The Incredible Daisy Chain Tattoos

There is an opinion that the florets are associated with comfort, vitality, beauty warm and joy. They are symbolic embodiments of the nature and manifestation of its mystery, glory and diversity.

Each blossom possesses individuality and uniqueness, thus, the daisy floret expresses delicacy and in combination with other daisies form an amazing chain that looks impressive on woman’s body.

  1. The chain of tiny daisy flowers is located behind the ear. This tattoo may beneficially emphasize the graceful of the feminine neck or be invisible if hair loose.Chain Daisy Flower Behind Ear
  2. These pretty florets on the hand present three daisy buds connected with green leaves. The size of the tattoo is not big, that is why the picture looks  nicely and unobtrusively.Colored Chain Daisy Flower On The Hand
  3. The tattoo with a blossom is regarded to be more suitable for women, though, some men can also afford to apply such image. These four daisy buds that are performed in black hue on the sleeve will be perfect for strong, brave and confident people.Chain Daisy Flower On The Shoulder
  4. This breathtaking and unforgettable piece of art originates from the ankle and covers the whole foot. The ornament is full of gripping elements: the central figure is the chain of daisy florets surrounded by patterns, colorful butterflies and leaves.Chain Daisy Flower On The Foot
  5. It is considered that the tattoos on the wrist prefer people, whose work is connected with creativity: musician, artist, actor etc. Thus, this engrossing daisy ornament arranged in a semicircle signifies creative ambitions of its owner.Chain Daisy Flower
  6. The place of this chain daisy tattoo was chosen extraordinary. The glorious florets create a circle and the center of this composition is human’s elbow. The circle of the flowers symbolizes both the universe in which everything is cyclical and harmony between human and nature.Circled Chain Daisy Flower
  7. This cute daisy chain is executed on the ankle in the form of a bracelet. The tattoo is done in the natural dye that brings this pattern a realistic form and embodies feminine refinement and purity of its owner.Chain Daisy Flower On Foot
  8. The image of the heart is beloved among men and woman as it symbolizes the eternal concept like love, friendship, courage according to the way of depiction. This tattoo illustrates the chain of daisy florets, which begin on the ankle and form a heart on the foot.Chain Daisy Flower In Heart Form
  9. This is a captivating ornament of a daisy chain that covers the hand: both fingers and the outer side of the palm. It seems like the hand is dotted with tiniest flowers that look very exotic and spectacularly.Amazing Chain Daisy Flower On Hand
  10. The magnificent pattern of daisy chain tattoo is placed on the inner foot. The picture repeats the contour of the feet which gives additional gracefulness, and comely patterns enrich the whole image.Chain Daisy Flower On Foot
  11. This pattern of four large daisy buds is performed on the half sleeve. The flowers are joined together forming a chain; the tattoo is done in a restrained dark coloring without any vivid splashes. The buds are identical but the biggest blossom is located on the shoulder. Chain Daisy Big Flowers On The Shoulder
  12. One of the advantages of the tattoo is the ability to emphasize the female figure especially if the person is fit, so a girl with such a spectacular pattern will look unforgettable on the beach. It shows a long daisy chain that covers the rib cage and thigh.Chain Daisy Flower On The Body
  13. Some people decide to wear a tattoo on the finger instead of a real ring. Thus, the image of daisy chain looks interesting and uncommonly on this part of the skin. These florets are so tiny that they will not attract a lot of attention but in the meantime express extraordinary personality.Chain Daisy Flower In Ring Style
  14. This tattoo on the thigh illustrates an inviting chain of three daisy buds. The tattooist depicts them in blue bloom with an orange core. The whole picture appears playfully and will be a good variant for young active girls.Chain Daisy Flower On The Hip
  15. The outer foot is an ideal place for the ornament with wee florets. They are intertwined in astonishing patterns creating a daisy chain. The tattoo expresses kindness, gentleness and humility of its owner. Chain Daisy Flower On The Foot
  16. Such a romantic symbol as the heart must necessarily be on the body of the tattoo lovers: whether it is love to family, a person or children, it will always be topical and fashionable. This tattoo of pink daisy chain is executed on the thigh in the form of heart and bears pulchritude.Chain Daisy Flower In Heart Form
  17. All women like jewelry but not everyone resolves to ink a permanent tattoo in the shape of the wrist strap. However, this daisy chain ornament will decorate any hand and bring mystery and lightness in the image of a holder.Chain Daisy Flower With Circle On Hand
  18. This tattoo finds a very unusual place on the woman’s body – it is applied to the inner ear. The pattern presents a chain of weeny daisy buds, which have different hues: white, purple, blue and a green stem. This work is amazing!Chain Daisy Flower In Ear
  19. Three neat daisy buds create a trendy chain on the foot. It seems like live flowers are placed because the tattooist uses natural shades and coloring: the buds are white with a yellow center and the stem is green.Chain Daisy Flower On Foot
  20. There is a delightful union of three adorable daisy florets on the wrist. They are different in size: the central one is the biggest, but they are identical in color – all flowers are inked in black tint.  This tattoo looks cool in combination with a watch or a bracelet.Chain Daisy Flower On Hand
  21. This incredible ornament comprises wee blue daisy buds, lovely pink butterflies and many tiny stars of different sizes. It is considered that the star is a symbol of the sky, so this tattoo grants prosperity, good luck and inspiration. The pattern will look fantastic on the girl’s rib cage, especially if she has a good figure.Chain Daisy Flower With Stars On Body
  22. This colorful daisy chain on the inner arm resembles a rainbow, as each bud possesses its unique hue: pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange. The petals of the flowers are applied with very bright white paint and are decorated with numerous teeny white spots. It looks wondrous!Rainbow Chain Daisy Flower
  23. This nice flower tattoo on the foot illustrates a pleasant daisy chain. It consists of three rather big purple buds with yellow center, which are joined with beautiful patterns and leaves. This ornament suits both young active girls and adult serious women.Chain Daisy Flower On Foot
  24. This enchanting daisy chain tattoo covers the upper leg. It is very simple from the viewpoint of the complexity of the pattern: the colors are not flashy, the size is moderate. Nevertheless, the tattoo expresses the naturalness and lightness.Chain Daisy Flower On The Hip
  25. The images of butterfly together with flowers are the most favorite among women. The butterflies denote new life, lightheartedness and joy and with daisy florets make an incredible combination. It is executed on the ankle and serves as a pretty decoration on the foot.Violet And Red Chain From Daisy Flower
  26. This unbelievable tattoo on the thigh is huge and complicated, as it rich in different images: the primary elements are lock and key, which are surrounded by a pink daisy chain. This ornament signifies willpower and strength of character.Chain With Lock And Key From Daisy Flower
  27. The attractive pattern of yellow daisy blossoms can embellish the women’s foot and emphasize her femininity. It includes not only blossoms but also a purple butterfly, a ladybug and a blue insect. On the whole, it has a very exotic form and characterizes its owner as a jolly person.Chain Daisy Flower On Leg
  28. The tattoo of great beauty in the form of large daisy buds begins on the shoulder blade and extends to the waist. The flowers have different size and color: orange and yellow and are united in the glorious ornament with the help of fascinating patterns.Chain Daisy Flower On The Body
  29. There are plenty of variations of the tattoo on the foot but one is very charming. It consists of three daisy buds that create a chain of florets with green leaves. Each of the buds has a unique dye: red, blue and orange.Dot styled Chain Daisy Flower
  30. The tattoo of flowers may have various colors but this pattern of three ravishing daisy florets is done in a black hue. It is located on the rib cage, thus, it can be hidden under the clothes or agitates the minds by its sophistication and loveliness.Chain Daisy Flower On The Body

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