Eye-catching orchid tattoos on the female side and on the hip

For women, orchid tattoos are particularly important, since they are considered a symbol of women, they talk about love, fertility, passion, and sexuality. A remarkable picture on the thigh and on the side will emphasize the necessary roundness and make the possessor even more charming.

  1. For many nations, an orchid design indicates the openness and ease of a human, he easily finds a common language with other people and attracts with his energy, often this tattoo is worn by extraordinary people. So this figure on the side can express this point of view.Pink Orchid On The Female Body
  2. This gorgeous orchid with a blue core and purple boundaries looks magnificent on the side of the female body. Previously, it was believed that the image of an orchid brought good luck to all people, who were born under the sign of Pisces, but now the signification has altered and has become more inclusive, so this tac denotes a lucky mascot. This idea is traced in this dope tattoo.Violet Orchid On The Body
  3. A bunch of vibrant blue orchids is located on the thigh. A blue orchid is a symbol of freshness, peace, and it is believed that flowers of this delicate color have a calming effect. This figure shows the spiritual balance and harmony of the owner.lue flowers of orchid on branch
  4. In many cultures, a pink color is the color of a certain detachment, it is a saving place for the person, who must make up his emotions and feelings. This pink orchid on the thigh talks about a calm person with a peace-loving character.Pink toned orchid flower
  5. In China, orchids symbolize a new beginning – it may be a new start in a romantic relationship, in friendship or in the professional field as well as orchids can personify a creative and romantic person. These three orchids of blue and pink colors on the hip is the sign of an extraordinary personality.Orchid flowers in blue and red tones with waterstyle
  6. The side of the body here is embellished with a wonderful pattern, which represents two orchids with green leaves – one flower is pale pink and another one is crimson. In ancient times, this beautiful flower was the embodiment of femininity and sexuality, so this ink emphasizes a feminine essence of the owner.Big orchid flower on the body
  7. The picture of beautiful purple and white orchids extends along the side, it looks very attractive. In many legends, the orchid has been the goddess who gave hope to those, who suffered, gave them warmth and joy. So this tattoo can be a sign of a good-natured person, who always come to the rescue.Three medium flower on branch
  8. These vibrant purple orchids are observed on the side of the body. For ancient Aztecs, orchids have embodied loving partners and their platonic love. Thus, this ink illustrates the mentioned idea – the possessor of this tac has strong spiritual feelings for the person, they are not backed by a physical contact.Detalised orchid flowers on body
  9. Great monochrome orchids resonate with black ornate lines, the pattern extends along the side from the ribs to the hip. Some tales state that an orchid is the symbol of Venus, so the petals of this flower and seeds were used for the preparation of love potions and orchid images were charms from celibacy. This idea is revealed in this tight tattoo.Orchid flowers with strips on the body
  10. The hip is embellished with vivid orange orchids, they highlight the elegance of the thigh, it looks very nice. According to some legends, once a mortal man kindled a passion for Aphrodite, and she responded to his feelings in return, he died of joy, and on the place of his death grew a flower of a remarkable beauty. This figure here is the emblem of a passionate and intense love.Lots of orchid flower on the leg
  11. This watercolor pattern is on the side, the tattoo strikes with the vividness of colors: magenta, pink, purple, and blue. In some tales, the mother of orchids was a skillful and talented weaver, who never envied even the most beautiful goddesses. So this figure is about a woman, who is devoid of malice, envy, and deceit.Watercolor Flowers on The body
  12. Maori reckoned that orchids were particles of the rainbow, which was created by the gods. They decided to make a compliment to the people and gave them a pretty flower that would remind the mankind of the grace and power of the gods. Thus, this purple orchid on the thigh is the embodiment of mercy and kindness.Violet Orchid flower On the leg
  13. This traditional image of crimson orchids is the embellishment of the female hip. In Chinese culture, an orchid is the sign of a perfect man, who is very rare in a real life. Hence, the woman, who wears this tattoo, strives for the perfection in everything.Picture of Orchid Flowers in circle
  14. The side of the body here is adorned with the ink in Mandala style. Many nations assume that the tattoo in this style is a sacred symbol, which represents the geometric scheme of the universe, in which all Buddhist saints are depicted, blue orchids here say about the harmony of life. Thus, the whole pattern displays a holistic image of the world.Amazing Detalised Orchid flower in tattoo
  15. An appealing combination of a snake and orchids looks magnificent on the side. These symbols are very ancient and they are very respected among the Indians, the snake for them is an emblem of wisdom and fertility, orchids signify prosperity: both spiritual and physical. So, this ink discloses Indian traditions.Snake on the orchid flower branch
  16. Previously, a lace was used only in underwear, they came to the peak of fashion in the 16th century, later this ornament was used in tattoos, they emphasized the beauty and femininity of the owner. The figure on the hip combines two styles: orchids are done in a tribal style and they are combined with the lacework. The ink here reveals the above-named point of view.Orchid flower on the leaves
  17. This gorgeous pattern on the hip encompasses several details: a bunch of blooming flowers: an orchid, a pink rose and a smoky lily, two titmouses of blue and gray colors complement the overall picture. In nature, a titmouse in spring survives in the woods, so it is a symbol of optimism and the ability to survive in any environment. Thus, birds here embody an enduring personality and an orchid here indicates that despite the apparent fragility, the person has a steel character.Small bird on the branch with Orchid Flower
  18. This awesome ink on the hip combines a bright sign of a blue orchid and a little frightening image of torn flesh and a thick chain, which extends from the torn wounds. The chain here is the emblem of the liberation from slavery, and the desire for freedom and independence, whereas a blue orchid, is the mark of a new beginning, and a spiritual rebirth.Blue Orchid Flower With Chain from the Skin
  19. These splendid dark pink orchids are the decoration of the elegant side. In the Middle Ages, witches used orchids in their rituals, they have created a potion, which helped young girls to attract true love and scare away false passion. This tac is a lucky mascot for the woman.Magenta Orchid Flowers On the body
  20. The hip is decorated with two vibrant orchids and three daisies. These two flowers have almost the same denotation: they are about the sun energy, which was used during diverse ceremonies. This pattern opens to the owner the path to spiritual enlightenment.Violet Orchid With Another Flower
  21. Many modern scholars assume that the psychology of color is important, even more than the pattern itself since a certain color gives its energy. Here, a red orchid on the side expresses vitality, passion, even a rebellious spirit.Orchid Flower in full size with root
  22. Ancient Celts believed that the souls of the dead lived in their skulls, the denotation of the orchid pattern is almost the same: Celts reckoned that each flower was the personification of the deceased blood relative or a close friend. Hence, this gloomy ink on the side demonstrates the skull, which is encircled by orchids, the connotation is a tribute to the deceased person.skull and orchid flowers
  23. In ancient Rome, an orchid in a combination with a lily conveyed hope – hope for better changes, hope for a favorable outcome of the battle and hope for the mercy of the gods. In this case, the mentioned denotation is in a confrontation with the image of the butterfly, which for the Romans was a commemoration of the war. Thus, this tattoo on the thigh says about the internal hard struggle, in which a human has won.Butterfly with orchid
  24. This tac on the hip is performed in a new school style and it represents the skull with pretty blue eyes and orchids, done in pink, blue and crimson shades. In many cultures, the skull indicates chaos and troubles, however, here it is combined with magnificent flowers, that is why the connotation of the skull image is altered. All in all, this pattern stands for the idea of a romantic and adventurous person.Beauty skull with any colored orchid flowers
  25. The side of the body is decorated with two contrasting elements: the one of them is a black cat, from which grow purple orchids, the pattern looks captivating. In ancient Egypt, the cat was the embodiment of the goddess Bastet, whose mandatory attribute was a purple orchid, this goddess denoted home comfort, fun, and feminine beauty. So, these Egyptian traditions are traced in this ink.Cat with skin from orchid flowers
  26. An amazing tattoo with a deep meaning is visible on the side: purple and magenta orchids are located above an hourglass. In antiquity, the hourglass had a special place, since it was a symbol of the time and the flow of life – every grain of sand signified a certain life event and orchids implied the brightness of life events. Thus, this ink comes out with the idea of the cyclicality and at the same time it serves as a reminder of the value of every moment in life.Orchid flowers with watches
  27. This awe-inspiring pattern on the hip incorporates a smoky anchor and a brown steering wheel, surrounded by gorgeous violet orchids. Long time ago, the image of an anchor has been worn by those sailors, who at least once in a lifetime crossed the Atlantic ocean, but now the anchor symbolizes the union of male and female principles, and the steering wheel speaks of a decisive character of the person, as for purple orchids, they indicate a vulnerable and romantic personality.Anchor and violet orchid flower
  28. Since olden times, the fusion of orchids and a clock has been always sought-after as it carried a deep symbolic signification. Here a monochrome ink decorates the side, flowers are fully opened, zodiac signs are visible on the dial, perhaps, a person wanted to capture a happy event.Compass and Orchid Flowers
  29. This piece of a watercolor floral ink on the side displays colorful orchids, they look stunning together and the chain completes the image. In many cultures, orchids embody family members and the chain indicates a spiritual connection. Hence, this tac is worn by a person, who has strong family values.Linestyled colored Orchid flowers with chain
  30. A purple orchid in a pot is a rather unusual interpretation of the orchid image, however, it looks quite nice on the side. In Hinduism, a purple orchid connotes an internal tension or even a struggle, this idea is revealed in the aspect of Shiva. The pot, in this case, speaks of a certain detachment from the outside world, perhaps, the person, who wears this tattoo, is an introvert.Violet orchid home flower
  31. At all times, an orchid tattoo was a wonderful way for a human to assert himself, to show a part of his inner “I”, or even to express hidden desires. This tribal orchid looks great on the hip and indicates a woman, who is devoid of any prejudices.Non colored orchid flowers with red smoke around branch
  32. This is an excellent example of a neo-traditional tattoo on the hip, the picture is very complex and unique, it depicts a gray heart, inside of which a pink maze is observed, the heart is surrounded by orchids. Orchids here emblematize harmony of the external and internal world, a labyrinth points to the spiritual quest which aim was to determine the mission in life.Hear and cubed with orchid flowers on it
  33. A path of blue-purple orchids comes down along the thigh and looks very attractive. The ink is performed in a watercolor technique and these blurred lines add some share of charm to this tac. Here a connotation is typical – the image is about beauty, pleasure, and love.Water color Orchid flowers
  34. This masterwork is observed on the side and the tones of the ink look impressive on the pale skin. A blue and green hummingbird is flying towards purple orchids, the hummingbird is an elusive bird, so the bird pattern can talk about the charm of passionate love, which cannot be kept, and the blooming flowers show fragile feelings, which are hard to maintain, but they can be easily destroyed.Kiwi With Violet Orchid Flowers On Body
  35. In some legends, two intersecting buds of orchids, embody souls of lovers, which will be together in the world of the living and in the afterlife. Three fully opened orchids of pink and purple colors on the hip personify connected hearts of soul mates.Orange orchid flowers on the hip
  36. This elegant twig of pink orchids is a wonderful accessory of the hip. People in Costa-Rica assume that the pattern of an orchid is extremely useful for a woman since it helps her to express her hidden sexuality. This idea is traced in this gorgeous ink.Orchid flowr branch with pink flower
  37. This vibrant floral ink on the side demonstrates several flowers: orchids of diverse colors and yellow lilies. In Christianity, these flowers emblematize Virgin Mary, respectively, they represent purity, innocence, and humility. Hence, this tac carries a religious denotation.orchid flowers with different colors
  38. An eye-catching tattoo is the adornment of the thigh, the pattern is done in Mandala style and it portrays an elephant, encircled by an orchid, chrysanthemum and rose. In India, the elephant is the god of wisdom and happiness, it is depicted with its trunk, which symbolizes the human refusal to vile passions, these temptations in the form of desire, love and passion symbolize flowers. This Indian tradition is disclosed in this dope tattoo.elephant and orchid flower
  39. A gorgeous tac on the side consists of many constituents: pink orchids and little violet flowers are at the top of the tattoo, a vivid peacock feather is in the middle of the pattern and the inscription about God’s help is at the bottom. This tac discloses Buddhist traditions, in which the peacock feather and the orchid were signs of compassion, kindness and wisdom.orchid flower with Words
  40. A dope tattoo descends from the ribs to the hip, it looks very impressive and shows the pattern of the snake, which wraps around the orchid. For some nations, the snake is associated with a sexual obsession, as it was the serpent, who persuaded Eve to sin. In this case, the orchid symbolizes love and the snake indicates that this love is forbidden, but at the same time the sweet fruit.Uncolored Orchid flower with snake on it