The Delightful Daisy Tattoo On The Half Sleeve

The tattoos of daisy floret are perfect for girls, as it helps to express their finesse and femininity. They are able to be impressive and dark or colorful and bright. Moreover, these patterns are often combined with other symbols religious images, signs of the zodiac etc., each of them has their characteristics and peculiarities. Creating a certain combination is able to tell others who you really are, they can express your attitude towards others. Tattoos of a daisy on the sleeve tell about the courage and desire to stand out and be memorable. Also, they show the brightness of their owner.

  1. This wonderful composition of daisy blossoms on the sleeve is done in black color. It is complemented by a clock, which is located in the center of the picture and may indicate the perishability and transience of life or the memory of some important event.Daisy Flowers With Wathc
  2. This shining ornament of amazing flowers is placed on the sleeve. It is divided into two parts: the purple blossoms below and pink daisies above.  Color saturation brings liveliness and iridescence.Shine Ornament of Daisy Flower
  3. There is a well-known fact that before becoming an incredible butterfly a caterpillar passes a complex process of transformation; thus, this tattoo of two daisy florets with butterflies signifies the aspiration to change and rebirth.  The orange background adds flamboyance.Butterfly With Daisy Flower
  4. This colorful tattoo represents a bouquet of daisy florets on the half sleeve. The dye of flowers is mixed, beginning with the yellow and ending with shades of pink. Two small blue birds can be observed near this bouquet that denotes owner’s ambitions and love of freedom.Blue Birds With Multicolored Daisy
  5. A fascinating ornament of daisy blossoms covers the half sleeve. The big flowers are depicted in pink, orange and purple colors surrounded by green leaves, which gives this picture naturalness.Daisy Pink And Violet Flower
  6. Such a picturesque composition of a dove and numerous daisy florets is located on the half sleeve. It is regarded that the dove with spread wings means peace, chastity and love. Also, this tattoo can serve as a good amulet for its owner.White Dove And Daisy
  7. The blossoms always look magnetically on the woman’s skin and this tattoo of two daisy buds is not an exception. They are executed on the sleeve in pink and purple tints. The tattoo master uses cerulean paint to recreate the effect of the sea, thus, it seems like the flowers are under the water.Daisy Flower Underwater
  8. This tattoo is performed on the half sleeve and shows four glorious daisy florets of different colorings: blue, pink, brown and purple. They ate united by means of patterns interlacing.Different Colored Daisy Flower
  9. Flowers are always pleasing to the eye and uplifting and this ornament of different in size and color daisy blossoms cannot fail to excite. Purple, blue, yellow and orange flowers in combination with green leaves possess a striking beauty.Daisy Flowers On Shoulder
  10. The unusual conjunction of two opposed things is depicted on this tattoo: daisy flowers embody life while a skull – death. It is inked on the half sleeve and indicates danger and the comprehension of the transience of human life.Daisy flower with skull
  11. This lovely composition of three daisy buds takes its place on the sleeve. The pink flowers with orange core and green leaves produce the impression of grace and spirituality.Daisy pink flower
  12. This tattoo introduces very powerful symbols: blue daisy, pink lotus and Buddhist sign mandala. This pattern is suitable for strong, confident people, who is able to overcome obstacles and never deviates from the plans.Blue Daisy Flower With Tentacle
  13. This pattern comprises so bright and varied daisy florets. The bouquet of pink, red blue and orange blossoms is executed on the half sleeve, each of the flowers is unique and beauteous.Daisy multicolored flower
  14. The daisy florets are loved among women as the express affectionateness and this tattoo with an inscription “Forever my Angel. Nickolas Augustine” is a personification of thrill and warmth to the man. The blue butterfly is a bright on black pattern, which signifies a new stage in life.Daisy flower with butterfly and words
  15. The light ornament of daisy flowers is inked on the sleeve. Two sunflowers complement this tattoo, which supposed to be a sign of happiness, vitality longevity and success. The pattern is performed in the background of geometric patterns which add mystique and allure.Hot yellow Daisy flower
  16. This is not a simple, interesting tattoo, it includes deep connotations and certain message. Aside from sumptuous daisy blossoms, there is a turquoise ribbon, wings that denote divine beauty and naivety and the most significant thing is an inscription “Your wing were ready but my heart was not”.Daisy flowers with strips
  17. This is a refulgent tattoo of huge pink daisy florets on the half sleeve. The pattern looks playfully and provocatively because of the use of dark sports that definitely prettify the picture. There is a tiny inscription “Creating dreams like air” that specifies it owner as a very creative person.Daisy red flowers
  18. Everybody knows that the time is fleeting and nothing lasts forever in life, thus, this superb tattoo of daisy floret, red rose, purple lily and clock personifies this thought. The inscription “Time is precious” may symbolize the person’s nostalgia about the past.Daisy flower with watch
  19. Two outstanding daisy blossoms with green leaves cover the half sleeve. The tattoo master depicted them in orange color that embodies positive and may describe its owner as a cheerful, sociable and energetic person that looks on the world with an open mind.yellow daisy flowers
  20. The tattoo with roses and birds every time reveals love, agreement and kindness, especially if two birds are applied. There some daisy blossoms in addition to roses, which brings gentleness and elegance to the pattern.Birds with Daisy flower
  21. The white color represents purity and simplicity that are the major attributes of daisy florets. This bouquet on the half sleeve may denote the family, where two big buds are parents and a small one is their little baby.Daisy Flower With Strips
  22. Everybody inserts a special meaning in tattoo and this complicated composition of daisy blossoms with mandala bears a great meaning. It symbolizes orderliness of the world and harmony while two feathers indicate lightness and loftiness.Daisy flowers and keeper of the dreams
  23. Not every woman choose skull as an image on the tattoo because it is often connected with death and negative emotions, however, in combination with  amazing colorful daisy flowers this symbol can signify daring and resoluteness, a willingness to meet the changes in life and not be afraid of them.skull in the Daisy flowers
  24. This tattoo of four daisy buds on the half sleeve possesses gripping image: all flowers have only outlines except one floret that is executed in blue dye. Furthermore, two small ladybugs can be distinguished here, which as an amulet helps in work, study and family relationship.Daisy flower with one blue
  25. The flowers bring joy when we behold them and this glossy tattoo of two daisy florets will not remain without proper attention. These blossoms are inked on the half sleeve and are united by varied bows that can append an element of childish spontaneity.Daisy yellow and red flowers
  26. The wonderful florets can be depicted not only on the canvas, the human’s skin may serve a good place for such an exciting tattoo. It introduces the daisy blossoms of pink, green and orange tint that look like a piece of nature on the half sleeve.Lot Of Daisy Flowers
  27. The nice daisy blossoms are executed on this tattoo. The flowers are inked in blue, purple, pink and orange colorings and are located inclined as if under the influence of wind, thus, this pattern looks very naturally.Daisy Flower On Shoulder
  28. The creativity of this tattoo amazes: it shows the bouquet of daisy blossoms in heart organ, which impersonates heartache and unbridled feelings. This pattern on the half sleeve suits loving and tremulous girls.Daisy Flowers From the Heart
  29. All lovers of daisies should evaluate this tattoo, which is placed on the half sleeve. It presents the numerous magnificent florets in the center of which a huge sunflower is depicted. The composition is so simple in execution but in the meantime full of sensuality and summer gaiety.Daisy flowers
  30. The tattoo may characterize the owner’s traits, desires, ideas and intentions in life, thus, this pattern with an inscription “Any breakdown becomes a breakthrough” says that the person is irrepressible and purposeful. The pattern introduces a big bottle surrounded by lovely daisy flowers.Daisy flowers and words