Black and Gray Rose Tattoos

Black and gray tattoos refer to the oldest caste tattoos with roses. They were worn in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the particular pattern was used by the members of the same tribe. Depending on the color intensity, combinations and the place of the application, tattoos have different meanings.

  1. There are diverse variations of the rose tattoos, the most prevalent variant is the massive rose on the back. The following tattoo represents pain, anguish, and thorns symbolize treason.massive rose tattoo on the back
  2. A cascade of roses winds its way across the back. The striking point is that this tattoo conveys a very deep meaning – these meandering flowers symbolize a thorny path to true love.cascade of roses tattoo across the back
  3. Here is a black rose with tribal motives on the shoulder. The pattern is not holistic, all flower parts are at a distance from each other, these parts epitomize family members who live far away. The origin of this meaning goes in the times of the rose with tribal motives on the shoulder
  4. Rose tattoos are always a source of inspiration for people because they have a huge variety of patterns and look nice on almost any part of the body. These roses look very girly on the side, they symbolize love with trials.charming rose tattoos on ribs
  5. The main attractiveness of rose tattoos on thigh is that they emphasize the roundness, which is illustrated in the tattoo below. A blooming rose, and closed buds are displayed here, they signify different facets of the relationship: the openness of partners and the presence of private secrets.heavenly branch of rose tattoos on hips
  6. The tattoo on the side may be perceived as a single love story, this stem is a certain stage in life. A rose in the middle is the apogee of the sad love story, and the flowers on the edges denote the beginning and end of a relationship.grey rose tattoo with black leaves on the side
  7. A rose in black and gray tones and initials is a great way to keep the memories of the beloved people. The place of an application – a shoulder is not accidental because in ancient Scotland warriors honored the memory of departed loved ones in this way.grand rose tattoo in black and gray tones
  8. Beautiful roses on the lower leg and on the foot look like real flowers! The color of the tattoo and the place of its application are very symbolic. Roses on the lower leg indicate sadness, and the part of the pattern is located on the foot, which, in turn, says about unhappy family life experience.beautiful roses on the lower leg and on the foot
  9. Awesome smoky roses on the hip create a crown of flowers. A fresh bud is shown on the top of faded roses, which indicates the development of new feelings after a failed relationship.awesome smoky roses in form of crown on the hip
  10. Sleeves are sought-after places for rose tattoos; here the fascinating smoky rose tattoo adorns the sleeve. Entwined roses symbolize the plight and love that ended in tragedy.exquisite smoky rose tattoo adorns the sleeve
  11. This captivating black rose on the lower arm has Celtic origins since only brave warriors wore a tattoo on the arm. Nowadays it expresses readiness to meet all targets in this life.celtic captivating black rose on the lower arm
  12. Here is a fresh ink on the wrist. The rose tattoo on the hand has a distinctive from the typical meaning. Women with this tattoo show their grief, points next to the rose may indicate years or months.fresh rose tattoo on the wrist
  13. In some tribes, identical roses on the hand wore members of the same clan. A fully open black rose on the wrist is the personification of the family.glorious fully open black rose on the wrist
  14. A gothic rose on the lower arm is designed for true connoisseurs of Gothic. It indicates sorrow, death, unrequited love, apathy in life, the hatred for the world as a whole or for its separate parts.gothic rose on the lower arm
  15. A way to perpetuate the memory of loved ones is very common and for this aim, the design of dark color roses is used. The rose sleeve with dates of life periods will help to keep sweet memories and to pay tribute to departed relatives.rose sleeve tattoo with dates of life periods
  16. The tattoo on the hip is the hourglass, covered with roses; this pattern came into the modern world from India. Time is something that a person cannot stop or change. If an hourglass with roses is represented, it means the transience of love or the sudden loss of a loved.roses tattoo with pattern from india on the hip
  17. Rose tattoos on feet are rare, but their meaning is associated with the symbols, suggested by Dante. Legs pass the way of life, and a rose tattoo on the foot indicates the end of the spiritual path.rare rose tattoos on feet
  18. A crook of the elbow is a very important place in the human body because on the inside part passes the vital vein. The rose tattoo below is placed on the elbow, it speaks about the importance of a departed relative.captivating rose tattoo on the elbow
  19. A rose tattoo is under the armpit! The black rose reveals the essence of a human nature – a person denies all the traditional, does not comply with rules, adopted in the society, and often violates rose tattoo is under the armpit
  20. An absolutely stunning rose tattoo on the hip reminds the person that neither a human’s life nor the bloom of roses will last forever. Birds in a combination with roses add a semantic meaning – a person aspires to be free in love.absolutely stunning rose tattoo on the hip

  21. Originally, a tattoo behind the ear has been designed to emphasize the piercing in ears and had a strictly decorative value. Now the tattoo behind the ear has the meaning and in this case, a tiny rose symbolizes latent sexuality and the desire to be happy in love.originally tiny rose tattoo behind the ear
  22. Mysterious alchemists believed that a black rose in a frame was the symbol of a spiritual rebirth after the physical destruction. This pattern on the lower arm indicates the spiritual rebirth and soul-searching.mysterious alchemists black rose in a frame
  23. This is a very nice blooming rose on the forearm. The rose symbolizes the harmony of two sides of the human soul – dark and light. In particular cases, an open rose is associated with the manifestation of hidden human desires.very nice blooming rose on the forearm

  24. A vigorous rose tattoo on the neck attracts the eye. Rose tattoos on a male’s neck are quite rare; the pattern below signifies love and devotion to the family or a beloved person.vigorous rose tattoo on the neck
  25. Initially, rose tattoos on thighs have been applied to female priestesses, who expressed their respect to the goddess of fertility and love. Now the tattoo on the thigh is for self-confident women, who show their external and internal beauty as in the tattoo below.adorable rose tattoos on thighs
  26. In the Greek culture, the butterfly implies the soul of a man, the ancient Aztecs believed that the butterfly was the symbol of souls of fallen soldiers. In the modern world rose tattoos with butterflies signify rebirth and an exquisite beauty – both external and internal. This tattoo on the shoulder represents this realistic rose tattoos with butterflies
  27. In some cultures, the tattoo with a rose on the ankles denotes good luck and it is worn by those, who are waiting for good changes. Despite the fact that roses on ankles are black, green leaves are bright accents that speak of a positive thinking.admirable tattoo with a rose on the ankles
  28. Celtic warriors always wore rose tattoos on their biceps, this pointed to the fact that love of relatives gave them strength on the battlefield. A smoky tattoo on the bicep here not only emphasizes the relief of arm muscles but also shows that a person appreciates the love of the family.celtic warriors with rose tattoos on their biceps
  29. The rose with different weaves on the lower arm is made in dark colors. This complex pattern suggests a man with a strong spirit and a difficult character, who can hide some mysteries.rose with different weaves on the lower arm
  30. Since olden times women decorated their shoulders with images of roses, that has always been a symbol of love and fertility. Below fully opened flowers on the shoulder symbolize maturity and readiness to love.ashen fully opened flowers on the shoulder
  31. A place of the rose tattoo has always had a special meaning, for instance, if it is placed on the chest closer to the heart, it says that a person cannot imagine his life without love. Here a gorgeous rose is on the chest, it is not fully opened, which can reveal innocence and fear to give up on love.gorgeous not fully opened rose on the chest
  32. In Chinese culture entwined roses on a female hand symbolize the harmony of male and female elements. This dope rose tattoo extends from the shoulder to the forearm and reveals this idea.chinese dope rose tattoo extends from the shoulder to the forearm
  33. A tattoo on the lower leg resonates with the myth about Achilles and his only vulnerable spot – his heel. The man, who wears this tattoo, shows that the weakness in his life is love.achilles rose tattoo on the lower leg
  34. A very elegant rose tattoo is on the girlish back. The swirl of roses indicates a complex, perhaps a tragic love story; the tattoos size suggests that it was a sad life stage for a human.very elegant rose tattoo is on the girlish back
  35. In this awe-inspiring rose tattoo on the sleeve, a snail pattern is traced, it symbolizes the repetition of the life cycle. People with this tattoo believe in destiny and that love is an integral part of life.awe inspiring rose tattoo on the sleeve with snail pattern
  36. A rose on the little finger belongs to a group of criminal tattoos and indicates ruined youth, so before you decide to get a tattoo, examine carefully the meaning. This black and white rose illustrates the example of the criminal tattoo.rose on the little finger
  37. An insanely addictive rose on the forearm looks elegant. It is complemented with patterns on both sides, which symbolize different life cycles, in which love has always been a center.rose tattoo with patterns on both sides
  38. The tattoo on the upper arm and on the lower arm encompasses different styles: a modern and classic style. The tattoo itself means that due to an unrequited love, a human life has been divided into two periods: “before” and “after”, as evidenced by parts of the tattoo, separated from each other.rose tattoo on the upper arm and on the lower arm
  39. In the Middle Ages, roses with pearls were worn only by aristocrats, for women this design has been associated with sincere love and faithfulness. This tattoo on the lower arm reveals the meaning: loyalty, dedication, and a tragic love.tragic tattoo on the lower arm
  40. A black and gray design below represents the rose with a skull. The tattoo covers the whole buttock and is made in gothic colors. The significance is that sorrow and love always go hand in hand.killing black and gray rose with a skull tattoo

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