Best Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Feather Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

There’s more to a feather tattoo than meets the eye. Being one of the most widespread themes for tattoos these days, feathers can find a way into your skin in countless variations. Depending on the sketch you’ve chosen and the way the ink master interpreted it, your tattoo can look like no other, and consequently, carry a unique meaning or message. Moreover, if you want to link the tattoo to a certain event or person, the symbolism in that given feather will be intimate and personal to you.

However, if speaking in general, tattoos of feathers tend to carry a variety of meanings, which usually depend on the very type of feather depicted as well as the general style of the tattoo. Here are just some of the most common meanings and symbols associated with feather tattoos:

  • Beauty, elegance and grace:commonly associated with pictures of peacock feathers, which makes the symbolism pretty self-explicatory.
  • Valor, honor and justice: usually linked to depictions of eagle feathers, the bird being a general symbol for said virtues.
  • Intelligence and wisdom: owl feathers tend to be the primary choice for reflecting these values, since these birds are usually associated with rationality and knowledge.
  • Rebirth and progress: depictions of the mythical bird phoenix and/or its feathers typically reflect the concept of change, revival and getting a new chance at something.
  • Spiritual power: usually associated with traditional tribal tattoos or compositions, where the feather is only a part, such as dreamcatchers, feathers represent a symbol of spiritual power in many ancient cultures all over the globe, thus the connection.

Of course, there may be other meanings to this type of tattoo, since every piece is an individual work of art and may carry a very personal and intimate message. Yet, in overall, the listed virtues are what feather tattoos are used to symbolize, so you can safely use them as an explanation why you want to get yours.

Feather Tattoo Ideas

3d Feather Tattoo3d feather tattoo

Angel Feather Tattooangel feather tattoo

Birds of a Feather Tattoobirds of a feather tattoo

Black Feather Tattooblack feather tattoo

Blue Feather Tattooblue feather tattoo

Colorful Feather Tattoocolorful feather tattoo

Crow Feather Tattoocrow feather tattoo

Eagle Feather Tattooeagle feather tattoo

Feather and Bird Tattoofeather and bird tattoo

Feather Finger Tattoofeather finger tattoo

Feather Neck Tattoofeather neck tattoo

Feather Pen Tattoofeather pen tattoo

Feather Rib Tattoofeather rib tattoo

Feather Shoulder Tattoofeather shoulder tattoo

Feather Sleeve Tattoofeather sleeve tattoo

Feather Tattoo behind Earfeather tattoo behind ear

Feather Tattoo on Armfeather tattoo on arm

Feather Tattoo on Footfeather tattoo on foot

Feather Tattoo on Handfeather tattoo on hand

Feather Tattoo on Sidefeather tattoo on side

Feather Tattoo on Wristfeather tattoo on wrist

Feather Tattoo with Quotefeather tattoo with quote

Feather Tattoos for Girlsfeather tattoos for girls

Feather Tattoos for Menfeather tattoos for men

Feather Turning into Birdsfeather turning into birds

Indian Feather Tattooindian feather tattoo

Matching Feather Tattoosmatching feather tattoos

Native American Feather Tattoonative american feather tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoospeacock feather tattoos

Phoenix Feather Tattoophoenix feather tattoo

Red Feather Tattoored feather tattoo

Simple Feather Tattoosimple feather tattoo

Small Feather Tattoosmall feather tattoo

Tribal Feather Tattootribal feather tattoo

Turkey Feather Tattooturkey feather tattoo

Unique Feather Tattoosunique feather tattoos

Watercolor Feather Tattoowatercolor feather tattoo

White Feather Tattoowhite feather tattoo

Falcon Feather Tattoofalcon feather tattoo

Geometric Feather Tattoogeometric feather tattoo

Pigeon Feather Tattoopigeon feather tattoo

Eyes Feather Tattooeyes feather tattoo

Feather Tattoo on Anklefeather tattoo on ankle

Couple of Feathers TattooCouple of feathers tattoo

Feather and Flowers Tattoofeather and flowers tattoo

Wolf and Feather Tattoowolf and feather tattoo

Arrow and Feather Tattooarrow and feather tattoo

Tattoo Feather on Thightattoo feather on thigh

Feather Silhouette Feather feather silhouette feather

Feminine Feather Tattoosfeminine feather tattoos

Feather Tattoos for Womenfeather tattoos for women

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