Best Half Sleeve Orchid Tattoos and Their Definitions

Vibrant orchid designs in most cases carry a favorable connotation about fertility and femininity, many people worshiped an orchid as a deity and they thought that it had magical properties. The half sleeve is a voguish tattooing area for an orchid pattern.

  1. A marvelous monochrome orchid is a decoration of the half sleeve, bright accents are little pink flowers and below the orchid, there are black wings with a pink bow. In Egypt, the image of wings was a symbol of power and greatness, and an orchid in ancient Europe represented the aristocracy and authoritativeness. This ink is the sign of a potent personality, who has achieved success in life.half slevee orchid with wings
  2. The lower half sleeve here is embellished with white orchids, which are surrounded by little purple flowers. In Christianity, a white orchid is a sign of purity, a strong spiritual faith, and a certain innocence, and purple flowers have embodied humility and repentance. So, this ink may carry a religious denotation.orchid with violet flowers
  3. This masterpiece on the half sleeve looks gorgeous: purple and red orchids together with a butterfly are depicted on an azure background. For Americans, orchids signify loyalty to the family, to the second half and to moral principles. This American point of view is traced in this dope tattoo.colored orchid flower tattoo
  4. The half sleeve here is decorated with a very expressive pattern, which represents three orchids of burgundy, pale pink and crimson tones. In Greek legends, Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis, but Zeus found their love forbidden, and they were forced to hide from him. Once the goddess dropped her shoe and in its place grew a flower of extraordinary beauty has emerged, which has become a sign of a strong and passionate love, thus, this ink is an emblem of an ardent love.orchid flower with dominating red tone
  5. The lower half sleeve here is adorned with a gorgeous bunch of orchids, flowers look very feminine. The emblem of an orchid is widely used in heraldry, it is a symbol of Panama and Costa Rica, this floret denotes authority, power, and political influence. Probably, this design is worn by a domineering personality, in whose hands a great power is concentrated.half slevee orchid flower
  6. This stunning ink on the half sleeve displays vivid blue flowers, they look extremely attractive. In India, blue orchids serve as a sign of truthfulness, a person, who wears this ink, is decent and honest, so it is a great honor to be the owner of this tattoo. Perhaps, these Indian traditions are revealed in this pattern.orchid flower in blue color
  7. A wonderful branch of pink orchids wraps around the lower half sleeve. In Vietnam, dark pink orchids are regarded as a happy mascot, which is not only able to protect the owner from a series of misfortunes but can attract love in life. So, a human with this design aspires to find a true love, maybe a tightly-knit family is his burning ambition.orchid flowers branch
  8. This stunning watercolor tac on the half sleeve looks appealing, the color spectrum of flowers is dark, bright accents in the form of pink dashes are located on the flower buds. Soft lines of this ink create the desired effect of lightness; the figure carries the denotation of a person, who has an easy attitude towards life, and he may be flippant and frivolous, but it lends its styled orchid flower
  9. The complex pattern is observed on the half sleeve, it incorporates the following details: a smoky orchid on the top is combined with an inscription, probably, it is a name and the date, below is the colorful part of the ink – a green hummingbird is flying to pink orchids. Indians of Central America associated the hummingbird with the souls of the dead lovers, and orchids for them were the mark of the suffering from lost love. It is likely that mentioned motives are revealed in this figure.orchid flower with words
  10. The lower arm is adorned with a vibrant design, which demonstrates a purple orchid with a yellow core and a bee, which is bent over a flower. In times of matriarchy, the bee was a symbol of a woman – the head of the family, who took care of all the family members. In this case, an orchid may symbolize the fragile family harmony, which this woman is trying to save.bee and aorchid flower
  11. The half sleeve here is embellished with two pink orchids, their petals are slightly diluted by a white color. In ancient Greece, the goddess of love Aphrodite reckoned that only an orchid could be the embodiment of her beauty, so from that time, the flower became the emblem of a beautiful and self-confident woman. This point of view is disclosed in this dope ink.small orchid flower on shoulder
  12. A beautiful hummingbird, which coloring is composed of green, pink and orange colors, is visible on the half sleeve, there are additional colored circles, which are made in a dot work style. On the forearm, closer to the chest, pink and red orchids are arranged, they look very organic with the hummingbird. For some tribes, the hummingbird was associated an unexpected joy, which is connected with a happy event, orchids also can connote favorable changes in life, perhaps this change could be a marriage for a woman, so this ink illustrates above-mentioned with orchid flower
  13. It is considered that the interpretation of the orchid image varies depending on the element, with which the main pattern is combined. So, for instance, in this monochrome tattoo, an orchid is displayed next to the skull, which is entwined with a key chain and a bright butterfly sits on the skull. This tattoo is the unity of opposites, it signifies the flowering of love and demise as the final stage in life.skull and orchid flowers with butterfly
  14. These vibrant orchids come down around the half sleeve, they are of a wonderful raspberry-pink color, the ink looks just magnificent. Some people truly believe that that the picture of orchids, which adorns the body, helps a woman to feel sexier and more desirable. This point of view is disclosed in this dope tattoo.branch with orchid flower
  15. This cool ink on the half sleeve is done in a neo-traditional style, the pattern demonstrates the woman, who is wearing a headdress in the form of a tiger face, below this picture gray orchids are located. In the eastern horoscope, a tiger symbolizes the leader with a strong-willed character, but his drawbacks are the excessive temper and impulsiveness, an orchid in Eastern culture, is the mark of safety, reliability, and inner harmony. This pattern says that a person seeks to become more understanding, peaceful and calm.women with tiger skin and orchid flowers
  16. Splendid yellow orchids on the lower half sleeve are the best decoration for the owner. In ancient Egypt, orchids of this color symbolized the god of the sun and they conveyed strong energy, optimism, and magnetism. This figure supports above-named traditions.yellow orchid flower
  17. This awesome watercolor tattoo looks just fantastic on the half sleeve, black and white orchids are complemented with accents of pink and turquoise colors, the lettering says that a person has found whom her soul loves. This ink indicates a woman, who values spiritual qualities more than the illusory values of the material world.orchid flower with words
  18. This extraordinary ink looks spectacular on the half sleeve. The pattern is very complex and it represents the skull of the cat, which is surrounded by vivid red orchids and the inscription: “In love & death” is located at the bottom of the figure. In Mexico, the image of the cat skull is very symbolic, it signifies the liberation from fear, pain and hatred, orchids for Mexicans connote a new life path. Thus, this ink is about a person, who has reviewed his life and changed it.skull of animal with red orchid flowers
  19. The lower arm is adorned with purple orchids with green leaves. For the ancient Romans, purple orchids were a symbol of Jupiter, the planet, which signified abundance, growth, generosity, and success. Thus, this tac indicates the person, who is at the peak of the success of his professional career.orchid flowers in violer color
  20. A twig of blossoming blue orchids is displayed on a coral background. In Christianity, blue orchids embody the blue sky over the heads of the faithful, since exactly the blue sky promotes peace and solitude in a prayer. So, this tac may carry a religious orchid flower with hot background
  21. This half sleeve is adorned with a masterpiece: a violet orchid, a green and purple hummingbird, a brown bee and orange lilies are visible. For Aztecs, a hummingbird was a deity, which symbolized success as a result of the complex way, as for the bee, it was the sign of a hard work in all cultures, an orchid speaks about a strong-willed and wise man, and lilies indicate the person, who is the creator of his own life.bird with flower and
  22. For ancient nations, an orchid has been associated with passion and sexuality, many unmarried girls wore this image as a mascot, which attracted men. This watercolor tac on the lower half sleeve shows bright red orchids and the word “Passion”, probably, this woman expresses her sexuality through this image.watercolor passion of orchid flower
  23. This couple of orchids decorate the lower half sleeve and look marvelous. A blue orchid and a tiger orchid perfectly interact and they reveal Greek traditions, in which these flowers indicated fertility and abundance.flower with blue orchid flower
  24. This dazzling figure on the half sleeve represents the fusion of Celtic and traditional motives, gray circles represent the cyclical nature of life, the intersection of dark and white stripes, pink orchids here are a symbol of happiness, joy, and harmony, and the inscription says that a human does not rest on laurels and is committed to flower with words
  25. An impressive ink on the half sleeve is done in a watercolor style, pink orchids are perfectly merged with green and black details. It is known that an orchid was named after the goddess of light, which shared joy and goodness with people. So the human, who wears this tattoo, shows that his body and the soul are pure and orchid flower with dot styled background
  26. These tiny red and purple orchids on the lower arm look mysterious. For many nations, an orchid tattoo has an esoteric signification, this image protects the owner and the love union from envy and troubles. Hence, this tac may be a lucky talisman against the misfortune for the human.violed and red orchid flower
  27. Extremely vibrant violet orchids decorate the half sleeve and they are striking to behold. In ancient cultures, an orchid symbolized the transition from passive to an active phase – the phase of awakening. Perhaps, through this tattoo a person wants to mark the end of a morally difficult period and the beginning of a new era.violet orchid flower with words
  28. This old school tattoo on the lower arm looks very realistic, the combination of colors is just awesome. For the ancient Romans, the cat was a sign of peace and freedom, and a black cat brings good luck, a red orchid here expresses absolute harmony in life, and in the human soul. Thus, the value of this pattern is absolutely and red orchid flower
  29. A sumptuous picture on the lower arm is a perfect example of new school traditions in tattooing. From a gray skull with a blue tint grows a pink orchid, a blue butterfly is a great additional element. For ancient Aztecs, the skull has been an emblem of despair and mourning, whereas an orchid was an emblem of heat, light, and rebirth. In this case, in spite of the skull image, a positive connotation prevails, this ink is a sign of a full revaluation of values, and moral orchid flower and skull
  30. This absolutely gorgeous piece of a tattoo in a Polynesian style covers the half sleeve. The Polynesian style is the most ancient, the pattern here is polysyllabic and consists of several figures, in the center on a completely black background gray orchids are arranged. This dope tac may be an amulet that protects against people with evil intentions.orchid flower in center of different background
  31. The embellishment of the lower half sleeve is an amazing fusion of violet orchids and the clock, framed in gold; this tattoo has a deep philosophical subtext. The clock expresses the value of life and it is a reminder that a certain amount of time is allotted to everyone in the world and orchid says that every day should be lived brightly.orchid flower with watches
  32. It is obvious that this half sleeve ink, which depicts the image of Buddha, surrounded by crimson orchids, reveals the philosophy of Buddhism. The figure spells out the idea of a deliverance from sufferings and desires, and life, based on principles of harmony and balance.krishna with red orchid
  33. This Japanese half sleeve tattoo demonstrates a colorful phoenix, which is surrounded by purple-crimson orchids. The phoenix here discloses Egyptian traditions, in which it is a sign of a long life since in tales a phoenix burns in the fire and is reborn from the ashes. The signification of the orchid image resonates with the denotation of the phoenix picture and indicates a spiritual cleansing.rainbow bird with orchid flower
  34. A unique combination of a gun and red orchids looks appealing on the lower half sleeve. Red orchids here carry a favorable denotation, they express inner fire, passion, and an extreme sexuality, and a gun shows rebelliousness and audacity of the owner.revolver with orchid flower
  35. This beautiful tattoo looks very elegant, and just it just charges a person with a good mood. Blooming violet orchids with yellow butterflies on a blue background create a holistic picture. In China, the combination of orchids and butterflies is immensely popular, it denotes a strong love and a large family, which for the Chinese is the largest value, so this ink illustrates Chinese background with violet flowers
  36. In Western culture, a skull tattoo has a double denotation, as it symbolizes the sadness, which is caused by death and at the same time hope for the existence of the soul after demise, indeed, a generally accepted connotation of orchids is a new beginning. So, this tattoo on the half sleeve shows that this person is an optimist, he believes in reincarnation, as evidenced by the picture and the inscription: “Death is but the next great adventure”.skull with violet flower and words
  37. In Eastern culture, orchids of diverse colors have the same denotation – they indicate a loving mother, who has dedicated her life to her family. These watercolor crimson orchids with names of children illustrate Eastern flowers with words
  38. The lower arm is embellished with a blue sugar skull with a red orchid. In Mexico, a sugar skull and an orchid have a special signification, they commemorate the Day of the Dead, when people revere all those, who left the world of the living. Thus, this ink is made in memory of a deceased skull with words and branch
  39. The half sleeve here is decorated with a black and red tattoo, which is performed is a dot work style. Sharp color transitions indicate the impermanence of a nature and an orchid on a black background in the square is about a man with a creative vision of the world.orchid flower with dot styled background
  40. The baroque design on the lower arm represents a red rose and a crimson orchid on a black ornate background, little blue flowers are also seen here. The rose speaks of love and devotion, and the orchid indicate a strong family union.rose and violet orchid flower