Iris Tattoo Designs Ideas with Meaning and Symbolism

Iris Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The floral motif is undoubtedly a strong style statement with the rich symbolic value. The iris is not as popular in tattoo world as the others flowers, but if you decided to get inked it, you will not regret because it’s an eye-pleasing and elegant flower with a wide range of meanings.

Iris Tattoo Meaning in Greece and Rome

The word “iris” is translated as a “rainbow” from the ancient Greek. In Greece, this spellbinding flower was linked with the Greek goddess Irida who traveled on the rainbow.What’s more, Irida is considered to be the medium of the gods. In ancient Rome, this flower took also a huge popularity, and it embodied peace, harmony and serenity. The Roman city, Florence, was named after irises, while when the Romans set their feet in the city of the Tyrrhenes, they saw a plenty of the fields with the flourishing irises. Ever since there is an iris flower on the municipal arms.

Iris Meaning in Japan

The Japanese people accept the iris as a sacred flower, and they mark “iris” and “soldierly spirit” with one hieroglyph. Besides, there is a holiday in Japan, when the citizens come to the gardens to admire the blooming irises. This feast is called “The Boys’ Holiday” and, traditionally, all mothers make the mascots to their sons from the irises, which give the owners heroism, valor and confidence.

Iris Meaning in the others cultures

The representatives of the Christianity accept the iris as a sign of purity and chastity. In England, this flower embodies dignity and bravery. In France, the 3-leaved iris epitomizes devotion, trust and wisdom. The Egyptians recognized the iris to be the symbol of the eloquence.
Color symbolism

Furthermore, the significance of this flower depends on its coloring: the purple iris stands for spirituality, wisdom, restraint and modesty, the white iris conveys the memories of the loved person, the red one is a token of the passionate love and bliss, the black iris denotes infinity, eternity, hope and truth.

Placement of the iris tattoo

The iris tacs can be placed on the various parts of the body, but the most preferable ones are shoulder blades, sleeves, thighs, back, calf and foot. The alone-portrayed iris looks showy, but to add more symbolism to the tattoo, you can infuse other elements into the design, for example, hummingbirds, butterflies, waves, graceful curves, or blend iris with the others flowers like peony, daffodil, tiger lily and orchids.

Top 30 Awesome Iris Tattoos Sleeve

  1. The awe-inspiring iris tattoo sleeve makes up an awesome floral pattern along with the poppies, forget-me-nots and peony. Every of these flowers conveys their own symbolism: the iris represents friendship and wisdom, the poppy stands for prosperity  and beauty, the forget-me-not signifies remembrance and genuine love,  the peony denotes determination and ambition.colored iris tattoo sleeve
  2. The wicked iris tattoo sleeve has a spiffy appearance due to the wonderful color balance: the purple and blue tones go well together and make the bloom more attractive. This rainbow flower reveals the flamboyant nature of the owner. blue leaved iris tattoo sleeve
  3. The fascinating iris tattoo sleeve paired with the colorful hummingbird is performed in the Realistic style. The blue-greenish background makes the tat more naturalistic. This piece is symbolic of the good fortune, vitality and in violet and blue color iris tattoo sleeve
  4. This striking iris tattoo sleeve designed in the subdued hues looks superb on the woman and accentuates her femininity.iris tattoo sleeve
  5. The maroon-colored irises are infused amazingly in the radiant floral pattern inscribed on the sleeve. The masterful detailing work highlights the dazzling beauty of the bloom which symbolizes prowess, strength and colored iris tattoo sleeve
  6. The adorable iris half sleeve tattoo paired with the alluring yellow-black butterfly creates a visual pleasure. The fairly curled edges of the petals and the forest green leaves give the life-like effect. butterfly and violet iris tattoo sleeve
  7. The enchanting iris tattoo sleeve is combined with the vibrant butterfly depicted in the form of the puzzles. This piece looks splashy and aesthetic and fits for the vivid personalities.puzzle butterfly and iris tattoo sleeve
  8. The incredibly beautiful iris tattoo sleeve made in the black and gray technique. Due to the artistic shading work, the monochromatic flower looks very appealing and exotic.lined iris tattoo sleeve
  9. Here is the mind-blowing iris tattoo sleeve blended with the skull and the peacock feather and depicted against the dark background. The tender purple iris softens the look and adds color to this blue-green motif. The tat symbolizes immortality and accentuates the masculinity of the bearer.skull and iris tattoo sleeve
  10. The striking blue iris, magnolias and dahlias blend into the brilliant floral tattoo sleeve which embodies dignity, elegance and female’s beauty. The calligraphical inscription carved on the pattern makes it more exquisite. colored iris tattoo sleeve with words
  11. The awesome black and gray iris tattoo embraces the sleeve and the back. The flourishing detailed blooms with the elegant curved leaves in the smoky background give gracefulness and sophistication to the colored iris tattoo sleeve
  12. This pretty sick iris sleeve tattoo inked in black and gray is a cool option for the adventurous people because the Japanese accept this flower as a symbol of the bravery, courage and risk taking. To make the tac more interesting and glorious, there were infused the others floral elements like calla, may-lily and orchids.iris tattoo sleeve with black background
  13. This spellbinding iris tattoo sleeve performed in the flamboyant color gamut looks like a real masterpiece. The snazzy purple iris bloom with the buds stands out in the blue-colored waves-like background.violet iris tattoo sleeve with blue background
  14. The nice iris sleeve tattoo is complemented with the bumblebee and the dinky dew drops in order to have more natural look. What is also catchy about this design is the blurry marshy-green foliage.very detalised iris tattoo sleeve
  15. The breathtaking iris sleeve tattoo looks astonishing. This elegant bloom is made in the loving memory of the grandmother. In many cultures, the iris is considered to be the sign of the memory of the loved person.slim iris tattoo sleeve
  16. There is the colorful iris half sleeve tattoo combined with the excellent red-shaded rose and chrysanthemum. This tat has a feminine and stylish appearance and stands for love, optimism and joy.multicolored iris tattoo sleeve
  17. The overwhelming pale red-violet irises in the navy-blue background covers up the half sleeve and symbolic of the royalty, dignity and nobility.detalised iris tattoo sleeve
  18. The captivating iris tattoo sleeve makes up a stunning motif along with the delicate white orchid twig. The watercolor blue shading in the background is an awesome addition to the floral pattern. This tattoo piece represents purity, female fidelity and grace.iris tattoo sleeve
  19. This acid-bright iris tattoo sleeve will fit for personalities who adore arresting the sights. The bewitching purple irises accompanied with the flying hummingbirds and the cute butterfly are a real treat for the eyes due to the vibrant colors and natural look.contrasted iris tattoo sleeve
  20. The exquisite purple irises with the grayish-colored pigeon extend over the sleeve. The slight smoky shading in the background presents a contrast to the bright flowers and stands them out. This tat conveys peace, faith and freedom.violet iris tattoo sleeve
  21. The excellent pair of purple slender-stemmed irises extends over the leg sleeve. The bluish shading lives up the image.slim iris tattoo sleeve
  22. This graceful iris sleeve tattoo will fetch you a lot of compliments. The fabulous magenta iris contrasts sharply with the brown outlined flowers and jazzes up the  monochromatic tac. iris tattoo sleeve with only half of leafe in color
  23. The admirable multi-colored irises embellish the female’s sleeve. The wonderfully incorporated into the pattern deep black curves bring contrast and grace to the overall appearance.  iris tattoo sleeve
  24. This spiffy floral tattoo comprising of the purple irises, daffodils, may-lilies and hydrangeas embraces the sleeve. The bright inks give to the flowers the lifelike and unique look that you can’t take off your eyes.detalised beauty iris tattoo sleeve
  25. This astounding iris tattoo sleeve is a reproduction of the famous Van Gogh’s painting  “Irises”. The flowers look as beautiful as ones on the canvas. If you are a big fan of the fine arts, this design is what you need.simple violet iris tattoo sleeve
  26. The alluring iris with the inscription adorns the sleeve. The exquisite flower with the blue petals standing in the water is a symbol of eternity.iris tattoo sleeve with words
  27. The delicate blue iris, white lily and orange-red hibiscus blend into the splashy bouquet decorating the quarter sleeve. The purple-blue shading in the background gives a colorful accent to the motif. The tac signifies beauty, purity of heart and fidelity.composition iris tattoo sleeve
  28. The impressive iris sleeve tattoo goes well with the irresistibly beautiful tiger lilies. The scrollwork and the green shade imitating the foliage in the background complement the tat. This piece denotes pride, nobility and prosperity.iris tattoo on sleeve
  29. This picturesque sleeve tattoo done in the realistic style. The enchanting flowers like the yellow irises, scarlet amaryllis, orange snapdragon and tender cherry blossoms portrayed against the green-blue background. For more natural look there was added a 3-D butterfly.butterfly on iris tattoo sleeve
  30. The tremendous detailed irises inked in the vibrant colors fit in on the female’s sleeve. The fascinating color balance is a zest of this design, and the lovely insects: ladybug, bee and butterfly add a natural feel to the image and are reckoned to be the harbingers of good luck.butterfly on iris tattoo sleeve

40 Fabulous Watercolor Iris Tattoos

  1. The breathtaking watercolor iris tattoo adorns the female’s thigh. The white and deep purple irises have a little bit chaotic appearance due to the effect of the spilled paints, but still the tac looks appealing and impressive.amazing watercolor iris tattoo
  2. The spellbinding watercolor iris tattoo made in the indigo-purple shades decorates the female’s chest like a necklace and makes the body sexier. The stunning color balance makes the tat eye-pleasing.watercolor iris tattoo on chest
  3. The pair of the lovely watercolor irises inscribed on the thighs looks very exquisite. The white-purple blooms with the curved leaves accentuate the beautiful slender legs of the owner.mirrored watercolor iris tattoo on legs
  4. The gorgeous purple watercolor iris tattoo carved on the forearm. This vibrant delicate flower epitomizes hope, trust and female’s fidelity.slim and small watercolor iris tattoo
  5. The awesome watercolor iris tattoo extends over the forearm. The slim-stemmed iris with the blue-colored petals is symbolic of the immortality according to the Chinese colored slim watercolor iris tattoo
  6. The flamboyant watercolor irises cover up the half sleeve. The smearing colors make the design look a bit scruffy, but it doesn’t lose its charm.watercolor iris tattoo
  7. The amazeballs watercolor iris tattoo inked in deep purple embellishes the arm. This snazzy alone-portrayed bloom is reckoned to be a sign of valor, boldness and bravery.violet watercolor iris tattoo on hand
  8. The pretty sick watercolor iris tattoo inscribed on the woman’s back. The artistic detailing work and vivid color scheme make this flourishing purple flower in the deep green background unique and lifelike.amazing violet watercolor iris tattoo
  9. This blue-pink watercolor iris tattoo spotted on the back is made in the memory of the loved person, while in some countries, the iris is considered to be the memorial sign.  watercolor iris tattoo with date
  10. There is one more memorial watercolor iris tattoo gracing the back.The purple iris is combined with the orange rose and complemented with the graceful adornment  and the initials made in cursive.  watercolor iris tattoo and chains
  11. The elegant watercolor iris tattoo fits in on the forearm. The well-defined outline makes the tac eye-catching along with the bright hues. The vivid green shading in the background gives a natural touch.   small violet watercolor iris tattoo
  12. The acid-bright watercolor iris tattoo placed on the female’s back is screaming for attention. The vibrant splattered paints highlight the flamboyant personality of the wearer, and the elaborately-designed iris emphasizes the feminine beauty.multicolored watercolor iris tattoo
  13. The astounding watercolor iris tattoo covers the female’s side and back. The giant purple-magenta irises with the smudging edges look intriguing and sensational. The fabulous smoothing color transition and the black hieroglyphs are the main zests of this piece.beautyfull watercolor iris tattoo
  14. The cool watercolor iris tattoo is engraved on the sleeve. The nicely-depicted irises blend with the dainty female’s hand and the lovely flying butterflies and symbolize the free spirit and independence.butterflyes in watercolor iris tattoo
  15. This bewitching watercolor iris tattoo inked on the thigh fascinates with the glorious gradient color: the mauve-pink flower with the indigo background gives the aesthetic pleasure to the watercolor iris tattoo
  16. The riot of the colors makes this watercolor iris inscribed on the shoulder look like a masterpiece. This rainbow bloom portrayed with the diamond-like dew drops will stand you out in the crowd and reveals you creative nature.  amazing colored watercolor iris tattoo
  17. The splendid watercolor iris is flaunted on the arm. The elegant royal blue iris is accepted as a symbol of eternity, long life and watercolor iris tattoo
  18. Two magnificent watercolor irises are sitting on the girl’s back. The smearing red paint looks like the blood on the gorgeous purple flowers, thus, it lives up the regular iris image and adds a creative twist.slim lonely watercolor iris tattoo
  19. The wicked watercolor purple iris tattoo spotted on the neck. The splashed paints in the background just give the color accent to the motif. watercolor iris tattoo on body
  20. When you take a glance at this pretty watercolor iris tattoo inscribed on the half sleeve, it seems as if it has been painted by a child: the diluted paints and the drips create the scruffy look, but very offbeat at the same time.  watercolor iris tattoo
  21. The inspiring watercolor iris tattoo extends over the forearm. The exquisite bright-purple iris with the slender stem will bring color in your life.slim violet watercolor iris tattoo
  22. The navy-blue watercolor iris tattoo with the drips fits in on the forearm and stands for royalty, dignity and wisdom.watercolor iris tattoo with ink
  23. The superb watercolor iris tattoo portrayed in the black outline and with the paint splashes looks delicate and artistic.violet watercolor iris tattoo
  24. This unbelievably gorgeous watercolor iris tattoo carved on the slender belly arouses admiration. The vivid color combo highlights the beauty and fragile nature of the flower.  violet cool watercolor iris tattoo
  25. The nifty watercolor iris tattoo performed in an abstract manner graces the male’s forearm. The dark color scheme and the slightly fuzzy edges make the tac unique and accentuate the masculinity and boldness of the colored watercolor iris tattoo on hand
  26. The stylish watercolor iris tattoo with the geometric element adorns the female’s back. The indigo and magenta colors jazz up the black-outlined flower image.rainbowed watercolor iris tattoo
  27. This pocket-size watercolor iris tattoo inked in deep purple color on the forearm conveys serenity, sweetness and grace.small watercolor iris tattoo
  28. The outstanding watercolor iris tattoo done in the mauve-hued embellishes the back. The tiny blothes give the illusion as if the flower has been painted on the canvas.watercolor iris tattoo with ink dots
  29. The wide range of the bright colors blends into this exclusive watercolor iris tattoo spotted on the half sleeve. The fine black outline highlights the flowers’ shapes,  and the colorful splashes complement the total look.amazing watercolor iris tattoo
  30. The showy watercolor iris tattoo designed in the vibrant agreeable tones beautifies the forearm. The fascinating color transition makes the tac unforgettable.watercolor iris tattoo with yellow background
  31. The smoothing colorful lines make up the striking watercolor iris tattoo inked on on the female’s thigh. The pattern has a saucy appearance and amazes with the riot of the colors.slim violet watercolor iris tattoo on leg
  32. Three delightful flowers create an awesome watercolor tattoo inscribed on the foot. The iris, lily and rose are performed in the black outline with the effect of the spilled paints  which adds attractiveness to the and violet watercolor iris tattoo
  33. The admirable watercolor iris tattoo depicted in the purple color decorates the girlish back. The smearing edges add allure and create an enigmatic atmosphere.violet big amazing watercolor iris tattoo
  34. The slim sprig of the watercolor magenta irises snakes along the side and makes the female’s body saucier. This aesthetically beautiful piece accentuates your fragile nature. pink watercolor iris tattoo
  35. The exclusive watercolor iris tattoo combined with the cute bluish flowers adorns the back. The detailed purple iris with the greatly-portrayed petals against the deep-green background represents the inner harmony, spirituality and peacefulness. lots of watercolor iris tattoo on back
  36. This wicked watercolor iris tattoo in the fresh green background harmoniously combines with the girl’s portrait. What strikes the eye in this embracing the forearm tattoo is the magnificent gradient color and detailed work.watercolor iris tattoo with lady
  37. The purple and pink watercolor irises depicted with the colorful strokes and blurs extends over the sleeve.  watercolor iris tattoo in amazing style
  38. The delicate watercolor iris intertwines with the red colored gladiolus sprig. The smeared blotches in the background add a zest to the tac inscribed on the calf.multicolored watercolor iris tattoo
  39. The tribal-styled hummingbird incorporated into the reddish watercolor iris tattoo looks like a stylish decoration on the back. This duet stands for good luck, freedom and colored watercolor iris tattoo flowers

35 Cool Black Iris Tattoos

  1. The enchanting iris tattoo made in the linework style extends over the female’s back. The smoothing black lines, tiny dots, strokes and gentle waves create an amazingly-patterned flower and highlight all details incidental to this plant. If you take a closer look, you will notice an all-seeing eye inside the bud which gives the zest to the design and keeps you from the evil eye and the foes.eye and black iris tattoo
  2. The stunning black iris tattoo with inked on the forearm has a naturalistic look due to the bulb and artistic depiction of the petals: the combination of the damson color with the light violet one conveys all beauty of this marvelous flower. Such tac serves as an indicator of the owner’s wisdom and inner power. black iris tattoo with blue leaves and cleave
  3. The awe-inspiring black iris tattoo made in the black and gray ink with the usage of some shading has a realistic look, and the geometric element piercing the flower brings a dash of creativity to the image. This cool design adorning the arm is preferred primarily by extraordinary personalities. black iris tattoo on hand
  4. This elegant black iris tattoo would help you to accentuate the beauty and grace of your leg. The subdued inks make the piece not showy,but still it looks very charming and spiffy.slim black iris tattoo
  5. The glory of this bunch of flourishing irises is conveyed through the linework style. The tac covers up the leg sleeve and epitomizes bravery, valor and nobility.detalised black iris tattoo on foot
  6. Here is one more example of the iris tattoo done in the linework style. In this wonderful design, the beautiful irises make up a harmonious tandem with the tender daisies. This floral pattern represents purity and chastity.lined black iris tattoo
  7. This black-colored iris tattoo spotted on the woman’s side fascinates with its exquisiteness and grace. The splendid iris’s petals complemented with the delicate vines highlight the sexuality of the female’s body.The cursive letter at the bottom of the tac brings an intrigue in the air.slim lined black iris tattoo
  8. The engaging string of the black-hued irises designed in the dotwork style embellishes the leg. The red-squared background emphasizes the iris tattoo with red lines
  9. The elegant woman’s hand holding the bunch of irises performed in the black and gray technique is a nifty tattoo design which looks attractive on the arm and outlines the wearer’s bravery while the Japanese associate this trait of character with the iris iris tattoo and hand
  10. The nice blossoming black iris tattoo with the sprawling petals inked on the thigh. The linework technique highlights all the features of this astonishing flower in order it has a naturalistic appearance. hot leaves and black iris tattoo
  11. Like a fine thread extends over the arm this slim black iris tattoo.The skillful linework awesomely imitates the outline of this flower and makes it unique.slim lonely black iris tattoo
  12. The schtick of this tremendous black iris tattoo engraved on the female’s foot is the deep-black background which perfectly blends with the gray-shaded iris and accentuates the elegance of this background iris tattoo
  13. The neat black iris tattoo made in the black and white style decorates the ribs. The flying over the flowers bees give a natural feel to the iris tattoo
  14. The iris flower tattoo goes well with the other floral patterns, and this tac inked on the back is a vivid example: the delightful black iris surrounded with the gorgeous daffodils makes up a cool blend and stands for vitality, sensuality and faith.lined black iris tattoo on shoulder
  15. This cool black iris tat inked in black and gray is for the creative-lovers: the delicate iris flower is clenched in the teeth of the dog’s skull. This composition will definitely grab a lot of eyeballs.very detalised black iris tattoo
  16. This sophisticated black iris tattoo placed on the back and decorated with the horseshoes will get your lucky foot with black iris tattoo
  17. The mind-blowing floral tattoo design consisting of the irises and peonies covers up the thigh. This black and gray tattoo piece is believed to be the representative of female beauty, grace and good fortune.lots of black iris tattoo
  18. The lovely black iris tattoo graces the forearm and the dotwork-styled diamond shape in the background adds a bit of allure to the design.triangle black iris tattoo
  19. The charming black iris tattoo spotted on the half sleeve is complemented with the cute hummingbird which holds a great symbolism: it exemplifies strength, energy and overcoming of the tough iris tattoo
  20. The gentle strokes create a wonderfully-shaped iris tattoo decorating the woman’s back. The smoothing color transition from the dark to the light makes this flower look appealing, and the hanging embellishments add exquisiteness to the iris tattoo flower with chains
  21. The sweet black iris tattoo sits elegantly on the female’s forearm. This astonishing slim-stemmed flower performed in the black ink represents hope and harmony, what’s more, the inscription “Onward, onward” carved next to the tac will always motivate you to go iris tattoo on hand
  22. The brilliant black iris tattoo harmoniously incorporated into the dotted fleur-de-lis ( stylized lily) symbol adorns the shoulder. This breathtaking tattoo design signifies royalty, power and majesty.   black iris tattoo with shadow
  23. The captivating black iris combined with the rose and chrysanthemum make up a stunning floral motif inked on the ribs. Due to the detailing, the flowers have a natural appearance.This tac can bring joy, hope and faith in your life.detalised black iris tattoo on body
  24. This bodacious black iris tattoo sitting on the geometric star looks enticing under the boobs. Two progressive styles- linework and dotwork amazingly mix in this tattoo piece.ruby black iris tattoo
  25. The superb black iris tattoo blended with the coiled around the leaf snake extends over the thigh. This duet is symbolic of the transformation, fertility and protection, in addition, it reveals the dualistic nature of the bearer. lined black iris tattoo with snake
  26. The incredibly beautiful pair of black irises beautifies the arm. The purplish shade and detailing give the natural touch to this dark-colored iris tattoo with violet notes
  27. The lovely black iris tattoo accompanied with some nicely-looking flowers makes up an entrancing floral pattern which sits brilliantly under the boobs. The exquisite hanging adornment accentuates femininity and elegance of the body.chains and black iris tattoo
  28. The light grayish shading and the bold black outline give the shape to these slender-stemmed black irises with the inconspicuous leaves.This magnificent black iris tattoo piece extends over the arm and embodies the woman’s beauty and purity according to the Christian tradition.smokecolored black iris tattoo
  29. The awesome black iris tattoo with the inclusions of the white and dark-purple hues decorates the arm. The tac is made in remembrance of the mother while many folks accept the very iris as a memorial iris tattoo with dots
  30. The outstanding black iris tattoo inscribed on the back. The excellent color gradient makes this tat astonishing and iris tattoo in smokecolored style
  31. The cool black iris tattoo carved on the female’s shoulder looks as if it has been  undergone X-ray examination. The Byzantium purple hue at the edges lives up the  image and makes it iris tattoo with red notes
  32. This fantastic black iris tattoo covering up the leg sleeve is a treat for the eyes. The giant iris blooms and buds depicted with the roots has a fresh-cut appearance. Despite its monochromaticity, the tac looks showy and iris tattoo
  33. The striking black iris tattoo extends over the half sleeve. The black hatching and the layered petals create the naturally-looking flower with the buds.lined black iris tattoo
  34. The magnificent black iris combined with the tiger lily and the pocket watch fits in on the half sleeve. The exquisite lace in the background makes this tattoo piece more aesthetic. watches in black iris tattoo
  35. The monochrome floral pattern comprising of the iris, rose and daffodil adorns the thigh. The brilliant life-like flowers twined round with the graceful curves look very feminine and refined.detalised black iris tattoo

60 Jazzy Purple Iris Tattoos

  1. Two lovely purple iris tattoos elegantly decorate the girl’s feet. The naturally-colored pattern accentuates femininity and daintiness of the owner.slim purple iris tattoo on legs
  2. The gorgeous purple iris tattoo inscribed on the calf serves as a memento of the died soulmate. In some cultures, this flower is accepted as a symbol of the mourning, sorrow and memory.purple iris tattoo with name
  3. The marvelous purple iris bloom covers up the leg sleeve. The beautiful lace in the background makes the motif more exquisite, and the sewing stuff adds a zest to the tac.purple iris tattoo with slim details
  4. The marvelous purple iris tattoo fits in brilliantly on the ankle. The vibrant colors convey the dazzling beauty of this flower and make the tac catchier. slim purple iris tattoo
  5. The wonderful purple iris tattoo with the perfectly-infused earth image has a magnificent appearance. This creative and fascinating tattoo design gamut graces the female’s shoulder.purple iris tattoo on shoulder
  6. The spellbinding purple iris tattoo sitting wonderfully on the back epitomizes hope, trust and devotion. The graceful cursive letter “M” carved next to the bloom brings an intrigue into the motif. purple iris tattoo with M
  7. This awe-inspiring purple iris tattoo made in the watercolor style embellishes the leg. The tiny bumblebee makes the tac prettier and gives the natural feel.bee and purple iris tattoo
  8. The splashy purple irises are greatly combined into the floral pattern comprising of the daffodils and blackberries, and the flying hummingbird complements the look. This nice tattoo inked on the woman’s thigh stands for happiness, vitality and energy.bird and purple iris tattoo
  9. The amazing brightly- purple iris tattoo spotted on the forearm. The allure to the flower image gives an interlaced Celtic motherhood knot which holds a huge symbolism: it emphasizes the strong bond of the mother with her child and reveals her parental love to him.purple iris tattoo
  10. The fabulous bunch of the purple irises decorated with the delicate pink ribbon adorns the female’s back. This tattoo design signifies surviving the breast cancer.bucket of purple iris tattoo
  11. This astonishing purple iris tattoo in the bluish background extends over the leg. The striking mauve-orange falling petals stand out this magnificent flower, and the diamond-like drops add naturality to the bloom.purple iris tattoo with neon background
  12. The colorful 3-leaved purple iris tattoo engraved on the forearm captivates with its daintiness, and the fresh green foliage makes the flower lifelike.slim purple iris tattoo
  13. The adorable single purple iris tattoo placed on the forearm is made in the realistic style. This sophisticated flower highlights the wisdom and spirituality of the owner. slim purple iris tattoo on hand
  14. The brilliant purple iris tattoo inked on the forearm with the harmoniously-infused pink ribbon would fit for those, who have survived the breast cancer or in memory of the person who suffered from this deadly disease.purple iris tattoo with strips
  15. The incredibly glorious purple iris tattoo with the bluish shade in the background is inscribed on the forearm. This sweet flower will be your personal reminder of the loved person. purple iris tattoo with words
  16. This nifty purple iris tattoo performed in the Traditional style embellishes the arm. Two red-colored dragonflies with amazingly-patterned wings make the tac more interesting and give the additional symbolical meaning: in Japan, these lovely creatures signify change, freedom, enthusiasm and inspire people to lead an active life. purple iris tattoo and animals
  17. The single purple iris tattoo extends from the quarter sleeve to the back. The vividly shaded bloom made in the Realistic style fascinates with its aestheticism and outlines femininity of the wearer.purple iris tattoo on shoulder
  18. The wicked purple iris tattoo incorporated into the black and gray frame is flaunted on the male’s side. What is really cool about this piece is strong color contrast and the intricately-designed frame which immediately grab many eyeballs.purple iris tattoo in frame with words
  19. The simply cute purple iris tattoo with the slightly curled petals inscribed on the male’s back. According to the Japanese beliefs, this flower is a symbol of courage and bravery.purple iris tattoo with words
  20. The alone-portrayed purple iris tattoo with the slender stem extends over the ribs. The tat is designed in the Traditional style and captures with its elegant look.purple iris tattoo on body
  21. The giant purple irises decorate the male’s side. These naturally-colored flowers with the magnificent petals point out on the peace and harmony in the soul of the wearer.big purple iris tattoo on body
  22. The inspiring purple iris tattoo inked on the forearm is amazingly combined with the dotted geometric element which adds creativity and intrigue to the pattern.purple iris tattoo with triangle
  23. This charming purple iris tattoo blended with the magenta chrysanthemum is dedicated to the grandparents.The scriptures made in the grandad’s and grandma’s handwriting make the tac touchier.purple iris tattoo with words
  24. The snazzy purple iris tattoo decorates the woman’s back. The brilliantly-designed petals look fascinating together with the slightly twisted foliage. The gracefulness to the image give the fine black vines which elegantly snake along the flower.purple iris tattoo with circled lines
  25. The outstanding purple iris tattoo carved on the arm. The white-colored strokes and the various shades of the purple color create a realistically-looking bloom image symbolizing valor, spirituality and wisdom.purple iris tattoo on hand
  26. The excellently-done purple iris tattoo engraved on the calf looks like a piece of art. The artistic color transition and detailing give the feel that the flower is natural.purple iris tattoo
  27. The nice purple iris flower with the cute dragonfly graces the back. The azure-colored puzzle elements bring uniqueness into the overall appearance and the cursive inscriptions inked in black remind of the loved people.purple iris tattoo with name
  28. The wonderful floral duet consisting of the purple iris and the pinkish gladiolus covers up the forearm and signifies faithfulness, dignity and self-confidence.purple and red iris tattoo
  29. The superb purple iris tattoo with the inscriptions beautifies the female’s back. In France, this stunning flower stands for admiration, royalty and nobility.purple iris tattoo with words
  30. This breathtaking purple iris tattoo with the anatomical heart inked on the forearm can be admired by the doctors or those who are connected with the medicine. The moon, birds and the palm-tree live up the image and add creativity.amazing purple iris tattoo with birds
  31. The spiffy deep purple iris with the yellow-colored inclusions extends over the side. The vibrant flower stands out against the smoky background, and the exquisite tintless curves on the sides add exoticism and elegance to this tattoo piece.big beauty purple iris tattoo
  32. The entrancing purple iris tattoo with the colorful bird looks enticing on the female’s thigh. The jazzy color combo makes the design very artistic and doesn’t leave it inconspicuous.amazing purple iris tattoo
  33. Two fantastic purple irises with the wavy edges and the sword-like leaves placed on the forearm. Due to the artful coloration, the flowers resemble the regular ones from the garden.purple iris tattoo with cleaves
  34. This admirable purple iris bloom captivates with its gradient color: the various shades of purple give the petals a deep look, and the marshy green leaves add the lifelike effect.watercolor purple iris tattoo
  35. The fascinating bunch of the purple irises decorates the female’s back. The purple-white clusters are complemented with the elegant long leaves. This tat can perfectly emphasize the dainty nature of the wearer. watercolor purple iris tattoo
  36. The tender realistic purple iris tattoo inscribed on the female’s foot. The bright color gamut makes the bloom attention-grabbing, and the delicate vine with the lettering inked on the other foot is an exquisite addition to the floral pattern.slim simple purple iris tattoo
  37. The alluring purple iris tattoo on the fine stem winds along the woman’s side. The smoothing black curves present a contrast with the vivid bloom and bring femininity and grace into the motif.purple iris tattoo with words
  38. This mind-blowing purple iris tattoo spotted on the leg impresses with its detailing and coloration. Some floral elements superbly infused into the design help to keep the natural atmosphere.detalised purple iris tattoo
  39. The astounding floral tattoo inked on the back and consisting of the purple iris, sunflower, daffodil, hydrangeas and gray-colored mandala won’t leave indifferent the fairer sex. This glaring pattern denotes harmony, fulfillment, serenity and and purple iris tattoo
  40. The enviable purple iris tattoo fits in on the shoulder. The vibrant color gamut and the skillful detailed-work make the tac unique. This fantastically beautiful flower reflects the inner contentment, strength and happiness of the owner.purple iris tattoo on shoulder
  41. This pretty sick purple iris tattoo with the contrasting gray stem covers the back. The elegant black curlies highlight the romantic mood of the tac and accentuate femininity of the purple iris tattoo
  42. The awesome bold purple iris tattoo with the deep green shading in the background graces the ribs. This marvelous piece is designed in the Realistic style which depicts all features incidental to this flower.purple iris tattoo on body
  43. The sensational purple iris tattoo sitting on the woman’s back looks like a masterpiece. The brilliant color combo gives a real aesthetic pleasure along with the curved tendrils.purple iris tattoo with slim cleaves
  44. This eye-pleasing purple iris tattoo looks as artistic as if it’s painted on the canvas, but not inked on the back. The black dots create the ground imitation and add realism to the motif. In symbolical terms, iris signifies immortality, hope, and love.big purple iris tattoo on the back
  45. The purple irises enframe the image of the lovely lady- it’s a reproduction of the painting “Les Fleurs-The Iris” by Alphonse Mucha carved on the male’s musculus shoulder.lady in purple iris tattoo
  46. The super cool purple iris tattoo performed in the watercolor style is flaunted on the female’s shoulder. The awesome color transition reflects the beauty of this flourishing bloom and makes it look more appealing.purple iris tattoo on shoulder
  47. Two tremendous purple and yellow irises with the astonishing gradient color extend over the quarter sleeve. To bring the natural feel to the flowers, there were added the buds and the foliage.multicolored purple iris tattoo
  48. This badass purple iris tattoo in the azure background will take everyone’s breath away. The embracing the forearm tat is made in the realistic style, that’s why it looks so lifelike and eye-candy.48 purple iris tattoo
  49. The nifty purple iris tattoo performed in the art nouveau style accentuates the biceps.The key schtick of this design is the scrolled end of the stem which gives elegance to the overall flower appearance.slim simple purple iris tattoo
  50. The awe-inspiring bouquet comprising of the iris, rose and magnolias fascinates with its natural look, detailing and the agreeable color scheme. This stunning piece covers up the female’s back and is symbolic of passionate love, femininity, beauty and joy.purple iris tattoo with another flowers
  51. The classy purple iris tattoo with the light smoky shading around it extends over the forearm. The calligraphical black lettering inked next to the iris is a memento of the dear person.purple iris tattoo with name and date
  52. The enchanting deep purple iris tattoo against the bluish background adorns the forearm. The life-like appearance is achieved due to the different-sized petals with the tiny dew drops on them and the bold green foliage.purple iris tattoo
  53. The flamboyant purple iris tattoo with the pike-like leaves inscribed on the belly. The bright yellow, blue and pink hues amazingly blended into the tac jazz up the flower image and make it catchier. slim simple purple iris tattoo
  54. The compelling alone-depicted purple iris tattoo with the intricately-shaped petals embellishes the forearm and embodies wisdom, common sense and clarity.violet and purple iris tattooviolet and purple iris tattoo
  55. This scintillating purple iris tattoo designed in the radiant colors is sitting on the leg sleeve. What is really glorious in this tat is the artistic color transition which immediately grabs attention and the fresh green leaves which complement the motif.   beauty purple iris tattoo
  56. The Neotraditional  purple iris tattoo spotted on the shoulder. This piece captivates with its deep coloration and the intricate form of the petals. purple iris tattoo on shoulder
  57. These dazzling purple irises inked on the arm look as natural as the ones from the snapshot due to the workmanlike detailing and harmonious gradient color. detalised very cool purple iris tattoo
  58. The cool way to express your love to the dear person is to get inked this adorable purple iris tattoo with the inscription. The fascinating bunch of the vibrant irises winded with the pink ribbon decorates the forever purple iris tattoo
  59. The enigmatic purple iris tattoo graces the girl’s thigh. The artful shade transition and the hatching create a wonderful visual effect. detalised purple iris tattoo
  60. The alluring purple iris tattoo makes up an awesome tandem with the gorgeously-designed navy-blue butterfly. This aesthetic tattoo piece beautifies the forearm and emphasizes the free-spirited nature of the butterfly and purple iris tattoo