiers, who are in the trenches during the war, in the distance there is the smoke and the barbed mesh might be observed, in the right corner of the tattoo, there is a red poppy. This tattoo says that a person remembers and honors all humans, who have died in the name of peace in the war.War Scene With Poppy Flower
  47. A delicate pattern of red poppies and their petals is observed on the feminine back. For many nations, poppies denoted solitude, so this bright figure may say that this woman is lonely and she hasn’t found her love yet.Poppy Flower With Blue Effect
  48. These stunning crimson poppies cover the lower back and the part of the side. Probably, this ink doesn’t tattoo bear a philosophical value, it just serves as a magnificent decoration, which helps a woman to emphasize her beauty.Poppy Flower With Slim Stem
  49. This filigree tattoo on the girlish back displays a golden crescent, inside of which there is an orange poppy. For some people, the crescent was the symbol of new life, and poppies embodied death as an eternal sleep, so this tattoo says about the life balance.Orange Poppy Flower On The Back
  50. This tattoo on the back demonstrates a sad picture – two soldiers stand at the graves, in the center of the tattoo is a red poppy and little poppies are located on the edges of the tattoo. This tac is very symbolic, as it expresses the idea of humanism and this picture is the caution that the world wars left an indelible mark on the history of mankind and the sacrifices of fallen soldiers should not be wasted and that people should live in peace.Poppy Flower With Picture Of War

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