Pansy Flower Tattoo Meaning and Awesome Designs

Pansy Tattoo is Your Sweetest Delight

Cupid’s-delight. Heartsease. Kiss-me-quick. Lady’s-delight. Look-up-and-kiss-me. None-so-pretty. Love-in-Idleness. These are the partial list of how people call one of the most delightful flowers named Pansy. Tattoos depicting it are quite popular and varios in their forms and meanings. Let’s look into it deeper.

Boys or Girls?

Though Pansy is a little flower, it’s preferred almost equally by men and women. Stronger sex usually complement their Pansy inks with arm or boyish stuff like chains, skulls, ladies’ faces. Girls don’t give way to them, too. We can see female bodies decorated with simple tattoos of single Pansies, as well as bigger compositions involving other flowers, animals, jewels.

Colorful vs. Colorless

When deciding to get a Pansy ink, one may face a choice: to color or not to color. It depends on what kind of tatt you’re going to carve. If you want a realistic illustration or some funny picture, it’s better to stop your choice at coloring your ink. Landscapes involving lots of components like birds, grass and flowers, beetles and butterflies, will also look advantageos in colors. But if your tatt is meant to be memorial or cheerless, where skulls, depressing inscriptions or some philosophic meaning are planned, you’d better think of a black and white work.

Pansy Tattoo Meaning

As all flower tattoos, Pansy tattoo is a wonderful decoration of your body. But it can also be a meaningful message. The most popular Pansy interpretation is a reflection. If you’re a thoughtful person, it’s okay to carve a Pansy combined with your favorite phrase from a book or a philosophic work. Another meaning of the Pansies in the tattoo art is a remembrance. Due to their ability to keep three different colors on their petals, the Pansies also mean union and closeness. That’s why getting a Pansy tattoo is a great way to honor the memory of those who were your close people but had to pass away. Put their names or lifetime dates into a Pansy frame, adorn their pictures with the flowers and some beautiful phrases. One of the names of the Pansy is Heartsease. Long ago, Pansies were believed to cure love sickness, so this flower can be a beautiful confirmation of the strong affection to your sweetheart.

If you decided to get a tattoo of this wonderful flower, make sure your inner nature corresponds to it. It will be a perfect addition to your meditative person and a stunning decoration of your body. Usual places for Pansy tattoos are a shoulder, inner forearm, thigh, ribs.

Prettiest Flower Pansy Tattoos

Black and white Pansy tattoos are so various in their forms. They can be gloomy, with dark companions like skulls, crosses, arm. You can also get a more cheerful piece, where Pansy meets other flowers into charming bouquets, accompanied with insects, birds, feathers. You can also fantasize and put your favorite quotation or your life credo together with these flowers.
Places for black and white Pansy tattoos are thigh, shoulder, inner and outer forearms, ribs.

  1. Here’s a wonderful tattoo of wildflowers on the shoulder. The center of it is a Sunflower accompanied with Pansy flowers and buds. This bouquet belongs to a girl, but it would look not worse on a man’s body.
    Wild Bouquet Tattoo on Shoulder
  2. This realistic tattoo on the leg is fantastic! It looks like an old photograph of a Pansy, a Sunflower, a Lily, a Tulip, and some feathers. The tatt starts on the thigh going down to the outer calf, it must have cost the girl lots of pain, but the result is worth that.
    Black and White Reality Tattoo on Leg
  3. The Daisies and the Pansies are spinning into a wonderful floral dance. The bubbles around this round dance are flying merrily making the tatt on the shoulder airily light.
    Airy Tattoo on Shoulder
  4. At this glamorous tatt on the inner forearm, beautiful Pansy flower and leaves are taken into an intense black circle. It looks like an artistically performed X-Ray piece.
    Contrast Inspired Tattoo on Inner Forearm
  5. These flowers lost their petals around the upper part of the knee, completed bytwo leaves.
    Trinity Tattoo on Knee
  6. The flowers seem to be glued on a piece of patterned paper. This tatt on the inner arm is very sophisticated and artistic.
    Applique Work Tattoo on Inner Arm
  7. The woman is praying sadly for something. The tears on her cheek, the slight halo and the Pansy wreath make this wonderful tattoo a bit enigmatic and very attractive.
    Mournful Prayer Tattoo on Outer Forearm
  8. This piece on the inner forearm is thrice as beautiful. Though color free, the flowers look very believable.
    Triple Beauty Tattoo on Inner Forearm
  9. The three flowers are adorned with a wonderful gem’s contour. This dotwork ink on the inner arm is suitable for a girl who thinks that jewels and flowers are girls’ best friends.
    Jewel Tattoo on Inner Arm
  10. A half-blossomed Pansy sprig is illustrated at this tattoo on the ribs. Two buds and one flower look very harmonic on one stem. This tatt is probably a symbol of a new life.
    Blossoming Out Tattoo on Ribs
  11. Unusual and a bit scary is this piece on the outer forearm. The skull, decorated with the flowers, doesn’t much correspond to the Happy Birthday inscription, but the genuine meaning of the tatt is known only to the wearer.
    Deathly Gift Tattoo on Outer Arm
  12. These flowers seem to be embraced with sweet grey mist. Random dots here and there add this thigh tit some delightful charm. The tatt is very feminine and will fit your shoulder blade or ribs equally perfect.
    Misty Tattoo on Upper Thigh
  13. The Pansy and the Bee are joint together with dotted and lined geometric figures. The tatt is unisex and could look good in colors, too.
    Geometric Connection Tattoo on Inner Arm
  14. Even the most wonderful ones bend their heads captured in the chains. This flower had lived in the shackles for too long, and now, it’s time to go free. The tatt on the outer forearm is a symbol of the new beginning, emancipation, and value of life.
    Breaking Fetters Tattoo on Outer Forearm
  15. Two wonderful Pansies decorate the electrophone carved on the chest of the men. It’s obvios that he’s fond of music, ‘cause the phrase on the ribbon is taken from his favorite song. One should be a real music- mad to get a tatt like this.
    Music Devotee Tattoo on Chest
  16. Not difficult to get what the cross tattoo means. And the Pansy means endless devotion. Combining these two symbols into one by means of filling the cross contour with the floral ornament, we get this amazing God believing tattoo on the lower inner forearm.
    In Pansy We Trust Tattoo on Lower Inner Forearm
  17. These amazing flowers seem to be a part of a beautiful unusual brook which bends and runs through the wearer’s thigh. The flowers are backgrounded with leaves adding the tatt loveliness.
    Floral Brook Tattoo on Thigh
  18. Though the cage is very beautiful and decorated with the prettiest flowers in the whole world, this little cute birdie prefers to stay out. ‘Cause even the golden slavery isn’t worth the real life with its joys and sorrows.
    Beyond the Cage Tattoo on Thigh
  19. The philosophic meaning of this tatt on the inner elbow is hidden behind the awesome visual perfection. The Indian construction Mandala could be interpreted in thousands of ways, and the girl chose one of the most beautiful.
    Mandala Pansy Tattoo on Inner Elbow
  20. This stunning tatt is carved on the outer calf and shows a lovely birdie sitting on a beautiful floral composition reminding a nest. The loveliness of the work just goes off the scale.
    Flower Nest Tattoo on Outer Calf
  21. Linework and dotwork styles meet and form the awesome tatt on the ribs. This Pansy in some way reminds a heartbeat record. Yeah, this voluptuos flower makes hearts beat fast.
    Linear Perfection Tattoo on Ribs
  22. The numbers captured on the ribbon have a great meaning to the wearer. Perhaps, they are the birthdate of her dear Granny? Or just the numbers understood only by a small group of her close people. Anyway, this ink on the back of the neck illustrating a nice bouquet is gorgeous.
    Memorable Bouquet Tattoo on Back of Neck
  23. This pretty pic on the ankle shows a single blossoming Pansy flower. The center and the edges are deep black. The whole flower is beautiful and a bit daunting due to its resemblanse to a wickedly smiling black face.
    Unpretentios Tattoo on Ankle
  24. Check this cool ink out! The Bear skull at the top and the Pansies with the mushrooms at the bottom compose the peculiar tatt on the shoulder.
    Sinister Tattoo on Shoulder
  25. This ink on the clavicle is tiny and lovely. In prospect, you can easily complement this piece with various additions: these can be flowers, insects, twirls, or letterings.
    Ink-Me-Quick Tattoo on Clavicle
  26. Her nature is the flowers which are bursting from her mouth and going upwards to the Sun. Despite its visual delicacy, this swift torrent wrecks everything on its way, even the hardest iron shackles, giving a slaved soul desired freedom. This tattoo on the shoulder is both beautiful and optimistic.
    Floral Essense Tattoo on Shoulder
  27. The heart serves as a vase to the Pansies, which even grew their roots through its bottom. The pic is added with a gloomy inscription making this tatt on the inner forearm more enigmatic and depressive.
    Heart Vase Tattoo On Inner Forearm
  28. Thanks to the play of shadows and color blending from black to white, this ink on the ribs looks like a real 3-D picture.
    Love-in-Volumeness Tattoo on Ribs
  29. This flower has not only a black center. The petals are wholly black, with white pieces where shadows are needed. This awesome tattoo on the lower outer forearm will match any part of your body, no matter if you’re a man or a woman.
    Real Black Pansy Tattoo on Lower Outer Forearm
  30. A growing little flower is illustrated at this wonderful tatt on the inner forearm. It’s simple and not very realistic, but who cares, if it still looks amazing.
    Growing Floweret Tattoo on Inner Forearm
  31. These dates are perhaps the most important in the wearer’s life. Getting such a tattoo, with the lifetime dates of your dear one, embraced with such faithful flowers as Pansies, you will leave their memory with you forever.
    Memorial Tattoo on Inner Forearm
  32. Here are beautiful Pansy flowers growing right out of a growing moon. This tatt on the ribs looks very neat and cute, absolutely suitable for a lovely girl.
    New Moon Tattoo on Ribs
  33. A very sharp knife is stabbing at a bleeding cross. This scene is framed with a little witness growing her leaves right around the cross. This ink on the foot may mean something special to its owner, and its weirdness adds to the attractiveness.
    Piercing the Cross Tattoo on Foot

30 Pansy Tattoos Even the Cupids Delight In

The shoulder is one of the most popular places with the Pansy tattoos wearers. Maybe because it’s very noticeable, and almost everyone almost every time can check your cool tatt out. Colorful versions look more effective. It could be anything: just a beautiful picture of a wild bunch, a memorial tattoo remembering your dearest people, some thoughtful composition. But if you choose this flower just as a beautifier, it still will be a great choice, no matter if you’re a man or a woman.

  1. What a delightful tattoo on the shoulder! A little fox is sitting surrounded with blue Pansies and shining stars, its eyes twinkling with blue lights. The technique is very interesting and uncommon, and the tatt looks awesome.
    Foxie and Pansies Tattoo on Shoulder
  2. The girl is looking upwards the sky lavished with wonderful flowers. Her hair is adorned with a flower, her hand is holding one, and the portrait is framed with several ones. The whole pic is breathing with love to nature and the beautiful.
    Eyes to the Heaven Tattoo on Shoulder
  3. The flowers make such a delightful harmony on the wearer’s shoulder. Three beautiful Pansies are the center of this tatt. They are of three different colors, which give intensity to the brightness.
    Wild Harmony Tattoo on Shoulder
  4. All shades of purple Pansies are scattered on the whole shoulder. Stables and leaves complete this pic. And the Bee makes it a little bit lovelier.
    Sweet Chaos Tattoo on Shoulder
  5. This Pansy is growing right out of a shell. Pretty crystals are neighbors for the flower. The colors fascinate, the dotwork piece is very appropriate here.
    Fiery Pansy Tattoo on Inner Arm
  6. The three realistic Pansies are performed in dark colors. Dark- green and black color blots make this half- sleeve piece real impressive.
    Obscure Triplet Half- Sleeve Tattoo
  7. The girl’s face is made-up in an unusual and attractive Sugar Skull style. Her hair is decorated with wonderful flowers freshening the whole picture. Beautiful black twirls and birds on the shoulder blade, make this tatt on the shoulder absolutely incredible.
    Sugar Lady Tattoo on Shoulder
  8. This black and white girl looks like she got into Pansyland. The colorful flowers are friendly and kind- faced, they are moving round her into a very beautiful dance. Merry and childly-cute, this tatt on the shoulder can become your own mood raiser.
    Pansyland Tattoo on Shoulder
  9. These flowers seem to be alive! Every detail, every shadow worked over very skillfully. And the Ladybird is creeping along the leaves enjoying this stunning piece on the shoulder.
    Fragrant Reality Tattoo on Shoulder
  10. Mom and Dad are the dearest people in our lives. Devoting such a tattoo on the shoulder to them, you show how strong your affection is. Two hearts and three Pansies meaning unity will do very well.
    Forget-Them-Not Tattoo on Shoulder
  11. The three flowers are performed in slightly pink colors. Chamomiles, Pansies, Lilies, they are so different in their beauty, but this tattoo on the shoulder easily joins them into one admirable composition.
    Pinky Tenderness Tattoo on Shoulder
  12. These wildflowers are having real fun dancing in a circle on the shoulder of the tatt wearer. It’s black and white yet fresh and merry. Coloring could make it a bit brighter.
    Round Dance Tattoo on Shoulder
  13. The Bees are gathering pollen; the Hummingbird is drinking delicious nectar. Everything here is very bright and happy. The book at the background may mean that the tatt owner is a book worm, and there was no better way to express her love to nature and the books.
    Natural Harmony Tattoo on Shoulder
  14. The dark- green background makes this ink on the shoulder more expressive and bright. But, even without it, this tatt on the shoulder looks self- sufficient.
    Gentleman’s Delight Tattoo on Shoulder
  15. The pic is flawless! Each and every flower looks great and, joining together, they make up this lovely tattoo on the shoulder. The colors are very delicate yet noticeable.
    None-So-Beautiful Tattoo on Shoulder
  16. The eyes of this lovely doe are glittering with tender love. The flowers at the bottom and the necklace emphasize her wonderful eyeshades. This brilliant ink on the shoulder helps you show the world that you’re a wonderful loving person.
    Doe Bust Tattoo on Shoulder
  17. What could ever unite an obscure bird eating the dead flesh and beautiful and bright flowers? Perhaps, it’s a loss of a very loved one. The Raven is one of the symbols of the death, and the Pansies are the symbol of sorrow for a flown soul.
    Dark and Bright Tattoo on Shoulder
  18. This phrase carved on the shoulder perfectly illustrates a happy life. If you live every day like it’s the last one, you will make everything making you happy. The Dragonfly, the Sunflower and the Pansies make this pic more vivid, both visually and meaningfully.
    Life- Affirming Tattoo on Shoulder
  19. This half- sleeve tattoo causes strong admiration! The colors are bursting with their variety; the flowers are at the peak of their blossoming. The tatt looks real, but at the same time, it seems to be a picture of a fairy world, where everything is wonderful and peaceful.
    Summer Field Half- Sleeve Tattoo
  20. Blue twirls reminding the wind blowing, flying little creatures, lovely flowers here and there make an impression of the light harmonios symphony. And when, finally, you see that inscription at the bottom, everything falls at their places.
    In My Heart Tattoo on Shoulder
  21. It’s a very interesting and unusual work. The ornaments seem to be real carved on the girl’s shoulder. Be sure, such a tatt won’t leave people uninterested in you.
    Fretwork Half- Sleeve Tattoo
  22. There’s only one Pansy at this tattoo on the shoulder. It’s dark- purple, and its leaves are deep- green. It could be complemented with other wildflowers, or a Butterfly, for instance.
    Alone Flower Tattoo on Shoulder
  23. This man is definitely an artistic person. Two big roses are at the center of this inspiring tattoo on the shoulder. They’re completed with two smaller flowers, beads, and two brushes.
    Floral Muse Tattoo on Shoulder
  24. A dreamcatcher is a good idea if you want nightmares to stay away and good dreams to come to you. This tattoo on the shoulder is a good way to attract at least admiring gazes, and it would be ideal if the tatt attracts good people and events into your life.
    Sweet Dreams Tattoo on Shoulder
  25. Check out this sincerely great tattoo on the shoulder. The King is accompanied by the most delightful flowers on the planet Earth, some of them are only going to show the world their glory.
    Royal Majesty Tattoo on Shoulder
  26. A wonderful bird and two beautiful flowers introduced in such a delicate color gamma at this tattoo on the shoulder.
    None-So-Beautiful Tattoo on Shoulder
  27. Our gone parents leave big marks on our hearts. The Dad of this man let his memory live forever on his son’s shoulder. Pansies and Roses are the best combination to honor your dear one’s memory.
    Unfading Memory Tattoo on Shoulder
  28. The sweetest flowers are all here, on the shoulder, waiting for the bird to drink their nectar.
    Sweet Nectar Tattoo on Shoulder
  29. Three pretty flowers are backgrounded by a motley combination of rich- colored brushstrokes and some strange figures. This ink on the shoulder is very noticeable.
    Bright Splashes Tattoo on Shoulder
  30. Besides looking stunning, this cute pic on the shoulder tells a whole short love story. Flowers with telling names are a bold way to say something much more effectively, than just using the words.
    Kiss-Me-Quick-and-Don’t-Forget-Me Tattoo on Shoulder

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