Crown Tattoos Meaning and Designs

Crown Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism

Crown tattoos are valued by the human race as a symbol of valor, supremacy and royal power. They are used to represent different concepts of individuals. Crown tattoos are versatile and can be used by male and females. Depending on what the bearer wants to convey, one can use either a small or large size tattoo. Some people like to combine them with elements such as crystals, jewels and diamonds. Others like them when inked alone. Each design signifies something unique. They can be placed on the ankle, arm, finger, forearm, wrist, head, around the biceps etc. Let’s look at the meaning and symbolism of crown tattoos.

  • Crown of Thorns

It’s one of the popular crown tattoo designs. It’s generally used to represent martyrdom since it was worn by Jesus on the day of his crucification. It also represents authority and victory. Today, it’s used by Christians to symbolize salvation. Those who bear the crown of thorns tattoo is an indication that their soul has been saved from sins.

  • Halo Crown Tattoos

This is a religious crown popular among believers. It’s worn by Virgin Mary in heaven and is signified as a halo around the divine. Sometimes it’s combined with the cross.

  • Flower Crown Tattoos

It symbolizes adornment in the ancient Roman culture. It’s decorated with leaves, flowers and vines.

  • Crowned Lion Tattoos

It’s used as a symbol of strength, supremacy and power. It’s also a symbolic to the Zodiac sign of Leo. Crowned lion tattoos are popular among men and are appreciated for the high aesthetic value.

  • Crown Tattoos for King and Queen

They are worn by kings and rulers to represent power. Ancient civilizations used crowns to symbolize their leaders. They were also used to mark their gods.

  • Tribal Crown Tattoos

These are popular traditional tattoos in Polynesian culture. They symbolize prestige and power. They represent the personality of the person wearing the tattoo. They incorporate geometric patterns and thick lines.

The most common meanings for crown tattoos is leadership, authority and power.

Crown Tattoo Designs Ideas

5 Point Crown Tattoo

5 point crown tattoo


Couples Crown Tattoos

couples crown tattoos


Crown Finger Tattoos

crown finger tattoos


Crown Heart Tattoos

crown heart tattoos


Crown Tattoo on Hand

crown tattoo on hand


Crown Tattoos for Girls

crown tattoos for girls


Crown Tattoos for Guys

crown tattoos for guys


Crown Tattoos for Men

crown tattoos for men


Crown Tattoos for Women

crown tattoos for women


Crown Tattoos on Neck

crown tattoos on neck


Crown Tattoos on Wrist

crown tattoos on wrist


Crown Tattoos with Names

crown tattoos with names


Crown with Wings Tattoo

crown with wings tattoo


Diamond and Crown Tattoo

diamond and crown tattoo


Female Crown Tattoos

female crown tattoos


His and Her Crown Tattoos

his and her crown tattoos


King and Queen Crown Tattoo

king and queen crown tattoo


King Crown Tattoo

king crown tattoo


Male Crown Tattoos

male crown tattoos


Matching Crown Tattoos

matching crown tattoos


Prince Crown Tattoos

prince crown tattoos


Princess Crown Tattoos

princess crown tattoos


Queen Crown Tattoo

queen crown tattoo


Royal Crown Tattoos

royal crown tattoos


Simple Crown Tattoo

simple crown tattoo


Skull Crown Tattoo

skull crown tattoo


Small Crown Tattoos

small crown tattoos


Tiara Tattoos

tiara tattoos


Traditional Crown Tattoo

traditional crown tattoo


Tribal Crown Tattoos

tribal crown tattoos


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