Daisy Flower Tattoo Designs

The tattoo in the form of flowers – is a purely female kind of images, which is the most well-known and versatile. A small daisy signifies innocence and maidenhead and the pattern with such floret is very decorative and looks great on the skin.

So this is a perfect opportunity to emphasize the individuality and the beauty of the body. It is also a way to increase the attractiveness and womanhood.

Two miniature flowers are located on the inner arm. The pattern looks simple but meanwhile elegant and conservative.Little Daisy Flower On Hand

Small Daisy Tattoo on Wrist

It is believed that the tattoo on the wrist means faithfulness and devotion, so this tiny daisy blossoms may indicate its owner as a dedicated and reliable person.Little Daisy Flower
This is a wee daisy flower on the rib cage, which is inconspicuous but looks stylish on a woman’s body. It is done in black color with only one leaf on the stem that may denote that the girl is searching love and open to a romantic relationship.Detalised Little Daisy Flower
These two daisy blossoms are placed on the inner arm: the first floret has an uncapped bud while another is closed. This tattoo may symbolize mother and her child, thus, such pattern embodies motherly love and the kindness of her heart.Little Daisy Flower With One Button
The unusual place was chosen for this tattoo, it represents a weeny daisy floret, which is performed on the toe. It looks so cute and enchantingly that a number of people willing to make such a tattoo will be large.Little Daisy Flower On Foot Finger
This small flower is executed on lower back in the form of daisy bud. There is an inscription “… amour” instead of a stem, which means “love”. This tattoo describes its owner as a loving and affectionate person.Little Daisy Flower With Words
The tattoo with two wonderful daisy blossoms on the ankle is depicted with a bee that is regarded to be a symbol of motherhood. So, this pretty composition signifies a family, where a woman is a bee that takes care of loved people.Little Daisy Flower With Bee
The daisy is an amazing flower, which looks nobly on the woman’s leg. This tattoo is complemented by an inscription “I will follow into the dark” ; it means that the pattern has the addressee, who is very dear.Little Daisy Flower With Words
The tattoo on the hand will not go unnoticed, especially if it is so refined daisy floret. This pattern presents a bud of a blossom, which is decorated with remarkable ornaments.Little Daisy Flower
This pretty daisy bud is done on the inner arm. It contains an inscription in the form of the stem with two leaves: “Desire”, which is concordant with the name of the flower “Daisy”.Little Daisy Flower With Words
This exquisite piece of art represents a wee tattoo of daisy floret that is inked on the hand. It is so small, that is why, it is necessary to look closer in order to sight all details, namely: a stunner bud, two leaves.Little Daisy Flower On Hand
The tattoo in the form of daisy flower is a fairly common phenomenon but not a floret on the heel. This tattoo includes also a bee, which adds piquancy and is suitable for both adult women and young girls.Little Daisy Flower With Bee
This tattoo of two tiny daisy buds, which are superimposed on each other, finds their place on the lower abdomen. The flowers are red with a blue core. This pattern will look spectacular on a healthy, athletic figure.Colored Little Daisy Flower
This exciting pattern on the neck is very natural as the tattoo master applied the daisy floret in its real color and shape: the blossom possesses white bud with the yellow core, a stem and two green leaves; the stem is decorated with the nice pattern.Little Daisy Flower On Neck
This is an amazing flower on the ankle, which is done as a daisy bud with a super inscription “Smile” instead of the stem. It denotes that its owner is a hilarious and vigorous person, who treats everything with a positive attitude.Little Daisy Flower

Simple Daisy Flower Tattoo

This pattern introduces quite simple in applying but a very cute tattoo of daisy blossom; it has two unopened buds, which may symbolize that a person is full of energy and has not fully realized himself in life yet.Little Daisy Flower
Everyone wants to flit like a butterfly since its image is always associated with freedom and flight. Thus, this incredible tattoo of daisy floret and a small butterfly on the inner arm connotes lightness and airiness.Little Daisy Flower With Blue Butterfly
This petite blossom covers the leg and represents very thin and elegant purple daisy bud with a red core. It personified women’s exquisiteness and goodliness.Little Daisy Flower
It is considered that the flower tattoo can be applied as a memory of an important event in life, so this picturesque image of daisy bud and a darling inscription “Daisy May” may indicate something important that happened in May. The floret is executed in a blue tint, which is like a sky symbolizes elevation.Little Daisy Flower With Name
So meaningful daisy tattoo is inked on the inner arm. It contains an important inscription “Be strong you will overcome it” that pushes its owner on success and serves as a major message of new business.Little Daisy Flower With Words
This is an unpretentious daisy floret is done in black dye on the rib cage. The location and size of flower bud are very convenient since it can be visible or hidden from the public eye under the clothes.Little Daisy Flower on The Body

Colorful Daisy Tattoos

This fascinating tattoo presents a composition of daisy flower, peach and cherry blossom. Such fruit unit pleases the eye with its bright images and rich colors: each of the components looks like real. The place of the pattern is very intimate, as it is performed on the buttocks.Little Daisy Flower With Fruit
This bright ornament comprises a lovable daisy bud with a core in the form of heart that exists in the triangle. The triangle is believed to be a symbol of the life cycle: youth, maturity and old age, also, for girls it may signify maidhood and motherhood.Little Daisy Flower With Looks Like Heart Center
The tattooist applies a marvelous image of pink daisy blossom on the ankle; it is surrounded by green leaves and interesting patterns. The highlight of this tattoo is cat’s footprints, which identifies self-confidence and independence.Little Daisy Flower
This lovely wee tattoo of daisy bud is placed behind the ear. It is executed in natural hue: its petals are white with an orange core. The flower is almost invisible but if take a closer look, it is fantastic!Little Daisy Flower Behind Ear
The blossoms are always pleasing to the eye and cause only positive emotions, thus, this astonishing daisy floret looks modishly and smart. It consists of a white bud with the orange core, stem and two leaves that seem harmonically on the woman’s ankle.Little Daisy Flower
The location of such teensy daisy floret was chosen very unusual: it is done on the inside of the toe. This tattoo is too personal and its place says that the person does not want to present it to a public overview.Little Daisy Flower On Toe
Not everybody intends to possess a bright, remarkable tattoo; some people prefer very calm and restrained tone. So, this tattoo of daisy flower on the inner arm suits the moderate and reticent person.Little Daisy Flower
The human’s ear can be decorated not only with an expensive earring but also with a beauteous tiny daisy floret. This tattoo denotes that its owner is rather a creative person, who is ready for experiments.Little Daisy Flower In Ear
This awesome pattern introduces a small daisy blossom on the arm. In addition to the universal image of the flower, the roots are depicted that symbolize that its owner is far from home, family and embodies the longing and attachment to the people dear to the heart.Little Daisy Flower
This combination of daisy floret with an inscription “Maria” is inked on the woman’s upper back. The key element of this tattoo is lettering while the flower is an outstanding decoration that emphasizes the femininity of the holder of such a beautiful name.Little Daisy Flower With Name

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