Egyptian Tattoos Designs with Meanings

Egyptian Tattoos Meaning

Egyptian Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism written by: sherryjones Egyptian tattoo flash was first marked on females in spite of the negative feedback of a lot of people before. People in early Egypt used symbols to determine the level of their social status in their society.

Egyptian Tattoos Symbolism

Hieroglyphics are pictures which ancient Egyptian used to convey what they want to say in writing. Designs of Egyptian tattoos are based on hieroglyphics, and every picture has its meaning. These unique designs have captivated the eyes of too many individuals, and up to now, it continues to attract people.

The Ankh symbolizes the breath of life, and this is just one of the many Egyptian tattoos available. The real meaning of this symbol it is not apparently known as stated by the Egyptologists but occultists, on the other hand, explained the beautiful meaning behind this symbol. They said that the vertical line of this sign has something to do with being spiritual and the horizontal connotes the world outside.

Another famous figure of the Egyptian tattoo is the eye of the Horus or also known as the eye of Ra where this represents the way to illumination. The negative things are seen by the left eye, and the positive things are viewed by the right eye, however, when these two eyes crossed, they only view on the thing. Well, this only means that there is two side of things, the good and the bad but it also says that these two things need each other to view the environment clearly.

The Bastet were known in early Egypt to be the goddess of protection, health, and pleasure wherein its physical facets were half body of women but with a head of the cat. Also, this symbol signifies fertility and childbirth and also one of the valued images of the early Egypt. Tattoo enthusiasts would favor this type of Egyptian tattoo design and would to ink it on the back, shoulders or the stomach.

Egyptian Tattoos Designs Ideas

Another Egyptian tattoo design that you would like to consider is the Scarab where it symbolizes rebirth. This image could be either tattooed along with the other designs but could also be tattooed on your skin alone.

The Phoenix Egyptian tattoo design is a mythical symbol which symbolizes rebirth and the hereafter. As for the Egyptians and Greeks, this indicates the sunset and sunrise. Usually, Phoenix tattoo designs are placed on the large parts of the body which include the back and the chest.

Also, you can choose the designs of the Sphinx and the market as your tattoo; these designs would look great on you. When you want a more colorful tattoo designs, it suggested that you choose for the images of Pharaohs such as Ramses.

Egyptian tattoo flash designs are one of the most popular tattoo body art today.

Ancient Egyptian Tattoos        ancient egyptian tattoos

Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo   anubis egyptian god tattoo

Cleopatra Tattoo   cleopatra tattoo

Cool Egyptian Tattoos    cool egyptian tattoos

Egyptian Arm Tattoos    egyptian arm tattoos

Egyptian Art Tattoos     egyptian art tattoos

Egyptian Back Tattoos   egyptian back tattoos

Egyptian Bird Tattoo      egyptian bird tattoo

Egyptian Cat Tattoo       egyptian cat tattoo

Egyptian Chest Tattoos   egyptian chest tattoos

Egyptian Cross Tattoo    egyptian cross tattoo

Egyptian Eye Tattoo      egyptian eye tattoo

Egyptian Goddess Tattoos        egyptian goddess tattoos

Egyptian Gods Tattoos   egyptian gods tattoos

Egyptian Hand Tattoos   egyptian hand tattoos

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Tattoos        egyptian hieroglyphics tattoos

Egyptian Inspired Tattoos         egyptian inspired tattoos

Egyptian King and Queen Tattoo      egyptian king and queen tattoo

Egyptian Pharaoh Tattoo egyptian pharaoh tattoo

Egyptian Princess Tattoo egyptian princess tattoo

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoos        egyptian pyramid tattoos

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Tattoos      egyptian queen nefertiti tattoos

Egyptian Queen Tattoos  egyptian queen tattoos

Egyptian Shoulder Tattoos       egyptian shoulder tattoos

Egyptian Sphinx Tattoo   egyptian sphinx tattoo

Egyptian Style Tattoosegyptian style tattoos

Egyptian Sun Tattoo      egyptian sun tattoo

Egyptian Tattoo Sleeve  egyptian tattoo sleeve

Egyptian Tattoos for Girls       egyptian tattoos for girls

Egyptian Tattoos for Women   egyptian tattoos for women

Egyptian Themed Tattoos        egyptian themed tattoos

Egyptian Tribal Tattoos  egyptian tribal tattoos

Egyptian Wings Tattoo  egyptian wings tattoo

Egyptian Writing Tattoos        34 egyptian writing tattoos

Ra Egyptian God Tattoo ra egyptian god tattoo

Small Egyptian Tattoos   small egyptian tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos on Ankle      egyptian tattoos on ankle

Tutankhamun Egyptian Tattoos         tutankhamun egyptian tattoos

Egyptian Tattoos for Men        egyptian tattoos for men

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