Dope and Conceptual Tribal Lotus Tattoos for You!

Looking for an exciting and unique tick on your body? Here you can find the needed variant that is not only fulfilled in beauty but also in deep spiritual meaning.

Between The Shoulder Blades Tribal Lotus Tattoo

This schematic image is accomplished in two colors and in such a way that it seems that flower is hypnotizing you: the layers of lotus petals are looking spray!Between the shoulder blades tribal lotus tattoo

The Red Flower

The great idea: to make it out to be lotus petals as the tongues of fire and enclose it into the tracery black lotus in a circle on the back

The Full Back Lotus And Mandala Pattern

This combination, from the first sight, is unclear: the stack up of the endless circles, twirls, and locks. But then it is getting clear where the “root” of this “tree”, what is it starting from and where are the flourishing flowers of the rebirth.lotus and mandala pattern tattoo on full back

Two Hands – Two Parts Of The Whole

What are you doing couple your hands? Just making the simple physical actions? No, you are concentrating the inner energy in the hand chakras where the flower of birth is.lotus tattoo of simple lines on the palms

The Hidden Flower On The Ribs Of The Dope Women

The beautiful and meaningful combination of the imperious animal and the elegant flower tattoo is represented on the lovable girl’s body.Indian elephant with a lotus on female ribs

Arm Lotus Tattoo

Such a combination of different in the shape and the superficies lotuses look like fascinating, isn’t it? The one flower is slowly transformed into another, completing it in the meantime.Amazing arm lotus tattoo

The Sense Of The Mandala – The Appearance Of The Lotus

The various right union of the mandala on the frame of the Lotus is grounded on the deeply impressing girl’s body.dimensional lotus flower on her leg

Tribal Back Figured Lotus

The strange effect of the tat: it is not so small in size, but it looks tiny and gives the feeling of the air while looking at it. It might be reached by this combination of the flower and the floral ornament.flower lotus and the floral ornament tattoo on back

The Forearm Conceptual Man’s Tat

Some viewers could consider this rare variant as too straightforward and dull. But the origin is much apparent: there is no light without darkness. Lotus comes from the mud to the sun, and this process is clearly reflected in this image.conceptual male tattoo on forearm

The Strength Ties Of The Worlds

The animal and the floral worlds are the one-of-the-kind interlinks between the spirit world and the human one. The better you feel your soul, the deeper you are getting the world.bewitching tattoo elephant-headed Indian style with an ornament and a lotus on the hand

The Man’s Neck Tribal Lotus Tit

Just look at this gorgeous and mind-bending tattoo combinations. They are so overlapped that it feels like chaos with its creatures and appearances, like the lotus and the dragon.lotus and the dragon tattoo on neck

The Instep Tattoo

The shades of the water or the tongues of the fire are fluttering the lotus petal. You get the real emotion when looking at this picture.lotus surrounded gradient waves and flames

The White Shoulder Tattoo

The colored tits are bright and emphatic, but white ones are rare and very eye-catching (especially when you are interested in tribal variants).white tattoo with lotus on shoulder

The Phoenix And The Life-Giving Flower

The given combination is phenomenal in its significance: the Phoenix is the mystical bird that revives from its ash and the pure lotus flower that has the divine “blood” and is the symbol of the rebirth.lotus and phoenix tattoo on the side

The Base Of The Neck

This is the big lotus, which petal creates the shapes of the pyramid, Egyptian ship and the ears of the holy cats. Rather intriguingly to riddle the tattoos especially when they are on someone’s body.huge beautiful flower on the back

Little Bird And Bloomy Flower

Regardless of the spring image, this body ornament impresses us with the strange feeling of the destiny.Little bird and bloomy lotus

The “Heartbreaking” Tattoo

This is the real peace of art! The Labyrinth of Minotaur is in the body of this man. And the Lotus, that rises in the heart place, like the confirmation of the life.great tattoos all over the body in the form of Aztec patterns with lotus

The Arm Tattoos For Man

The mannish even harsh style is in this image. The plotting is crude but clear. And these horns with alarming eyes forsake the severe “taste”.
Arabic lotus with horns and a symbol

For Girl’s Neck

And here is the clear example of girlish tribal lotus tattoo. Sometimes there is no difference between mandala and lotus while is some tribes they are the same in the picture.Indian stylized lotus flower on the neck

Hip, Ribs And Back Bloomy Flowers!

The proficiently embodied tattoo grips the right side and snakes with its shoots. The delicate balance is sustained, and we do not see the lack of refinement. The additional elements complete the whole picture.floral composition of lotuses on hip, ribs and back

The Lacy Canvas

Almost it the all Lotus combinations and variants the pith of this flower is unshown or masqued by the Buddha image or something else. But here the bosom is clearly seen. And these unique designs add the contrast to that directness.floral ornament with exquisite lotus

Is It The Chin Tattoo?

Yes, it is. It is the much rare girl’s chose. But if you are the adventurous type, you are welcome).tiny lotus tattoo under the chin

The Sleeve And Shoulder Tattoo

This tattoo sleeve belongs to some girl, who choose it and covers with these waves-petals her body. That part that is right on the shoulder looks like the sun, isn’t it?pattern of lotus flowers on the whole hand

The Intriguing Tit On The Basket

The basket is the place where the heart chakra. It is the much weighty concept in the energetic sense. This monochrome, as fresh as the daisy, the lotus is sprouting.realistic lotus Indian lines under the breasts girl

The Forearm Dot Tribal Nelumbo

The manner in which this tit is accomplished is rather quaint: all dashes are made by the little spots. Thus, the effect of gradation is superb gained. And the whole imago looks dapper! The mandala is placed somewhat higher and at the back of the lotus like the sun under our heads.lotus with the sun on it tattoo on the hand

Straightforward And Ritzy

The shoulder tattoo circlet is made in the very simple manner and the piccaninny flower-bud as the Bijou in the chaplet.bandage on the arm and petals of a lotus tattoo

The Kind Elephant’s Neb

Three most important aspects of this tit are superordinary combined: Lotus as the egress, the elephant’s neb as the present and the Mandala as the times to come or the outlast.Indian elephant in the colorful petals of lotus on the hand

The Astral Lotus

The starry hosts of cancer and scorpion close the flower round. The small dot above and beneath the bloom is kinda of connecting something sky-born and earthly.lotus surrounded by constellations on shoulder

The Shoulder-Sleeve-Collarbone Balanced Gentleman Tick

The flower itself is partaken by the dark piece of the shoulder part and the petals are on the inner side of the elbow, collarbone, and the shoulder-blade. The hieroglyphs range as the continuation of the flower outlines.completely black tattoo on his shoulder with the lotus parts at the edges and inscriptions

The Front Footstep Drawings

These “plots” are pictured in the traditional tribal way. All the squiggles are beautiful and connected with the whole form. The new-borning Lotus is on the top.simple drawings of lotus tattoo on front footstep

The Head On Chest Lotus

The mighty man’s windbag and steady shoulders are adorned by the figured field where the outstanding Lotus reveals itself.gorgeous lotus on the chest with patterns on the shoulders

Side-Face Of The Lotus

The Buddha’s half-face depiction catches your attention from the first second and then your eyes behold the came out flower that as sort of hoods the secret of the Divinity’s thoughts.half-face of Buddha with lotus tattoo on hand

The Flower Of The Awaking Canned In The Moon

Tiny tribal lotus is depicted inside the smart and sophisticated young moon which, by the same token, bowers the shining star or the sun, as you wish.crescent of the lotus with a star in the center

The Under Bust Half-Flower

The open half-flower peeks out of the very thoroughly alive bust and covers the va-voom ribs of the young girl with the lay figure of its petals and the strings of beads.under bust half-flower lotus tattoo

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