51 Owl Tattoos Ideas – Best Designs with Meaning

Owl Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The owl is an unusual bird to look at, and it is rich in symbolism from many cultures across the world. Unlike other tattoos that people simply wear, a majority of people attracted to owl tattoos love them due to their symbolism and meaning. Many individuals [translating to around 0.05 percent of America’s population] wear owl tattoo, and according to different accounts from those who wear them, they feel incredibly unique. The meaning symbolized by various parts of the Owl and especially what is popularly believed about this avian creature range from its silent flights and its stealth, clear calls, and amazing eyes that can see in the dark.

In Ancient times, Owls were believed to possess a unique connection to spirit that transcends its body to direct humans towards the wonders and mysteries of life. This is because Owls are among the early forms of life on earth with fossils of the species dating back to approximately 66 million years ago. The owl as a spirit animal guides and reveals to people what is beyond the veil of deception and illusion, and that is why it is used as a symbol that guides people in wisdom. This phenomenon attracts many people to wear owl tattoos.

Owl tattoos are believed to guide humans through spiritual connection into mystery, knowledge, and intuition, a strong guide for discernment and availing suitable choices when faced with difficult situations. There are over 2000 species of owls which are grouped into two main groups: the real Owls and Barn Owls. The difference between the two are features in the head, tail, legs, and talons. Most owl tattoos that people wear have Owls eyes sharply appearing on the design and myths symbolizes a keen observer. For this reason, Owl tattoos can signify our loved ones who hold a special part in our life as personal teachers and guides who are always watching over us even if they are physically gone.

Owl Tattoos Ideas

Barn Owl Tattoobarn owl tattoo

Black and White Owl Tattooblack and white owl tattoo

Cartoon Owl Tattoocartoon owl tattoo

Colorful Owl Tattooscolorful owl tattoos

Cute Owl Tattooscute owl tattoos

Evil Owl Tattooevil owl tattoo

Flying Owl Tattooflying owl tattoo

Flying Owl Tattoo flying owl tattoo

Geometric Owl Tattoogeometric owl tattoo

Girly Owl Tattoosgirly owl tattoos

Japanese Owl Tattoojapanese owl tattoo

Owl and Tree Tattooowl and tree tattoo

Owl Back Tattooowl back tattoo

Owl Chest Tattooowl chest tattoo

Owl Eyes Tattooowl eyes tattoo

Owl Face Tattoo owl face tattoo

Owl Forearm Tattooowl forearm tattoo

Owl Moon Tattoo owl moon tattoo

Owl Neck Tattooowl neck tattoo

Owl 0n Branch Tattoo owl on branch tattoo

Owl Skull Tattooowl skull tattoo

Owl Stomach Tattooowl stomach tattoo

Owl Tattoo for Guysowl tattoo for guys

Owl Tattoo for Menowl tattoo for men

Owl Tattoo Sleeve owl tattoo sleeve

Owl Tattoos on Forearmowl tattoos on forearm

Owl Thigh Tattoosowl thigh tattoos

Owl Wings Tattoo owl wings tattoo

Owl Wrist Tattoosowl wrist tattoos

Realistic Owl Tattoorealistic owl tattoo

Simple Owl Tattoosimple owl tattoo

Simple Owl Tattoo simple owl tattoo

Small Owl Tattoossmall owl tattoos

Snowy Owl Tattoosnowy owl tattoo

Traditional Owl Tattootraditional owl tattoo

Tribal Owl Tattootribal owl tattoo

Unique Owl Tattoosunique owl tattoos

Watercolor Owl Tattoowatercolor owl tattoo

Disney Owl Tattoosdisney owl tattoos

Mandala Owl Tattoomandala owl tattoo

Outline Owl Tattoo outline owl tattoo

Flowers Owl Tattooflowers owl tattoo

Owl Tattoo on Fingerowl tattoo on finger

Yinyang Owl Tattoo yinyang owl tattoo

Owl Tattoo for Women owl tattoo for women

Rose and Owl Tattoo rose and owl tattoo

Black and Grey Owl Tattooblack and grey owl tattoo

Owl Tattoo for Girlowl tattoo for girl

Owl Tattoo on Hand owl tattoo on hand

Space and Owl Tattoospace and owl tattoo

Owl Tattoo on Ribowl tattoo on rib

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