Orchid Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

The motherland of orchids is China and Japan, these flowers hold a special place not only in their culture but also in a daily life. Orchids created a favorable atmosphere in houses and orchid designs were lucky mascots for those, who seek for love and luck. Nowadays, this pattern is commonly used and it is placed on the back and on the shoulder, in all cases, it always looks stunning.

The shoulder here is embellished with an alluring combination of colors: two colorful orchids are depicted on the black background, this smear of a black color adds lightness and negligence. Some people believe that depending on the coloring, an orchid has a diverse denotation, here flowers are performed in warm tones and they can signify passion, which is hidden in the depths of the human soul.two colorful orchids tattoo on the black background
The elegant back is adorned with a bunch of orchids, they are done in yellow, crimson, purple, white and red tones, on the top of this whirlpool, a green butterfly is visible. Ancient Maya reckoned that a butterfly was the sign of freedom, liberation from prejudice, and orchids denoted the easiness of life and its charm. Thus, this absolutely gorgeous ink reveals mentioned traditions.elegant back tattoo with a bunch of orchids
The blooming branch of red orchids comes down from the shoulder, covers the back and it is rounded closer to the belly. In ancient treatises, an orchid was called a heaven flower, because it was believed that it cures the disease of not only physical but also a spiritual nature. In this case, a tattoo can be a beautiful decoration or a reminder of a specific life period.blooming branch of red orchids tattoo
This tattoo on the shoulder represents a sprig of pink orchids on which an owl with bright emerald eyes is sitting, its plumage is blue and gray, a butterfly is flying over the owl’s head. The whole picture looks very attractive and all elements are perfectly combined with each other. In Celtic culture, the owl has been the harbinger of death, the butterfly embodied a human’s soul and orchids marked a new beginning, so this ink indicates a new stage in life.pink orchids with bright owl and a butterfly tattoo
In some tales, popular among Maori people, it is stated that orchids grow on the site of the broken fragments of the rainbow, so they have become one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This wonderful flowering sprig of white orchids on the back emphasizes the fragility and vulnerability of a female nature.Amazing branch of white orchids tattoo

Orchid Tattoos on Shoulder Blade

A stunning tribal orchid is observed on the back, its bud is located closer to the neck and the root is below the shoulder blade. For many nations, the orchid is the personification of a tightly-knit family as its root system is strong and ramified, which may symbolize family members and the flower on the top may be the embodiment of a loving mother, who takes care of all her children. This idea is disclosed in this great tattoo.tribal orchid with root tattoo
Many people argue that each color of the flower carries its own meaning, thus, the brighter the color, the stronger are the feelings that people want to convey. Here a gorgeous ink extends from the shoulder to the back, orchids are crimson and perhaps they express even aggressive sexuality of the owner.Superior pink orchids tattoo
Vibrant orchids extend from the shoulder to the shoulder blade and look fantastic! For the tribes of South America, an orchid was a symbol of faith in God, since according to legends, when the orchid was attached to the church cross, rain saved people from drought, thereby saving them from starvation, that is why the orchid is the symbol of God’s grace. So, this marvelous design can have a religious denotation.Vibrant colorful orchids tattoo on the shoulder
An awe-inspiring orchid pattern covers the shoulder and the part of the neck, it seems that these orchids exude their incredible flavor. In the center, there is a purple orchid, it is the biggest one, at the edges there are orchids of white and red colors. This ink emphasizes sexuality, femininity, and beauty of the woman.awe-inspiring orchid tattoo covers the shoulder
This tramp stamp tattoo looks amazing, it displays a crimson orchid on the background of Celtic ornaments. This tac discloses Celtic traditions as orchids for them symbolized women, who were waiting for their husbands-warriors at home, despite their fragility, these females were courageous and brave, they protected their children and loved ones with their lives, so for Celts, a beautiful orchid embodied a fearless woman.crimson orchid tattoo on the background of Celtic ornaments
For many people, a color of the orchid tattoo plays a crucial role because it complements the basic connotation of the pattern. The value of a blue color in diverse cultures is the purity, tenderness, but the blue orchid in spite of the generally accepted positive signification, can talk about indifference and coldness of the woman. These two orchids on the shoulder indicate that probably, a female turned in on herself after a tragic love story.bright blue orchid tattoo
Ancient tales state that a Goddess Orchid has been stolen by her beloved – the God of art and he was banished from the realm of the gods, and Orchid, who could not go after her beloved, has become a forest flower, which is always looking for its mate. Perhaps, this beautiful orchid on the shoulder speaks about loyalty and a strong love of a woman for her Mr. Right.Goddess Orchid tattoo
The shoulder is embellished with a traditional flower tattoo, which depicts vivid crimson orchids and two butterflies. In the criminal world, a tattoo of a butterfly indicates a mercantile girl, who often changes her attachments and an orchid shows strong sensuality and sexuality. Thus, this tattoo can talk about a frivolous woman, who loves the good life and does not think about the future.vivid crimson orchids and two butterflies tattoo
In psychology, pink is the color of a vulnerable and romantic person, whose activities are connected with the art. Here, pink orchids with the words: “Mama” and “Papa” on the shoulder indicate a naive person, who is very attached to her family.romantic pink orchids tattoo with the words
These burgundy orchids on the back look appealing and are a perfect decoration of the female body. Since olden times, a burgundy orchid was a symbol of aristocracy, luxury, and conservatism. This tattoo can signify that a person is old-fashioned and an adherent of old family traditions.burgundy orchids on the back

Orchid Flower Back Tattoos

Magnificent blue orchids on the back look very elegant and volumetric. Nowadays, some people believe that in the tropical jungle live orchids – predators, they can be carnivorous, so sometimes an orchid tattoo may mark a latent aggressiveness, hatred, and arrogance. So, the person, who wears this ink, demonstrates the duplicity of her nature.Magnificent blue orchids on the back
This vibrant orchid on a green background is the adornment of the shoulder. Some tribes in New Guinea wore orchid tattoos as a sign of their success and good luck, it was thought that the orchid was the mark of a strong sexual energy. So, this tattoo can be a lucky talisman, which attracts love in the life of the owner.vibrant orchid tattoo on a green background
Two stunning dark crimson orchids on the shoulder draw attention, a tiny date is seen below the pattern. These pearls of flora carry the denotation of benevolence, love and harmony, so this tattoo could be done in honor of the commemorative event, possibly a wedding.Two stunning dark crimson orchids tattoo on the shoulder
In ancient Greek mythology, an orchid is associated with the god Orkis, he transformed this flower into a symbol of beauty and love, which is strong enough to overcome all obstacles and sufficiently fragile to die due to careless words. These purple orchids on the shoulder and an inscription in French “To love and be loved” says about a paramount place of love in the life of this woman.Great purple orchids on the shoulder
Three blue orchids on the shoulder look unbelievable and this tac carries a deep signification. Thus, for instance, in China, a blue orchid is a funeral flower, for Brazilians, this floret symbolizes a deep sorrow. Perhaps, this figure has been made in memory of a loved one, who is no longer alive.unbelievable blue orchids on the shoulder
Many philosophers in ancient times attributed magical properties to the orchid, so it has been able to protect the possessor against negative energy. This great tattoo on the shoulder represents three orchids, they are made in a dim dark color and a person wants to protect himself from the evil eye and envy.Pleasant three orchids tattoo on shoulder
This ink on the back reminds of a baroque style as these dark green curves create a rich ornament; purple, red and crimson orchids are uniformly distributed on this composition. This tattoo says about the union of violent fantasies and irrepressible energy inside this personality.colored orchids in baroque style
The natives of the Solomon Islands has always attached the orchid to the headdress, which then they put on the head, they assumed that flowers protected them from hazards in unknown locations, they used only white orchids since they have a powerful positive energy. These gorgeous white orchids on the shoulder can be a mighty talisman.gorgeous white orchids on the shoulder
A purple orchid on the shoulder looks charming, its deep color is eye-catching. For Mexicans, an orchid was a flower, which helped people to travel to the other world and communicate with the higher powers. Perhaps, this tattoo carries a mystical significance to the owner.charmingpurple orchid on the shoulder

Orchid Butterfly Tattoo

This vibrant tramp stamp tattoo is simply mesmerizing with its beauty and elegance. Three yellow orchids with pink boundaries and a blue butterfly create a holistic picture. The Japanese reckoned that the butterfly indicated a young woman and orchids of delicate colors were symbols of family happiness. Thus, the denotation is that the owner of this ink has realized his potential in all spheres of life.Three yellow orchids with pink boundaries and a blue butterfly
Iridescent orchids extend from the neck to the shoulder, the color scheme of this design is remarkable, and it looks nice. It is known that the ancient Greeks felt a religious awe of orchids, they wove a wreath of these flowers and placed them on the altar of the goddess of fertility – Demeter. Thus, this tac is about a woman, who seeks happiness. Iridescent orchids on neck and the shoulder
The back is decorated with an impressive tribal ink, it depicts Celtic motives, which are combined with pretty orchids. Celtic traditions originate from the ancient Aztecs’ traditions, for whom an orchid was a sign of a spiritual development, a new path and the end of the spiritual quest. This tight ink illustrates Celtic traditions.pretty orchids in impressive tribal Celtic style
A branch of purple orchids on the shoulder is perfectly merged with the yellow and blue plumeria, which are located closer to the lower back. In Christianity, the plumeria was a sign of humility, gentleness, and innocence, it was even depicted in the hands of the Saints, and the orchid was an emblem of spiritual purity and goodness. Thus, this design definitely carries a religious signification. branch of purple orchids with the yellow and blue plumeria
is vivid figure of red orchids on the blue background is the perfect accessory, which emphasizes the elegance of a female back. Inhabitants of South America assumed that these blossoms signified an outer beauty and the inner harmony, it was a perfect combination for a person. This ink spells out the above-named idea.vivid figure of red orchids on the blue background
This realistic ink demonstrates a blooming orchid, its root is located on the shoulder blade and a flower spike is put closer to the shoulder. In India, a lot of young girls choose the image of an orchid as the body adornment before the wedding since they believe that this design will bring family happiness and prosperity. This sumptuous tac is a lucky mascot for this girl.blooming orchid with root tattoo
A tribal orchid design is one of the oldest, a force of nature is disclosed in it. Orchid patterns were designed to be not only an ornament, but they signified a certain life stage, moreover, the value of the tattoo could be both positive and unfavorable, it could denote either the beginning of a happy life stage or a sad ending. So this tattoo on the shoulder can disclose one of two feasible connotations.simple realistic black orchids on shoulder
This dope tramp stamp ink illustrates a sprig of delicate orchids, a blue butterfly with black and white boundaries is sitting on one of the flowers. In Slavic culture, a butterfly is the embodiment of a human soul, which is tremulous and tender, orchids for Slavs signify openness and ease of a character. Thus, this design discloses Slavic traditions.sprig of delicate orchids with a blue butterfly in black and white boundaries
The shoulder and the part of the back are embellished with a stunning pattern of purple orchids and a purple hummingbird with a green head and green feathers. In this case, the connotation of the bird is a strength to perform highly complex tasks, and orchids mean love for life and strong energy.purple orchids and a purple hummingbird with a green head and green feathers
This tattoo on the back is original, as it combines two elements: a tribal ram skull and crimson orchids, these contrasting details look very impressive and organic together. The skull is positioned as a sign of fiery passion and strength, determination and perseverance, and orchids connote inexhaustible vitality. So, this tight pattern is about an obstinate and mentally stable person.tribal ram skull and crimson orchids
In Chinese culture, an orchid is not only an emblem of femininity and beauty, it is a sign of self-development and even a seclusion. This tender sprig of pink orchids spreads over the back from the right shoulder to the left shoulder blade. The pattern shows a good personality, who is prone to introspection.Gorgeous sprig of pink orchids

Purple Orchid Flower Tattoo on Shoulder

This wonderful ink on the shoulder represents two purple orchids with a monochrome ribbon. The ribbon is a sign of life, the constancy of which lies in its constant variability, orchids indicate a man, who aspires to implement a creative potential and wants to have an independent life.wonderful tat on the shoulder with two purple orchids and a monochrome ribbon
An admirable violet orchid is observed on the shoulder and a colorful hummingbird is displayed in dynamics on the back, it seems that the hummingbird will drink nectar from the orchid. In this case, the orchid is the nectar of mad love, and a hummingbird is the personification of the man, who fell into the maelstrom of passion.admirable violet orchid and a colorful hummingbird
The whole back is adorned with an awe-inspiring tac, which depicts a skull with huge bottomless eyes and one edge of the tattoo is decorated with blue orchids and red butterflies. The signification of this design is ambiguous, since the skull indicates the bitter truth of life, perhaps, despair, and orchids with butterflies add a touch of optimism into the overall picture. Thus, a person with this tattoo has novelty views and an easy attitude towards problems.huge skull with blue orchids and red butterflies
This great tattoo extends diagonally from the shoulder to the waist and encompasses diverse elements – it is an octagram, which serves as a mark of abundance, in Japan, the dragonfly was the personification of valiant warriors, and an orchid signified prosperity and joy. So, this ink is worn by a person, who is completely satisfied with his life.Wonderful ornament with compass and orchids
Graceful blue and purple orchids in a combination with blue, green and purple butterflies, look very realistic on the shoulder, thanks to the properly selected colors and the location of shadows. This dope figure discloses Japanese traditions, in which orchids are the emblems of grace and femininity.Graceful blue and purple orchids with blue, green and purple butterflies

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