40+ Cherry Blossom Tattoos on Thigh and Leg

  1. The branchy cherry blossom tree tattoo with the miniature flowers snakes along the male’s muscular hip. This majestic Sakura tree with the solid root accentuates strength, boldness, will of power and virility of the owner.Cherry blossom Branch on the Leg
  2. The beautiful colorless cherry blossoms in the smoky background embellish the woman’s hip. The color contrast makes this tat appealing and unique.Cherry blossom Flowers on The Hip
  3. The delicate cherry blossom tattoo displayed in the bright-pink color looks like a wonderful decorative element on the female’s leg. This fragile Sakura twig reveals the fine nature of the bearer, and the smooting azure curves make the leg look more graceful.Cherry blossom Flowers with Green Stripes
  4. The vermilion red cherry blossom tree is winding along the leg sleeve. What is especially striking about this tat is the depiction of the flowers: the thick red outline makes the blossoms eye-catching, and the delicate shading adds softness to them. The red color is quite symbolical here because it stands for fertility, wealth and prosperity.Cherry blossom Branch With Red Flowers
  5. The pretty cherry blossom tattoo made in the watercolor style graces the female’s leg. The dainty cherry blossom twig accompanied with the two flying butterflies fascinates with its glory and romanticism, and the vibrant watercolors give a natural feel and make the piece splashier.Blue and Violet butterflies On Cherry Branch
  6. The entrancing cherry blossom tattoo combined with a geisha portrait and a rising sun extends over the tight. This motif holds a huge symbolical value: the geisha embodies beauty, courtesy and delicateness; the cherry blossom in tandem with the rising sun signifies energy and the prime of life. The fusion of the dark shade with the vibrant colors looks very harmonious on the skin.Gheisha on The Cherry blossom Tree and Sun Background
  7. To blend the cherry blossom tattoo with the lion image and the lotus flowers is a creative tattoo idea and you can observe it in this marvelous tattoo design embracing the leg. The solid Sakura branch accentuates the nobility of this fierce animal, and the fascinating lotuses complement the motif. The tat represents wisdom, bravery and fearlessness.Cherry Blossom Branch and Flowers With Lion Head
  8. The fabulous cherry blossom tattoo with the hieroglyphs fits in perfectly on the female’s hip. The adorable pinkish flowers with the falling petals stand for youth, beauty and tenderness.Cherry Flowers with Hieroglyphs
  9.  The Old School cherry blossom tattoo paired with the dark red cardinal bird looks appealing on the woman’s tight. This brilliant design is a top favorite among the girls because it has a vivid appearance and is considered to be the harbinger of good luck and wealth, according to the Chinese culture.Red Bird Between Cherry Blossom Flowers
  10. One more girlish tattoo design is this magnificent cherry blossom tattoo engraved on the female’s hip. The glorious cherry blossom branch depicted with the hummingbird and the charming butterfly looks aesthetic and feminine.Blue Butterfly on Cherry Blossom Branch
  11. The overwhelming snaking cherry blossom vine puts an emphasizes on the slender woman’s tight. The soft pink flowers in full bloom epitomize feminine power, love and passion.Cherry Blossom flowers on Strips Branch
  12. This amazing floral duet decorates the female’s leg. The lovely cherry blossoms interweave with the blue-hued lily and make up an astonishing tattoo design. This tandem represents sensuality, procreation and passion.Cherry Blossom Flower in different colors
  13. The delightful cherry blossom tree tattoo extends over the hip. The strong tree in full bloom with the brown trunk has an attractive appearance, and the falling petals convey the message that our existence is also so short as the life of these wonderful flowers.Cherry Blossom tree with cute flowers
  14.  This alluring cherry blossom twig with the bright coral flowers highlights the glory of your leg. The brilliant shading work makes the branch look delicate, elegant and, of course, lifelike.Cherry Blossom Branch With Flowers
  15. The scarlet cherry blossoms with the yellow centers and the tiny vines embellish the woman’s hip. The cute butterfly depicted in the flight indicates that the bearer is an independent, flighty and freedom-loving personality.Butterfly with Cherry Flowers
  16. The cameo-pink cherry blossom twig tattoo with the spring-green leaves is running from the leg up to the foot. This design like the girls who want to outline their elegance and daintiness, or because of the aesthetic appeal of this motif.Cherry Blossom Flowers on The Leg
  17. The awesome cherry blossom tattoo designed in the trendy linework style is inscribed on the hip. The gorgeous Sakura flowers complement the highly-detailed geisha image. With the help of this motif, girls express inner power, femininity and liberty.Cherry Blossom flowers around Girl
  18. The graceful cherry blossom patterned feline tattoo is carved on the leg with the help of the black outline. This excellent design will arrest the attention of the ardent feminists while the cat exemplifies freedom, female dominance and insubordination.Cherry Blossom Cat
  19. The bright-green hummingbird with the spreading wings enjoys the glory of the red-inked cherry blossom twig. This vibrant cherry blossom tattoo is placed on the leg. Many tattoo aficionados prefer this design because it looks picturesque, realistic and stands for good luck, vitality and it’s a symbol of the overcoming tough times.Cherry Blossom Bird in Green Style
  20. The exquisite cherry blossom tattoo with the kanji symbol extends over the leg. The red flowers with the white edges have a tender look, and the bluish shading on the background is made to stand out the cherry blossom twig.Cherry Blossom Branch with Hieroglyphs
  21. The black-yellow bird sitting on the fragile cherry blossom branch creates a lovely tattoo design and adorns the woman’s leg. A little bit bluish shading is done to make the tac catchier.The Bird Sitting on the Cherry Blossom Branch
  22. The gorgeous cherry blossom tattoo covering the leg is performed in the red-blue color gamut. The scarlet flowers go well with the elegant butterfly. The artistic gradient color looks fascinating, and the fine vines make the leg more graceful.Blue Butterfly on the Red flowers background
  23. Take a glimpse at this snazzy cherry blossom tree tattoo accompanied with the purple-inked butterflies. The piece looks so exquisite and stylish on the leg sleeve that it can become a brilliant embellishment of the body.Butterflies on The Cherry Blossom backgtround
  24. The gentle cherry blossoms, the flying butterflies and the dinky musical notes are merged into the sweet tattoo inked on the female’s leg. The tac can be admired by romantic personalities, music fans or just those who like attractive tattoo designs.Butterflies on the Cherry Blossom and Notes background
  25. The heart-shaped dreamcatcher decorated with the cherry blossoms is reckoned to be a mascot against the bad luck, troubles and foes. This splendid tattoo piece looks enticing on the leg.Cherry Blossom Keep of The Dreams
  26. The sophisticated cherry blossom tattoo winds like a snake along the female’s sexy hip. This marvelous bright-pink flowers stand out on the skin and can grab many male’s eyeballs.Cherry Blossom Pink Flowers
  27. The strewn with the cherry blossoms branch looks saucy on the man’s beefy leg. The Japanese are strongly convinced that only courageous and brave men, like samurai’s warriors, can get inked the cherry blossom tattoo.Cherry Blossom Pink Flowers on The branch
  28. The pretty cherry blossom tree tattoo portrayed in the traditional color gamut graces the leg and suits the spiffy pink shoes.Cherry Blossom Flowers on The Branch
  29. The black and gray peonies go well with the soft cherry blossoms and make up an astonishing floral tattoo design. This black and gray tac extends over the female’s hip, and in Japanese culture, it signifies female beauty, fondness and spring.Cherry Blossom Black Colored Flowers
  30. The strong cherry blossom twig displayed in full blossom looks showy on the slender girl’s hip. The vibrant crimson-colored flowers emphasize that the owner likes to be in the limelight.Cherry Blossom Branch
  31. The tremendous cherry blossom tattoo designed in the watercolor style is inscribed on the leg. This marvelous piece fascinates with its artistry: the pink diluted paints imitate the cherry blossoms and the dinky blotches create the effect of the falling flowers. The absence of the defined boundaries is a stick of this design.Cherry Blossom Tree With Inked Pink Flowers
  32. The cuddly purple-inked owl with the huge eyes is sitting peacefully on the red-colored cherry blossom branch. This fantastic tattoo embraces the leg and epitomizes intelligence, wisdom and a strong aspiration for the self-development.Owl On The Cherry blossom Branch
  33. To get inked a koi fish along with the gentle cherry blossoms is a popular tattoo idea with the stronger sex because it looks cool, masculine and gorgeous. This stunning cherry blossom tattoo paired with the blue-hued koi fish is inscribed on the male’s leg. This tat represents determination, liberty and passionate love.Cherry Blossom Flowers aroud The Fish
  34. This cartoonish geisha embellished with the cherry blossom flowers can melt the heart of many tattoo lovers due to its funny and cute depiction. This tattoo piece carved on the leg accentuates sexuality and attractiveness of the wearer.Cherry Blossom Gheisha
  35. The nice dark pink cherry blossom vine snakes along the female’s leg. The zest to this cherry blossom tac adds an elegant scarcely noticeable cat done in the black outline. This tattoo motif can be chosen by independent, authoritative and determined women.Cherry Blossom Slim Branch
  36. The entrancing cherry blossom twig tattoo with an adorable bow looks awe-inspiring on the girl’s hip. The bright pink cherry blossom twig with the green leaves wonderfully presents a contrast with the black and gray bow. This tat has a feminine  and sophisticated appearance.Cherry Blossom Branch with Bow
  37. The exquisite cherry blossom tree tattoo with the sprawling branches is spotted on the hip. The heartwarming inscription made in a cursive reminds of a family and the falling leaves accentuate that we should appreciate every moment of our fleeting life.Cherry Blossom tree With A Words
  38. It’s a neat tattoo idea to get inked the portrait of your favorite pet on your leg. Due to the detail-oriented work, the image of the feline looks realistic. A fragile cherry blossom twig with the bright-pink flowers decorates the cat’s portrait and adds romanticism.The Cat behind Cherry Blossom Branch
  39. If you are fed up with the traditional depictions of the cherry blossoms, you can opt for this incredible multi-colored cherry blossom tattoo covering the female’s hip. The wonderful colorful cherry blossoms with the dark-green leaves are displayed in the smoky background which gives inscrutability to the look.Cherry Blossom Gradient Flowers
  40. The super cool cherry blossom tattoo with the cardinal red flowers and the lovely  Colibri is inscribed on the leg. The glorious hummingbird with the spreading wings performed in the watercolor style embodies freedom, independence, and highlights that nothing can chain you.Inked Kiwi Rised Form The Cherry Blossom Branch
  41. The ravishing cherry blossom tattoo done in the realistic style embraces the leg sleeve. The sky and grass imitation give the natural feel, and the blossoming pink flowers indicate on “the spring in the soul” of the wearer.Cherry Blossom Tree on The Sky
  42. The gentle cherry blossom twig makes up a feminine and flamboyant tattoo along with the charming koi fishes. This lovely tac decorates the female’s thigh and stands for tranquility, peace and harmony.Two Fish Around Cherry Blossom Branch

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