Anchor Tattoos Meaning and Designs

In ancient times, the anchor was closely related to main Christianity concepts, being the symbol of hope, reliance, and unbreakable faith in the salvation of the soul. Actually, the anchor masked the Cross and symbolized the connection between Jesus, who performed a lot of ‘marine’ miracles and the sea. Later, it became the distinguishing sign of people, whose work associated with the ocean, starting from sailors to navy personnel.

However, not long ago the anchor acquired the new meanings, which nevertheless were closely related to the old ones. Thus, nowadays the anchor is the symbol of stability, loyalty, dedication, safety, hope, caution, and, as well as in ancient times, salvation. It’s also considered that anchor means the connection of masculine and feminine power, the most beautiful union in nature. Generally, anchor tattoos keep us on earth, make us strong and self-confident, and demonstrate our loyalty to everything significant for us.

#1. Anchor and Scroll Tattoo

This old-school tattoo demonstrates that colorful anchor combined with flowers and scroll ribbon can look highly sophisticated and bright. It also contains the motivational quote, able to encourage and inspire you every single day.
Anchor and Scroll Tattoo

#2. Anchor Hand Art Tattoo Designs

The big advantage of tattoos on hands is that they can look brutal and rebellious, especially if combined with cool finger tattoos. This astonishing work shows that anchor can be a key element of the complicated and impressive design.
Anchor Hand Art Tattoo Designs

#3. Anchor Tattoos for Girls on Back

This anchor looks really great on the girl’s back. Even though the design is not very detailed, it is sophisticated and beautiful due to the perfectly matching elements, colors, and the ideal shape of the tattoo.
Anchor Tattoos For Girls on Back

#4. Anchor Tattoos on Hand

The realistic anchor with the scroll ribbon and finger tattoos becomes a perfect combination. You can hardly wear a sweet pink dress with this tattoo, but if you are fond of casual style this design is for you!
Anchor Tattoos on Hand

#5. Anchor Tattoos With Flowers on Arm

Just take a glance at this tattoo! It’s perfect for women, being sophisticated, gentle but still very impressive. Moreover, it is the unique and beautiful combination of masculinity and power, represented by the anchor, and femininity and refinement, represented by flowers.
Anchor Tattoos With Flowers on Arm

#6. Anchor Tattoos With Names

If you want to show your love with the help of tattoo, you should take a look at this one. The anchor demonstrates your loyalty to the loved one while the swallows, considered as the symbols of true love, show that your feelings are forever.
Anchor Tattoos With Names

#7. Beautiful Colorful Anchor Tattoos

If you are a cheerful and easy-going person, just take a glance at this colorful picture! Thought the design of the anchor itself is very simple, this watercolor tattoo looks really interesting, bright and positive.
Beautiful Colorful Anchor Tattoos

#8. Cool Best Friend Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are also considered as the symbols of stability and strong support. This tattoo is the perfect example of how two best friends can capture their loyalty and love on their bodies.
Cool Best Friend Anchor Tattoos

#9. Creative Couple Anchor Tattoos

Here is the perfect example of creative tattoo for two lovebirds. The creative colorful design will forever remain a symbol of true, never-ending love.
Creative Couple Anchor Tattoos

#10. Cute Feminine Anchor Tattoos

If you think that anchors are always brutal, just take a look at this pretty tattoo! Flowers and gentle colors make it perfect for any woman, who wants to show the force and beauty of her soul.
Cute Feminine Anchor Tattoos

#11. Little Hope Anchor Tattoo

As it’s said, hope anchors the soul. This cute tattoo with the scroll ribbon is a perfect example of simple, but meaningful design, which will be perfect as for men, as for women.
Little Hope Anchor Tattoo

#12. Matching Love Anchor Tattoo

These cute tattoos cannot exist apart, as well as those who have them. The perfect idea of a tattoo designer allows proving love in the sweetest and most beautiful way.
Matching Love Anchor Tattoo

#13. Modern Rustic Anchor Tattoos

This tat is not even near is far from little pretty tattoos, but it’s really impressive! Though the outlines are sharp enough, the heart-shaped rope sort of implies kindness and love hidden behind the strength of character.
Modern Rustic Anchor Tattoos

#14. Outline Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Outline tattoos always look great, and this one is not an exception! It has nothing redundant, just an anchor symbolizing safety, loyalty, and hope.
Outline Anchor Tattoo Ideas

#15. Pretty Pictures of Anchor Tattoos

Just look at this tattoo, can you imagine something this beautiful? The anchor with realistic shining butterflies looks really awesome in this design.
Pretty Pictures Of Anchor Tattoos

#16. Realistic Anchor Tattoo

Undoubtedly, this tattoo looks like the real anchor! It’s designed especially for brutal and brave men, who want to express their inner strength.
Realistic Anchor Tattoo

#17. Simple Ship Anchor Tattoo

Don’t like huge and massive tattoos? Then this very design is for you. Thin lines, beautiful shape and creative idea make this tattoo perfect for women.
Simple Ship Anchor Tattoo

#18. Small Anchor Tattoos

This design proves that tiny tattoos can also look great! It shows that the size doesn’t matter and that the minimalism is still a thing!
Small Anchor Tattoos

#19. Tiny Watercolor Anchor Tattoo

Watercolor designs are for artistic, creative and cheerful people, who want to highlight their individuality. No matter what you wear, or what fashion style prefer, it will look awesome in any surrounding!
Tiny Watercolor Anchor Tattoo

#20. Unique Anchor Tattoos

Don’t think that all anchors are similar. Just look at this unique highly stylish design – its elements and shape make it the remarkable and original tat, which will be perfect for self-confident men.
Unique Anchor Tattoos

#21. White Anchor Tattoo

Tired of colored and black tattoos? Want something really creative? Take a glance at this tiny tat on the wrist – it is difficult to notice from the first sight, but it’s really stylish one!
White Anchor Tattoo

#22. Women’s Anchor Tattoos on Wrist

Who said that anchors always look brutal? Located on woman’s wrist, this beautiful and sophisticated tattoo with gentle colored flowers is the perfect example of how the anchors can enhance beauty and femininity.
Women’s Anchor Tattoos on Wrist