Watercolor Poppy Tattoo Ideas

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  1. This stunning watercolor red poppy with a thin green stem is visible on the lower half sleeve. In Greece, poppies have been associated with Morpheus, who was the god of dreams and poppy’s seeds contain opiate, so a poppy itself signifies an eternal sleep and sadness. This tattoo illustrates Greek traditions.Watercolor Poppy on Hand
  1. This stunning watercolor red poppy with a thin green stem is visible on the lower half sleeve. In Greece, poppies have been associated with Morpheus, who was the god of dreams and poppy's seeds contain opiate, so a poppy itself signifies an eternal sleep and sadness. This tattoo illustrates Greek traditions.Watercolor Poppy on Hand
  2. This stunning bouquet of poppies extends over the elegant back. For ancient Greeks, poppies were favorite flowers of Zeus and the symbol of his favorite sister, so this ink here may symbolize strong family ties and eternal loyalty and devotion to the family.Two Beauty Poppy Flower
  3. This gorgeous poppy on the side of the female body emphasizes the beauty of the owner, blurred lines of red, orange and purple colors in the bud of the floret look appealing. Many nations agree that the image of a bright poppy speaks about an amorous nature of the owner and this idea is revealed in this dope tattoo.Watercolor Poppy Flower With Elegant Strips
  4. This is a magnificent poppy bud on a pale blue background. In Western culture, a poppy denoted a cyclical nature of life since in nature new poppies appear in places of faded florets. In this case, this tight ink indicates a turning point in a human's life and the rethinking of the attitude towards life.Multi Watercolored Poppy Flower
  5. Two watercolor poppies are observed on the lower half sleeve. Despite the outer brightness, this ink carries a negative denotation as sometimes poppies indicate sloth and dependence. So, this tac is an indicator of a person, who has a weak spirit and the lack of will.Poppy Flower With Grean Stem
  6. This vibrant watercolor poppy tattoo looks awesome on the side of the female body. This intriguing pattern is definitely worn by an extraordinary personality, who stands out among the rest mass of the people and likes to be in the spotlight.Water Poppy Flowers With Button
  7. This great watercolor poppy tattoo is the adornment of the lower leg, the fusion of red and black colors is amazing. In Chinese culture, poppies are special flowers as they were the emblem of a strong relationship and eternal devotion of lovers. So, Chinese traditions are traced in this dope tattoo.Water Poppy Flower With Strips
  8. This watercolor poppy tattoo is the best option for an extravagant person, who wants to express his creativity. Here, watercolor poppies are the adornment of the lower leg and perhaps they indicate a representative of a creative profession.Poppy Flowers On Slim Strips
  9. These vibrant poppies look extremely appealing on the side of the body. In many cultures, poppies are considered as symbols of femininity and strong sexuality, poppy images on female bodies can attract love and bring good luck. Hence, this ink is a lucky charm for a woman.Two Poppy Flower With Water On The Background
  10. The hip here is embellished with watercolor poppies and two black ravens, which are flying over these flowers. An opinion that the raven tattoo carries only an unfavorable signification is wrong as for the ancient peoples the pattern of this bird was a sign of prosperity and poppies meant a long and happy life. Thus, this tattoo has a positive value.Water Poppy Flowers With Crowns
  11. Here a vivid image of a yellow poppy, performed in a watercolor style, is observed on the side of the body. In the language of flowers, a yellow poppy signifies wealth and success, so a person with this tattoo wants to show her prosperity in life.Big Poppy Flower With Lot Of Inks And Slim Stem
  12. This watercolor pattern of red poppies is on the half sleeve additional elements are geometric figures - circles. A circle is an ancient symbol of life and the renewal of the world, its denotation resonates with the meaning of a poppy image - the cyclical nature of life. Thus, a person with this ink believes in reincarnation.Watercolor Poppy Flower On Shoulder
  13. This gorgeous tac on the half sleeve represents a poppy, which is done in purple, crimson and black colors, the image emits positive energy. Definitely, a person puts his own meaning in the poppy figure, so, perhaps, this tac may show a positive attitude towards life.Watercolor Violet Poppy Flower
  14. This seemingly simple design looks very stylish and elegant. Perhaps, this tattoo does not bear a philosophical sense, but simply serves as a decoration of the lower half sleeve and points to the exceptional aesthetic taste of the owner.Poppy Flower With Ink Dots
  15. Three red watercolor poppies with thin smoky stems here create a holistic picture. For many people, the image of three poppies embodies the family, where each flower personifies a certain family member - a mother, a father and a child. Probably, this tac is a sign of a tightly - knit family, which the owner of the tattoo has or wants to have.Poppy Flowers On Slim Stem
  16. This eye-catching watercolor poppy is the best accessory for a female back, the black stem of a flower is thick at the base of the flower, it comes down along the spine and becomes thinner, it looks very elegant. Hence, this tat may be a female talisman, which protects her from the disappointment and helps to become less vulnerable.Big Poppy Flower In Watercolor Style
  17. A vibrant bouquet of poppies is on the hip, the picture is extremely alluring, blurred boundaries of red flowers create an impression of levity and ease. Perhaps, this dope tattoo indicates that a person lives in a world of fantasies and a person does not take problems seriously.Lot Of Poppy Flowers
  18. The lower leg is adorned with an absolutely fantastic watercolor tattoo, which depicts red and orange poppies and an inscription above the flowers is about love. Thus, a person with this tac intends to show that he has experienced love and it hurt him, but nevertheless, he is happy that one he had a chance to experience so bright emotions.Watercolored Poppy Flowers With A Words
  19. The side of the body is embellished with red poppies in a combination with a monochrome clock and a wise saying about the necessity to feel the life, not only to exist, complements the whole picture. For many tribes, poppies have been the sign of demise and sorrow and the clock was a reminder of how fleeting life is. In this case, a tattoo is worn by a person, who aspires to live this life to the full.Watercolor Poppy Flower With Watches
  20. This intriguing combination of a poppy pattern, done in a watercolor style, and a black and white fan with a picture of a duck, is on the girlish back. Definitely, this ink is intended to emphasize the femininity and innocence of the owner and to show that the priority in life for her is spiritual harmony.Watercolor Poppy Flower With Butterfly
  21. This magnificent watercolor poppy tattoo with blurred accents on the female thigh catches an eye. Oftentimes, a poppy pattern is associated with the outer fragility of a human together with the inner strength and spells out the idea that the appearance is deceiving sometimes. Thus, the mentioned idea is traced in this tattoo.Red Watercolor Poppy Flower With Elegant Strip
  22. This cute figure of red poppies on a blue background is visible on the back. In ancient times, poppies were the harbingers of death and symbols of mourning, but now the meaning has altered and the poppy tattoo can signify a tough period in a human life. Hence, poppies here indicate that a person has a bad period in life, and a blue color shows that still he has a hope for the better future.Colored Poppy Flower With Blue Background
  23. Two red poppies, performed in a watercolor technique, are the decoration of the back, one flower is displayed in its full blossom and the bud of another poppy is closed. For Romans, this flower denoted loneliness and an isolation from society, so this tattoo is worn by a self-confident person, who even in solitude feels comfortable.Poppy Flower in Watercolor Style
  24. For women, the shoulder blade is one of the most sought-after tattooing areas as only a poppy design is able to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the female body. This vibrant watercolor tattoo on the shoulder blade only performs an aesthetic function and serves as a decoration for a girl.=Poppy Flower In Watercolor Style
  25. Two stunning red poppies are observed on the back and the tattoo emphasizes the sexiness of the owner. Many people reckon that a poppy tat implies passion and pleasure, but it is not necessarily physical, it can be a passion for a profession or a particular activity. This idea is illustrated in this tight tattoo.Two Poppy Flower With Two Leaves
  26. The poppy with an unusual coloring: yellow, purple and coral tones, is on the half sleeve. Sometimes poppies are connected with peace and hope as in Greek mythology, a poppy was a flower, which could soothe Demeter and help her to survive the separation from her daughter before the next meeting. Hence, this tattoo is an emblem of an optimistic future.Watercolored Poppy Flower In Candle Style
  27. This lone red poppy on the ankle looks fantastic, its petals are fully opened and there are no additional details. This picture says about the inner determination and dedication of the person, who wears this tac.Big Watercolored Poppy Flower On Hand
  28. This dope tattoo on the lower leg looks great due to the non-standard color solution - poppies here are purple with crimson accents. Generally, a purple color was the sign of Jupiter for Romans and it signified the transition from life to death and poppies denoted death in its best manifestation - the eternal sleep. Thus, Roman traditions are disclosed in this tight ink.Two Violet Watercolor Poppy Flower
  29. This abstract tattoo in a watercolor style displays a poppy with pale pink petals and colorful blurred accents. For many nations, a poppy is a sign of love and in this case, the color of petals speaks about innocent and pure love, which the owner has experienced.Detalised Poppy Flower With Blue And Yellow Background
  30. This watercolor ink extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade and this picture looks amazing. The core of the pattern is a red poppy, left to the flower there is a spike and at the bottom a purple butterfly is visible, an inscription: "Never lose hope" complements the overall picture. Despite the generally accepted negative denotation of a poppy tattoo, in this case, the pattern carries a favorable value: a poppy is about a harmonious life, a butterfly signifies cheerfulness and optimism and the inscription says that it is important to look to the future with hope and faith in a better.Poppy Flower With Another Flower And Butterfly
  31. This watercolor ink of red poppies on the shoulder looks fascinating. In  French culture, poppies were mandatory attributes of angels, so they embodied people with pure souls and minds. Hence, the above-named idea is revealed in this tattoo and indicates a spiritually generous personality.Three Poppy Flower WIth Ink Drips
  32. In Thailand, the elephant symbolizes fertility, chastity, and a strong love as naturally to the birth of a baby elephant parents refrain from physical contacts and after the birth they live in harmony and joy, as for poppies, in many cultures, they are commonly accepted symbol of a strong and happy family. Thus, this idea can be traced in this tattoo on the lower leg.An Elephant With Poppy Flower Ballon
  33. Amazing watercolor poppies are observed on the thigh, this tac looks very feminine. In the Roman empire, poppies signified relief from the physical and emotional pain, it could be either death or the rebirth of life. So, this person wears this ink as a sign of the spiritual oblivion, which helps to forget about the pain.Several Poppy Flower
  34. Gorgeous red poppies on the foot look fantastic, the tattoo here is done in a watercolor style. This stunning pattern may point out the fragility and vulnerability of a human, some softness of a character, which sometimes can be advantageous, or be a disadvantage for the person.Blown By Wind Poppy Flower On Foot
  35. These watercolor vivid poppies on the back are combined with a tribal image of the skull and two crossbones, the whole picture is awesome. Since ancient times, the skull and crossbones meant fear and horror, it was a symbol of despair, and poppies were a sign of death and a quiet repose of the soul after demise, so the signification of this tattoo is negative.Poppy Flower On The Back With Skull
  36. This neo-traditional tattoo on the half sleeve is breathtaking, it represents the woman with a wreath of poppies on her head and red poppies with blurred boundaries are at the bottom of the tattoo. In times of matriarchy, poppies were symbols of a family and the embodiment of a loving and magnanimous woman as the head of the clan. Here the image of a woman and poppies may be worn by a woman, who is the guardian of the family hearth and who has dedicated her life to the family.Geisha In Poppy Flower Water
  37. This unusual performance of a poppy tattoo on the foot is definitely eye-catching. Many tales state that this wonderful floret grew out of the tears of Venus, when she learned of the death of her beloved, since then a poppy image has become a symbol of a lost love. Thus, this idea is revealed in this wonderful tattoo.Sharp-Angeled Poppy Flower With Cyan Leave
  38. These red and orange poppies are done in a watercolor style and the pattern adorns the half sleeve. In mythology, a poppy holds a special place since the goddess of the night sky was depicted together with poppies. So, this tattoo may indicate a certain period in the life of the owner, which is calm and a little bit apathetic.Lot Of Poppy Flower On Shoulder
  39. This lovely tramp stamp tattoo displays a poppy image, performed in a watercolor style and a black shade of a bird with spread wings and an inscription in Latin, which means "Again". A poppy signifies a cyclical life: birth, life, death and the rebirth again, so that the inscription and pattern may indicate that a person has a quiet attitude towards death since it is just the final stage of the life cycle, which will begin again.Poppy Flower With Ink doted Butterfly
  40. This sleeve watercolor tattoo represents poppies of diverse sizes and colors: the poppy at the top is red and poppies, which are located closer to the wrist, have only small infusions of a red color. In China, a poppy symbolized success and prosperity, but at the same time it was the source of opium, therefore, it is considered as a sign of evil and decay. Hence, this tattoo can express one of these two named ideas.Doted Watercolor Poppy Flower On Hand
  41. The lower leg here is embellished with a vibrant watercolor tattoo of a poppy with pink petals, the picture is amazing. In Greek mythology, poppies were a mandatory attribute of Hera - the goddess of fertility, in Greece, temples of this goddess have been always decorated with poppies. So, perhaps, a person with this ink wants to express prosperity in all spheres of life.Poppy Flower On Hand
  42. This splendid tattoo depicts a raven in dynamics, this image covers the shoulder and the part of a shoulder blade, poppies and their petals cover the back and the whole picture creates an impression as if the raven with its wings scattered poppies on the girlish body. In Christianity, the raven is a symbol of evil and poppies signify death, so this tac was made as the memory of the dead loved one.Bird With Poppy Flower Stream
  43. This watercolor tattoo is on the side of the body, poppies are monochrome and blurred accents of red, green and orange colors add some airiness to the ink. Perhaps, this tattoo indicates a person, who doesn't solve the problems, but he runs away from them into the world of dreams and fantasies.Watercolor Orange Poppy Flowers
  44. These wonderful watercolor poppies, performed in orange, yellow, red and black tones, cover the shoulder and the part of the half sleeve. In ancient times, the healing properties of the poppy were known, it was given to the wounded soldiers and those, who suffered from mental anguish, but excessive amounts could lead to death, so since then the poppy has become a symbol of the balance between life and death. This idea can be traced in this zero cool tattoo.Orange Poppy Flower Buttons
  45. The lower arm is decorated with a stunning tac, which depicts red poppies and a gray octagram at the bottom of the picture. It is known that in Orthodoxy, an eight-pointed star indicates abundance, and poppies are a symbol of love and prosperity, so this tattoo has a positive value and is an emblem of a person, who enjoys life.Poppy Flower With Crystal
  46. This watercolor ink on the chest looks magnificent, it demonstrates black birds, a red poppy and shadows of soldiers at the bottom and something similar to the ruins at the bottom of the picture. There are some tales, which claim that poppies grow in abundance on the battlefields, and their blood-red color is a sign of the blood that was shed in the battle. So, definitely, this tac is a tribute to those, who died in the war.Poppy Flower With Scene And Two Humans
  47. A poppy of an unusual color: red inside and orange on the edges and a black stem is on the lower half sleeve. In some cultures, poppies are called dreams flowers, since they have the ability to steal the souls of people, condemning them to eternal sleep, so this tattoo can indicate a person's belief in the supernatural.Orange Poppy Flower On Stem
  48. This vibrant red poppy on a lower leg looks awesome. Some people reckon that poppies grow in those places where a lot of blood was spilled, they believed that in this way poppies pray for the repose of souls of the dead. Hence, this tattoo can be done as a sign of a close person, maybe a relative, who has died tragically.Poppy Flower With Black Inks
  49. The side here is adorned with a stunning piece of a watercolor floral tattoo, which shows a red poppy and a red bird, which is flying down. Initially, a bird was the sign of the inner and outer freedom and the poppy denoted creativity, so this ink is a symbol of an extraordinary person, whose vision is not limited by the internal laws or the laws, adopted in the society.Red Bird With Watercolor Stream From Poppy Flower Button
  50. These pretty poppies are depicted on a blurred blue and green background, the overall picture is extremely appealing. In Muslim countries, poppy was considered a terrible flower, which could destroy the health and make a person a slave of his passions, so this tac can be a symbol of a person, who is blindly devoted to a particular activity.Poppy Flower With Blue Background
  51. This watercolor ink on the shoulder demonstrates black and red poppies with a sad inscription: "He stopped loving her today" and the date, presumably, it is the date of death. This ink spells out the idea of a strong love, which earthly form ends with the death of a human, but the spiritual form can last forever.Poppy Flower With Words
  52.  In India, the poppy was a poisonous flower and oftentimes people, who wanted to commit a suicide, took the seeds of the poppy. So this ink, despite bright colors, indicates a person, who has experienced much pain and frustration.Orange Poppy Flower With Blue Lines
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