Amazing Sunflower Sleeve Tattoos

  1. Very realistic floristic sleeve tattoo made of sunflowers in different techniques (patterned and water techniques). A mixture of different ways of tattoo techniques makes it a perfect one for performing it on the arm.Black realistic floristic sleeve tattoo
  2. This half-sleeve tattoo is very rich in intense colors and greatly depicted flowers. Two sunflowers are the main adornments of this tat as they are situated in front and are very sunny, bright and sunflower tattoo onhalf-sleeve
  3. Unusual sunflower sleeve tattoo. On the one hand, it’s very bright and colorful but under the sunny sunflowers, the skull is hidden. It makes this half-sleeve tattoo mysterious and a little bit scary.Unusual sunflower tattoo with skull on sleeve
  4. Although the half-sleeve tat is performed in a cartoon style it is very colorful and bright. Small purple lilac flowers make a great color combination.Sunflower tattoo with small purple lilac flowers on hand
  5. Despite the sunflowers are considered to be flowers of life and happiness, in this tattoo they are painted in black and gray colors. Water technique of the tattoo makes these flowers airy and and gray sunflowers tattoo on sleeve
  6. Yellow and blue are favorite colors of one of the best artists in the world – Van Gogh. This sleeve tattoo is the exact replica of his painting “The Starry Night” which is added with the sunflowers that are very suitable here because of the color gamut.Yellow and blue sunflowers tattoo in style of Van Gogh
  7. This full-sleeve tattoo is very rich in its “inhabitants”. Flowers and birds among the big sunflowers are a good addition to these flowers. The zest of the tat is that although the colors are subdued it doesn’t spoil the picture in general.big sunflowers with flowers and birds on full-sleeve
  8. A piece of summer in one quarter-sleeve tattoo. Made in very bright and realistic way these flowers seem not to be painted but photographed. The combination of blue, green and yellow colors makes this piece of art unbelievable.Piece of picture with sunflowers and sky on sleeve
  9. Cartoon tattoo style doesn’t spoil this half-sleeve tat. It looks like the summer on the arm. Every sunflower is unique. And the colors are bright and colorful which make the atmosphere happier.Cartoon sunflowers tattoo on hand
  10. Very realistic and accurate picture of sunflower performed on a red background. Every detail is precisely depicted.realistic tattoo of sunflower on a red background
  11. An amazing tattoo which is greatly detailed. Every petal is vivid and bright. The bright green color perfectly complements the flower making this color combination very rich.amazing sunflower tattoo with vivid and bright petal
  12. Razzle-dazzle technique is greatly matched with the floristic themes. Brilliant sunflowers are very soft and light. They make the atmosphere calm and peaceful.Brilliant sunflowers in razzle-dazzle technique with floristic themes
  13. Dark colors and birds make the atmosphere oppressive. One flower is open and two of them are closed. Although sunflowers are believed to be very sunny flowers, these ones are made in subdued colors which, however, doesn’t spoil the tat in general. Dark sunflowers with birds tattoo on sleeve
  14. A quarter-sleeve tar is performed in a very realistic way. The interweaving of sunflowers and blackberries makes this picture rich and gives the atmosphere of summer. rich sunflowers with blackberries tattoo on sleeve
  15. Sunflower is believed to be the symbol of life and health. However, this lower half-sleeve tattoo makes the impression of depression and grief. This candle in front of the flower perhaps has a symbolistic meaning showing that life doesn’t always consist of happiness.Memorial black sunflowers with burning candle on hand
  16. A funny and colorful tat of sunflowers on a blue background with pink hearts. The flowers are performed in a cartoon style making the picture soft and light.funny and colorful tat of sunflowers on a blue background
  17. Interesting and unusual interpretation of sunflowers in a vase. Top flowers are well depicted, every detail is accurately inked. However, the lower sunflowers are fuzzy and what is more interesting, some of them are faded. The blue background is very suitable here because it makes flowers brighter.Sunflowers by Van Gogh at the tattoo on the hand
  18. Realistic sunflower with a bee. Color changes on the flower make it bright and true. Interesting mixture of black water background and colorful and lively flowers and butterflies is perfect for the full-sleeve tattoo.Realistic sunflower with a bee tattoo on hand
  19. Quarter-sleeve tattoo made in soft colors and water technique. The colors are subdued and the atmosphere is peaceful, calm and quite.soft colored sunflowers in water technique tattoo on shoulder
  20. Although the sunflowers are very bright flowers, in this tat they are performed in black color. However, they are in great combination with other smaller flowers. The technique of performing this tat is simple but it doesn’t make the tat bad.Black sunflowers tattoo with other smaller flowers, petals and stem
  21. The tat is very beautiful with quiet atmosphere. Two birds add more beauty to the sunflowers which are performed in subdued colors. Pale sunflowers with two birds on tattoo of sleeve
  22. The half-sleeve tattoo with two sunflowers. The sunflowers would be very common if there wouldn’t be such an interesting background made in spreading technique. The colors are compatible and the flowers themselves are well combined.Stylish sunflowers in spreading technique
  23. The tattoo has a symbolistic meaning. It’s one of the most widespread combinations (watch and sunflowers) which are made in black color. It can mean that life is joyful and happy (as the sunflowers are the symbols of life) but the watch and the dates on mean that life is not eternal.Black sunflowers with watch and chain
  24. The sunflower is performed in water technique in black color. The floret is even and smooth, the petals are simple but made with shadows and look good on the leaves background.Black sunflowers in water technique on background of big petals
  25. Bright colors, three flowers, beautiful background and greatly depicted details – everything is present on this tat. The flowers are shadowed; the colors are soft which doesn’t make it spoiled.Bright three sunflowers on beautiful background
  26. Floristic themes on the full-sleeve tattoo of this woman are perfect. Everything is so bright and a mixture of colors makes it great and rich. Sunflower seems to be the main character of the sleeve because of its color.Perfect floristic themes on the female full-sleeve tattoo

  27. The lower half-sleeve of lots of sunflowers on fuzzy heather and turquoise colors. The flowers are quite realistic and one of them has its “peaceful” floret emphasizing the hippies’ slogan “Peace”.lots of turquoise sunflowers on lower half-sleeve
  28. Two different styles of tattooing. The upper half-sleeve has two sunflowers. The top one is bright and made in water technique and the bottom one is performed in a realistic style. Although these flowers are quite different, the tattooist managed to combine them together perfectly.two sunflowers in water and realistic style on upper half-sleeve

  29. It seems you look at the lawn with the animals, birds, grass and sunflowers. An exhilarating mixture of flora and fauna in one full-sleeve tattoo.Cool animals, birds, grass and sunflowers on hand
  30. An Extraordinary mixture of flowers, skull and embellishments. Sunflowers make this sleeve brighter and more live.Extraordinary mixture of sunflowers, skull and embellishments on hand
  31. Two simple sunflowers are made in one cartoon style. Every petal is perfectly depicted, there are shadows on the leaves and well-done transition of colors. In one word, nothing to add, nothing to take away.Two simple sunflowers in cartoon style
  32. A lot of sunflowers are connected together with the help of some chains. Quite an elegant way to gather such simple flowers in one bunch. Soft colors and one color gamut make the tat quite and cool at the same time.lot of sunflowers with chains on sleeve
  33. Dark colored tat with very realistic sunflowers. One of the most favorite combinations of colors – blue and yellow is a perfect way to make the tattoo unique because the variations of these colors can be different. This one is realistic and rich in color transitions, shadow effects and well-depicted details.Dark colored tat with very realistic sunflowers
  34. Black and white tat of a sunflower and a watch with a sing. It shows that life is not eternal. However, the sunflower may symbolize happiness that you experience through the whole life.Black and white tattoo of a sunflower and a watch
  35. Interesting mixture of two similar sunflowers which symbolizes summer and good weather. However, there is an autumn leave at the top of the half-sleeve. Interesting mixture of two similar sunflowers and maple leaf
  36. This half-sleeve tattoo is made in a water technique. Two big sunflowers are very bright, well depicted and perfectly matched with green leaves and smaller pink flowers.Big sunflwoers with green leaves and smaller pink flowers
  37. Half-sleeve tattoo is made in two colors – yellow and black. The colors are soft and dark and make a depressing impression.dark yellow and black sunflowers on half-sleeve tattoo
  38. An unusual tattoo of three sunflowers. The first one is made  with simple patterns  in black colors. The second sunflower is colorful, well depicted and bright. The third flower is performed with the help of razzle-dazzles. Everything is reduced with green relief leavesThree sunflowers is made in simple patterns, colorful and bright style, razzle-dazzle technique
  39. A very simple full-sleeve tattoo. There are only sunflowers connected with each other by the tube. The black water technique is soft and it makes the tattoo unsophisticated but interesting.Pale black sunflowers connected with each other by the tube
  40. Sunflowers are always symbols of something bright, hopeful and lively. Although these flowers are inked in gray colors, the view of the flowers and the sign emit love and positive.Wonderful black head of sunflowers with love text
  41. Colorful and bright floristic tattoo with old school motives. The sunflower on the elbow is relief, and the shadow effects are greatly performed.Colorful and bright floristic tattoo with old school motives
  42. Flowers, leaves, skull and embellishments – everything is combined in this perfect tattoo. Flora and skull are well combined together. The sunflower instead of the eye is greatly placed and makes the picture less scary.Sunflowers, leaves, skull and embellishments on sleeve tattoo
  43. Amazing fairy-tale tat. Great color gamut, mermaid, weeds growing from the shell in aggregate with three sunflowers look perfect.Amazing fairy-tale sunflowers tattoo with mermaid, weeds, shell
  44. This tattoo is great in that way the color gamut is full. There are different colors on the background and two big and exciting sunflowers which are relief and so realistic that it feels like you watch the sunset somewhere in the country. two big and exciting sunflowers on colored background
  45. Such a quarter-sleeve tat with the floristic themes is a perfect one for women. It is not very big, quite bright to be vivid and the sunflowers emit sunlight and life.bright and vivid not very big sunflowers tattoo
  46. This half-sleeve tattoo impresses the viewers with its brightness and different items on it. The sunflower is so attractive that caterpillar and butterflies reach it and make the flower more beautiful and sunny.Colorful sunflower with caterpillar and butterflies
  47. It’s a very extraordinary tat because of the color gamut. The sunflower is painted on a very bright background made of razzle-dazzles in water technique. The flower itself is warm, made in soft color and well depicted.extraordinary purple and blue sunflowers with patterns tattoo
  48. Exciting tat with two different tattoo styles. The embellishments which serve as the background is performed in water technique; the sunflowers are made in usual technique. They are very sharp and well depicted and greatly combined with other flowers.Exciting tattoo with two different tattoo styles
  49. This tat consists of two sunflowers, one lily and two butterflies. This is one of the examples that life is good and beautiful, so enjoy it. two sunflowers, one lily and two butterflies on tattoo
  50. The picture is made in a cartoon style and it makes the atmosphere peaceful and calm. The colors are warm and bright which is very appropriate in this tattoo.peaceful and calm cartoon sunflowers tattoo on sleeve
  51. Usually, sunflowers and watches together are made in black colors. But in this case, it a colorful tattoo, although colors are subdued and not bright.subdued and not bright colorful sunflowers and watches together tattoo
  52. Different sunflowers inked in different styles – ornamental and usual. They are very beautiful and are accompanied by blue colors which are very great in this full-sleeve tat.Different sunflowers in ornamental and usual style
  53. Two sunflowers, two lilies and two fairies look lovely because colors are correctly fitted, they are bright and vivid and such tat is a great choice for women.Two sunflowers, two lilies and two fairies on sleeve tattoo
  54. Such tattoos are always pleasant to look at. As colors are greatly fitted, one theme is sustained (flora and fauna), every detail is accurately inked. Adorable colored sunflowers tattoo on full-sleeve

  55. Three bright and lively sunflowers tattooed on the arm are very smooth and vivid. Perhaps they symbolize the happiness and joy which you get from the life. This tattoo is exactly such a sign.bright and lively sunflowers tattoo on the arm
  56. Perfectly done dotwork. Especially sunflowers which are perfectly depicted. Soft colors, shadows and water technique make this tat very attractive even though the flowers are not colorful.perfectly depicted black sunflowers tattoo on half-sleeve
  57. One more example of a mixture of horror and beauty – sunflowers and skull. They look very harmoniously together, sunflowers symbolize the life and the watch together with the skull warns that life is not endless, that’s why get as much joy and happiness as you can right now.sunflowers and skull with watch and petals on half-sleeve
  58. Women’s variant of the half-sleeve tattoo with sunflowers. It looks very soft and light , calling on to live and take every moment of your life. The colors are very bright and perfectly fitted. Great combination of sunflowers and smaller pink flowers.half-sleeve tattoo with colored sunflowers and pink small flowers
  59. The upper half-sleeve tat with three flowers – two sunflowers and one blue flower. It looks very nice, leaves add to the picture lightness. The sunflowers are quite realistic for the cartoon technique.two sunflowers and one blue flower on half-sleeve
  60. The main character of this tattoo is a black and white sunflower made in water technique and done in dotwork.Black sunflower with big bee and honeycomb

  61. Biomechanic style together with old school style is perfectly performed on this full-sleeve tat. Different embezzlements perfectly match with colorful and black sunflowers together with the watch.Colored sunflower and black biomechanic ornament on full-sleeve
  62. Lower half-sleeve tattoo with a great variety of sunflowers. Footprints on the tattoo look funny and interesting. The flowers are very realistic and look marvelous on the black and white background.funny and interesting sunflowers on sleeve
  63. Not very bright but live picture of different sunflowers made on the top of the hand. Buds and flowers match each other greatly.Sunflowers in muted colors on half-sleeve
  64. Black and white upper half-sleeve tat with different flowers with two big sunflowers on the top. They look like somebody has drawn them without inking it in the skin.Black and white upper half-sleeve tat with different flowers with two big sunflowers on the top
  65. Majestic tattoo with two huge sunflowers and lots of smaller purple flowers. This tat and sunflowers particularly show life and joy. Very bright colors make the atmosphere of summer on the hand. Majestic tattoo with two huge sunflowers and lots of smaller purple flowers
  66. Great yellow sunflower on the top of the upper half-sleeve tattoo. Green embezzlements are appropriate here and add more brightness to the tattoo.Great yellow sunflower on the top of the upper half-sleeve tattoo
  67. Guitar and sunflowers can be a symbol of a hippie way of life as they like spending time outside among the flowers and singing songs accompanied by the guitar. Even black color doesn’t spoil the picture.Black guitar and sunflowers line tattoo on sleeve
  68. One more example of sunflowers and a skull. Trash polk style is very interesting here. The sunflowers are darker on the bottom and lighter on the top. Quite an interesting interpretation of beauty and horror combination.sunflowers are darker on the bottom and lighter on the top sleeve
  69. Colorful and bright dotwork of the sunflower makes this tattoo perfect especially on the black-leaves background. Water technique is very suitable here.Colorful and bright dotwork of the sunflower tattoo

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