Peony Flower Tattoo Designs with Meanings

The floral-themed tattooing rides high coeval. The bloom of the blossoms has been forevermore flipped over the humans, preeminently females. The peony is appraised as the challenger of the flower dominion. This creature has merited a paramount position among its confreres.
Peony beautification speaks volumes. It’s a decent appraisal for the tat enthusiasts. It’d become an eye-opener for those who is scanning for truly super-duper tits with subtle figurative connotation. The purport of the peony is that of plenteousness and loftiness, godsend and opulence. The red shade peony is the prevalent sample of the tats of this cast. Howbeit other color scales are met. The most persistently used inks are orange, blue, purple and green. Ofttimes, the peony artworks are integrated with those of dragon or lion. The ink slinger can tat up the peony in any technic – Trash Polka, realistic, American Traditional, etc.
The Peony encompasses rather a discerning backstory. The prime mentioning of this flower has hailed from the 2000s B.C. It’s got its namesake from the hoary deity Paeon. Heretofore, the paeon tats used to be exceptionally masculine ones. They emblematize the yang nature in the oriental culture. Some paces can be spotted in the antediluvian Japanese legends. The Peony alongside with the Lion synthesizes the so-called Karajishi. Nonetheless, up to date, the peonies have lost the bulkier part of their mythological derivation.
The peony inks are shooting out in specie among Mandarin and Japanese tattoo admirers. In Japan, the flower is called botan. Peonies tits are widely spread amid Geishas and Samurai, too. In the Asian lands, the peony epitomizes spring and womanish grace. It’s also a conceit of the ecstatic coupling. By the same token, it stands for pretension, bravery, and empathy. As for the European locales, the botans are named thornless roses there. On occasion, the peony is even correlated to the immaculate Virgin Mary. In India, this awesome blossom is decoded in quite a weird way. It’s a sample of awkwardness and pridefulness there.
Like any flower ornament, the tacced on peony can be a flounce of all parts of the body. The humdrum places are actually sleeves, back or ribs. But been needled even behind an ear, the peony tats just blow away.

The Head-Turning Peony Thigh Tattoos

1. Triple Peony Tat

It’s perhaps one of the most striking peony thigh tits. Notwithstanding of been needled in Black and Grey technique, the tat is ace, isn’t it??? All the traits are tacced on with an exceptional skillfulness and truthfulness.
Triple Peony Tat

2. The Peony Bouquet

The peony bouquet on the thigh of a young looker is really banging. Howbeit this devotion tatt is to highlight the innocence of the female creature, it’s really hottie.
The Peony Bouquet

3. Head-turning Thigh Peony Tattoo

The allurement of the girl’s thigh is masterfully underlined with a peony tatt. The illimitable trivia amalgamate into a sublime consent.
Head-turning Thigh Peony Tattoo

4. A Hued Peony Tattoo

A flaming peony on the womanish thigh is always thought-provoking. It resembles the flowering of the vernal equinox. The tatt is grinded rather righteous and it evokes a desire to converge a flower.
A Hued Peony Tattoo

5. Leg Sleeve Peony Tattoo

The canvas of the tit is a real carving connoisseur. A mishmash of crepe and rosewood peonies is incomparable. The bigness and realism of the artwork are also astonishing.
Leg Sleeve Peony Tattoo

6. Mandala-Like Peony Tattoo

This thigh peony tatt is really staggering. The ruse is that it could be mistaken for mandala carving. The elusive draft is a real treasure trove for the lovers of geometric and floral inks.
Mandala-Like Peony Tattoo

7. The Peony Twists

These engraved peony twins are really superlative. The color scheme is a little outdated. Howbeit the retro coloring makes a tat look like a healed or a fresh one, it’s still quite engrossing.
The Peony Twists

8. The Radiant Botans

The peonies embody the exorbitance and triumph. This tit is a tenderfoot. The copious paintings of the flowers imitate the eternal prosperity of the tat’s possessor.
The Radiant Botans

9. The Peony Tattoo of Horror Beauty

The trinity of enchanting peonies with black petioles is hypnotic. Howbeit it’s carved with mono paint the artwork is eye-candy. The tattooing is needled on the woman’s thigh
The Peony Tattoo of Horror Beauty

10. Kaleidoscopic Peonies

The fantastic entity of flora and fauna makes a carving looks fabulous. The scrupulously traced contours alongside with rather a doctrinal color scheme highlight the grace of the tatt. Two peonies, sensitive and brutal, symbolize yin and yang conception.
Kaleidoscopic Peonies Tattoo

11. Exceptionally realistic peony tattoo

This peony trio is carved by crackerjack ink slinger. The flowers are awesome. They are lifelike owing to universal color scheme and prudently traced details.
Exceptionally realistic peony tattoo

12. Unearthly Beautiful Botans

This peony inking is an encompassment of the divine origin of the botans. These flamingo flowers are eye-catching, you can’t but savor them. The carving is just A-class with its soaring petals and flawlessly chosen shades.
Unearthly Beautiful Botans

13. Coral Thigh Peony Tatt

Rather phenomenal hue of the botan is one of the ways to express the ingenuity of its possessor. The tat is luminous and florid. The shapes are clear but fascinating.
Coral Thigh Peony Tatt

14. Drop-Dead Peony Tattoo

The grace of this peony tit is just killing. It’s a real masterstroke for the tattoo hunters. Half dismissed botan bud is eye-candy. The tat is counted on the beautiful representatives of the mankind.
Drop-Dead Peony Tattoo

15. The Volume Peony Thigh Tit

The negligent strokes make a tat very cute. Howbeit being one-hued, the carving is head-turning. Like the majority of the thigh tats, it’s preferentially womanish.
The Volume Peony Thigh Tit

16. Multi-hued Botan Thigh Tatt

One more sample of the symbiosis of the flora and fauna. An audacious amalgam of the intense paintings harmonizes with the union of the peony and snake. A butterfly is an auspicious attachment to the accord.
Multi-hued Botan Thigh Tatt

17. An Affable Crepe Tatt

The charming duet of the gentle peonies is a head-turning inking. An exciting realness is made by the meticulously tacced contours.
charming duet of the gentle peonies tat

18. Fairy Peony Tat

The peony buds look like in the flowerbed. It’s a wrapped up gem. The botans underscore the grace and tenderness of the females.
Fairy Peony Tat

19. Homochromatic Peony Tit

Howbeit the thigh peony tatt look like pencil made sketch, the full image is quite banging and thought-provoking. It’s engraved in the monohued scheme but it only accents the shapeliness of the womanish thigh.
Homochromatic Peony Tit

20. Blossom Peony Inking

You’ll become hyped when you see this tat. This artistic work is made by the ace tattooist, with no doubt. The botan just blows you away. Its bigness signifies the exorbitance and abundance.
Blossom Peony Inking

21. Horror Style Peony Tit

Being engraved with dim hues, the tat looks a little bit disheartening. Nonetheless, the accuracy of all dots is superlative. It’s a real tight.
Horror Style Peony Tit

22. 3-D Peony Thigh Tatt

This charming couple is hypnotic. You see nothing but only this ink. The foliage of the peony blossom is trembling. The violence of paints is really heart-stopping.
3-D Peony Thigh Tatt

23. The Radiant Peony Thigh Ink

The exactness of the ink slinger is of A- class. Howbeit the tat is engraved with a poor array of colors, the completeness of the perception is defected in no way. It’s a real tour de force.
The Radiant Peony Thigh Ink

24. The Grinding of the Tatt

It’s a kind of a body suit tat. The preeminent element of this artwork is peony as a denotation of the luxury. The nutty unity of hues, details and images indicate the ingenuity of both the skin and the tattooist.
The Grinding of the Tatt

25. A Monocolor Peony Thigh Tattoo

It’s a rather meticulous inking is riveting. It’s engraved in black and grey technique. The drooped bud of the botan indicates sadness. Such carving mirrors the inner state of the depressed individuals.
A Monocolor Peony Thigh Tattoo

26. The Hottie Peony Thigh Ink

The tat is a little bit cartoon-like cause of its humble traces. Nonetheless, the entire artwork is sensitive and foxy. The tatt reflects the fervent and playful character of its possessor.
The Hottie Peony Thigh Ink

27. Leg-sleeves Peony Tatt

The bewitching assembly of the quivering peonies and an exhausted old woman face leaves an indelible impression. The tit mirrors the fluency of our existence.
Leg-sleeves Peony Tatt

28. Detailed Black and Grey Botan Thigh Tatt

A rather accustomed assembly of three peony buds is very trendy to date. The depicted flowers are solid and spectacular. They symbolize the fruitfulness and eminence. The unblossomed bud stands for the yet unreached aims.
Detailed Black and Grey Peony Thigh Tatt

29. Splashy Peony Thigh Tat

Carved in an unusually realistic manner, the inking is breathtaking. It encompasses the 3-D effect that allows the artwork to absorb all the attention. The tat is good for the touchy and innovational persons.
Splashy Peony Thigh Tat

30. Provocative Peony Thigh Tatt

Black and grey tattooing is too hottie. The flowering bud of the peony symbolizes the beauty of the female. The endless traces allow reconnoitering the tit for hours.
Provocative Peony Thigh Tatt

31. The Voluminous Peony Tattoo

A real head turner will savor this tatt. It’s tacked on with light colors but the expressiveness of the work is bountiful. All the elements are accented and remarked. The tatt is a fully finished composition.
The Voluminous Peony Tattoo

32. Peony Blossom Tatt

The placement of the tatt is out-of –the—mill, it’s the thigh. The peculiarity of the artwork is that it’s carved in non-realistic manner. The botan is rather neoteric and eye-catching. It mirrors the creative nature of its posssessors.
Peony Blossom Tatt

The Heritage Of the Japanese Tattoo Slingers

1. Bona Fide Japanese Peony Tattoo

The massive back peony carving is really rousing. The amalgam of the blossom mortal allurement with the wild brawn of the lion accents the connotation of the tat – the rapport of Yin and Yan.
Bona Fide Japanese Peony Tattoo

2. Black and Grey Japanese Peony Tattoo

A magnificent two-colored inking depicts one of the most multiple-valued florets in the Japanese savoir-faire. Been engraved on the male shoulder, the tit delineates the strength and risky character of its possessor.
Black and Grey Japanese Peony Tattoo

3. A Vague Japanese Peony Tatt

The tatt seems to be tacced in a negligent manner. Nonetheless, it’s a conclusively refined artwork. The indistinct lineaments of the peony petioles make the fluttering effect. The placement of the tatt is sensuous. The upper back is a very lovable part of the body amid the ink-addicted.
A Vague Japanese Peony Tatt

4. An Affable Belly Botan Tit

The womanish belly is always mind-blowing. The multihued peony assemblage is really hottie and provocative. The pink and purple hues are quite inured for the peony Japanese tatts.
An Affable Belly Botan Tit

5. Sleeve Japanese Peony Tatt

The tatt exemplifies a mono-hued inking. The consonance is made with a steady graduation of black tincture. The sleeve carving is typically trendy amid the strong half of mankind, especially when it comes to Japanese botans.
Sleeve Japanese Peony Tatt

6. Half-Sleeve Japanese Peony Tat

The dulcet unity of the megacosm creatures shapes a fabulous Japanese-style inking. The ink slinger can tat it up both male and female. Howbeit been color needled the tat fits any individuality.
Half-Sleeve Japanese Peony Tat

7. Blade Japanese Botan Carving

The couple of fantastic botans forms a breathtaking tattoo. The amalgam of the gentle pink and ballet slipper colors is exciting. Howbeit the tat is gargantuan, it’s wonderful. It looks great on the female body.
Blade Japanese Botan Carving

8. The Indigo Irezumi Peony Tit

The blue color of all shades connotes the prosperity in the oriental culture. The botan flower actually does the same. The weird but astonishing tat represents its possessor’s desire to be rich and auspicious.The Indigo Irezumi Peony Tat

9. One Shade Japanese Botan Tat

The back one-hued tat is recondite. The copious details capture our attention and provoke the imagination. Been needled on the upper back and ribs, the tat is rather licentious.
One Shade Japanese Botan Tat

10. Taffy Japanese Botan Carving

The taffy peonies are strikingly radiant. The tat illustrates the constrained exemption. The symbolism is typical for the Japanese inking. The botans denote the liberation battlers.
Taffy Japanese Botan Carving

11. An Angelic Peony Tattoo

It’s a bright sample of the folk Japanese peony tit. The floret is a stamp of the flowering youth. The tat embodies the comeliness of the continuance.
An Angelic Peony Tattoo

12. An Awe-Inspiring Japanese Peony Tatt

A knee is a quite rare placement for the tits. The stain scheme is also celeb. The synthesis of light and dark hues embodies male and female natures. The tatt emphasizes an extraordinary character of its owner.
An Awe-Inspiring Japanese Peony Tat

13. Awesome Watercolor Botan Tatt

The amalgam of red and navy hues illustrates an accord of conflagration and aqua. The image is very gentle and fits utterly its female owner. Been needled on the shoulder, the tit only accents the voluptuousness of the woman.
Awesome Watercolor Botan Tatt

14. Doleful Botan Tat

The tribal peony tattoo is engraved on the shoulder. The hue scheme and half folded stalks make a little bit depressing impression. Nonetheless, the tat is a personification of the so-called sad beauty.
Doleful Botan Tat

15. Phenomenal Japanese Botan Masterpiece

It’s typical masculine Japanese peony tatt. It encompasses a wide parade of hues, lines, and traces. The entity of flora and fauna is also a grooved element of the oriental grinding. The whole concept highlights the brutality.
Phenomenal Japanese Botan Masterpiece

16. Kaleidoscopic Japanese Botans

The tit takes tenancy of the whole shoulder. All the vines are the divergent shades. The effigy symbolizes the exorbitance and plentitude.
Kaleidoscopic Japanese Botans

17. Foot Japanese Botan Inking

The foot is a rare deployment for the carvings. The tit is extremely saturated notwithstanding with its quite tiny proportions. All the traces are flawlessly engraved. The tit is a decent one.
Foot Japanese Botan Inking

18. A Horror Japanese Botan Tatt

One of the most stupefying and surprising tats you’ve ever met!!! The peonies are needled on the very head!!! The copious sets of details are impressing. Only very creative and strong personality can tac such tit on. It’s a radiant custom work.
A Horror Japanese Botan Tatt

19. Fanciful Japanese Botan Inking

The trio of tribal peonies is actually egregious. It’s needled on the upper back. The vines are not in their full blossom. They are half opened or half faded. The tat is thought-provoking; it gives a contingency to choose the most congruous interpretation
Fanciful Japanese Botan Inking

20. Half-Sleeve Japanese Botan Tit

The chaos of colors and silhouettes is really eye-candy. Amid all the strokes, the buds are hard to be identified. The tat embodies the conceit of luxuriance and flowering.
Half-Sleeve Japanese Botan Tit

21. Elegant Punch Couple

It’s a lustrous sample of the devotion tatt. The smaller bud embodies an effete woman while a bigger one – a man. The tit is needled on the very tactile part of the body- on the shoulder.
Elegant Punch Couple

22. First-Rate Irezumi Botan Carving

Howbeit being too bright and intensive, the tat is inked on the paternal shoulder. The effigy is an auspicious mishmash of the realistic flowers and tribal petals. The tit is really superior.
First-Rate Irezumi Botan Carving

23. Back Japanese Botan Tatt

The ink slinger is a real professional. The peony quartet is fantastic. All the buds are engraved in divergent red tints. The red hue is one of the most prevalent when it comes to the Japanese grinding. It epitomizes the perennial love.
Back Japanese Botan Tatt

24. Half-Sleeve Botans

The pink botans are rather massive. Nonetheless, they are still tender flowerets. The tit embodies the great but brittle feeling of allegiance. The tatt is needled on the left arm cause it’s on the one side with heart.
Half-Sleeve Pink Botans

25. Magic Japanese Botan Tit

The ribs tat is bewitching with its lines and shades. The botan struggles with the wind. The carving denotes the complicatedness of the existence. Nonetheless, the flower doesn’t lose its tenderness and alchemy.
Magic Japanese Botan Tit

26. Banging Irezumi Botan Carving

The tat is drop-dead artwork. The hue is impressively vivid as well as the whole effigy. The copious tiny details create the enchanting design.
Banging Irezumi Botan Carving


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27. Unreal Fetching Peonies Assembly

The fabulous amalgam of the blossom, fruit and butterflies wake our wit and feelings. It’s perhaps the brightest sample of the luxury. All tinges of the permanence are present in this tat.
Unreal Fetching Peonies Assembly

28. Prudent Japanese Tatt

The tit is rather engaging. The blending of the frail coral and colorless peonies is quite affecting. It reflects the light and dark sides of our rat race.
Prudent Japanese Tatt

29. Japanese Peony Dotwork

The color scheme of this tatt is very curious. The hue shades transaction is top-notch. The distinct lines of contours contrast with those of petals. Anyway, the back botan tatt is always a lionhearted selection.
Japanese Peony Dotwork

30. Blade Japanese Botan Ink

The genuine peony assembly is carved on the womanish blade. The petals of the buds are ignited. The tat personifies the anguish and pain.
Blade Japanese Botan Ink

31. Eerie Japanese Peony Tatt

Salmon peonies are easy on the eye. This tit is a magnificent apprehension of the botans as the thornless roses. The image underlines the tenderness of nature and its allurement.
Eerie Japanese Peony Tatt

32. Tramp Stamp Japanese Peony Carving

The possessor of such tit is a foxy head turner. Tramp Stamp is always provocative. The depicted peonies are surrounded by the butterflies. The tit is rather light and pliable.
Tramp Stamp Japanese Peony Carving