Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Cross Tattoos have been a popular venture for many people, men and women alike. They come in different variations and sizes, which depict different meanings. In the ancient times, the cross symbolized the mother and father, a family unit that indicates love. Over the years, the meaning and intention of having these crosses encrypted on the body has been changing to match with the trending activities, cultural changes and beliefs.

Cross Tattoo Meaning

The obvious meaning of a cross is religious or spiritual belief. The horizontal axis represents the feminine aspects such as passiveness, destruction and death while the vertical beam represents masculine aspects such as liveliness, creativity and ability. For Christians, the cross represents the death and resurrection of their Messiah. In that case, Christians with such tattoos would be in solidarity with their savior. Some communities utilize the tattoo to represent personal and communal beliefs.

Cross Tattoos Symbolism

Due to the different perception of tattoos, there are a number of categories for these tattoos based on their symbolism. They include the following:

Tribal Cross Tattoos

These tattoos are unique to a certain community. They could represent a particular belief or cultural practice, which is mostly associated with spirituality. For instance, spiritual or community leaders could have a certain tribal art to display their titles. For identity purposes, these tribal arts are usually placed on a visible area such as the neck, arms or even legs.

Gothic Crosses

They are the most advanced of the cross tattoos and symbolize a variety of reasons. Although they have the basic cross design, people utilize other designs to symbolize what they actually mean. For instance, one can make the cross, darker to depict emotions of anger or internal pain.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

They cover all the spiritual and religious types of tattoos. They contain knots and mazes to represent the connection between the actual and the spiritual beliefs. The crosses are neat and people who decide to have these tattoos on them symbolize their faith and beliefs.

Cross Tattoos Ideas

3d Cross Tattoos3d cross tattoos

Armenian Cross Tattooarmenian cross tattoo

Black and Grey Cross Tattoosblack and grey cross tattoos

Black Cross Tattooblack cross tattoo

Blue Cross Tattooblue cross tattoo

Catholic Cross Tattooscatholic cross tattoos

Celtic Cross Tattoosceltic cross tattoos

Christian Cross Tattooschristian cross tattoos

Cross and Flower Tattooscross and flower tattoos

Cross and Heart Tattoocross and heart tattoo

Cross and Rose Tattooscross and rose tattoos

Cross Half Sleeve Tattooscross half sleeve tattoos

Cross Necklace Tattoocross necklace tattoo

Cross Tattoo for Girlcross tattoo for girl

Cross Tattoo for Guyscross tattoo for guys

Cross Tattoo on Back of Neckcross tattoo on back of neck

Cross Tattoo on Fingercross tattoo on finger

Cross Tattoo on Footcross tattoo on foot

Cross Tattoo on Handcross tattoo on hand

Cross Tattoo on Neckcross tattoo on neck

Cross Tattoo on Ribscross tattoo on ribs

Cross Tattoo on Side
cross tattoo on side

Cross Tattoo Outline
cross tattoo outline

Cross Tattoo Patterns
cross tattoo patterns

Cross Tattoos for Mencross tattoos for men

Cross Tattoos for Womencross tattoos for women

Cross Tattoos on Armcross tattoos on arm

Cross Tattoos on Backcross tattoos on back

Cross Tattoos on Chestcross tattoos on chest

Cross Tattoos on Forearmcross tattoos on forearm

Cross Tattoos on Shouldercross tattoos on shoulder

Cross Tattoos on Wristcross tattoos on wrist

Cross Tattoos With Namescross tattoos with names

Cross With Angel Wings Tattoocross with angel wings tattoo

Cross With Ribbon Tattoocross with ribbon tattoo

Cross With Wings Tattoocross with wings tattoo

Crucifix Tattooscrucifix tattoos

Detailed Cross Tattoosdetailed cross tattoos

Eagle Cross Tattooseagle cross tattoos

Female Cross Tattoosfemale cross tattoos

Feminine Cross Tattoosfeminine cross tattoos

Gothic Cross Tattoogothic cross tattoo

Infinity Cross Tattooinfinity cross tattoo

Inverted Cross Tattooinverted cross tattoo

Iron Cross Tattooiron cross tattoo

Jesus on The Cross Tattoojesus on the cross tattoo

Latin Cross Tattooslatin cross tattoos

Little Cross Tattooslittle cross tattoos

Long Cross Tattoolong cross tattoo

Memorial Cross Tattoosmemorial cross tattoos

Nail Cross Tattoonail cross tattoo

Orthodox Cross Tattooorthodox cross tattoo

Plain Cross Tattooplain cross tattoo

Religious Tattoosreligious tattoos

Rip Cross Tattoosrip cross tattoos

Simple Cross Tattoosimple cross tattoo

Small Cross Tattoo on Wristsmall cross tattoo on wrist

Solid Cross Tattoosolid cross tattoo

Stone Cross Tattoostone cross tattoo

Thin Cross Tattoothin cross tattoo

Three Cross Tattoosthree cross tattoos

Tiny Cross Tattootiny cross tattoo

Traditional Cross Tattootraditional cross tattoo

Tribal Cross Tattootribal cross tattoo

Unique Cross Tattoosunique cross tattoos

Upper Arm Cross Tattoosupper arm cross tattoos

Upside Down Cross Tattooupside down cross tattoo

White Cross Tattoowhite cross tattoo

Wooden Cross Tattoowooden cross tattoo


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