Kiwi with Cherry Flower on The Back
Cherry Blossom Tattoo On The Back

The dainty cherry blossom twig with the magnificently-colored hummingbirds makes up a beautiful tattoo motif. This adorable cherry blossom tat looks seductive on the female’s back and reveals the feminist […]

90+ Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Dogwood Tree Tattoo Meanings Tree tattoos take a vital part among other tattoo designs. Dogwood or dog-tree is an unbelievably beautiful tree with tender four-petal flowers and dark red berries […]

fantastic tribal orchids tattoo on back
Mysterious Tribal Orchid Tattoos

The tribal style of the tattoo is the oldest one, but nevertheless, it remains one of the most admired styles today. A monochrome composition will look attractive on any part […]

Crown Tattoos Meaning and Designs

Crown Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism Crown tattoos are valued by the human race as a symbol of valor, supremacy and royal power. They are used to represent different concepts of […]

Orange Hibiscus Flowers
40 Admirable Hibiscus Tattoos On Shoulder

Quite colorful tattoo with two hibiscus flowers. A great solution of colors in combination with green stems and leaves. Source A pretty combination of realistic pink hibiscus flower tattoo supplemented […]

Top 65 Awesome Small Cherry Blossom Tattoos

The flourishing small cherry blossom tree is elegantly sitting on the female’s slender leg. The dashed circle and triangle enframe the tree and accentuate the tac. Source The black outline […]

cross tattoo outline
Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women

Cross Tattoos have been a popular venture for many people, men and women alike. They come in different variations and sizes, which depict different meanings. In the ancient times, the […]

Poppy Flower On The Back With Skull
Watercolor Poppy Tattoo Ideas

This stunning watercolor red poppy with a thin green stem is visible on the lower half sleeve. In Greece, poppies have been associated with Morpheus, who was the god of […]

feather tattoo on ankle
Best Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Feather Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism There’s more to a feather tattoo than meets the eye. Being one of the most widespread themes for tattoos these days, feathers can find a […]

egyptian tattoos on ankle
Egyptian Tattoos Designs with Meanings

Egyptian Tattoos Meaning Egyptian Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism written by: sherryjones Egyptian tattoo flash was first marked on females in spite of the negative feedback of a lot of people […]

red fully opened roses tattoo on shoulder
Rose Tattoos on Shoulder for Girls

It is proved that the most popular group of tattoos is a flower group and leadership here take roses. A rose tattoo will decorate the body and always will add […]

Graceful blue and purple orchids with blue, green and purple butterflies
Amazing Orchid Tattoo on Shoulder

The motherland of orchids is China and Japan, these flowers hold a special place not only in their culture but also in a daily life. Orchids created a favorable atmosphere […]

lotus tattoo with an Indian pattern on the hand
The Splendid Variants of Tiny Lotus Tattoo

Do you like genteel and exquisite closing style and sophisticated manners and in the same time you want to have meaningful body-tattoo? This awesome variant is for you! Small Finger […]

Chain Daisy Flower On The Body
The Incredible Daisy Chain Tattoos

There is an opinion that the florets are associated with comfort, vitality, beauty warm and joy. They are symbolic embodiments of the nature and manifestation of its mystery, glory and […]

bare tree tattoo
Tree Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Tree Tattoos Meaning and Symbolism Different tattoos have different meanings. You don’t just get a tattoo because you have seem someone else with it or you think that it will […]

ashen fully opened flowers on the shoulder
Black and Gray Rose Tattoos

Black and gray tattoos refer to the oldest caste tattoos with roses. They were worn in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, the particular pattern was used by the members of […]

Everything to Know About Scorpion Tattoos

Tattoos are a popular form of art. People use them as part of fashion. The same way clothes and accessories convey style is the same way tattoos communicate personalities. Among […]

elephant tattoos for girls
Elephant Tattoo Designs – Best Ideas & Meaning

Elephant Tattoo Designs 3 Elephants Tattoo Source 3d Elephant Tattoo Source Abstract Elephant Tattoo Source African Elephant Tattoos Source Asian Elephant Tattoo    Source Aztec Elephant Tattoo    Source Black Elephant Tattoo    […]

Amazing Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum is one of the most mystical florets, its season is autumn with highly visible yellow tints of autumn gardens and parks. Chrysanthemum, not for nothing is recognized queen of […]

Poppy Flower With Straigh Branch
The Most Vivid Black And White Poppy Tattoos

This great tattoo on the half sleeve represents two poppies with leaves: one floret has fully opened and another poppy is still closed, the whole picture is monochrome. Perhaps, this […]

Little Daisy Flower With Fruit
Fantastic Tiny Daisy Tattoo

The tattoo in the form of flowers – is a purely female kind of images, which is the most well-known and versatile. A small daisy signifies innocence and maidenhead and […]

compass shoulder tattoo
Compass Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Compass Tattoos have been a very popular choice among many cultures for centuries. The maritime symbol was mainly popular with early sailors as it was thought that getting the tattoo […]

Cherry Blossom flowers on tight
40+ Cherry Blossom Tattoos on Thigh and Leg

The branchy cherry blossom tree tattoo with the miniature flowers snakes along the male’s muscular hip. This majestic Sakura tree with the solid root accentuates strength, boldness, will of power […]

1 cherry blossom on the half sleeve and shoulder
Beautiful Cherry Blossom on The Half Sleeve and Shoulder

The beautiful cherry blossom tattoo highlights the beauty of the woman’s shoulder. The tender reddish flowers on the snaking brown-colored twig represent female’s sexuality, freedom and self-sufficiency. Source The amazing […]

gray black green and orange roses tattoo on sleeve
Stunning Rose Tattoos on Sleeve

Rose is a sought – after and noble flower and rose tattoos are in great demand. Rose sleeve and half sleeve tattoos, as well as skull and roses sleeve tattoos, […]

Pansy Flower Tattoo Meaning and Awesome Designs

Pansy Tattoo is Your Sweetest Delight Cupid’s-delight. Heartsease. Kiss-me-quick. Lady’s-delight. Look-up-and-kiss-me. None-so-pretty. Love-in-Idleness. These are the partial list of how people call one of the most delightful flowers named Pansy. […]

half-sleeve tattoo with colored sunflowers and pink small flowers
Amazing Sunflower Sleeve Tattoos

Very realistic floristic sleeve tattoo made of sunflowers in different techniques (patterned and water techniques). A mixture of different ways of tattoo techniques makes it a perfect one for performing […]

Glorious sunflower tattoo
90+ Black and White Sunflowers Tattoos

One of the most popular places for tattoos on women’s bodies – hip. Two sunflowers are quite realistic made in usual tattoo technique in black color. The flowers are reduced […]

Daisy Flowers On Hip
The Most Breathtaking Tribal Daisy Tattoos

Many of the girls decorate their body with a variety of flowers, as they express loveliness, femininity and tenderness, all the qualities that are inherent to women. The daisy tattoo […]

tiger face tattoo
Tiger Tattoo Meaning and Best Designs

Tiger Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism Tiger Tattoo are known to be brave,mean and powerful.These are just a few of the many traits that tiger tattoo has. The symbolism of the […]

delightful huge black and gray tattoo on the thigh
Rose Thigh Tattoos for Women

Female tattoos on thighs are very diverse and refined. A favorite pattern for a tattoo on the thigh for women is a rose in its different variations. Besides the fact […]

70 Scottish Thistle Tattoo Designs

Thistle Tattoo Meaning Thistle is an eye-pleasing plant with the purple blooms and the thorny foliage which is reckoned to be the Scottish national emblem. Thistle tattoo is a popular […]

Black hibiscus tattoo on the thigh
50 Exceptional Hibiscus Tattoos On Thigh

This tattoo on thigh has one significant advantage; it can help to visually stretch the leg. It is worth noting that the tattoo looks very aesthetically pleasing and extremely sexy! […]

Finger Tattoos Ideas

Interesting Facts about Finger Tattoos There is a wide range of tattoos that can be done on fingers. Tattoos on fingers are highly attractive due to the fact that a […]