The Most Striking Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

  1. The stunning Japanese cherry blossom tattoo covering up the whole sleeve astonishes with a wide range of the symbolically rich elements infused into design: the cherry blossom represents beauty and love, the blue-colored lotus flower with the swirling wave is a symbol of the overcoming difficulties and an aspiration to achieve enlightenment, a full moon and smoky background add mystery to the look.japanese cherry blossom tattoo on the moon background
  2. In this nifty Japanese cherry blossom tattoo inscribed on the forearm,the scarlet cherry blossoms stand out against the dark-shaded Buddha image and the Buddhistic temple. The color contrast is the main schtick of this tat, that’s why it looks so splashy and spiffy, in addition, it reveals religious convictions of the wearer.Black monastery tattoo on hand with red flowers
  3. This fascinating Japanese cherry blossom back piece fits for the fans of the Japanese culture. Fast all Japanese symbols are included in this awesome tattoo and performed in full color: the cherry blossom tree, a phoenix, a geisha and a peony flower. The key symbolic meanings of this tac are beauty, grace, power, prosperity and good fortune.Colorful tattoo with women and blooming tree on all back
  4. In this awe-inspiring Japanese cherry blossom tattoo carved on the half sleeve, we have the cool mixture of the red-colored flowers with the white ones which go well with the black-shaded waves and signify great love and passion.Red and white flowers tattoo on all hand
  5. The blush-colored cherry blossoms depicted in the dark swirls embellish the male’s breast and highlight fearlessness, confidence,valor and courage of the owner.Red cherry blossoms on black background
  6.  The glorious Japanese cherry blossom tattoo embraces the male’s forearm. The vivid cherry blossoms present a contrast with the murky background. The cherry blossom tattoos are hot favorites among the guys because the Japanese associate the Sakura tree with the Samurais, and consider it the symbol of bravery, prowess, sacrifice and masculinity.Pink cherry blossoms on all hand

  7. The dark wavy lines blend with the fascinating pinkish flowers create the exquisite Japanese cherry blossom tattoo spotted on the girl’s shoulder.Pink flowers with dark wavy lines tottoo on shoulder
  8. The elegant-looking Japanese cherry blossom tattoo adorns the woman’s thigh. The subdued –colored cherry blossoms melt into the swirling background. Such tattoo fits for the girls who want to outline their independence and free spirit while in China, cherry blossom is associated with the feminist nature.Tattoo patterns of flowers on a black background on hand

  9. The sprawling cherry blossom twigs embellish the female’s shoulder. The slight hazy background accentuates the pink flowers and makes the tac more appealing.The sprawling cherry blossom twigs on shoulder
  10. The amazing combination of the inky-black swirls with the azure ones can be observed in this fabulous Japanese cherry blossom tattoo design covering the male’s half sleeve and the breast. The reddish cherry blossoms fit in well with such beautiful background, and the tintless tidal wave elements make this piece more creative.Red flowers tattoo on black and green backround on half sleeve and the breast
  11. The uncolored cherry blossom twig made with the help of the black outline and the delicate plum-violet flowers struggle through the dark-shaded background done in the form of the floral ornaments and the scratchy strokes. The tac covers up the male’s half sleeve and puts an accent on the determined, pushy and stubborn character of the wearer.Uncolored cherry blossom twig on half sleeve
  12. The vibrant cherry blossoms are floating on the gentle dark waves in this amazing Japanese cherry blossom tattoo engraved on the male’s ribs. The Latin inscription in the center means: “There is the Sun after the clouds”, and serves as a motivator for the owner.Minimalist flowers with text on ribs
  13. The schtick of this neat Japanese cherry blossom tattoo is that the flowers melt into the background and don’t strike the eye. That tat inked in the black and gray technique looks amazing on the man’s shoulder.Black and white flowers on shoulder
  14. The spellbinding Japanese cherry blossom leg sleeve tattoo performed in the blue tones. The lovely pink and red blossoms depicted in the swirl of the tidal waves are perceived as a symbol of the struggle in Japanese culture.A huge flowers tattoo on entire leg in blue colors
  15. The tender Japanese cherry blossoms combined with the charming butterfly stand out on the interwoven black and gray swirls. The piece extends over the half sleeve and represents freedom, self-sufficiency and recalcitrance.Flowers with a butterfly above the waves on shoulder
  16. This awesome Japanese cherry blossom tattoo embracing the beefy forearm looks like a splendid armband. The dainty white-purple flowers surrounded with the coal-black strokes and waves create a harmonious blend.White-purple Japanese cherry blossom tattoo as a bandage on hand
  17. The slender cherry blossom tree in full bloom displayed on the black and white curves makes the female’s hip look saucy and symbolizes passionate love.Cherry branch on a background of black wave
  18. The exquisite cherry blossom tree highlights the beauty of the female’s body. This Japanese cherry blossom back piece is inked primarily in the black and gray technique, except for the pinkish blossoms. One more zest of this motif is a full moon which is reckoned to be a source of the feminine energy and a token of the motherhood and wisdom.Large tree with flowers tattoo on the entire back
  19. The entrancing cherry blossom branch along with two cute birds and the extra shading in the background creates the fascinating Japanese cherry blossom tattoo inscribed on the half sleeve. The artistically-chosen color gamut makes the tat look picturesque and lifelike.Sakura branch with a bird on half sleeve
  20.  In this neat Japanese cherry blossom sleeve tattoo, the main accent is made on the color contrast: the tintless cherry blossoms harmonically combine with the intricately-patterned deep black background which creates the mystical atmosphere and reveals the cryptic nature of the wearer.Strict black and white flowers tattoo on all hand
  21. When you look at this bewitching Japanese cherry blossom tattoo, you can’t take your eyes off. The wavy lines and the artful shading embody the Buddha image on the male’s chest. The soft pink flowers give a colorful touch to the tac, and in pair  with the sand clock spotted on the half sleeve indicate on the transience of life.Japanese cherry blossom tattoo with the face of a Buddha and hourglass
  22.  This ritzy Japanese cherry blossom tattoo is dedicated to the mom and dad: the good-looking cerise-pink flowers express love and fondness to the parents, and the murky puffs create a unique contrasting background.Pink flowers on a black wave tattoo on arm
  23.  The coal-black swirls interweave with the blue-colored tidal waves in this nifty Japanese cherry blossom tattoo carved on the half sleeve. The tat represents the constant struggle of the evil and the good in our souls, and the subdued pink flowers soften the motif.Coal-black swirls with the blue-colored waves tattoo carved on the half sleeve
  24. The black and white Japanese cherry blossom tattoo adorns the well-built biceps. The delicate shading and detailing make the flowers realistically-looking and convey all beauty and grace of the blossoms.Black and white Japanese cherry blossom tattoo on biceps
  25.  The exciting cherry blossom tree with the falling red flowers is depicted in the captivating black and gray spirals with the adding of the smoky puffs. The motif looks sensational on the man’s half sleeve.Flowers on a background of branches and black cycling
  26. The swirling celestial-blue waves with the bright-pink flowers embracing the male’s half sleeve has a flamboyant and showy look.The sky-blue waves with the bright-pink flowers tattoo on half sleeve
  27. The blushing cherry blossoms with the fresh green leaves inked on the dark background embellish the male’s chest. The rising sun inscribed on the shoulder is a meaningful sign which is accepted as the hope and energy giver, also, it’s a token of vitality, power, strength, and is considered to be the masculine symbol, that’s why this awesome Japanese cherry blossom tac fits for the guys who crave for something unique and significant.Branch with flowers on a background of mountains and a rising sun
  28. The super Japanese cherry blossom tattoo displayed in the black and gray style covers up the sleeve. The undeniably beautiful butterflies add femininity to the piece and convey beauty, liberty, joy, prosperity and transformation.Black and gray flowers and butterfly tattoo on sleeve
  29. The outstanding cherry blossoms snaking along the forearm attract by their aestheticism and daintiness. The light-pink flowers in full bloom depicted in the murky background can become the source of your inspiration, renovation and energy.Bright pink flowers on a black background vague tattoo
  30. The eye-pleasing varicolored cherry blossoms and the beautifully-patterned butterfly enveloped in the light smoky shading decorate the male’s forearm.Sakura branch with a beautiful butterfly tattoo on hand

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