Finger Tattoos Ideas

Interesting Facts about Finger Tattoos

There is a wide range of tattoos that can be done on fingers. Tattoos on fingers are highly attractive due to the fact that a person’s fingers are very noticeable to the world. They also look very cute if well done. The more popular finger tattoos are birds, anchor, cross and heart. A variety of word designs for finger tattoos are used by both males and females. These words include but are not limited to love, heart, believe and chic. They are considered a fun-twist to the art of self-expression.

Due to the nature of the delicate skin on fingers, fingers take the tattoo ink quite differently from the rest of the body. There are a few challenges that go with having your fingers tattooed. Here are two interesting facts that one should be prepared to encounter as they get their favourite finger tattoos.

It is painful. The fingers do not have much fat or muscle to mitigate the painful effect of the needle. Getting a finger tattoo can therefore somewhat be a painful experience. However, many take this pain symbolically. Many tattoos done on fingers are an expression of love and other such commitment, and the pain that accompanies the process is usually welcome as part of the commitment experience. Many couples prefer the ring tattoo design done on their ring fingers as a symbol of the love relationship between them.

The finger tattoos require regular maintenance due to the active nature of hands. The ink fades fairly fast, and for someone who wants their tattoo to look good in the long run regular visits to the tattoo shop for retouch is recommended. Should one notice that the ink has fallen out’ of the fleshy under-part of the finger, a visit to the tattoo shop would very much be in order.

Different fingers have different meaning and purposes. There is a tattoo design for each one of them readily available from a reputable tattoo shop.

Cute Finger Tattoos Ideas

Bow Finger Tattoo

bow finger tattoo

Detailed Finger Tattoos

detailed finger tattoos

Dragon Finger Tattoo

dragon finger tattoo

Female Finger Tattoos

female finger tattoos

Finger and Hand Tattoos

finger and hand tattoos

Finger Cover Up Tattoos

finger cover up tattoos

Finger Skull Tattoos

finger skull tattoos

Finger Tattoo Lettering

finger tattoo lettering

Finger Tattoo Words

finger tattoo words

Finger Tattoos for Girls

finger tattoos for girls

Finger Tattoos for Guys

finger tattoos for guys

Finger Tattoos for Men

finger tattoos for men

Finger Tattoos for Women

finger tattoos for women

Fingertip Tattoo

fingertip tattoo

Flower Finger Tattoos

flower finger tattoos

Funny Finger Tattoos

funny finger tattoos

Gun Finger Tattoo

gun finger tattoo

Heart Finger Tattoo

heart finger tattoo

Index Finger Tattoos

index finger tattoos

Infinity Finger Tattoo

infinity finger tattoo

Knuckle Tattoos Tumblr

knuckle tattoos tumblr

Letter Tattoo on Finger

letter tattoo on finger

Little Finger Tattoos

little finger tattoos

Love Finger Tattoo

love finger tattoo

Male Finger Tattoos

male finger tattoos

Middle Finger Tattoo

middle finger tattoo

Moon Finger Tattoo

moon finger tattoo

Music Finger Tattoos

music finger tattoos

Owl Finger Tattoos

owl finger tattoos

Pinky Finger Tattoos

pinky finger tattoos

Rose Finger Tattoos

rose finger tattoos

Simple Finger Tattoos

simple finger tattoos

Skeleton Finger Tattoo

skeleton finger tattoo

Small Tattoos on Fingers

small tattoos on fingers

Tattoo on Thumb

tattoo on thumb

Tiger Finger Tattoo

tiger finger tattoo

Tiny Finger Tattoos

tiny finger tattoos

Traditional Finger Tattoos

traditional finger tattoos

Tribal Finger Tattoos

tribal finger tattoos

Unique Finger Tattoos

unique finger tattoos

Wolf Finger Tattoos

wolf finger tattoos

Diamond Finger Tattoo

diamond finger tattoo

Unicorn Finger Tattoo

unicorn finger tattoo

Dog Finger Tattoo

dog finger tattoo

Ring Finger Tattoo

ring finger tattoo

White Finger Tattoo

white finger tattoo

Celtic Finger Tattoo

celtic finger tattoo

Wings Finger Tattoo

wings finger tattoo

Deer Finger Tattoo

deer finger tattoo

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