Turtle Tattoos

Turtle is considered as the symbol of calm,patience, wisdom, and firmness. However, at the same time, turtles can easily avoid any dangers, hiding in its hard shell. Of course, most […]

Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius tattoo is popular not only among the people who were born under this sign. Centaur is also a mythical half-human, who symbolizes spiritual strength, determination, and desire for freedom. […]

Underboob Tattoos

What is the sexiest tattoo type ever? If you ask us, we would say that it is the underboob one. Moreover, there are no such inspiring, exceptional and kick-ass tattoo […]

lined sleeve gladiolus tattoo
Gladiolus Flower Tattoo Ideas

Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning Flower tattoos are kinda popular between people around the world. Gladiolus tattoo is one of the most appreciated, fantastic and floral tattoos. These tats differ by the […]

Tribal Flower Tattoos

Tribal – are ornaments in the form of pointed black patterns, some of the most primal; they are often referred to as the Celtic style. The main thing that distinguishes […]

amazing detalised colorful tulip tattoo flower
Tulip Tattoo Design Ideas

Tulip tattoos are admired by many people, no one can resist the unique images of tulips, which colors glow with gentle or bright hues. This tattoo has become extremely sought-after […]

Daffodil Tattoos Designs

Meaning and Symbolism of Daffodil Tattoos Versatility Of Daffodil Tattoos The daffodil tattooing is very widespread among people. The daffodil tattoo is popular because of its versatility: size, composition and […]

Unreal Fetching Peonies Assembly
Peony Flower Tattoo Designs with Meanings

The floral-themed tattooing rides high coeval. The bloom of the blossoms has been forevermore flipped over the humans, preeminently females. The peony is appraised as the challenger of the flower […]

great classical water lily tattoo on the side
Lily Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

Lily is a flower, which in its beauty and significance can be compared with the symbol of the East – a lotus. For diverse nations this flower has its own […]