Cherry Blossom Tattoo On The Back

  1. The dainty cherry blossom twig with the magnificently-colored hummingbirds makes up a beautiful tattoo motif. This adorable cherry blossom tat looks seductive on the female’s back and reveals the feminist essence of the owner.Kiwi with Cherry Flower on The Back
  2. This gentle cherry blossom twig tattoo with the pinkish flowers extends over the girl’s back. The bluish shade in the background adds color and accentuates the Sakura image, and the hieroglyphs made in black make the look more cryptic.Cherry Blossom Branch with Hieroglyphs
  3. The wonderful cherry blossom tattoo inked in black and covering the woman’s back has a great symbolical value. The wearer identifies herself with this breaking free bird from the cage and highlights her independence and freedom. The fast flowerless cherry blossom twig and the inscription remind us that life is to short, and we must enjoy every moment.The Bird Cage on The Cherry Blossom Branch
  4. The amazingly-done black and gray cherry blossom tattoo spotted on the back. The twig made in dark ink and the flowers performed with the help of the shading look gorgeous, and can fit for those who can’t stand the vibrant colors.Big Cherry Blossom Flower
  5. This picturesque cherry blossom tattoo blended with the Buddha image, marvelous purple lotus and the Buddhists temple is especially for those who follow Buddhism. This inscribed on the back tat represents harmony, tranquility and unity of the mind and soul.Saint lotus on Cherry Background
  6. The stunning cherry blossom tree tattoo with two adorable sparrows sitting on it extends over the female’s back and puts an emphasizes the free spirit of the bearer.Cherry Blossom Branch With a Bird
  7. The delicate cherry blossom tattoo with the bright-pink flowers and the fresh green leaves carved on the male’s back and is regarded to be the symbol of love and devotion.Red Toned Cherry Blossom Flower
  8. The reddish cherry blossoms tattoo embellishes the woman’s back, and the black-colored hieroglyphs inked along the spine make the owner more enigmatic person.Cherry Flowers Around Hieroglyph
  9. The exquisite cherry blossom tattoo graces the back. The elegant cherry blossom  twig with the cameo-pink flowers looks spiffy and feminine.Cherry Blossom Branch
  10. The reddish cherry blossoms with the orange centers go well with the cute dragonfly, and the gentle black curves add gracefulness to the body.This piece adorns the back and signifies aspiration for change, liberty, what’s more, it’s a symbol of power and boldness.Cute Dragonfly on Yeloow centre Cherry Flower background

  11. This sweet cherry blossom tattoo is engraved on the back and captivates with its beauty and minimalism. The glorious butterfly complements the dinky chaotically-inked cherry blossoms, and the cursive initials are made in honor of the loving person.Butterfly with Cherry Blossom Flowers
  12. The fabulous owl with the kind eyes resting on the cherry blossom tree is a neat tattoo design for the eggheads because this tat inked on the back symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and intelligence.Cute Owl on Cherry Branch
  13. The beautiful girl’s portrait combined with the skull and enflamed with the cherry blossoms creates the wonderful memorial tattoo. The tac is inked on the back in the black and gray technique and serves as a remembrance of the dead loved person.Girl With Cherry Blossom Flowers
  14. The feminine cherry blossom tattoo looks like a snazzy decorative element on the back, and the motivative lettering doesn’t let the bearer give up.words on cherry blossom branch background
  15. The amazing strewn with the crimson-pink flowers cherry blossom twig fits in on the male’s back. Men like to get inked cherry blossom tattoo while it’s Samurai’s, and associated with bravery, strength, patience and masculinity.Cherry Blossom Flowers with Yellow Centre
  16. This sophisticated cherry blossom tattoo snakes along the female’s back. The scarlet flowers stand out on the pale skin, and the barely shaded trunk doesn’t look very splashy, but still very elegant.Elegant Red Cherry Flowers On The Back
  17. Here we have the intricately-patterned mechanical bird sitting on the tender cherry blossom twig. It’s a creative tattoo idea to replace the regular bird image with the mechanical one because it looks extravagant and extraordinary.Steampunk Bird on Cherry Blossom Branch
  18. The brilliant mixture of the pink and red cherry blossoms complemented with the delicate black vine adorns the woman’s back. This tattoo motif outlines the passionate and temperamental nature of the wearer.Cherry Blossom Flowers on the Back
  19. The gorgeous cherry blossom tree tattoo depicted in full bloom graces the female’s  back and is regarded, by Japanese people, to be a feminist symbol.Cherry Blossom Tree on the Back
  20. The cherry blossom twig blended with the bird is a sought-after tattoo design among the girls, and this tat is a vivid example: the cute bullfinch sitting on the  cherry blossom branch embellishes the girls’s back. The bright color gamut makes the design appealing and unique.The Bird on The Cherry Branch
  21. The refined cherry blossom twig tattoo made in the subdued colors winds along the back. This cherry blossom tattoo looks harmoniously with two pretty butterflies which stand for femininity, beauty and happiness.Green Butterflies on The Cherry Branch
  22. The awe-inspiring cherry blossom twig tattoo accompanied with the hand fan  made as a memento of the sweetheart. The red-grayish color scheme conveys the sorrowful mood of the tat.Japanees fan hide in the Cherry Branch

  23. The flourishing cherry blossom tattoo with the crimson flowers and deep roots spotted on the back. The hieroglyph incorporated into the tree makes the piece catchier. The tac emphasizes the harmonious and happy inner state of the wearer.Cherry Blossom Tree With Hieroglyph
  24. This picturesque cherry blossom tattoo inscribed on the back will definitely produce the “Wow” effect. The spreading cherry blossom tree in full bloom represents spring, hope and the beginning of the new life. The vibrant blue and azure strokes imitate the sea and the sky which add a realistic touch, and two lovely scarcely notable birds complement the motif.Cherry Blossom Tree on The Sea Background
  25. The huge cherry blossom back tattoo with the sprawling roots and wonderful blue flowers highlights that behind the fragile nature hides a person with the imperious temper.Cherry Blossom Tree with Blue Flowers
  26. The royal highly-detailed peacock makes up a harmonic tandem with the pinkish cherry blossom twig and outlines the beauty and attractiveness of the owner. This impressive cherry blossom tattoo designed in the gray-pink color gamut extends over the back and looks eye-pleasing.Cool Bird On The Cherry Blossom Branch
  27. The awesome cherry blossom tattoo done in the linework looks glorious on the back, and the French inscription gives zest to the tat. Due to the artful detailing, the cherry blossom image is conveyed accurately and realistically.Cherry Blossom Flower in Line with Words
  28. The pretty bright pink cherry blossom tattoo embellished with the cuddly long-tailed tit covers the girlish back and symbolizes femininity, sexuality and audacity.Cherry Blossom Flowers With a Bird
  29. The brown-red cherry blossom tattoo accompanied with the fascinating hummingbird portrayed in the flight embodies vitality, peace, free spirit and ability to overcome tough times.Kiwi flying between Cherry Blossom Flowers
  30. The beautiful color contrast is displayed in this awe-inspiring cherry blossom tattoo spotted on the back: the elegant coral pink flowers with the gray-shaded leaves look totally incredible. The cursive lettering “ Only God can judge me” made in a coal-black reveals religiosity of the person.Cherry Blossom Flower With A Black Dots
  31. The delightful cherry blossoms combined with the graceful vine with the hanging hearts and complemented with the glaring hummingbird. This feminine cherry blossom tattoo design adorns the back and stands for love.Bird Drinking from The Cherry Flower
  32. This astounding cherry blossom twig tattoo performed in the dark colors winds along the sexy female’s back. Two incredibly beautiful wine red roses on the edges make the tac exceptional and accentuate the passionate and hot nature of the owner.Cherry Blossom Branch
  33. This amazing baby pink cherry blossom tattoo blended with the flying swallow holding the cross in the beak is preferred by people following Christianity, and it represents faith, life, peace and is believed to be an amulet against the evil spirits.Bird on The Cherry Blossom Flower
  34. This exotic cherry blossom tattoo placed on the back goes together with the emerald-green hummingbird and the bright pink lotus flower. The tat conveys a romantic and spring mood and puts an emphasis on the harmonic and peaceful state of the wearer.Green Kiwi Drink Water From Cherry Flower
  35. This fabulous watercolor cherry blossom tattoo inked on the back fascinates with its vividness and artistry. The dripping colors give a feel as if it is painted on the canvas, but not on the body. It’s the best tattoo option for creative individuals.Multicolor Bird fly from Cherry flower
  36. Look how elegantly embellishes this delicate cherry blossom tattoo the girlish back and shoulder. The lovely blossoms on the exquisite curved vines accentuate the femininity and grace of the owner.Cherry Blossom flower with Dot's Style
  37. The violet cherry blossoms make up a cool tandem with the sweet gray-colored owl holding a compass in the claws. This cute duet inscribed on the back will be your guide in this life and won’t let you loose your way.Owl On the Cherry Blossom Flowers background
  38. The spellbinding barbie pink cherry blossoms with the detailed centers look totally lifelike on the female’s back, and the blue-hued butterfly gives a natural feel.Blue Butterfly on Cherry Blossom Flowers
  39. This irresistibly beautiful cherry blossom tattoo inked on the male’s back will certainly catch many eyeballs. The sprawling cherry blossom tree amazes with its strong twisted trunk which highlights masculinity, strength and boldness of the bearer.Old Cherry blossom Tree with a lot of Branch
  40. It’s a fresh and oft-beaten tattoo idea to depict on half of the cherry blossom tree absolutely leaveless and the other one in full bloom. The tac has a unique look and reminds us that everything in life has two sides.Cherry Blossom Tree with Half Of flowers

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